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by Mythos

A tale of love or lechery between a fair princess and her voyeuristic fool in the lost lands of the thrice-tenth kingdom.

You must be 18 years or older to read this story. It contains strong to extreme sexual contentstrong to extreme sexual content, depending on your story choices, though no characters under the age of 18 are ever portrayed in sexual scenarios, regardless of how you play.



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"Did you think you were persuading me last night?" she asks wryly. "That I hadn't made up my mind a while ago?"

"Of course not."

"Anyway, your breakfast is ready. Take your time. I'll return."

Left over food sits upon a plate by the campfire site. Euna departs for the river.

"She says it will keep me safe for a month, then I'll need more, but don't worry. I have a few squirreled away. And she says she'll always give me more."

"Where is the bottle?" you ask.

"It's under the bedding. I drank it last night when you were freshening up at the river."

At no point does Euna remove the pestle from her ass.

You wake when morning light streams into the cave. Euna is already up. She's sitting by the fire pit, once again tailoring her clothes using a tarnished pair of scissors taken from Lanx's trash mound.

"Good morning," you say.

"Good morning." She cuts a hoop of fabric from her skirt and puts it on. It only comes to mid thigh. When she twirls, the bottom of her ass almost becomes visible. "What do you think?"

"It's an improvement."

"Of course you'd say that." She plucks errant threads. "I figure this way I won't stand out as much in the city."

"You're still conservatively dressed compared to the city girls."

"Are you saying I should shorten it more?" she asks seriously.

You hold out your finger and thumb. "Maybe take this much extra."

"Is that so I fit in? Or just because you want me to?"

You shrug.

She grins. Pulling off her skirt, she begins removing another inch.

"How are you feeling?" you ask.

"You mean because of last night? I'm fine."

"Perhaps we should stop by Lanx's today."

"Sure, but why?" She cuts the fabric.

"I'm not sure we should risk a child while we're lost from home. Lanx could probably help us with that."

She grins. "I know they can. Fira gave me a potion when we visited them."

"She did?"

"Yes. From her own stash. I think she saw this coming the moment she met us."

On your way back through the jungle, Euna gathers reeds.

"What are those for?" you ask.

"You'll see." By the time you get back, she has quite an armload.

You and Euna set to work cleaning the altar area up. You replace the missing stones in the firepit. Once you get a fire started, you retreat down the hill a short ways to see how visible it is from below. There is only the faintest glow, and you're still quite close.

Meanwhile, Euna cleans dead plant matter and loose stone out the alcove. Afterward, she tries to weave something out of the jungle reeds. After twenty minutes of effort, all she has to show is a pile of bent reeds.

"Damn," she mutters. "This is impossible."

"What is it supposed to be?"

"I'm trying to make curtains."

"For your sleeping privacy?"

"Yes, but for the life of me, these reeds will not weave together like they're supposed to."

"Supposed to? Is this from your survival book?"

This causes her pause. With a huff, she tosses them away. "That book was useless. If I had it now, it'd be more useful as kindling."

"Why are you starting with curtains?"

"What in heavens else am I supposed to make?"

You shrug. "Bedding, maybe? So we're not sleeping on rock?"

Blinking, she looks around at the solid rock floor encompassing the altar site, then slumps her head. "That would have been a better idea, wouldn't it? We're lost in a foreign land, and I'm here wasting my time with Nimic sensibilities again."

You laugh. "Don't worry. There's always tomorrow. Just use your cloak as a pillow for tonight. Won't be great, but it's something."

"What about you?"

"I'll live."

You both prepare dinner. Using small rock slabs as plates, you eat before the fire pit and talk about each others pasts. You tell a few anecdotes and make a few jokes from your old fool routines. Some are quite crude, but she laughs at them, even if some cause her to blush.

You arrive back at the camp.

While you start a fire and prepare dinner, Euna tries using reeds again to make furniture. What she has in her hands is coming apart the more she works with it.

"This is impossible!" she growls. She throws it to the ground and looks up. "I'm sorry. Another night upon rocks."

"It's all right," you say. "Food is ready."

You sit together and eat while enjoying the fire.

Back at the altar, while you prepare dinner, Euna refurbishes the altar site. She cleans pots and pans, then uses them to boil linens and bedding. After hanging them out to dry, she hangs a tarp before the alcove entrance for privacy. By the time you're done, the site has much improved. She's even built a bedding with a pair of lumpy pillows.

"What do you think?" she asks.

"It's beginning to look like a home."

"I wish we could go back for more. So much of Lanx's junk was perfectly good. It just needed a hammering." She removes some linens and sniffs them. "or a beastly cleaning. But tonight, we're going to eat a proper dinner with plates and cutlery. They're all chipped, or missing a tine or two, but they're honest to heavens silverware."

And so you dine. During which, you share stories and pleasantries.

You awake to the sound of tearing fabric. Euna is hunched over by the fire pit. You come around to find she's torn her skirt just above the knee. With a jagged rock, she's slowly cutting it all the way around.

"What are you doing?" you ask.

"Dispensing with another of my aunt's silly customs. This jungle is no place for conservative wear. I could hardly escape that monster before because of my clothes." Once she cuts the length off, she stands and steps out of the loop of fabric. Her skirt now comes down to her knees, but her chemise still reaches her calfs.

"I suppose I need to shorten that as well." Sitting, she cuts her chemise with the stone. Her feet and calves come into view. With that strip removed, she stands, picks away errant threads, then tests the clothing by taking a few long strides.

"What do you think?" she asks.

"Looks great."

"That should be much more practical."

Euna is up and cleaning out the fire pit. She smiles when she sees you're awake. "Good morning."

"Good morning, Your Highness."

"Your breakfast is there," she nods toward a rock-plate with the remains of yesterday's dinner. As you eat, Euna makes simple chatter with you: pleasant morning, rough sleeping, likes and dislikes. Afterward, she rises.

When you awake, Euna is already up and about. She is rummaging through the junk Lanx and Fira donated.

She notices you as you approach.

"Life here is going to be so much better," she says. She removes a tarnished and dented kettle. "I can finally make some tea. Oh, but we still have so much work to do to fix this junk."

"Right now?"

"No. I suppose not. We must use the daylight while we can." Setting down the kettle, she indicates to your breakfast. "Eat."

"Very well," you say.

She heads off to bathe.

Euna is still gone once you've finished your breakfast. You're left with some time on your hands with nothing to do with except to wander about the altar site.

As you walk the perimeter, something catches your eye. Digging through the nearby underbrush, you uncover a polished wooden tool covered in archaic etchings. One end is wide and ends in a blunt, rounded tip. It tapers slowly along its length to a handle. On the end of that handle is a carved-in ring perhaps used to hang it up, and just beneath that ring is a ornamental bronze band. It's tarnished green, but a little bit of luster remains.

It might be a pestle. However, the grinding end, though smooth, has a slit along its tip like a man's penis. And the tip is ridged, just like the crown of a dick. And it's length has even a few "veins" texturing it right alongside the strange runic symbols.

You're still studying it when Euna returns.

"What's that?" she asks. Her hair is wet, her skin damp.

"I found it just in the earth there."

She scrutinizes it. "What is it? A pestle?"

"That's my guess."

"It must have belonged to whoever built this site," she says. "It's rather obsene, isn't it? Certainly the work of idol worshippers."

"Why not?" she says. "We haven't the mortar to go with it, but I'm sure we'll find some use for this thing. Hmm?" Euna gives you a suggestive glance as she takes it from you.

She hefts its weight and feeling its length. "But let's leave it here, shall we? No reason to lug this heavy thing around." With a quick trip to the overhang, she deposits it by your bedding and returns to you. "Let's, get moving, shall we?"

Runic Pestle added to inventory

"I agree," Euna says. "And I think I know just where to put it."

"Very well. If you think that's best. Allow me."

"Are you daft?" she asks. "Why would we keep such a horrid thing? It's a product of idol worshippers used in Lord-knows-what practices. And those runes speak of old magics. It could be dangerous."

"I hardly think so."

"Well, I hardly think it's worth risk keeping it around. Give it here. I know just where we should put it."

"Not sure," Euna replies. "Idol worshippers believed in shamanism and fetish worship. These might be runes of their old magics. Most likely just superstition, but some of those worshippers got into some dark arts."

"Ah, I see. A magic pestle."

"Silly. These markings are probably just a common blessing or warding. Still, it's best not to dabble in such things."

"Maybe..." she says. "It's a little big for that, don't you think?" She reaches to wrap her finger and thumb around the end. Though she can't quite bring herself to touch the thing, it's clear the end would be too wide for her to do so. She wraps her finger and thumb around the end. Her fingers don't quite touch. The blunt tip is as wide as a beer bottle. "I imagine it's just a pestle. Idol worshippers often added sexual imagery to many of their belongings. Weapons, statues, paintings... Everything, really."

"I don't know. It wouldn't be much of a stretch to use this as a toy," you say.

She rolls her eyes at your wordplay. "Perhaps it was dual purpose. Lord knows those people were sex-obsessed. Who's to say they didn't use their tools in such ways?"

With her finger and thumb, she daintily picks it up by its ring and carries it as though holding smelly laundry. She takes it by the handle. At the south precipice of the camp site, she makes a wide underhanded toss and sends the tool soaring from the mountain. Seconds later come a few feint knocks as it bounces against stone, and then nothing.

She comes back wiping her hands. "There. Now let's get going."

"You're just saying that because you're a pervert."

"You still look good though. Your legs are too attractive to be hidden."

Your comment makes her blush. "I'm just doing this to be practical," she says, but then she gives a quick twirl. Her skirt fans out, and you get a glance of her thighs.

You awake upon the bedding. The pillows and reed-stuffed sheets are lumpy, and they have a funny smell, but they're certainly better than rock.

Euna is about further fixing up collected junk. When you approach, she puts her work down and points to a plate set by the fire pit. "Your breakfast is ready. There is no rush."

"Thank you."

She heads off to bathe.

"That's what I was thinking. My petticoat was catching on every piece of bramble before. Not to mention the heat."

She takes a few more strides, testing how well she can walk now. It seems to satisfy her.

Sitting down, she put her calf-length boots on. They're plainly visible now.

Fully dressed, Euna looks herself over. Her attention comes to her billowy chemise sleeves which come down to her wrists. "These look a little strange now, don't they?" Taking up the stone, she tries to cut at the chemise by her shoulder. It's awkward work.

"Would you help me?"

"Sure." You take the stone. "Where do you want me to cut?"

"Right here." She points at a seem near her neck. You carefully carve away at the chemise, leaving only a thin strap of silk passing over her shoulder. You do the same to the other sleeve.

"There we go," she says, picking away loose threads. "I'm all set for the weather."

You look over her exposed arms and calves.

She smirks. "Watch your eyes, Fool."

"It's hard not to stare, Your Highness."

"Shame on you." She chides, then nods towards the fire pit. Food has been laid out. "I've made you breakfast. I'll return shortly."

You explore the mountain clefts. Many have streams which feed the river. Thorny bramble covers many rock faces, and small black berries grown among it. You pick one, smell it, and eat it. It tastes sweet and a little bitter. For safety, you only eat one for now and collect the rest. The thorns cut your hands, but soon you've filled your shirt.

You climb a boulder to fetch berries and spot a hidden clearing nestled along the mountain ledge. There's a strange obelisk here, with stones set around it. It tapers near the bottom. The top has a concave depression, as though it were a long, narrow bowl, or pestle.

The mountain wall here caves inward, creating a shallow overhang that a few people could fit under. This place used to be a camp.

Nearby, a set of rock steps lead downward. You follow them. They switchback down the mountain. At the bottom, it disappears into a dense pack of bramble, which you carefully crawl through.

Euna is at the waterfall, looking up the mountain. She doesn't see you approach.

"Hello," you say.

She startles. "Where did you come from?"

"There's a path over there which leads up." You point, but the walkway is completely invisible behind the bramble. In fact, there's no sign of the path at all. "...a well hidden path," you add.

"Hmm," she says.

"Did you?"

"Yes. Well hidden. There's some kind of obelisk there too."

"Was anyone there?"

"No. It doesn't look like anyone has been there in ages."

She stares dubiously at the pile in your shirt. "How do you know they're not poisonous?"

"I ate one a while ago, and I feel fine."

"That was dumb of you." Carefully, she picks one up, inspects it, then pops it in her mouth. "They taste like mulberries. I suppose they'll have to do. You've twiddled away the afternoon up there. We should get back."

Return to camp.

To the east, the rocky mountain range continues to the shore. What looks like a flag pole is peeking out from behind the ridges where the mountains meets the ocean. Unfortunately you don't see how to get there.

The waterfall is nearly sixty feet tall, and the rocks around it are slick with damp moss, but nearby the terrain looks climbable. You step upon the rock face.

"Stop," Euna says. "Do you honestly think I can go climbing dressed like this?" She gestures to her skirt.

"Just hike it up."

"You'd like that, wouldn't you? No. I won't climb."

"Then wait here. I won't be long."

"Why go at all? Why should there be any food up there?"

"There might not be, but I'll be able to look around up there. Maybe we can get a lay of the land."

"Fine. Don't be long."

You scurry up the mountain. It's hard work, but climbing has always been a talent of yours, and after months of sitting idle aboard a prison ship, it feels good.

Soon, the cliffside plateaus. You're at the top of the waterfall now, putting you far above the tree line. There are several clefts to explore, and a ledge that's perfect for scouting.

Craning about, you try to peer higher up into the mountains above the white marble city.

Atop the tallest peak is a keep of black stone, far removed from the white-walled city below both in distance and in design. This keep is menacing and uninviting. It's spires end in sharp points. It's walls are defensible and nestled within the mountain as though avoiding public eye.

Whatever keep that is, you can't see how to reach it. The mountains around it are too steep to climb.

To the west, a city made of glimmering white marble is nestled against the mountain. A tall palace sits upon it's most northern point.

The place looks like it might be a good place to go, except that there's a massive marble wall surrounding the city on all sides not against the mountain. Getting in might be tricky.

"No," she says. "We should stay by the ocean in case a boat comes. Besides, what if that place isn't really deserted? It could belong to idol worshipers. That's the last thing we need."


Her arguments are nonsense, but there's no point in arguing. She's made up her mind.

"You want to go up there again?" she asks.

"There are plenty more berries."

"Very well. So long as we use this hidden path of yours."

You locate the brambles hiding the mountain path. Euna requires significant help getting through. Her skirt and chemise sleeves constantly snags on thorns. Once through, it still takes her an exorbitantly long time to hike up the trail. Her clothing restricts her legs.

At the top, you work together to collect berries. Once again, however, her long skirt prevents her from scaling boulders, so you end up doing most of the picking while she carries the collection.

The walk back down the mountain takes longer since she's carrying berries in her bunched up skirt.

"That was exhausting," she says once you're both past the brambles.

It wasn't. It was just slow going because of her conservative attire, but you agree.

"Shall we head back?" you say.

"Might as well. It's getting late."

Return to camp.

"As you wish." She waits patiently as you finish your breakfast.

"Very well. Finish your breakfast so we can head out."

"Why not? I'll only take a minute."

"So you're a little dirty. Who cares?"

"I reek."

"Hardly. That's just your royal nose. Not even nobles bathe every day."

"Hmm. Is this truly for my own good? Or is this a perverted desire of yours to see me wallowing in my own uncleanliness?"

"Maybe. ...or maybe it'll do you good to get comfortable with a little mess."

"Very well," she says. "I leave my hygene in your hands. I won't bathe whenever you tell me to."

"I have no problem at all," she says. "Let's make it a challenge. Why don't we see just how dirty I can become?"

"Then it's settled," you reply.

She sits. "Enjoy your breakfast while it's hot."

"Am I not filthy enough for you yet?"

"No, not yet."

Euna surveys herself. "Very well, I'll go another day without bathing." She sits. "And you need to get up to your usual dirty antics with me. I've been messier than this at the convent. I'm hardly proving anything in this state."

In time, you're both ready to head out.

"Skip my bath? Again? Surely I've demonstrated by now that I'm no longer obsessed with cleanliness."

"If you were, you wouldn't want to go bathing now, would you?"

"I'm not bathing for my benefit. I am quite comfortable with my odor. I'm bathing for your sake."


"I'm an absolute mess. You don't want to be around me."

"You're fine just the way you are."

"Of course you'd say that," she replies. "You're a pervert."

"It doesn't make it any less true. You should be proud of your own scent. It's far more arousing than any flower."

She smells herself. "You may have a point. I will admit I do enjoy the smell of your sweat after a long day's walking. There's something alluring about it in a masculine way. It stands to reason that my own musk is an aphrodisiac."

"Of course it is."

"To you maybe. I find it quite hard to forget that my breasts are covered in dried semen."

"You mean you find it quite hard to forget how you used your tits for sex?"

"Hmm... I suppose when you put it that way. This has been keeping sex on my mind more. I'm sure you like that idea."

"Of course I do."

"I care. What kind of woman walks around with cum on her face?"

"I truly wanton woman," you say, "who doesn't care one bit what people think of her sexual appetite."

"Hmm. So it's a matter of pride, is it? It's part of embracing being a strumpet."

"Exactly. Wear your stains with pride."

"So I did," she says.

"And it didn't bother you at all, did it?"

She tries not to grin. "I may have enjoyed behaving like a proud lady, all the while I'm bathed in urine."

"Think of all the nobles who'd kiss your hand."

"Or the commoners who'd lust after my skin..."

"Sounds like you've no need at all to wash then."

She tries not to grin. "I... might have enjoyed the thought of being marked by you."

"Like a dog's territory," you reply.

"Prove it." Euna rests a hand on the back of your head and pulls you closer.

The stench is overwhelming, and her crotch emits a baking heat you can feel against your cheeks. Those first few licks are filled with slime and pungent flavor.

Euna grinds a little to mark your face with her stench. After her first few trembles, she backs off. Your face is marked with her mess.

"Hmm," she says. "You really do like my bouquet of flavor. Good to know."

"Everyone would."

"Really?" Euna runs a finger along her slit and examines the accumulation she collects.

"You don't realize how intoxicating your smell can be. It's only ripened by time."

"Hmm." She sniffs her fingers. "It is certainly strong. Musky I suppose. I think I see why some might like it."

"It's good you finally see it that way."

"I don't know how effective that method will be," she says, "but I'm willing to give it a chance. But it will only make it look more used."

"So? It's an honest look."

"Oh? A used look for a used hole?" she ponders this. "It does advertise my predilections quite aptly, doesn't it?"

"And it shows people you like anal fucking too."

She smiles at you patiently. "Then I'll learn to embrace it. For you."


Euna kneels over you, and brings with her a warm smell of sweat. "Have you truly sampled the ripeness beneath my arms?" She lifts her arm high and moves to put her armpit just inches from your nose. Beads of sweat have run down her sides. The smell is strong, but not a reek like she described.

"Your smell is as beautiful as you are."

"...Maybe you should take a bath."

"And what about this?" Euna scoops her tits out from her bodice. "Feel." Taking your hand she has you feel the valley of her tits. An invisible layer of crust flakes off. "That seed is still there. It hasn't gone away."

"It's hardly noticeable."

"...Maybe you should take a bath."

"What about this?" Euna leans her face toward you.

There are encrusted flakes on Euna's cheek, nose, and chin. It's dried cum.

"You can't tell me that isn't noticeable," she says. "I certainly notice. My skin crinkles whenever I move a muscle in my face."

"Who cares if people stare?"

"...Maybe you should take a bath."

"You may also have forgotten that I got doused in urine earlier, and contrary to what you assured me, it does not stop smelling after it's dried." She holds her arm under your nose. There is a faint pungent odor.

"...and yet you wore that smell all day and nobody noticed."

"...Maybe you should take a bath."

"Perhaps you'll feel differently about this." She lifts her skirt to reveal her snatch. It's an encrusted mess of congealed cum. The pungent vaginal smell is near overwhelming.

"Do you see all that mess? I haven't bathed since I last had sex. Not to mention the hours of hiking we do through the jungle. What do you think of this?"

"There are men who'd love to bury their face in a pussy as messy as that."

"...Maybe you should take a bath."

"And this?" She spins, revealing her ass to you. It's puffy, and encrusted cum covers the rim. A line of it traces down her crack and to her thigh. "Perhaps you've forgotten my recent act of sodomy? I'm actually beginning to itch."

"Learn to scratch that itch with more sodomy."

"...Maybe you should take a bath."

"Then it's settled," she sits. "I will not bathe."

"Just like that?"

"Like I said. It was for your sake that I would bathe. For me, I finding it quite liberating not to fret over cleanliness."

"You've come a long way from your Nimic belief that cleanliness is a virtue."

"Maybe that's part of the reason. All those years I used to scrub my skin pink and hide my scent as though it were my shame. If I'm truly going to explore my sexuality, then I must be willing to depart from all of those antiquated customs. Maybe one day, if I ever return home, I'll revert to being the clean, flower-scented lady that everyone expects of their tsarivna, but here, I'm... I'm going to live." She nods to herself. "Live like a free woman, unashamed of her body. In fact, I think I may indulge more. Sex is messy. By the Lord is it messy, but that's what makes it so carnal. The raw stink of fluids. The stickiness. The tastes. It's all a part of it. And I'm going to live it."

"Sounds like you'll never bathe again."

"I will. I must still interact with society, mustn't I? But if you say I have no need of cleaning, then I will listen. Now please, enjoy your breakfast. We've a long day ahead of us."

"Of course I will. I must still interact with society, mustn't I? But I think I may allow myself to indulge more. You, of course, will need to tolerate this."

"I will."

"I figured as much," she says. "Now eat your breakfast. We've a long day ahead of us."

She sits and waits for you to finish your breakfast. You both get ready to head out.

Euna is gone for quite some time. When she does return, she's fully dressed, though her long, golden hair is wet.

"Are you ready?" she asks.

"Hmm." Euna takes the razor and eyes it speculatively. "Are you suggesting I should shave between my legs?"

"I am."

"...perhaps I will, though I have never shaved before in my life. I'm not sure what to do." She offers the razor to you. "But you do, don't you?"

"I do." You take the razor. She motions for you to come with her to the river.

Once there, she strips down, though she does get somewhat modest once down to her shift. Being brave, she takes it off, sets it aside, and sits demurely upon a rock in the river, legs together, hands covering her crotch.

You kneel before her. She shyly spreads her legs, revealing herself. "You will be careful, won't you?"

Euna holds her breath as you slide the blade along her labia. With the utmost care, you trim down her pubic mound, taking away clumps of hair. The blade acts no differently than any well-sharpened razor, though as Lanx said, it needs only water to slide smoothly.

"Turn over," you say.

She does so, and bends to present herself to you. You shave away the little hairs lining her anus, and then scan around, nicking away any errant hairs.

"All done."

Euna rubs the lips of her vagina. She splashes water on herself, then feels lower down along the cleft of her rear. She cranes to look.

"What do you think?" you ask.

"It feels very strange." She slides a finger into herself, then circles it along her vulva. "It will take getting use to, but I think I like it." She raises her arms above her head, showing the tufts of hair in her armpits. "Might as well do everything. That seems to be the style around here."

You perform the same careful task for each of her underarms. It goes much more quickly. Afterward, as Euna bathes, and then you two set out for the day.

She gazes at you at while, then rises. "We'll see. But we won't get back if we sit around all day. Let us hunt for food."

"You're not going to bathe?"

"I bathed before you woke." Suspicion comes over her. "Why do you care?"

"Just wondering."

"Sure," she says. "Let's go."

You duck out of sight. After listening, she seems to dismiss the noise. Her hand creeps back under the water and she resumes. She's soon gasping again. Her free hand squeezes her breasts.

She pauses long enough to sit back on a river rock. Spreading her thighs, she alternates between rubbing her clit and stabbing her fingers up her snatch. And you can see everything.

She arches her back, her butt lifting from the rock. And she moans in sheer pleasure.

Afterward, she lies on the rock and enjoys the afterglow. Soon, she wades toward her clothes. That's your cue to depart back to camp.

You creep back to camp. Doing so makes a bit of noise, but hopefully she'll think it was some animal.

After waiting, you creep up river. You spot her near a collection of river rocks.

After waiting, you creep along the mountain trail to the river. You find her near the top of the waterfall.

You find her at the river, close to where the water falls, and she just begun.

She's standing nude by the river. Her skin is flawless. Her breasts are pert and large with stiff nipples. The flawless lips of her pussy are visible only in glances as she moves about.A wild patch of fur is between her legs, and smaller, barely visible patches under her arms.

Shivering, she wades into the river and washes her chemise by soaking it and flogging it against a flat rock. Her breasts jiggle delightfully as she does this. With that done, she lays it out to dry and begins cleaning herself. She rinses her hair, then her underarms.

And then she becomes more sensual. She spoons handfuls of water over her breasts and tenderly massages it in. She shivers. Her eyes close. Her head rolls from side to side. Soon, her hands sneak under the water and between her legs. She gasps and arches her back. For minutes she rubs herself.

Soon, she cries out in pleasure. She leans back against a rock. After her climax dies down. Euna finishes cleaning between her legs and emerges from the water. You hurry back to camp.

Euna has just finished bathing. She's sunbathing nude upon the sunbaked stone of a large flat rock in the river center.

A large stirring spoon lies beside her. It's one she commandeered from Lanx's trash pile. The head is stained and cracked, but it's still useable. Euna is more interested in its handle–a long shaft of smooth straight wood.

She hefts it in her hands–appraising it. Leaning back and spreading her legs, she plays the handle along her belly and slit. This goes on until her body reacts with small spasms, and her vulva has blossomed. Then the spoon handle rises to to her lips, she tilts her head back, and in it goes.

She pushes the handle to the back of her throat until she gags. After backing off, she tries again.

She's practicing.

Each time she inches the handle down her throat, it goes a little further before her torso contracts and she's forced to back off. While she struggles, she idly plays her other hand over her pussy. Her open palm strums its glistening bald lips she runs her fingers through her pubic bush. Her open palm strums her damp, furry lips.

This goes on for minutes. Her progress is slow. Tears run down her cheeks. Strings of drool dribble down her chin. Soon, she's fed up. Spoon aside, she rinses her face and wades through the water to her clothes. Shows done. You creep back.

She plays it up and down her slit for a minute, until her body starts to respond. Then her other hand takes its place. Tilting her head back, she slides the handle of the spoon into her mouth and down her throat. She wretches and backs off, but immediately tries again.

She's practicing her deep-throating technique.

She gags again, even while her fingers strum her slit, yet this time she doesn't pull the handle away. Her throat constricts again and again to dislodge it, but she holds out for nearly five seconds before pulling away and gasping. Thick saliva strings from the handle to her lips. The moment she has her composure, she's back at it.

Her determination is astonishing. Tears are in her eyes. Drool drips from her chin. At one point after a series of retching, she rinses her mouth in the river. Most likely she vomited a little in her mouth, yet she perseveres. And her fingers play her clit all the while.

The final time she tries it, she gets the spoon handle most of the way down her gullet–farther than your own member could reach. For a time, her body doesn't spasm, but then it starts. A chain of nonstop retching signals the end of her practice.

She brings the saliva-drenched spoon to her slit, slides it into herself, and rubs her clit to a quick, toe-curling orgasm–perhaps a reward for her progress. Afterward, she wades through the water toward her clothes while you skulk off back to camp.

Spreading her legs wide, Euna toys the end of the handle along her baldfurry slit. Once she's twitching, she takes over with her other hand and brings the spoon to her lips.

She tilted her head skyward and slides the spoon handle down her throat. Though she gags, she doesn't back off, but rather holds position until the reaction subsides. Fists clenched, she pushes it farther down her gullet.

A fit of retching overcomes her, yet she refuses to pull the handle from her throat, even as her body convulses. She forces the spoon down until only the head of the stirring spoon is outside her lips. The tip must be near her stomach. All the while she's strums her clit.

Euna withdraws it and gulps air. The spoon is drenched with saliva, and she coughs up more. Tears stream down her face. But the pride in her expression is clear. She shoves the spoon back down her gullet with only an echo of resistance. Up and down it goes, taking its full length. Her palm works franticly over her slit. Her body contorts more and more, but now in pleasure, not from spasms.

Suddenly she rams the spoon fully down her throat and clamps the bowl with her teeth. She fingers her gash with one hand while squeezes her tits with the other. Her toes curl. Her body undulates. She's climaxing, with her face skyward and a stirring spoon down her throat. Her body seizes—from pleasure, suffocation, and retching. But it's almost a minute later when she yanks the spoon from her throat and gasps for air. She coughs, sputters, and curls over, looking near to passing out.

Still, a sly smile is upon her tear-stained face. She's proud of herself. After she's recovered, she rinses herself and wades into the water. You sneak back to camp.

Euna is reclined upon the river rocks with her legs spread wide. She's digging fingers deep into her gash. When she brings them out, she examines them, then sucks them clean. She then goes back to digging.

Euna is reclined upon the river rocks with her legs spread wide. She's digging three fingers deep into her gash. Then she brings her fingers before her face and inspects what she pulls out. After rinsing her fingers, she goes back to digging.

Euna is reclined upon the river rocks with her legs spread wide. Frowning, she's digging three fingers deep into her gash. Then she brings her fingers before her face and wrinkles her nose at whatever she sees. After rinsing her fingers, she goes back to digging.

It dawns on you. She's pulling out ants. And apparently they got deep. Euna is soon reaching four fingers into her gash, and then she's fisting herself up to her wrist. In and out. In and out, each time bringing out crushed ants until finally she's satisfied.

Next, she rolls onto her side and begins worming into her ass. Two fingers in and out. They're covered in her scum, but also, ants. She sighs and begins her scooping anew. Soon, she's soon working her fist up her own ass. After each time, she tosses aside ants and mess. Each time she withdraws, she examines her fingers and sucks them clean of any ants and scum. Her ass however, doesn't get as much attention, likely because it will pass any remaining ants in time.

After cleaning her hand, Euna begins to bathe in earnest. Show's over it seems.

It looks as though she's just started. Euna has found a section of river near the bank where a tree branch juts over the water. Standing on the bank, she detaches her cloak and drapes it over the branch, creating a curtain between her and downriver. She must think that will hide her, but you're off to the side. The cloak doesn't obscure your vision at all.

She unfastens the laces along the front of her bodice and pulls it off. Next is her skirt.

She's only in a her silk chemise. It conservatively reaches mid calf, but she has spent all morning sweating. It clings to her body, outlining her curves. Her breasts are visible beneath the silk.

Glancing around one last time, Euna pulls the chemise over her head.

Her skin is like cream, with only a few beauty marks along her thighs and breasts. Between her legs she's utterly shaven. The cleft of her bald slit stands out between the gap of her legs. Her underarms are similarly hairless. It seems Nimic nuns make a practice of shaving themselves. Not at all what you would have a thick mane of dark, blond hair, wild and thick. The pits of her arms have similar, yet daintier tufts of blond hair. It seems Nimic nuns are not accustom to shaving.

Clutching herself, she steps into the water and shivers. Once adjusted, she kneels, submerging most of her body. She pulls her silk chemise into the water and soaks it through. At a large flat stone, she washes the undergarment, first by massaging it against the rock, then by slapping it down. Her breasts jiggle in the most delightful way as she does this.

With her clothes laid out to dry, she focuses on herself. First scrubbing the pits of her arms, and then rinsing her long golden hair. Finally, she focuses between her legs. A lusty wench might teasingly massage the water onto herself. Euna, however, cleans her intimates with as much sensuality of a chef cleaning a plucked chicken.

But in all the times you've spied on her, she's always been that way. A follower of Nim would see touching their genitals as an obligation for hygiene. Touching yourself for pleasure? Blasphemy.

But the show is still enjoyable. You got to see the famed golden maiden–virginal and pristine. It's a sight no other male eyes have seen.

Euna redresses. With her chemise still wet, it hugs her body. It's so transparent, she might as well be nude.

As much as you wish to keep watching, she'll head back soon, so you cautiously creep back to camp.

She's laid her clothes out to dry and has waded into the river, naked. Her skin is flawless, her nipples stiff from the cold. A wild patch of fur is between her legs, and smaller, barely visible tufts peek out from her armpits.

First, she cleans her underarms, and then she bends to soak her long blonde hair. Her attention turns finally to her crotch. As expected, she scrubs them very clinically.

But then she keeps scrubbing. Her pace slows. Her touch becomes more of a caress. Euna chews her lip, contemplating something. She wades toward a rock and sits. Spreading her legs, she splashes water upon her snatch. Her bald slit glistens. Her fingers run through her pubic hair.

Her head rocks back as her fingers zero in on her clit. Soon, she's panting. Her hips gyrate almost of their own will.

Suddenly, she snaps her hand away as though suddenly realizing what's she's doing. She glances about guiltily.

Her cleaning resumes. After a few final splashes to rinse between her legs, she wades toward her clothes. Bathing is done. You hurry back to camp.

Naked, Euna is seated upon the rocks in the river center. She's brought her collection of daywithers with her. Sorting through her pack, she settles on one the size of a formidable cock. When she squeezes it, slick blue slime oozes from under the cap, coating the shaft. She nods with satisfaction.

Setting the rest aside, she lies back and gives her body attention, exploring her breasts, her thighs, her belly. She wriggles sensually, her nude body a marvel basking in the sun. Eyes closed, she traces the daywither down her body. It's cap leaves a blue slime trail along her belly and over her bare vaginal lips. matted into her pubic fur.

She does not stop at her pussy, but lifts her legs, exposing her puckered hole. After she first smears the blue slime along its rim, the cap presses with little resistance, and she slides it in quickly until only a stub remains for her to grip. It's already swelling. She hugs her knees to her chest and rubs her pussy. Her hole stretches wider and wider, stopping at a plum's width. Euna's face is twisted in pained pleasure.

She has to hold it in so it doesn't squeeze out, and carefully lowers herself into the water until she's sitting in the river. From there, she bathes herself, washing her hair, scrubbing her skin. Her beauty and grace are like a water nymph's. If you hadn't seen, you'd never know she had a phallic mushroom buried in her ass.

Finished, she rises, squats over the water, and expels the phallus. Before it shrinks in daylight, it's length was your fist to your elbow, and she had nearly every inch. Euna seems quite proud of herself. After rinsing it, she puts it away and turns her attention to her stretched asshole. Her own fist squeezes inside with minimal twisting and pushing. This puts a devious smile on her face.

She cleans out her hole and rinses up before heading toward her clothes. Show's over. You hurry back to camp and wait.

Euna is already lying upon the flat rock in the river when you arrive. Her wet hair is fanned out to dry. She's warming in the morning sun, and goosebumps have broken out over her skin from the wind against her nude body. She's gently caressing herself along her flank and up and down her legs. Then her hands drift to her pussy. She massages her clit, softly at first, but harder as her body responds. Soon, she's writhing in pleasure.

Her eyes open. She has a curious expression upon her face. It seems like she's considering something. Then she grins evilly. Rubbing herself vigorously, she spreads her legs wide and pulls her knees to her chest. This gives you a great view of her ass and pussy.

And then she starts peeing. The urine streams upward in a hectic spray. She cups her free hand over her pussy, causing it to reflect back on her snatch. Rivulets run through her pubic hair and up her belly. It spills to either side of her. Going a step further, Euna removes her cupped hand and curls her back, pointing her pussy straight up. Her urine stream cascades upon her belly and breasts. She moans as some splatters her face. Her mouth opens just a little more, and you're sure more than a little pee gets in.

On the verge of climax, Euna reaches her free hand down and presses her middle finger against her asshole. Her finger slips in up to her first knuckles. She's bucking now as one hand furiously works her clit, the other penetrates her asshole, and her urine rains down upon her. A second finger slips in, and she's stabs into herself roughly as she bucks and cries. Her body flexes in rhythm.

Her stream dies down. It splashes her breasts, her belly, her pubic hair. Finally, it pools on her vagina and spills down the crack of her ass. When she calms, she pulls her fingers from her ass and lies back down. Her body glistens with pee. The cool air causes her goosebumps to come out again. She breaths for a moment, her chest heaving, then she props up on an elbow and scrutinizes the hand she used to penetrate her ass. Her ring and middle finger have streaks of brown. She sniffs them, wrinkles her nose, but sniffs again. She doesn't seem that disgusted. After contemplation, she opens her mouth and pops both fingers in. After a second, she yanks her fingers free and gags.

Blushing, she laughs to herself as though she can't believe what she just tried. But then her expression changes back to that same morbid curiously, and she pops the fingers back in her mouth. Despite gagging a few times, she doesn't remove her fingers until they're clean.

As though that weren't enough, she lies back down, props up one knee, and returns her fingers to her anus. She runs the tips along her piss-wet rim at first, then stabs in with two fingers. After several thrusts, she withdraws her fingers and once again sucks them clean. She does this again and again until one time a glob of poop comes out. She eats it, then gags several times in a row, even after she's cleaned her fingers. Once her stomach settles, she laughs at herself again and gets off the rocks.

Shows over. She cleans herself again, then the rock, then gets dressed.

Euna is at the same section of the river near the bank, and she's again using her cloak as a curtain.

She removes her clothes and cleans them. Nude, she's as beautiful as ever. Dipping into the water, she massages water onto her breasts, under her arms, and through her hair. At the end, she sits upon the rock and scrubs between her legs. It's not sensual, but it's still a delight to see.

When she redresses, you creep back to camp.

You find her at the river. Though it seems she's just finished her bath. She's emerging from the deep end of the river to a large flat rock surrounded by the water. Here, she lays herself out, fanning her wet hair upon the heated rock. It's as though she's a forest nymph that you stumbled upon. One loud noise and she'd dart into the woods never to be seen again.

As she lays there enjoying the warm sun against her damp and chilly body, she began to caress herself. Her fingers barely traced her skin. She squeezed her breasts and toyed with her nipples, then her hand crept down between her legs. At first she traces her fingers along her damp slit, At first she raked her fingers through her mane of pubic hair, then finally zeroed in on her clit.

She plays with herself for several minutes before pausing suddenly. She props herself up on one elbow to look down at her body, chewing her lip as she seemed to consider something. Whatever it is, a mischievous expression comes over her face.

Laying back down, she spreads her legs wide. From where you are, you have a perfect view of her snatch. She begins rubbing her clit vigorously, and she's soon twitching in pleasure again. Suddenly, urine arcs from her pussy. With her self-stimulation, the stream splatters about, sprinkling her legs.

Soon she's arching her back and crying out. She's still in the throes of pleasure when her urine stream finally dies away. Afterward, she sits up and inspects her hand. Her fingers glisten with piss. Tentatively, she sniffs it, then after hesitating, she licks her fingers.

Her final reaction: a shrug.

Euna slips into the river and washes herself off of any mess. She splashes her sunbathing rock off to wash away any remaining urine. As she reaches for her clothes, you realize it's time to get back to camp.

When you find Euna, she by the river washing her chemise in the nude. Afterward, she wades into the river and cleans herself. Armpits, face, hair, body, and finally her crotch. Her caress is sensual, as though every touch sends electric pleasure surging through her.

Opening her eyes, she glances about. A grin comes over her. Finding a rock, she sits down and spreads her leg, putting her pussy on full display. There is no longer any pretense of bathing. She rubs her clit furiously while her body responds to the pleasure. Her toes curl. Her body spasms. Her breath comes out in gasps.

She finally cries out as an orgasm wracks her body. Coming down, her pleasuring has become a casual afterthought. When she's finally recovered, she rises, rinses herself again, and heads to her chemise.

You head back to the camp.

Euna is on her usual perch in the river. Nude, she's lying on her back with her legs spread wide. Fingers of both her hands stab into her slit. Once she's wet, she takes the runic pestle, which had been lying beside her, and grinds it against her pussy.

It pops in easily. Euna grinds it in and out and works it side to side—exactly as though her canal were the mortar to go with that pestle. The lips of her pussy deform and stretch.

It slides in, but only with great difficulty. She tenderly presses it deep, and then withdraws. Back and forth she goes, despite the discomfort.

She's deliberately loosening herself up as though this were a morning stretch. It's meant as a self-prescribed regimen, not for pleasure.

For her next stretch, she pulls her legs to her chest and worms fingers into her ass. Then comes the pestle. Its bulbous head requires some levering, but it slips in soon enough. She pushes it deep, then withdraws fully to start again. From her expression, she might actually be enjoying her regimen.

For her next stretch, she pulls her legs to her chest and worms fingers into her ass. Then comes the pestle. It's bulbous head requires levering and force, but pushing with both hands, combined with the slickness of her own juices, it slips in eventually. From the grimace on her face, there's nothing pleasurable about this, but she doesn't let up until that pestle slips in and out of her ass with relative ease.

After she's loose, she tests her results by pressing fingers into her ass. Four fit past the knuckles. This satisfies her.

After cleaning the pestle, she takes hold of its head, tilts her head back, and feeds the ringed, brass handle down her throat. She gags repeatedly, but doesn't stop until her teeth catch against the widening pestle's length.

Then she leaves it. Euna props back on her hands as though sunbathing, though with the pestle down her throat. Over the next minute, her gagging worsens. Her whole body contorts trying to eject the pestle, but it's not until she's red in the face and tear-streaked that she yanks the pestle from her throat and gasps for breath.

It seems deep-throating practice is part of her routine.

One last exercise. After regaining her breath, she works the pestle's head into her mouth. It's hard for her to get it past her teeth, but then, chin up, she tries to push it down her throat.

She fails.

Her coughing fit persist well after she wiggles the pestle out of her mouth. She clutches her throat in pain. Afterward, she chuckles, amused at her own bizarre antics.

Now that she's good and stretched, she rinses the pestle off and goes about her usual washing routine. You skulk back to camp.

Euna is already fully naked and laying upon a rock in the river. It doesn't seem she's started bathing, as she's perfectly dry. Instead, she's basking in the morning sun, letting it play upon her nude skin.

Her hand explores her body, rubbing her breasts, her thighs, her neck. Then she turns her attention to her snatch. At first, she teases herself, runing her fingers up and down her bare slit. At first, she merely teases herself by raking her hands through her bush or brushing her clit. But that doesn't last for long. She splays her legs out indecently and feverishly stabs three fingers in and out her sex.

With her other hand, she rubs at her clit. Within minutes she's writhing. Her mewling even reaches your ears from your vantage point.

It's quite a sight to see her glistening snatch humping the empty air. After she's done, she gets up from the rock and wades into the river to bathe. Shows over, it seems. You head back to camp and wait a while.

Euna is lounging upon her sunbathing rock. Her eyes closed, she's traces her hand up and down her body. Occasionally, she will brush along her clit, but never much. This goes on for some time, until Euna stirs. She props herself onto her elbows and looks down at herself. Her legs spread, and all of a sudden, a stream of urine arcs from her pussy and into the water.

She brings a hand down and cups it over her snatch, causing the urine to spray back upon her crotch. The rock between her legs turns dark as the urine runs into the river water. She spoons handfuls of urine onto her legs and belly, and finally as she's short of breath, she massages urine onto her breasts.

It isn't enough for her. Euna plants her hands on either side of her and curls her legs up to her chest so she's propped on her shoulder. Her stream arcs through the air and down upon her. It drenches her face. Her mouth fills with puddles, which she swallows down again and again. Her hair darkens as it saturates through.

Her stream dies down. The last trickles dribble down her slit The last trickles dribble through her pubic bush and pool between her breasts. She lies back down and rubs her body, making sure every bit of her is covered. And then she sunbathes like that, drenched in her own urine, her hand idly playing upon her clit.

Eventually she decides it's time to get moving. She rolls into the river, cleans herself, and splashes water over the rock to rinse it off. You hurry back to camp.

After her stream dies down, she basks again the sun. From the breasts downward, her body is wet with pee. Her pubic bush is drenched. Sitting up, examines her hand. It's wet with pee. Tentatively, she licks it, then again. Her expression is curious. She rubs her hand along her piss-slick breasts and licks it once again. Still not satisfied, she cups her hand beneath her pussy and squirts out one final handful of pee. She holds it beneath her nose, sniffs it, then laps the puddle with her tongue.

Her reaction is hard to gauge. She simply splashes the handful upon her breasts, then wades back into the water to rinse herself off. As she's splashing the rocks to wash away the urine, you depart back to the camp.

She returns shortly afterward. "Ready to set off?"

"Because I'm the one in charge." She stands tall. "We may be far from home, but I'm still the tsarivna. And I must get back for the sake of the tsardom. You are one of its inhabitants, a sad and deranged inhabitant, but an inhabitant nonetheless. You have an obligation to ensure my safety and well being."

"Except I'm an exile."

"Oh yes." Her nose turns up. "For your perversions. Then you should be doubly interested in doing as I say and keeping me safe. Maybe then my father will pardon you for your crimes once we get back. But that will depend on what I say about you, and I don't think he'd like hearing about your recalcitrant behavior."

Your eyes narrow.

"So?" she said. "Are you going to do as you're told, or are you going to add contempt to your list of crimes?"

"Fine," you say. "Continue on."

You follow her as she departs from the estuary. Oddly, she heads back toward the beach a short ways, then turns ninety degrees and begins circling the camping spot. After twenty minutes of struggling through brush and bramble, you both end up right back where you started. Euna walks closer toward the beach, then turns ninety degrees again.

"Wait, wait," you say. "You're going to walk larger and larger circles around the camp until you find food?"

"That is the recommended strategy," she replies. "This is the best way to find the closest food sources as possible."

"Maybe that would work in a plain, or the forests back home. There's no food near here. And we're not going to make any progress forcing paths through this burr-ridden jungle. We need to explore."

"The book says—"

"The book was written by someone who never set foot in these lands. We need to follow our common sense."

"Fine!" she shouts. "If you're so clever, you lead. At least this way if we die, we'll know who to blame."

You're at the altar.

To the south is the waterfall and the footpath leading down to the jungle.

To the north, the river snakes through a ravine in the mountain range.

Steep steps lead upward toward the peek of the tallest mountain. Though the ascent is not too bad, the sheer drop to either side makes this approach treacherous.

North, at the mountain's peek is a menacing keep of black granite with sharp spires and defensible walls.

South leads to the trails along the mountains.

Grabbing Euna's arm, you tear off down the beach. The old man chases. Eventually, you glance back to see that he's just a speck on the horizon. He must have turned back at some point.

You both stop and regain your breath.

Euna stares back. "That was quite rude of him."

"Wasn't it though?"

"Where to now? she asks.

You're on the beach. It goes on at length in both directions. Far to the west, the estuary is just barely visible.

The broken shells, pebbles, and blade grass cover the coast. It makes walking quite uncomfortable and tiresome. Sand fleas bite at your calfs.

You're on a long stretch of empty beach. Sand fleas bite at your calfs.

The beach here is of vast white sand. The beach seems to extend for ages in both direction.

As you bend low, Euna seems poised to stop you at any moment, and you can feel her holding her breath as you bury your face between her boobs. Your tongue licks along the cleavage to scoop the berry, and she squeals.

When you emerge, she's red in the face and hastily wiping away your saliva. Salma cheers at her bravery, which makes Euna redden all the more.

"That was naughty," she says.

"I know it was," you reply. "I can't believe you'd let someone do that to you. How unbecoming!"

"Oh, you know what I mean, you silly buffoon."

You bury your face into her cleavage. With squeal, Euna cringes away. When you emerge with the berry, she bears a flush, and she's biting her lip to hide her smile.

You bury your head in her cleavage. Euna pushes her chest forward, wedging your face deeper. The berry falls low though, and by the time you can hook it with your tongue, her breasts have fallen out of her bodice. Euna is all smile and fluster when you emerge.

You attempt to place the berry in Euna's cleavage.

She bats your hand away. "Behave yourself."

You press your face to her cleavage. In a pretend effort to catch the berry, you push it farther down between her breasts.

"Easy now!" She yelps ticklishly. Your nose and tongue worm deep. It's not enough. Her bodice is in the way. You hook it with your finger and pull down. Her breasts spring free.

"Excuse me!" She tries to pull away.

You only dig deeper. The berry is threatening to fall down toward her naval, but just barely, you snag it with your tongue. Victorious, you emerge with the berry between your teeth.

Salma applauds. Euna is red and flustered, and she quickly tucks her bared breasts away. Salma didn't seem to have mind in the least. Realizing this, Euna settles down, but she still narrows her eyes at you. "Naughty..."

You place the berry in Euna's cleavage. She eyes you, waiting to see what you'll do.

You place the berry in Euna's cleavage. She rolls her eyes as you do so, but she doesn't stop you.

Euna takes the berry and places it in her cleavage. She waits to see what you do about it.

Euna's eyes widen. She doesn't have time to react before Salma dives low and buries her face in Euna's cleavage. Alarmed, Euna gapes at the woman, who takes much too long fetching the berry. Whatever she's doing causes Euna to shiver.

Soon, the girl comes up, triumphant, with the berry between her teeth.

Euna quickly adjusts her bodice and makes sure she's decent. Though red in the face, she still has a shy smile.

Euna flinches and bats your hand away. "Stop that," she says. "Just sit quietly."

So you do.

As you bring the fruit to her lips, she regards you coolly, but there is a hint of amusement about her. Ultimately, she opens and lets you pop the berry in her mouth.

Salma takes a turn. She places a mulberry between her lips and looks to you two with inviting eyes.

You do so. Rather than eating it, she holds it between her teeth. Her eyes dare you to do something about it.

You offer the berry to Euna. She seems disinclined to take it at first, but eventually she does so, and pops it in her mouth.

She eats it.

Euna takes the berry and places it between her teeth. She watches you with come-hither eyes.

Salma crawls forward and brings her face inches from Euna. Their breath mixes. Euna teases her by pulling away the first few times.

Then their lips meet, and the berry is all but forgotten. Their long snog ends a while later, and both are breathless. It's not even clear who got the berry. It was only an afterthought.

Salma leans towards Euna. Hesitant, Euna glances at you. The woman is undeterred however, and she crawls forward for the berry. It works, against Euna's best judgement.

Their lips meet. The berry disappears between their locking lips. It's impossible to see what's occurring, but what passes between them is more than a simple berry. Eventually, Salma backs away with the berry between her lips. Her eyes are on Euna as she chews.

You motion for Salma to go ahead. Euna recoils and shields herself with her hands. Salma laughs.

Euna reddens and glares at you with mock anger. "You are a silly fool."

"And a fool's job is to make merry with his audience," you say. "And what's merrier than a good smooch?"

Euna smiles despite herself. "Keep your smooches to yourself."

You lean in and dart your tongue in her mouth enough to hook the berry. Your lips touch. She presses against you, and her tongue tries to steal the berry back, but you win the fight. Her lips linger upon yours before pulling away.

"A losing game, it sounds like," she says. "You'd have me forever doing lewd acts for you."

"Would that be so bad?"

She tries not to grin. "It might."

"Good," she says. "Make sure I don't have cause to doubt that."

Euna eyes the fruit. "With my lips?" she asks.

"However you want," you say. Shirina leans close. Her eyes dance with mirth.

Euna smiles and reddens. "I... Then I choose this." With two fingers, she plucks the berry from Salma's lips and eats it. "You said anyway I wanted."

However, before you have a chance to steal the berry from her like last time, Euna hurries forward and tries to snag the berry for herself. Salma darts her head away, forcing Euna to crawl over her. Their mouths meet, ever so briefly, and Euna comes away with the berry.

Euna is proud of herself, while Salma is left flustered. Her eyes are for Euna, but Euna is ignorant of this. "Thank you, Salma. That was most enjoyable. I think we're finished playing for now."

"Oh." Salma's disappointment is clear. "Of course. If you ever want to share berries again. I'll be around." And she scoots away.

"Maybe I should be jealous," you say.

"If I take the berries for you, then it keeps you out of trouble."

"Is that so? What else can I get you to do in my place?"

"Whatever I must. Maybe you should be careful what I have to do, or I'm apt to have my own affairs."

"Careful," you say. "I might call you on that bluff."

"And you'll have no one to blame but yourself when Salma and I run off without you."

You lean to catch the berry for yourself. Salma pulls away, and so you must lean closer. And that's when Salma locks lips with you. Your tongue hooks the fruit, and her's fights to keep it back. After much sensual sparring, you win the berry.

From the look in Salma's eye, she would very much like to spar again.

Euna, however, is not amused at all. Snagging your arm, she pulls you close. "Thank you so much," she says to Salma, "but I think we're done playing now."

"Of course. I understand." Salma takes the bowl into her lap and scoots away.

"You don't need to worry," you say to Euna.

"Don't I?" she asks. "Sometimes I forget what a philandering fool you are."

"Rest easy. This philandering fool now belongs to only you.

"Then you'll just have to find ways to keep my attention all to you.

Euna hooks your tunic and pulls you close to her. Your lips meet. She snatches the berry away with her tongue, but her lips linger. Her breath caresses. Her tongue teases. Then she pushes you away, chewing and grinning.

Euna watches you, and then she looks away. You're left holding a piece of fruit in your mouth, and no one cares. So you eat it.

For the rest of the time, Salma eats in peace.

You take a bilberry from the bowl.

You take a blackberry from the bowl.

However, it seems you're now out of time.

"Of course," Shirina says. "Help yourself to whatever you see. The food is for everyone."

"Thank you." Euna bows graciously.

Together, you and Euna gather food and find nearby bench. Other people come and go from the banquet platform.

No one bothers Shirina except for a pair of men who question her about the food available. They rope Shirina into a conversation which occupies her attention.

Meanwhile, a familiar face arrives, Salma. After enjoying a few treats, she once again settles upon a fresh bowl of berries. When she sees you two, her expression lights up, and she comes and sits nearby.

"Hello, you two!" she says.

"Hello," Euna replies.

She begins to enjoy the berries for herself, but she has set the bowl were you two can easily reach them.

"Red rosemary?" Shirina says. "I might have some crated away. Why do you ask?"

"We have a pair of friends who require some for a concoction they're making."

"Ah, I see."

As you converce, a woman approaches carrying a bowl of berries, and she sits by Shirina. Her skin is as dark as toffy, and her flowing hair is jet black.

Shirina smiles warmly to her. "It's wonderful to see you again, Salma."

"And you," Salma replies. "Care to eat some berries with me today?"

"I'd love to." Shirina takes a strawberry from the bowl and places it in Salma's cleavage. She stoops and catches the berry with her teeth. The next berry goes in Shirina's cleavage. Salma buries her face between Shirina's globes.

Shirina addresses you while this goes on. "These friends of yours wouldn't happen to be named Lanx and Fira, would they?"

"So you know them?" Euna asks.

Salma places the next berry again between Shirina's breasts. When she goes to fetch it, practically wedges her face between Shirina's tits. Shirina holds the girl's head to her chest while addressing you. "Fira is always trading with me for this or that. If you'll watch the food displays for a minute, I can go fetch some for you." She stands. "Why don't you enjoy some berries with Salma while I'm away. They're quite fresh today. Right from the fields.

You and Euna take her place on the perch. Salma seems disappointed with Shirina's departure, but only momentarily. She happily eats berries.

You take a mulberry from the bowl.

You take a strawberry from the bowl.

Euna watches to see what you do. There's a playful air about her.

Euna watches with interest.

Place it in Euna's cleavage

Bring the berry to Euna's mouth.

Hand it to Euna.

As you're peeling off your shirt, Euna stops you. "Why? We're not going in the cave, are we?"

"I thought we would," you reply.

"But there's no point. We already have the jewel. I don't think we were welcome to return to the keep."

"Who says we're going to the keep? You don't want to visit our slithering friends in the cave?"

"Oh, sure. As much as I'd love to get violated again by dangerous subterranean beasts, I don't think we should take unnecessary risks. There are other ways to get off."

"Very well, then." You put your shirt back on.

You and Euna are on a beach which ends against an ocean bluff. Waves gently rush against rocky crags. The steep stone wall rises up to a summit which looks over the ocean.

"Impressive," Euna says. "I suppose this is as far as the beach goes"

"Unless we swim," you reply.

"No thank you. I've no wish to cut myself upon those rocks."

Investigate the bluff for a cave entrance.

Enter the water caverns.

Enter the water caverns.

"All ogres have terrible hygiene, yes," she replies, "but Cafres are by far much worse. They actively try to live in squaller. They'll scatter feces and refuse around their homes to make it smell as powerful as possible. They'll let their food rot before they eat it."

"And they like that?"

"Their constitution works differently than ours. They need the food to be rotten. If they ate fresh food, they'd get as sick as if we were to eat rancid food. It's the same with the squaller. It's healthier for them to be filthy."

"As tough as any ogre. On the frontier, it takes scores of men to take down a single cafre. They'll cut through soldiers with a single swipe. Their skin is as tough as rawhide. And their bite is deathly septic.

"And they're as cruel as they they are powerful. Groups of cafres will raid villages. They'll kill every man, eat all the food, then take the women back as prisoners. No one is spared."

"A cafre's gluttony is rivaled only by their lust," she says. "They'll keep the girls alive as long as they can. I can only imagine they pray for death, to have such disgusting beasts have their way with you."

"Really? Why?"

"Yes, why?" Euna asks. "Her father sent us on this mission to get her away from the sorceress."

"That's his plan, yes, but I think we should. Marion wants to be ravaged and abused. From what I hear, there's no one better to do that than the sorceress."

"Besides," you add. "It'll give us a chance to investigate the sorceress's tower if we ever plan to steal that jewel for Damien."

"Hmm." The idea intrigues Euna. "It does seem like a perfect fit for our little masochist, but as much as it arouses me thinking about what the sorceress might do to her, her father put his trust in us."

"To get Marion out of her responsibility," you say. "If she doesn't go, someone has to. Seems a little selfish, doesn't it?"

"It is, but still."

"You do remember what Dalmat said about the sorceress," Euna says. "People sent to her are never heard from again. They suffer horrible fates."

"If people have never heard from them again, how do people know? He admitted nobody know's for sure what happens. He also said there are those who consider being given to the sorceress is a great honor."

"Those people are deluded."

"Only from Dalmat's perspective. He's an outsider. Besides, isn't what he's doing rather selfish? He's breaking the city's tradition by smuggling away his own daughter, but that just means someone else will have to go instead."

"But this isn't what he wanted."

"Why don't we see what Marion wants." You crane to look at her. "What do you think? Would you like us to take you to the sorceress, who may sexually abuse in unimaginable ways? Or do you want to get on that boat?"

She looks at you shocked. "I... I'm not sure. Nobody as ever asked me. My father never wanted to discuss it. I told him once I wanted to go just to get it over with, and he yelled."

"He's concerned for you," Euna says.

She motions to you. "But he's right. If I don't go, someone else will. Ever since we first found out about the ritual, I've always fantasized about what would happen to me if I was picked. When my name came up," she blushes, "I was actually kind of excited, but my father wouldn't hear of it."

"Are you sure you're ready to accept whatever torturous fate the sorceress might have for you?"

"I... yes. I am."

"You are quite the masochist, aren't you?" Euna strokes Marion's face.

Marion smiles shyly.

"Then let's deliver you to your fate," Euna says. "I do hope I get to see what happens to you."

"Are you actually considering it?" Euna asks.

"I think so. I... I think I want to do it. Yes."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I think I am. He's right. I should do this. It's my responsibility. And I..." She lowers her voice. "I've always wanted to know."

Troubled, Euna looks at her. "If this is what you really want."

"It is."

She sighs. "Then let's go."

You turn the horses toward the mountains where the sorceress tower looms far above. Through the woods and to the base of the mountain, you guide the horses up a narrow trail that switchbacks up and up. Finally, with the forest and the city of Cockaigne far below, you take a turn, and the base of the tower comes into view.

Four strange creatures guard the gate. They look like two-legged pigs standing eight feet tall. They have massive tusks and bodies covered in thick bristly fur. Their lower bodies are covered in much. Their powerful stench of fetid body oder and shit already reaches even to where you are. The ground around them is littered with trash and rutted mud.

Euna wrinkles her nose. "Strange choice of guards this sorceress has."

"What on earth are those?" Marion asks.

"I've heard of those things before," Euna says. "They're Cafres. They're in the ogre family, and just as tough and short tempered. but like pigs, their gluttony is endless."

You untie another rabbit from the pole and hurry away from the camp.

Return to camp.

The woods grow thick as you proceed. It's a struggle to move onward. Bramble scratches your legs and arms. Euna frequently complains as branches snag her dress.

Suddenly, you detect a smell, powerful but distant, and entirely unpleasant. It's of rot and waste, like a barnyard or a pig pen that's ripened in the sun, only worse.

Soon the woods part, and you enter a clearing before a face of the mountain. There's a cave here, though clearly occupied. A wooden palisade surrounds the entrance. Animal skulls line the spiked poles. Refuse piles lie not only all around the palisade, but on the inside as well. They contain all manner of garbage, from bones to rotten food. In the center of the cordoned area is a massive pit filled with mud, and you're guessing, waste. The smell is immeasurably worse than it was before.

"What sort of creature lives here?" Euna whispers to you.

In answer to her question. A rumbling from the woods across the camp. A beast seven feet tall steps out carrying over his shoulder a long pole with several dead rabbits dangling from it, and a sack over the other. It's some sort of pig monster on two legs, or perhaps a boar. It has massive brown tusks sticking up from its snout and brown, bristly fur over its body. The beast seems to have some degree of civility. It's dressed in an armored leather tunic which struggles to hold in it's muscled girth, and it carries a viscous, serrated saber at its belt along with other hunting equipment.

But it's civility ends there. Dried mud covers much its body and armor. As it comes around and enters its domicile, the powerful stench of musk and sweat fill the air. The beast tromps through the mud to the cave entrance. There, it jams the pole of game into the ground, then turns to the piles of refuse littered around its camp. Picking one, it upends its bag, and all manner of fruits and vegetables tumble out.

It's a shame to watch. All that food looked perfectly good, only now it lay in rot and shit.

The boar monster tosses the empty bag aside and turns to another pile of refuse. The food in this one has long since spoiled, yet the beast begins to rut through the sodden mess for food, which he crams in his mouth. Gelatinous strings of slobber ooze from his mouth. It's nauseating to watch as he snarfs down mushy fruit, wilted vegetables, maggot ridden meat, and brown lumps that seem more fecal than earth. Why would the creature eat this after obtaining so much fresh food?

Occasionally, the beast snatches a stubby hand into the refuse and pulls out a rat. Taking it by the tail, the beast slams the rat down, killing it, then tosses it back into the refuse.

As it eats, a falcon lands on the upright stick of game and picks at a thong stringing up a rabbit. The boar man turns and snarls. The falcon hurries away.

The sound attracts something from within the cave. The ground rumbles as another beast emerges. This one is more rotund than his counterpart. Bristly fur only covers his head and back, and pink spots cover his body. Instead of armor, he wears a loin half hidden by his pot belly. Despite the loin cloth's size, it seems barely able to provide modesty for beasts such as these.

The spotted boar man has an animal with him by a leash. It looks like a mean-looking Rottweiler, only it has a pig snout for a nose and course bristles instead of fur. Not an animal you'd ever take for a pet.

"You're back," the spotted boar man says. It glances over the new food.

The bristly one grunts between bites.

"Come on," says Spots. "The fun is about to start."

"I'm hungry," Bristles replies.

"Then bring some with you. Come on. I tire of waiting. We can't play without you."

Bristles keeps eating, so Spots shoves him with a cloven foot. "Get moving!"

Bristles staggers, then snarls at Spots. They face off, stomping the mud and turning their heads this way and that as they snort.

The dog sniffs the air and looks in your direction. It barks madly. Euna gasps. You both freeze in place.

"Oh, shut up!" Spots kicks the dog. It whines and looks reproachfully at its owner. Spots turns to Bristles. "Now come on. I've waited all week for this." He turns and marches back inside. The dog glances your way once more, then follows. Bristles collects a handful of waste and hurries after.

Strange yelling noises and howling were coming from inside the cave. Whatever the hell game they're playing has them distracted.

"I've heard of those things before," Euna says. "They're Cafres. They're in the ogre family, and just as tough and short tempered."

"Are all ogres that disgusting?"

"These are particularly bad," she replies. "They always live in squaller. It's healthier for them. You see that food? They're going to let it spoil first before they eat it. If they were to eat it fresh, they'd get as sick as we would if we were to eat rotten food. "

"Aren't you the smart one," you say.

"They're just something I learned about during my studies at the convent. I never thought I'd have the misfortune to see one."

"Shame about that food." You eye the fresh fruits and vegetables.

"Pity, yes. Shall we keep moving?"

After struggling through the thick woods and bramble, you once again come upon the Cafre's cave.

The dwelling is as you saw it before. Refuse, rotting food, a manure pile in the center, and palisades lines with animal skulls. There's no sign of Spots or Bristles, or their foul pets, but noises are coming from deep within the cave.

It seems they've recently acquired another batch of food. As savage as these creatures are, they certainly are good trappers. Multiple dead quail and rabbit hang from a stick. A falcon is perched there like before, picking away at the game.

"I'm not sure why you brought us back here," Euna says. "Shall we keep moving?"

Sneak into the camp to steal food.

You leave the saber where it is. You'd probably make a hell of a clatter getting it out, and unlike food, the boarmen might miss it. You fill up on food and sneak out of the camp.

Return to camp.

It takes you a while to uncover it. You move aside meaty bones and shove away piles of dung. All the while you're casting glances toward the cave entrance.

The saber comes free. You hold it aloft. It's not in the best shape. Rust tarnishes the blade. The edge has several nicks. The wrapping on the grip is in tatters, and of course it's covered in poop. It's lethal though.

You sneak out of the boarmen's sty with your food and weapon. It's time to head back. The sky is already dimming.

Saber added to inventory

Return to camp.

"Stay here," you tell Euna. You creep toward they encampment.

She yanks you back. "Are you insane?"

"I think we can just wash off the food and it will be fine."

"I don't care about that. You might get caught."

"Don't worry. I'll be quick."

Before she can say anything else, you're already out of reach.

Sneaking past the palisades, you give the mud pit in the center a wide berth. It's far worse now that you're up close. Maggots and bugs writhe within, and there are several piles of black dung, most likely from the cafres. Black flies swarm each pile. As you pass, they swarm about in an angry buzz. The stench is horrendous.

You finally reach the fresh food. Carefully, you untie a rabbit and tuck it into your tunic. A loud yell comes from the cave, along with the barking and snarling of several pig dogs. You startle, but soon realize they're still preoccupied with whatever is going on in there.

Euna is frantically motioning for you to return, but you don't have quite enough food for the both of you.

You start sneaking in.

"Again?" she says.

"We've gotten away with it so far."

She rolls her eyes and motions you on. "Just be careful."

You sneak into the cam. The stench is as rotten as ever. You'll never get used to it. Near the cave entrance, you shoo the falcon away and take a quall. There is plenty more game on the rack, and there's also a fresh pile of vegetables dropped on top of a refuse pile.

Raucous sounds from inside the cave. The cafre are once again up to something.

Take more game. It's the best food here.

Sort through the fruits on the refuse pile. It's safer. The cafre are less likely to notice.

Sneak into the cave and see what in heavens is so interesting.

You take a single piece of game, then turn to the refuse pile. Littered atop piles of junk and sludge are all manner of foods. Turnips, carrots, cabbage, wild potatoes, tomatoes... You're not sure where on earth the boarmen are getting this stuff. It all seems wild, but you haven't seen any of it during your hunts. It's probably a combination of their knowing all the good spots, and having amazing senses of smell.

You turn to leave when something catches your eye. Something is glinting near the bottom of the refuse, beneath layers of bones and mud. You move aside some debris and brush away the feces with a long bone. Half buried in mud and feces is a saber, just like the kind the boarmen carry. It's rusted and long forgotten, but the edge is still razor sharp.

Fetch the saber. It might come in handy

If the boarmen know it's here. They'll definitely realize it's missing. Leave it.

You gather up armloads of food. Much of it's smeared with feces, but no problem. You can clean most of it in the river before going back.

Return to camp.

You twist Euna so her back is to you. Dropping your pants, you line your cock up with her asshole and push. She relaxes herself as best she can, yet it still takes many slow in out movements before you're buried inside her ass.

Then, it's time to fuck her. Hooking your arms behind her knees, you pull her legs up to her chest and hold them in place by hugging her from behind. Her full weight is fully upon her wrists and her ass upon your member. Your thrusts make her whine in pain. There's little she can do to resist, or even to hump back, as you hammer her ass like a piece of meat.

"Harder... Harder," she pleads. "Punish me. Hurt me..." Her pussy drools long strands which waggle and break free because of your energetic thrusts. Her screams reach a peak. Her body writhes and flexes in your arms. Her asshole clutches at your cock as though trying to lock it in place as you erupt. Your cum fills her bowels.

After coming down, you remain buried in her for a while. In curiosity, you swipe your hand over her untouched snatch. She's sopping wet, and the mere touch causes her to shiver.

You pull from her ass and release her legs. She dangles limply. Small shivers of pleasure occasionally course through her. Eventually, her ragged breathing returns to normal.

You slap her ass. She gasps in surprise. You bring your hand down again and again upon her cheeks, one after another. Each strike sounds out, flesh against flesh. Euna takes the punishment for the first few dozen spanks, but soon she's squirming to avoid your palm.

Both of her cheeks glow red. They're warm to the touch.

You spin Euna around; Her feet stagger for support, and you bring the rope whip down upon her breasts without pause.

Blindfolded as she is, she had no way of seeing it coming, and She sees what you're about to do and flinches away. The moment you strike, a scream escapes her lips. She whines and cowers as you strike her breasts one after another until they too turn a bright red.

Reaching around Euna, you cup each of her breasts. Just as she starts relaxing, you pinch both of her nipples, and she jolts.

You twist. You pull. You tweak. Soon, each nipples jut from her chest fully erect. When you squeeze down upon them, a shudder of pain passes through her, and she thrashes.

From behind her, you hook one of her legs with an arm and pull it up and to the side. This leaves her slit exposed and vulnerable.

"No..." Euna mumbles. She senses what you're doing.

And then you bring the lash up in and underhanded swing. The rope slaps against her pussy.

Euna squeals. Her body convulses. You bring the lash up again and again against her delicate flower. She struggles free her leg from your grip, but to no avail.

"No, no, no, please," she begs.

Your lashes are not as strong as they were on her ass, but as sensitive as her slit is, it's all that's needed. After nearly a dozen, she's thrashing.

"Stop begging," you tell her. "You wanted to be punished, because you know you deserve it."

"Please..." she says.

You talk over her. "You've become a little slut. You've given up all your virtues, and now you spread your legs freely. You beg for sex. You itch between your legs."

"I know," she breaths. "I'm sorry. I am a trollop. I–"

You slap her. It shuts her up.

"I didn't say a trollop. I said slut. Your delicate little flower is now a fuck hole, only good for cocks. You need to be hurt because you know you're a sinful slut."

"Yes!" she cries. Euna rubs her thighs together. "Yes. It's true. Hurt me. Please. I deserve it."

You slap her again. "You tramp. Your ass is a loose hole that begs to be used. Your mouth is good for sucking cocks. You love to show your body off like it's a piece of meat. And then you whore yourself to strange men just so you can slake that lust inside you. You're so slutty, you're getting off on being punished."

You fetch from the climbing gear another length of rope. Bundling it together, you create a makeshift lash—a coiled rope handle with a half-dozen loops of rope dangling from one end. A whip like this will be good for her. A nice sting, but no welting.

"What are you doing?" Euna turns her blindfolded head this way and that as though she might see you. Euna scurries her feet to turn around and see. You ignore her. Returning, you immediately whip the rope across her ass. She yelps. Her body jolts. You bring it down repeatedly. Sometimes against her cheeks, sometimes her thighs or back. The strikes are leaving her body striped with red.

"Stop!" Euna writhes as she tries to squirm away. But Margosha's name goes unspoken. Her breath comes out in gasps. She's gripping the rope she dangles from to keep her weight off her wrists.

You search around until finding an old piece of silk left over from when Euna shortened her chemise. It's perfect.

"What is that for?" Euna asks as you approach.

Wordlessly, you fit it around her eyes and tie it behind her head. Secure, but not too tight.

Euna cries out. Her body twists and turns. Her chest heaves.

"Oh, Lord," she breaths. "Enough. Take me. Please. Ravage me." Her hips gyrate as though trying to hump the air. Her pussy is a wet mess.

Already, Euna's breath has grown short. She pants from exertion. Her chest heaves.

"No, please. No more. I need you." Euna is whining. Her hips still gyrate. "Fuck me, fuck me. I need it."

A strand of her juices drips from between her legs. Her pussy radiates baking heat. It needs filling.

"Oh Lord. Please, more gently." Euna undulates. "I can't take this." Tears stain her blindfold. Tears run down her cheeks. Whimpers escape her lips. Between her legs, her pussy glistens. It's lips have unfolded.

Euna's screams grow frantic. "Oh, Lord. I can't believe... I'm actually... uugghh." Her body convulses. Her core flexes rhythmically as a long shrill cry escapes her. Her thighs squeeze tight together and rub, and her toes curl in the dirt.

Until finally she goes limp. She dangles from the rope. Her breath is ragged. A long silence passes.

Turning Euna to face you, you grab her knees and pull her legs about your waist. The moment your cock touches her, her legs hook around your back and pull you in. Just like that, you're deep inside her with the lips of her pussy clamped the very base of your shaft.

Already, her body trembles in ecstasy. You thrust into her fiercely while she desperately humps back at an irregular tempo. She's screaming out. Her body writhes. When you fire cum deep inside her, it sends her to yet another level.

After you come down, you hold her tightly for a while. Eventually, her legs unwrap from around you, allowing you to pull away. She dangles limply from the rope. Your seed and her juices run rivulets down the inside of her thigh. Her breath is slowly returning to normal.

"Oh, my Lord," she breaths. "That was incredible."

"So you enjoy a little punishment, do you?"

"I think I see what everyone else is getting from it. It was just so... intense. I couldn't think. A part of me wanted you to stop so badly. It kept screaming at me to yell out Margosha's name, but it just wouldn't come. I always wanted just a little bit more."

You undo the rope stringing her up and slip the binds from her arms. After rubbing her wrists, she removes her blindfold and wipes tears from her eyes. She studies all the red marks scoring her body, tracing some with her finger. "You know, I think I always knew I'd enjoy this."

"How come?"

"Remember when I said I used to hate it when Reverend Mother Margosha used to flog me?"


"That wasn't entirely true. I'd cry, sure. I'd wail. I'd feel terribly humiliated, but afterwards, I think I... I savored the experience. I used to look in the mirror at night and trace my welts, just like this. At the time, I always imagined I was reflecting on my lesson, that I was somehow becoming more pure. But looking back, I don't think my intent was as pure as I believed."

"Doesn't sound like it."

"Margosha used to call me a slut too, you know. I'd confess sinful thoughts I'd had, and she'd tell me what a wanton whore I was, and that I was filled with sin."

"Should I not have called you those things?"

"Why shouldn't you have?" she asks. "They're true. They were true then too, I just didn't know it yet. She used to fill me with shame. But when you say it, it fills me with something much different. Maybe because I've accepted it's true now. And that I deserve my beatings." She flashes you a grin.

Euna finishes her self-inspection and turns to you with a radiant smile. She clasps you in a great hug. Her naked body presses against yours. "Thank you for punishing me. It's the least I deserved. You have just opened my eyes tonight to a whole new world." Her lips meet yours.

A while later, you're both settling down for bed. As she coils herself about your body, she whispers one last thing. "Too bad we'll have to return those ropes. Too bad indeed."

You retire to the bed, but Euna doesn't come immediately. She's rummaging through your pack and brings out Lanx's climbing gear. It has a pick, a few pitons, and several lengths of rope.

It's the rope she brings over to bed. "I want to use these tonight," she says. "I want you to string me up and... well... punish me, I suppose."

"Punish you? Sure. For what?"

"I don't know. I'm new to this. I don't know what it's called, but you've told me so many stories about girls who get spanked or whipped, and how much they love it. And I... I'm interested to know what it's like."

"A strong tsarivna such as yourself would let me hurt her?"

"I'm curious," she says. "So yes. I would have expected you to jump at this, but if that's not the case, then I'm ordering you to punish me. I want to know."

"Then let's do it. What shall we use as a safe word?"

"Safe word?"

"Beg and plead all you want, and I'll ignore you, because you need punishing, but if you so much as mutter your safe word, I stop. Role-play is over."

"I suppose that's a good idea, isn't it? What should it be?"

"That's up to you," you say. "You're the one who needs to remember. Just make sure it's unique, something you'd never say during sex otherwise."

She thinks while you fashion together a quick wrist bind. "It should be Nimel," she says. "I'm certainly not thinking of our Lord Father when I engage in these acts."

"I like it, but no. Do you know how often you scream for your Lord when you're at the peak of pleasure? Nimel could slip out."

She laughs. "Oh, right. I guess there'll always be a nun somewhere inside me. Okay then. How about Margosha? I certainly never think of her these days."

"The perfect name for killing the mood," you say. "And fitting. She's the woman who used to discipline you. Now, if we're going to string you up, I need something to hang you from..."

You scan around. Your eyes settle on the climbing gear. Quick as you can, you fetch the hammer and a piton. You pile some debris at the mouth of the cave and balance on top. The height allows you to reach the rock face above the overhang. Euna holds you secure as you hammer in a piton angled downward. It's a permanent fixture now, wedged tight. You hook a rope over it and climb down.

"Now," you say. "It's time for you to strip."

Euna removes every scrap of cloth, and holds her hands out before you. Glancing about, Euna removes all her clothes. She covers herself at first. After working up the nerve, she holds her hands out before you. You slip the wrist bind over her hands and tighten it. After running the hanging rope through the bindings, you pull out the slack. Her arms lift overhead. You don't stop until she's on the balls of her feet. That's when you secure the rope.

She stands exposed outside the privacy of the overhang. The dark mountains are her audience. She's ready to be punished.

There are lumps of mushed shit in her bowels. You collect them as you thrust. When you pull out, it's like you clutched a handful of mud.

"Don't stop now. Please." Euna spreads her legs wide and slips two fingers from either hand into her filthy cunt to spread it open. Shit oozes over those fingers. She either doesn't notice or doesn't care. "I'm so close."

You feed the dripping handful into her polluted snatch. Once you're wrist deep, her fingers come away, and her lips grip your wrist.

With your other fist in her ass, you work her hard until she's screaming. From her legs, her hips, and her hands all work in unison to pull you closer—deeper into herself.

And then it's done.

Finally she notices. Her pussy is painted brown. "Oh Lord..." When she bears down, shit oozes from her slit. "Oh my Lord." She slaps a hand over herself, only to see that her fingers are also messy. "Oh my heavens! You didn't stop?"

"You told me to keep going."

"This is... Oh Lord... I've got waste in me."

"You knew you were getting messy, didn't you?"

"Yes, but not like this." She gets up. "I've got to clean up."

Hand pressed to her crotch, Euna scampers off naked.

She's gone a long time, and returns dripping wet. She lies down beside you.

"Clean?" you ask.

"I'm not sure I'll ever be truly clean again. You were quite liberal."

"You knew perfectly well how liberal I was being," you whisper. "And you know you loved it."

She snuggles close. "Maybe. Maybe not. But we shouldn't get quite so messy again . It's unhealthy."

"Never again?"

She's quiet for a good while. "Maybe not never."

She stares at you. "You're asking me to defecate more?"

"I'm not asking," you say. "I'm ordering."

"As you wish."

"It won't be an accident if you do it on purpose."

"Your perversions have no limits," she says, "but if you want to see it..."

Euna faces forward on all fours again. She hardly strains at all before pulverized waste oozes freely from her hole. It falls between her legs. She glances back and gives you a sly look. Suddenly, she kneels back and presses her ass against the growing pile. Her hips grind, spreading the mess around. Filth still pours from her hole. She's merely mashing it into the pile, creating a larger mound to sit upon. Though in the end, she's sitting on a mountainous crater of filth, and her ass is an absolute mess.

"And finished," she says. "Enjoyed the show?"

"I did."

"Good to know. Now, I desperately need to get cleaned."

"I suppose you're right," she says. "We just sodomized in filth, and I'm worried about a small droplet. Let's go."

Her eyes go wide realizing what you're demanding. Your wilting cock has brown smears along its length, and a small accumulation under the crown.

She nods. "I will try."

"Are you serious?" she asks.

"It's your mess, isn't it?"

You sit back.

Euna gasps when she feels the wetness of your tongue running up the crack of her ass. She whips her head around to look.

A film of sludge overwhelms your senses. The grimy texture coats your mouth with foul flavors. The first few swipes scoop a tongue-full which you struggle to swallow down. Her smooth hole flexes and winks as your tongue caresses over it.Her hole flexes as your tongue clean it and suck each hair about the rim.

Euna arches her back and pushes her ass out. Your tongue causes her to shiver.

"I don't know what has come over you," she says. "but since you're at it. Make sure to do a thorough job. I won't be going to that ice-cold river tonight. You can though, after I'm clean."

Once the worst is done, you focus on all remaining smears, wherever they may be on her skin. Some come within a narrow width of her pussy.

Eventually, she's clean of any visible mess.

"Now." She reaches back and spreads her ass wide. "Give it a good kiss. Show grace for the pleasure my hole has given you."

You do so. Afterward, Euna rolls over and sits. There's still a small pile at the foot of the bedding, but her eyes fall first on your wilting cock. It has brown smears along its length, and a small accumulation under the crown.

After some thought, she says, "Sit back."

"What happened to cleaning at the river?"

She pushes you onto your ass.

"Thank you." Euna rolls over. Her eyes settle on your wilting cock. "May I please clean you too?"

You sit back.

"Thank you." Euna rolls over. Her eyes settle on your wilting cock. "Maybe I could clean you too?"

"Are you sure?" you ask.

She nods. So you sit back.

Euna rolls over and sits. There's still a small pile at the foot of the bedding, but her eyes fall first on your wilting cock. It has brown smears along its length, and a small accumulation under the crown.

Euna drops to her knees and gets by your cock. The smell has hesitate at first, but she begins. Whether to get it over with, or out of boldness, she takes your wilting cock into her mouth and sucks. Her tongue whirls about your shaft. Though she gags, she recovers quickly.

With your shaft mostly clean, she tongues your balls. Without her hands to help, your dick flops against her face.

Another gag. This time, she has to pull away and rest. Her breath is heavy, and her stomach is revolting. Yet when she sees you watching her, she opens her mouth. Brown stains her tongue and marks her lips. She smiles, swallows, and returns to work. Its impressive commitment, especially since you never told her she needed to use her mouth to clean you.

With the worst gone, she works quickly now. Her tongue runs along your crown. Soon, the only mess that remains is on her face as she beams at you.

"Satisfactory?" she asks.

"For me, yes. You're still quite the mess." You point.

"How was that?"

You point. "You've got a little."

She swipes her tongue along her lips to catch any residue, except the mess extends along her cheeks. Euna gets that sense from the look in your eyes.

"Maybe we should both go by the river," she says.

You two dispose of all the mess and hurry down to the river, where you both wash yourselves thoroughly. Back in bed, you both lie down together.

"Was it worth it?" you ask.

"You mean did I enjoy the most debased sodomy of my life?" she asks. "I don't know. The smell was horrendous, and it was quite a mess. Yet..." She bites her lip. "Maybe it was the sensation of getting ravaged with my gut still full. Or maybe it was the sheer wrongness of it, but already I can feel myself warming up just smelling the stench in here. I think you've broken something inside of me."

She cuddles close. "And now we hold each other tenderly after filthy sodomy. What a romantic couple we make."

Exhausted and sore as she is, she lifts her legs to her chest once again. "You are right. Abuse me as you will."

Climbing over her, you easily slide your erection into her slack asshole and bottom out. Her legs entrap you, and she flexes to squeeze your member tight. You hammer her ass, and within a minute, you fire your seed deep into her. She holds you tight throughout.

"Satisfied, my love?" she whispers.

"I am."

She rests back. "Now that you've broken my poor bottom, what other ways are you going to stretch me out?"

"You'll find out."

You slip a finger into Euna's anus. It slides in easily to the base. Euna's butt squeezes it.

A second finger slides in beside the first. Then comes a third. This one meets resistance, but you get the fingers all the way in. Experimentally, you splay your fingers, stretching her rim.

Euna hisses. "Slower," she warns.

"But keep going?"

She regards you coolly. "I see what you're doing."

"What am I doing?"

"You're looking to fit as much as you can. You weren't satisfied fitting your fist inside my nethers. Now you must abuse my poor bottom too."

"We don't have to do this."

"No. Go ahead, you deviant. I know you won't be satisfied until you've done so. But I must insist that you use our oils."

Euna clenches and pulls away. "Oil first."

And so you slather your fist with a dash of daywither syrup.

And so you cover your hand with a scoop of akkoro slime.

Euna pulls her knees to her chest, making her rear the center of your attention. You slide three fingers back in and work them about easily now. Euna spectates while grinding the pestle within herself. caressing her clit. Four fingers now. You splay them to create a small gap. Euna feels around and slides a finger in that space. "Hmm, seems like there's still room."

"You're as curious as I am," you say.

She shrugs. "Maybe I am. Maybe I've experimented a little myself."


"Perhaps I was getting myself ready for you. My ass is for your pleasure, so please, go ahead."


"Wouldn't you like to know." She pulls her finger out. "Go on now."

You're up to your knuckles now. Only your thumb remains, which you tuck and push. And push, and twist, and push, and jab, and twist. Try as you might though, you just can't quite get through the final knuckle of your thumb through.

Euna is relaxing as much as she can, but each jab causes her pain. "I'm not sure it's going to fit after all," she says.

"I've almost got it..." You push hard and don't relent. Her ass caves inward.

"Ahh, stop!" she squeals. "It's too much!"

But finally your knuckles slip through.

Breathless, Euna reaches and feels only your wrist. "My Lord. It's actually in!" She holds your arm in place while she recovers. Your fingers are clamped together inside her by her enveloping rectum. Her anal ring squeezes your wrist. Eventually, Euna's hand comes away.

You pull your hand from her rectum until her ring recedes from around your knuckles, and then you push back in. You build a rhythm of pumping in and out of her bowels. Her body rocks with each thrust. She works her sex more fervently as her moans climb. At last, she screams out and grinds the pestle deep strums her clit frantically. Her sex oozes onto your arm.

Afterward, you withdraw your fist. It emerges with a small pop. Her yawning hole closes reluctantly.

"Satisfied?" you ask.

She slides three fingers into her own gaping hole. A smile comes over her. "No. Now you will dump your seed in my cavern."

"Are you asking?"

"This is an order. Fill me with your cum."

Climbing over her, you easily slide your erection into her slack hole and bottom out immediately. Her legs entrap you, and she flexes her asshole to squeeze you tight. After hammering into her for minutes, you fill her bowels with your seed.

Afterward, you two melt together.

"Now I am satisfied." She nuzzles against your chest. "Of course, I'm sure you're not satisfied. You never will be, will you? Now that you've broken my poor bottom, what other ways are you going to stretch me out, I wonder."

"We'll see."

You lie down with her, and she encircles you with her limbs.

"Now that you've broken my poor bottom," she asks. "What other ways are you going to stretch me out?"

"You'll find out."

Your climax builds. Yanking her down upon you by her hair, you You slam your cock as deep into her rectum as you can. Your seed fills her bowels. She cries out in ecstasy and pounds the pestle into her snatch.

You gather your breath, then pull your cock from her asshole. It gapes a little as though yearning to swallow your cock once again. Your cock is messy with smears. Cum bubbles from her still-open hole.

She snuggles against you. "Ohh, that was intense." Her fingers sneaks back and runs along her own hole. It smears the cum dribbling from her, and slides inside a few more times as though yearning for a little more penetration. "I shouldn't enjoy this," she whispers. "But maybe that's why I do."

"Do you want to try something new?" you ask.

"Hmm." She stops grinding her ass upon you and eyes you ponderously. "You are suggesting the carnal sin of anal sodomy, yes?"

"I love it when you talk dirty."

She smiles, amused. "It's such a dirty practice, isn't it?" She mulls it over. "Hmm. I think... I think I'm in the mood for a little dirty. I'm finding that sex often is." She nods. "Let's try it. As long as we go slow. I've heard it's important for the first time."

"Did you hear that from Fira?"

"Is she wrong?"

"No, she's not."

"Then we go slow. And we use that." She looks to the lubricant you brought out. "And"Then we go slow. And we stop as soon as I say no. And if it gets... really messy. That will be your fault, since this is your idea." She's blushing a little as she says the last part.

You After coating your fingers in akkoro slime, you spread it about her anus. And you push a few fingers into her. She flinches; her hole tightens.

You After coating your fingers in daywither slime, you spread it about her anus. And you push a few fingers into her. She flinches; her hole tightens.

You resume a slow, steady penetration of her ass using your finger. You try to introduce a second. She flinches; her hole tightens.

"Sorry," she says.

"It's okay. It's just a reflex." You work your fingers work in and out until her asshole remains slack. "I think we're ready," you say.

"Slowly now," she warns.

"Of course." You position your cock at her ass. Gently, you push, pausing when she clenches, until you're bottomed out. Withdrawing is another bout of stop and go, but when you reenter again, she hardly tenses at all. Eventually, you have a slow pace of thrusting in and out.

"This is very strange," she says.


"No. Not painful, just strange." Her hips start humping in time with your thrusts. Her expression is that of someone trying an exotic food for the first time. Her hand moves to her clit and begins tracing small circles about it.

"Enjoying yourself?" you ask.

"I might be." She's sounds short on breath. "Go faster."

You speed up. Your thighs slap against her ass. Moans escape her lips. Her ass humps against you. Her hand works frantically at her snatch. This sex is no longer a tentative trial. Her moans turn to ragged whines that reach a crescendo.

"Come with me..." she says breathlessly. "Come with me."

Her thrusts become irregular. She cries out, and her body tenses. Her ass clutches your shaft in a vice. With her arms and legs, she pulls you tight against her. Bottomed out, you fire cum deep into her bowels.

You're wilting by the time she comes down. Breathless, she goes limp and rests her eyes. You slide yourself from her. Euna squeezes you close against her, uncaring of any mess on your cock or any odor in the air.

"I've just committed the carnal sin of sodomy," she whispers. "A unclean act practiced only by lustful sinners."

"So did you enjoy it?"

She nuzzles your neck. "What do you think?"

After licking clean most of the cum, Euna runs off to the river for a quick minute. Returning damp and clean, she snuggles up to you.

"Don't do that," you say.

Euna pauses. "Hmm?"

"Just come to bed."

"Like this? I'm a sticky mess."


"You want me to sleep while soiled in your essence." She runs a finger through the lashes of cum. "Fine, but I think you're going to regret this, right... about..." She lies down and cuddles next to you. "Now." Her breasts press against your side. Warm, sticky wet smears between you two.

You wrap your arm about her. "I regret nothing."

"It'll be a mess of the sheets," she says. "And what a crusty mess we'll be come morning, but I like that idea. I'm marked." She moves to kiss you. The act smears her stained breasts along her skin.

You pull your cock from her asshole. It gapes a little as though yearning to swallow your cock once again.

Your cock is messy with brown smears.

You pull your fist from her ass with a pop. Her hole gapes and twitches, as though yearning for more penetration.

You pull your arms from Euna's holes. She wines from the sudden sense of emptiness.

You pull your fingers from her slit. A strand of her nectar drapes between them and her sex. Her slick juices coat your fingers.

You withdraw your fist from Euna's sex with a pop. Her hole gaps open. Glistening juices are smeared along her thighs and your forearm.

You lift off of Euna. She breaths deep, and then licks her lips delectably. Your sweat glistens on her cheeks. She's left gasping and coughing. Her face is red, and her thighs are rubbing together.

You pull your cock from her mouth. Her tongue playfully licks the tip as you do so.

You pull away from her snatch. Your face is covered in her secretions, and she's glistening wet and fully engorged. Euna whines in frustration. She humps groin towards you, aching for more. Her snatch radiates baking heat.

You pull away from her ass. Her hole glistens with your saliva. Euna's breath is shallow, and she almost seems disappointed as you lower her legs.

You pull your cock from her mouth and release her head. Euna gasps and sputters as she tries to regain her breath. Your dick is covered in thick saliva. Strands of it drape to her mouth, where more spit has dribbled onto her chin.

You pull your cock from the confines between her breasts. A string a precum connects its head to her chest briefly.

You pull your cock from her pussy. It glistens with her vaginal nectar.

Euna watches you, waiting to see what you'll do. Her eyes are pale crystal blue.

Have her suck your cock.

Sit your ass on her face.

There's a gleam in her eye as she takes you into her mouth, as though she knows a secret you don't.

Her lips crawl down the length of your cock. It reaches the back of her mouth. She gags, yet she keeps right on taking you down her throat until her lips are buried in the thicket of your pubic hair.

Then a fit of retching forces her to back off.

"I see you've been practicing," you say.

"I wasn't about to fail where that common strumpet would succeed." She takes you down her gullet once again, every last inch. Her spasming throat squeezes your shaft. Up and down she goes while her hands knead your balls. She sounds as though she were being strangled, and when she backs off your member again, she looks like it too. Tears stream down her cheeks.

But for all her suffering, it feels incredible. Your climax comes. She forces herself down on your cock so your seed fires directly down her throat. She doesn't let herself up until the very last spurt has fired.

Then she collapses back unto her butt, gasping and coughing. She's a mess. Her eyes are wet and bloodshot. Her nose is running. Even her hair is mussed. "So, was that a proper job?"

"You're well on your way to becoming a master."

She wipes away tears. "I strive for excellence. I just hope I can get a bit more... graceful about it."

"You will." You pull her close, and together you lie down. "With your diligence, you could be the most graceful courtesan to ever life."

She curls up against you. "At the rate I'm going, that might just might be true."

"Oh, never mind that," Euna says.

"No, no. Why would a convent of chaste nuns be discussing how to fellate a man?"

"They weren't discussing how, just times that they had."

"This was before coming to the convent?"

She shrugs. "Mostly."


"You of all people should know that a group of young women won't completely forget about their urges."

"Do share."

"Another time perhaps. I shall not divulge all of the secrets of the convent at once."

"But I will remember this," you say.

You gently stop her.

She looks at you. "Is something wrong?"

"I'd just like to do something else, that's all."

"Am I not doing it very well?" she asks. "It seemed like you were going a little soft. Please, be honest."

"It's a skill," you say, "something that takes practice."

"So I am doing it poorly, is what you're saying?"

"I'm no expert in pole pleasuring myself, but I can show you what I've seen other girls do."

"What they've done to you?"

"It's how I know they were good at it. Do you want me to tell you?"

"You're still new to this. It takes practice."

"But how can I get better if you don't want to do it?"

"Are you saying you want to suck my pole?"

"I want you to want me to suck your... pole."

"I can't believe my ears," you grin. "A princess and a devote worshiper of Nim wants to be better at sucking cock."

She sits up. "Well if you're going to put it like that..."

"I only jest. I'm delighted that you want to learn. I'm no expert in pole pleasuring myself, but I can show you what I've seen other girls do."

"What they've done to you?"

"It's how I know they were good at it. Do you want me to tell you?"

"I shouldn't learn a harlot's skill."

"Ignorance is a sin. You told me that."

She eyes you. "You're going to use that phrase against me for ages to come, aren't you?"

"Well?" You wait for her answer.

She considers it. "Very well. Teach me these sultry secrets. How do I suck a cock like a true harlot?" She lays herself along your legs. Your cock is before her face. "What do I do?"

In the dark of the cave, There in the dark, you go over everything from how to include her hands, the sensitive parts of the shaft, how and when to give attention to the balls, recognizing signals from the man's body, tongue tricks, precum, smearing, to eye contact.

"Have you got all that?" you ask.

"I think so," She's idly playing with your manhood. "I didn't realize there was so much to it. The other girls at the convent made it sound so simple."

"Anyone can adequately pleasure a man," you say, "but to expertly do so, like a harlot, requires skill and practice. Isn't that what you wanted?"

With a sly grin, she pushes you onto your back. She licks your cock from its base, along the underside, to the the very tip beneath the crown, and finishes by engulfing it. Her tongue envelops the head. Her hand works what part of your shaft is outside her mouth. Occasionally, she nibbles the crown, or tongues along the ridge. She also pays attention to your sack, kissing and licking and squeezing with her lips. Euna is still experimenting, but even this is far superior to the performance she gave earlier. And when your cock starts twitching, she recognizes the signs and focuses solely on sucking your shaft, and she doesn't miss a beat when your seed fills her mouth.

Afterward, she sits up and opens her mouth, revealing that she's already swallowed your cum. "Better?"

"You're a quick study."

"I aim to excel at everything I do."

"I might have thought you were professional if I didn't know better."

She snuggles beside you and rests her head against your shoulder. "Are you likening me to a prostitute?"

"Only in the most positive light."

"Then I'll take it as a compliment."

The moment you feel your orgasm approaching, you take full control. Guiding her head back, you pump your own cock right before her face. Euna opens her mouth wide, but your seed splatters across her cheek, her nose, and her chin. Only after the last drop has dotted her forehead do you let her move.

Euna sits back. "That was... unexpected. I would have gladly swallowed it."

"I'm sure you would have. I wanted to do something different."

"I see. Something messy."

"Don't like it?"

"I'd rather drink your seed, but I'll let you fire it wherever you wish." She wipes what she can off her face and licks her fingers clean. After that comes a cleaning rag, but soon she's lying down with you. "I like it when you surprise me."

Euna licks her lips for what she can,wipes away the mess, then lies down with you. "Thank you for blessing my face with your wonderful cum.""You enjoy marking me, don't you?" She curls close. "I enjoy it too."

As she continues fellating you, you concentrate on her body. Her breasts dangle beneath her in the most wonderful way. Both so large and smooth. No bodice could contain them without revealing her endless cleavage. You reach for a handful and play with her nipples. From there, you run your hands along her body. Her skin is like alabaster—smooth and perfect. And to think that such a beautiful creature is pleasuring you with her mouth. It's truly erotic all on its own even if her performance is mediocre. Eventually, you manage to climax.

She keeps her mouth on you until you've finish. Pulling away, she scurries from the alcove to the edge of the camp. It's hard to see her in the dark, but she's most likely spitting your seed out over the ledge.

When she returns, she's smiling broadly, so proud of herself. It might be worth giving her some pointers at some point, but it's too late to do it tonight, At this early stage of her sexual exploration, it may be a bad idea to ruin her accomplishment, so you smile in return.

Euna continues plying her expert touch upon you. One hand pumps your hard cock as she sucks your cock's head. Her other works her finger in your ass. But as you get closer, she backs off. She pulls her finger from your ass and sucks it lovingly. Next, she maneuvers around and fastens her lips to your ass. Her tongue burrows into your rectum as though she hungers for what might be within. Her hands play upon your manhood all the while.

Her ministrations soon send you over the edge. When she sense you tense, she maneuvers back around to take your cock into her mouth. fastens her mouth about your cock. Taking every inch of you down her throat, causing her to choke. Her throat squeezes your cock's head as you fire seed directly to her stomach. You fire cum into the back of her throat. She swallows again and again, sending it straight to her stomach. Her fingers massage your balls to milk them for every last drop.

She pulls away and gives you a satisfied grin. While you're gathering your breath, drops of cum well from your cock. She licks them up as though savoring the remnants of a fine meal. All the while, she still works the pestle within in herself.

You lie back. She crawls up and curls next to you and plants a kiss on your cheek. Her breath reeks of cum and the more pungent aroma of waste, reeks of cum.

Stroking her face, you bring your cock tantalizingly close to her lips. She pulls away.

"No," she says.


"A woman's mouth is not a receptacle. It is a sin for a man to lay seed anywhere but upon the womb."

"I don't have to lay my seed there."

"It's still a sin."

"So is everything fun."

She grins. "Are you trying to tempt me, Fool?"

"If you don't want to..."

"No no, it's..." Frowning, she studies at your cock. "I've already bedded with you. And you have done this very thing for me. I suppose it's proper that I reciprocate..."

"Only fair," you say.

Euna ponders the act a while longer. She makes up her mind and leans to tentatively licks the tip of your cock. The taste leaves her puzzled, but she tries again, this time sucking its entire head. Growing more experimental, she takes more of the shaft in her mouth. Though her focus is on getting used to your cock more than it is on pleasuring you. Which is fine. You let her take her time. Her curiosity is amusing.

Eventually she gets down to business, bobbing back and forth upon your cocks, taking as much of it as she can, which isn't much. This is not the best head you've ever received. In fact, it's close to the worst. She does go at it with spirit though.

It takes a long time before you feel yourself getting close. You groan and pump your hips, but when the time finally comes for you to erupt, it catches her off guard. The first shot of cum fills her mouth, and she snaps her head back. Your cock spurts dribbles of cum which run down your shaft.

It was the worst orgasm you've had in ages.

Having watched your cock erupt, Euna spits out the cum in her mouth.

"Normally," you reply. "The woman continues her efforts until the man has finished climaxing."

She realizes what she's just done. "Oh! I'm sorry. I didn't... I just." She bursts out laughing and pulls you in to a tight hug. "Please forgive me. It was my first time. It was unexpected."

"If you didn't expect me to peak, then what did you expect?"

She bats you playfully. "You know what I mean. I got caught up concentrating on pleasuring you. It just startled me." She shimmies down your body until her head is level with your cock. Delicately, she kisses it along its shaft. "Will you forgive me?" she asks. "I promise to do better next time."

"Nothing to forgive," you say. "It was a memorable experience."

"I suppose that it was."

"Would you like to learn more tricks about giving head?" you ask.

Euna stops her efforts and looks at you, her head by your crotch. "Of course."

You lean close and whisper more secrets about fellatio into her ear.

A wide grin comes over her. "That's a bold request to make anyone, much less a tsarivna."

"I know," you say. "And what a scandal it would be if a tsarivna were versed in such a technique."

"The tsardom would be aghast at what a filthy harlot their heir was." Euna pushes you back until you're lying down. "Just the thought of someone of such royalty doing something so raunchy..." Next, she pushes your thighs up to your chest and out of the way, leaving you fully exposed to her. Between your upturned legs, she again devours your cock. Her hands work the shaft and balls as she works it down her throat slavishly.

Next she puts your suggestions to practice. It starts with her fingers strumming along your perineum—the stretch of skin between your balls and your sphincter. One digit then presses directly on your hole. With some pressure, it slips inside, all while her mouth works your shaft. Her finger explores inside of you. It finds that sensitive spot all men have which adds a new level of intensity to her blowjob, but this wasn't what you suggested she do.

Shortly, her finger pops out. Her tongue and lips works down your shaft and along your balls. Her tongue follows the same path her fingers just traced along your perineum. She pushes your legs back a little more, and then dives upon your puckered hole. With a few wet swipes of her tongue the rim, whatever pungent remnants you may have would assault her tastebuds, but after that, your hole would be no dirtier than her mouth. With that, her lips fasten around the hole, and her tongue burrows in.

Her eyes lock onto yours, even with her nose buried in your ballsack. Her hands work your shaft as her tongue worms about your insides. The sensations prove too much, and you erupt into the air. Ropes of cum splatter her. Softer spurts ooze out over her working hands. Only once the last spurt has emerged does she stop her stimulating. Euna's mouth reverses course, tonguing its way up past your scrotum. She licks away your seed and sucks your cock for remnants. Finally, she sits back on her heels and beams with pride.

"Did I perform the trick properly?" she asks. Strings of cum mark her face and hair. She sucks on the digit she had pushed inside you.

"You performed masterfully," you reply.

"As a tsarivna should." Euna beckons you to her. The both of you snuggle together, her head against your chest.

"Are you not going to clean this away?" You motion toward the cum still smearing her.

She shrugs without opening her eyes. "Perhaps I enjoy your stain upon me. I'll get it later."

You hug her close. "It suits you."

You can feel her smile against your chest.

After a few more thrusts, you ram her head down on your cock and hold as you fire your cum. She thrashes like a dying fish. Semen spews out her nose. Most goes directly into her stomach. Only once the last of your cum has drained do you release her. She falls back and gulps air, nearly blue in the face. After catching her breath, Euna licks up what cum stains her lips.

"I'm pleased that you know how to properly use my mouth," she says.

After cleaning up, you and Euna lie down together. Her eyes are still red, but she's regained her composure. She wraps her legs about you and holds you close.

As Euna is sucking your cock, you take hold of her head with both hands and hold her in place. She looks at you inquisitively.

"Want to try something new?" you ask.

The murmered hum she makes indicates yes.

"Then let me take over."

She struggles to get your cock out of her mouth in order to speak. You let her. "What do you mean?"

"I mean instead of you performing this act on me, I'm going to use your mouth for myself."

"It sounds like you want to... sodomize my mouth, for lack of a better word."

You nod. "I want to fuck it like it's just another hole to fuck."

A wicked grin comes over her. "Sounds punishing."

"Oh, it will be."

"Then do so." She lays down by your manhood. "Violate my face."

You direct Euna to lie on her back. Lifting her head up by her chin, you push your cock into her mouth. Once at the back of her throat, she gags. You keep on going until every inch of you is in her mouth. After giving her only a moment to adjust, you clutch her head with both hands and begin to fuck.

As you hammer your member down her throat repeatedly, she thrashes about, though her head is fixed in place. She clutches your hips as though trying fruitlessly to control your rhythm. Her throat spasms around your shaft, only adding to your pleasure.

You pull away for a second. She gasps for air. Saliva and mucus dribbles from your cock, and drips onto her face. As flustered as she is, she keeps her mouth wide open, ready for reentry, and you slam back down her throat.

More retching and more struggling, but you ignore it and have your way with her. Each time you pull away, she's more desperate for breath than before, but her mouth never shuts.

After one particularly long run of face-fucking, your climax comes. You power right through it, firing seed down her throat. For the last few spurts, you bury yourself deep and hold. Euna's thrashing is dying down by the time you pull off.

She gasps, coughs, sputters. Her face is a mess. Her eyes are bloodshot. Yet after she recovers, she seems unfazed.

"How very carnal." she coughs, "I nearly passed out."

"I saw."

"And yet you kept right on. How devilish of you." She cleans up her face. Afterward, you both lie down together

As she snuggles up close, she whisper on last thing. "I think I like carnal."

"No?" she asks.

"No. Because I would skulk into her chambers at night, and no one else would know. And she wouldn't tell anyone, because if she ever did, I would tell the world about how she secretly craved it."

"And how would you know?"

"I know, because..." You grab her legs and pull them up toward her chest. This turns her pussy skyward. "I've seen her urinating upon herself when she thought no one was about."

"Hmm," Euna says. "Perhaps you have seen that." Urine shoots up from her pussy. It arcs through the air and sprinkles down upon her face and chest. While you hold her in place, she basks in her own stream.

"So night after night," you continue, "she is forced to endure this nightly ritual, always submitting to my desires."

You direct her thighs so her stream lands directly on her face.

"And he makes her drink," you say.

Obediently, she opens her mouth and accepts the stream.

"Every night," you continue, "he fills her belly with warm piss. His and hers. She may be a tsarivna but in her chambers, he makes her little more than a urine pot."

Euna drinks mouthful after mouthful for as long as you hold her. Her eyes are sealed because of the urine pooled over them.

Her stream reduces to a trickle. Rivulets run over her bald slitthrough her pubic bush and up her belly to the valley of her breasts.

"And he makes her spread herself open," you say. "So that he may ravage her to his content." And obediently, "And sometimes," she says, "this scoundrel wants more than just to sully her. He'd force himself on the poor tsarivna." Euna reaches around her upturned legs and spreads the lips of her pussy.

You straddle her upturned rump and angle your cock into her quim. The sex is quick and powerful, albiet a little awkward from this position. Moaning, Euna alternates between rubbing urine into her breasts and pressing her arms into the earth on either side for support.

"Come on me," she breaths as you get close. "Splatter me with your mess." The sternness in her voice brooks no discussion.

When you climax, you pull out and fire your seed over her body. Ropes of cum splatter her breasts and face. Each splash incites a shudder in her, as though delivering a jolt of pleasure. The last droplets fall upon her snatch.

But then Euna climbs over you. Kneeling over your torso, she looks down into your eyes. Her piss-soaked hair drips upon you. "...but there's one last twist to the story."


She sits on your chest, leans back, and unleashes a stream of unspent urine. "She'd get her revenge!"

She cackles as her piss drenches your face. You struggle against her, but she holds your firm. Your hair soaks. Plenty gets in your mouth, and more up your nose, causing you to sputter. She doesn't stop until she's peed every last drop. Only then does she allow you to push her off. Your head and chest are just as as soaked as hers.

Euna is beside herself with laughter. She sees your expression and leans in to kiss you. No hard feelings.

She holds a hand over her own belly. "I can't believe I just drank my own urine. That was most depraved." She turns to you. "If we should ever get back, do you think you'd ever invade my chambers for real?"

"Every single night."

She stares at her belly and ponders this. "Then I'd best get used to drinking it."

"It wouldn't be the stockades for you." Euna grabs your shoulders and pushes you to lie down. She straddles your body. "No, I'd have you locked up in my garderobe." Urine erupts from her snatch and splashes against your chest. It hisses against you for several seconds before she cuts the stream. "For one hundred and one days, you would be my urine pot."

She repositions over your crotch and unleashes a stream upon your hard manhood. Grabbing your shaft, she lathers in her urine, then cuts the stream.

"I think that's fair," you reply.

"It doesn't matter what you think." She scoots until her crotch is above your face. "I'm the one who decides your punishment. You've only to obey." Her stream erupts again. Urine covers your face and douses your hair. It runs up your nose, leaving you sputtering. Even with your eyes sealed, it stings.

"Open your mouth," she orders.

You do so. Urine fills your mouth to the brim. You taste pungent salt.

She cuts the stream. "Swallow."

You've no choice. Three times she does this to you before shifting back over your crotch.

"But I would not be cruel to my pot. I might even grow attached to him." She crouches by your manhood and rubs your piss-socked dick along her cheek. "Late at night, I'd take pity on him. I'd show him my appreciation for every time I used him." She take you into her mouth. With one hand, she works her own pussy frantically, and she looses the rest of her bladder. The stream splatters between her frantic fingers.

You fill her mouth with your cum long after her stream dies off. For a few minutes, she nuzzles your cock. "I'd come to realize how much I craved my pot," she says. "Before those one hundred and one nights were up, I might end up releasing my poor prisoner. Some nights, perhaps it would be me strapped down in the garderobe."

"You'd become a slave to your own urine pot?"

"I'm worried I would."

"I think, as you'd be my property, I'd use you for my other desires as well." With that, she sinks down upon your piss-soaked cock. Her pussy is sopping wet and offers no resistance. Your hands explore each other's piss-soaked bodies. As she rides you, she releases the last of her bladder. It spatters between your crotches and runs down into the earth below.

Her pussy clutches your cock. You fill her with your cum. She collapsed upon you, and you hold each other.

"That was most deliciously depraved," she says. "If we should ever get back, I think I will make you my urine pot for real."

"If that is your will," you say, "I must obey."

"That's right," she purrs.

As she tongues you, you squeeze her tits about your member and hump frantically. This has you grinding your asshole against her mouth, chin, and nose. She does the best she can to tongue you.

Your climax comes. Globs of semen splatter Euna's belly.

Finally, you lift off her face. She's left gasping.

A few thrusts later, your climax overtakes you. Globs of semen splash Euna's chin and chest. Each splatter makes her shiver with pleasure.

You gather your breath and lift away. Precum coats the valley between her breasts. Her chest is crisscrossed with dripping cum.

Euna rakes her fingers through the semen and grease.mess. She mixes it into the drying piss upon paints it along her globes. "You leave me all messy." But rather than clean herself, she lies down and snuggles against you with cum still lashing her front. She scrapes cum off her skin and licks her fingers clean.She fetches a rag to clean herself.

You push her to lie back and you straddle her chest. Your cock now rests between her voluminous breasts.

"Er, what are you doing?" she asks.

"Something new. Interested?"

"I'm not sure how I feel about your rod pointing at me like that, but I'll see where this is going."

"I'll see where this is going."

So you squeeze both her breasts about your shaft. Thrusting your hips, you work your cock back and forth. The tip peeks out of her cleavage. Euna watches, only curiously at first, but as your hands knead her breasts, her breath picks up, and she writhes each time your thumbs circle her nipples.

She grasps her breasts right over your hands and squeezes them about your member more fiercely. Her chest undulates in time with your thrusts.

Your first rope of cum lashes her neck, and its effect on her is electric. Each spurt causes her to jolt. When your done, your seed marks her neck and chest like calligraphy.

You roll off of her.

She's left gasping. Her finger trails through the cum on her chest. "Oh my..."

"You look like you got more out of that then you were expecting," you say.

"Very much so," she replies. "A very strange practice. It reminds me of the antics my sisters at the convent used to talk about. Sex without penetration. Rubbing against one another. Many didn't see it as a sin, but I thought so at the time. I thought it was nothing but a cheap mockery of intercourse, but I dare say that was much more intimate than anything my sisters ever described."

"Your sisters needed a fool like me."

"You would have been a fox in the henhouse amongst them." Euna fetches a rag from the pack to wipe off her chest.

Scampering over to your pack, you bring out the wooden pestle.

Euna is perched up on her elbows, watching. "That thing?" she asks. "And what are you planning to do with that?"

You settle between her spread legs and rub the tip of the pestle along her slit. "What do you think?"

She's wet, despite her reproving gaze. "Very well. I'm yours to do as you wish." She spreads her legs wider. "Very well, you fool. Play with your new toy. But you will stop if I tell you to stop."

"Of course," and you press the rounded tip of the pestle into her.

Her lips resists. She winces and pulls away. "Carefully please."

Pressing more gently, you begin working the pestle side-to-side slowly trying to get her slit to yield to its girth. It's as though her pussy were a mortar, and your grinding spices against her. Though she too works herself against the instrument as the stimulation arouses her.

You grind and grind, and her lips yield a little more. Pressure increases. She winces, but keeps pushing back against the tool. Slowly, her pussy caves inward. Her lips stretch, and the bulbous end of the pestle slips inside her.

Euna hisses in pain and bites her lip. She rests her hand on the pestle, making you stop until she's adjusted to its size. After several long deep breaths, her hand comes away, and you push. The pestle slides deep inside of her. Each passing ridge causes her to jolt, and already she's back to gyrating against the tool. Her vaginal lips clutch the wood.

As your pace picks ups, she strums her clit. Soon, your hammering the tool into her. She moans and writhes. Her body reaches a crescendo. Her back arches, and she cries out in pleasure. Her pussy clutches the pestle in place.

And she finishes. Her body goes limp, and she's left gasping. The pestle still juts from her gash. After a minute, she winces and reaches down to feel it. "I'm cramping," she says.

You extract the tool. Her lips are left with a slight gap. She feels herself.

"I suppose it's not a wholly evil tool," she says.

"It gets to stay?" you ask.

"I have no problem with it. But are you okay with such long and girthed competition?"

"I'll survive."

"I figured you would." She holds her hands out for you, and you lie down beside her.

You begin first by scooping up a fingerful of the daywither syrup from the bottle nearby. It's cool and slick against your arm. Its blue tinge is hardly noticeable when spread out over your hand.

You begin first by scooping up a fingerful of the akkoro slime. The slight fishy smell worsens as you smear it over your hand. It will make little difference to the bouquet already emanating from Euna's excited sex.

You first start by working fingers into her. Four meets with tightness, yet slick as they are, you still slide in easily.

"Are you ready?" you ask.

"I won't become forever loose?"

"Not from a fist."

"Then I'm ready," she says, "but slowly."

Thumb tucked, you wedge your base knuckles against her taut lips.

You push once again. You're not quite able to slip in your knuckles. Though undeterred, you grab hold of Euna's hip and begin twisting and shoving.

Euna bites her lip in pain. She spreads her legs as best she can and breaths deep to relax. With one final thrust, your hand slips in past the knuckles. She shrieks out.

Her pussy now hugs your wrist. You can't quite make a fist inside of her, but you start pushing farther.

"Hold it. Wait wait." She snags your wrist. "Just give me a moment."

You do. Slowly she starts pulling and pushing on your wrist as though using your arm as a dildo upon herself. Each pull causes her to wince.

But her pace picks up, and soon her hips start humping in rhythm with her own self penetration. Finally, she lets go of your wrist, and you take over. With a hand still on her hip, you pump your fist inside of her at a slow, steady pace for minutes.

Soon, Euna mewls reach a crescendo. Her thighs slap together, locking your arm in place inside her, but her hips keep spastically humping your arm as a climax rockets through her.

After she comes down, she's spent. Her thighs relax from around your arm. After you extricate yourself from her, the lips of her sex are flowered outward in a way you've never seen before. And the mess... Her juices have mixed with the lubricant all over your arm. Slickness is everywhere.

"That was... oh my," she says.

"Enjoyed it?"

She nods. "I think... I think I'm done. I'm sorry." Wincing, she pulls her thighs together. "That was amazing, but I'm going to need time to recover."

After a quick cleanup, you lie down together. She's careful about how she wraps her legs about yours. "Maybe next time you do that to me, I won't need such a recovery."

"Next time?" you ask.

"Many next times," she replies.

Laying tender kisses upon her belly, you move trace a path downward along her thighs. Bit by bit, you move toward her snatch. You feel the heat of her smooth pussy upon your cheeks when she stops you. Your lips are grazing her pubic hair when she stops you.

"What are you doing?"

"Let me show you," you reply.

"You know that's considered sinful under the eyes of my Lord."

"It's up to you. It's quite pleasurable."

"I know. I've... had a man kiss me this way before in my youth."

"Then what's the problem?"

"That was before I joined the church."

"And now is different?"

"I guess I..." She bites her lip and contemplates. She looks guilty even considering it. "Fine," she says. "But... maybe should go to the river and freshen up first. It'll just be—"

"Shh," you shush her. "Just try to relax."

Apprehensive, she lays back. You return to kissing a trail toward her snatch. Euna relaxes. This time she doesn't stop you once your lips tease the skin beside her vulva. Her body even shivers as your breath brushes her snatch. Delicately, you run the tip of your tongue along her slit.

"Ohh," Euna says. "Yes. I remember now. I..." She gasps. "I think... ah... yes. Keep going."

You dive your tongue into her hole, lapping away her cream.

"Very good. Yes... Oh, yes. Don't stop."

Her body responds more, until she's bucking and mewling. Her thighs clutch your head.

Suddenly, she pulls you on top of her. "In me. I want you in me."

You waste no time thrusting into her wet and inviting pussy. Already, it's clutching your shaft rhythmically as an orgasm rips through her. You thrust hard. She humps back harder. It's only moments before this intensity sends you over the edge, and you fire your cum inside her, setting her off onto another level of pleasure.

By the end of it, you're both spent like used rags. You lie beside her, gasping for breath. She's still gasping for breath when she turns and wraps herself about you. Skin is damp with sweat against yours. Your cum leaks from her and onto your thigh. "You can do that to me... whenever you want."

After a few more thrusts, you yank her head back by her hair grab her hips and bury your cock deep in her snatch. Your cum fires against her cervix. Her vaginal walls squeeze your cock for every last drop.

When Euna feels you filling her with your seed, it sets her over the edge. Her back arches. Screaming into her gag, Screaming, she humps desperately against you as her body undulates. It's nearly a minute before she settles back down.

You gather your breath, then pull your cock from her pussy. It glistens with her vaginal nectar. White cum leaks from her slit. It dribbles onto the ground.

Afterward, Euna locks you in an embrace and caresses your head.

A while passes in silence as you two relax. Then she speaks again.

"That was... rougher than usual."

"What was?"

"The hair yanking, and the spanking. Those things. Do you enjoy hurting me even as you please me?"

"I wouldn't say I'm hurting you. Just a little pain. To experiment."

"But you do so without consulting me, I see."

"It's only light pain. And I wouldn't do it if I didn't know you wanted it."

She props up onto an elbow and looks at you. "Oh I do, do I?"

"You told me yourself that you'd like me to flog and ravage you until I've had my way."

"If I recall, that was as opposed to putting up with one of Margosha's penances. I didn't mean it as an invitation."

"I know, but I took it as one."

"Hmm. It sounds as though my torment has only just begun."

You kiss her lightly. "Don't worry. I wouldn't do anything more than a few harmless pinches and slaps without a proper invitation."

"Good." She rests her head back upon your shoulder.

You two lay silently together.

Then she speaks. "But consider yourself now properly invited."

"You want more?"

She hesitates. "Not too much more. ...but yes."

"Understood, Your Highness."

After cleaning up, you both turn in.

"Goodnight." She lays down beside you and gives you a long kiss before resting her head on your shoulder.

Go to sleep.

You and Euna retire to the alcove.

She strips down to her chemise and lays down upon the bed. When you join her, she cuddles up to you. The sweet scent of her hair fills your senses.

Euna strips nude and lies down upon the bedding. When you join her, she nuzzles against you. The sweet scent of her hair fills your senses.

"...Oh, okay then." She shrugs, yet her cheeks grow red. "It was only an experiment after all. And it's your fault for spying on me in the first place."

"That is true," you say assuringly. "Besides, you've no concern to worry what I might think when you're on your own. If you did worry, it would take the fun out of spying, wouldn't it? I spy to see what you're into."

"Yes, I agree," she says, somewhat reassured. "Though it was merely an experiment. I doubt you'll see any more of that. I don't think those sorts of behavior are my thing anyway."

"Oh yes, I did do that, didn't I?" She blushes. "Another whim experiment of mine. I played with my ass like that and when I saw my fingers were dirty, I just thought about the girls in those stories and whether it was as disgusting as it seemed."

"Was it?"

"It was certainly a powerful flavor. Did you like seeing me clean my fingers like that?"

She says the words nonchalantly, but she watches your expression closely.

"I thought it was amazingly sexy."

"It's not really something I'm in to."

You both prepare to sleep.

"I shall take the cave," Euna says.

"Of course you will."

"You..." She looks around, "can sleep anywhere else you choose."

"How gracious of you. Am I allowed to stay in view?"

She considers. "You may. I would prefer it. For my safety. I think I've had enough of the Nimic necessity to sleep in private."

"Your Highness!"

"It's simple foolishness here with such monsters running about." She arches an eyebrow at you. "You will behave yourself."

"On my honor." You nod solemnly.

She retires to the cave. You locate a patch of earth nearby and lay down beneath the open sky.

You both prepare for bed. Euna retires to the cave while you find a comfortable patch of earth to sleep upon.

Go to sleep.

Returning home, you prepare dinner while Euna cleans and fixes. She puts it aside once you serve her food.

"Thank you." Euna plants a quick kiss on your lips, and you both eat.

"Oh," she says. "Understandable. It is a filthy habit after all, and only an experiment. I doubt I was going to do it again anyway." She shrugs. Stares into the fire. As casual as she's behaving, there's still a creep of flush in her cheeks.

"Somehow I knew you would." Euna grins. "Perhaps that's why I did it. Something about knowing you might be out there watching me makes me want to do the wildest things."

"Did you enjoy it?"

"I think I might have. Does that makes me a disgusting person?"

"No. It means you're just discovering pleasures that plenty of other people already enjoy. Besides, if you're a disgusting person, than so am I."

She laughs. "That's not reassuring. I already know you're a disgusting person. It was your naughty stories that put the idea in my head. If you keep telling me those, who knows how disgusting I'll become?"

"I guess we'll find out." You kiss her.

"You can't be serious," Euna says.

"I think your sister's reaction was much the same, but the men were adamant. Even when Aileen offered to fuck all of them as much as they want, for the whole three days, they didn't bend. Their deal was the horses.

"As they rode farther and farther away from the festival, your sister's resolve crumbled, and she finally agreed. The men had to see proof though, so they pulled over the wagons and told her to go at it. Aileen crawled underneath one of the wagon's horses. Carefully, she touched its cock. The horse whinnied, but the men helped keep it calm. The horse's cock came out of its sheath, and it kept growing and growing, reaching inhuman proportions. Aileen's hands worked up and down the shaft. Her fingers played with its massive balls.

"Then this is where Aileen surprised the boys. They thought she would just give the horse a handjob until it shot upon the ground, but when she started playing her tongue along the shafts length, licking up all the old smeg and scum, they didn't say anything. Nor did they say anything when she enveloped the tip of the cock with her mouth. She licked and sucked until the horse rocked back and forth.

"With one final snort, the horse came. Cum overflowed her mouth and streamed down her front. It flowed down the neckline of her summer dress, between her breasts and squatted legs. From the back, it looked as though the torrent flowed from her own pussy. Only from the front could one see how thoroughly drenched she was.

"Aileen licked her lips and stood. 'Satisfied?' she'd asked.

"The boys merely reminded her that they had two horses pulling their wagon. Without a word, Aileen climbed under the other and performed again. More cum flowed down her body. Her dress was soaked through.

"So the deal was made. When the boys made Aileen pleasure the horses again and again, as well as the horses of any other merchants. Her front was a mess of cum. Her belly practically swelled from all she'd swallowed. On the final day, the men advertised a special show for all to come. Once they got a crowd gathered, the boys announced how Aileen would have sex with the horses.

"This came as a surprise to her. She argued, but they made it clear that if she embarrassed them, she'd have to walk back to the festival. And so Aileen performed. First, she got a horse hard using her hands. Then she bent over, hiked up her dress, and guided the cock to her pussy. It was a hard fit. Many times the cock bent and fell to the side. Finally, the boys 'helped' by holding her firm and pulling her back while another held the cock steady. They forced her down on the cock. Oh, how she screamed.

"For a while, she just stayed there, impaled. It was only when the crowd grew impatient that they boys ordered her to start fucking. And so she did. Rocking back and forth, she worked its length in and out, though only half of it could fit inside her. The horse eventually finished. Cum squirted out from the edges of her stretched-tight pussy. When she pulled off, a deluge flowed down her legs. Her snatch gaped.

"And then the boys brought forward their second horse, and the performance was repeated all over again. That crowd certainly got their money's worth."

Euna gasped. "The boys charged money?"


"I assume my sister didn't see a chilling of that."

"Nope, but they did take her home the next day as they promised. But before they got back to the festival, they demanded she pleasure their horses one last time. She climbed under the horses, got it hard, and to the boys delight, she turned around and rocked back, sinking the cock into her pussy. There was no doubt she was enjoying herself. In the end, she returned to the festival with horse cum flowing from her stretched cunt."

"At least it was over," Euna says.

"The boys got it started by taking a few nearby pebbles and pushing them into her muddy vagina. Aileen winced as their sharp edges scraped her inner walls. Others got the idea after that, and people gathered around. Everyone from men, women, and children came up and pushed more stones inside of her. Some pushed clumps of grass. Other simply ground handfuls of earth against her folds. When people couldn't fit any more in, one of the boys would come up with a club and use it as a ramrod to push the earth further inside her."

"How could that possibly work without hurting her?"

"It probably did hurt."

"Right, but rocks and dirt aren't a fluid. They don't pack."

"From what I heard, Aileen was providing plenty of fluid herself. Despite all the punishment, her pussy was gushing with her juices. It turned the dirt into slimy mud, and the earth inside of her became a soup. It shoved well enough, even if she did cry out as they did it. Afterward, there was more room. More people came forward to push stones into her. This went on and on, fill and pack, fill and pack, until her belly swelled, and her pussy gaped. It couldn't even close around the mass inside her."

"But they weren't done, were they?"

"They just started on her ass. Same process. Fill and pack. I can only imagine how bloated her rectum must have been. They put enough mud and rock inside her ass to fill a full sized bucket. Her belly made her look three months pregnant."

"For three days they left her plugged up like that. Whenever her flesh adjusted, they'd pack more. If she managed to expel any, they'd just push it back inside her with more to come. Though it did finally come time to leave. They finally let her stand and empty herself out, before a crowd of course. A slimy mass of earth slid from her pussy, followed by many muddy streams of her own juices which had built up. She had a harder time expelling from her ass. One of the boys had to force his fist inside of her to pull handfuls out. It was caked together, along with her own filth."

"He just... put his hand in her ass? It fit?"

"It was easy from what they said. It slid right in, but after all the stretching she'd taken those past few days, it's not too much of a surprise. It was the same when another boy reached in her cunt. His hand slipped right in, so the boys fisted both her holes, scooping out handfuls after handfuls of earth. It sent your sister over the edge, After three days of torment without cumming once, Aileen had one of the loudest, most powerful orgasms of her life, Right there before everyone. She even dropped to her knees. The boys kept right on scraping her insides clean. In total, they pulled two full buckets worth of earth out of her. Her holes gaped."

"Were they at least done?" Euna asks.

"It wound down. They cleaned her up. On the return trip, they let her ride in the wagon, though she was made to suck each of the boys off repeatedly. In the end, she thanked them for agreeing to take her back."

"Honestly?" Euna says.

"They wrote several other things over her body too, such as 'harlot' and 'whore', or little arrows pointing out her breasts and holes, indicating where she was to be hurt. At first, people didn't come. She was so covered with mud and bruises already it was probably a turn off. So the boys advertised her by explaining to the crowd that she was an adulterer in need of punishing. You know what people think of adulterous women in the heart of our nation, don't you?"

"I'm well aware. How rough were they?"

"Very. Especially after the boys wrote 'adulterer' right over her breasts. It started with a few men coming forward. They spit on her and pulled her hair. Light stuff at first, but it grew. A few religious women in the crowd kicked her, sometimes right between the legs. Your sister was bawling at this point, but no one would take pity on an unfaithful woman. Some men even raped her, but not many. Most used her mouth, but some were brave enough to fuck her pussy, though it was caked in grime, it abraded their cocks. So they slapped her around and blamed her for having such a dirty pussy. Even as they said it, they would grind handfuls of dirt against her snatch."

"A bit hypocritical, I think," Euna says.

"It's a bit hypocritical for a man to rape a woman because she had sex out of wedlock."

"I suppose you're right. What else did they do to her?"

"They only got rougher from there. Some men kicked her pussy so many times their boots started to slip in, which encouraged a group of men to take turns foot fucking her while wearing whatever hard leather boots they had. She bled a lot from that. A few merchant women used their horse's riding crops to beat Aileen's breasts until she bled from a score of fresh cuts. Some women struck her exposed pussy. Children smeared her body with mud and pebbles until every inch of her body was covered in earth, even her face and hair."

You continue. "For three days this went on. I think your sister ran out of tears . At the end of the market, the boys untied her. They gave her some food and water until she was feeling better. They say she was actually laughing and smilling, despite being covered in mud and covered in countless dirt-clod cuts, and her pussy was so raw and beaten she could hardly walk. But do you know what she said when they suggested strapping her back under the carriage for the return trip?"


"'If that's what you want.'"

"Really? She wasn't done? Even after all that?"

"Your sister did say they could do whatever they wanted those three days. You can't fault her for being committed to her word."

"I guess I can't."

"So they strapped her underneath again. And again her pussy faced forward so all the rocks and pebbles would strike her already bruised and bleeding pussy. They got back to the festival after hours. They unstrapped her from the undercarriage and left her just as she was: naked, filthy, bruised and beaten, and so exhausted she could hardly walk."

"And no one in the festival took exception to this?"

"They might have, but as soon as they saw the words 'adulterer' scrawled on her chest. Their attitudes changed to contempt. The boys didn't stick around, but it looked like another group of men and women were circling her. Her ordeal wasn't done."

"I can't believe she had to deal with that," Euna said. "I didn't think I'd ever say this, but perhaps our nation looks upon adulterers far more harshly than they deserve."

"Oh most certainly."

"At least she survived the ordeal."

"For two copper!?" Euna says.

"Yes, for less then the cost of a flagon of ale."

"Surely my sister could sell herself for much more than that."

"Fascinating that that detail is what bothers you, not that your sister was being made to whore herself."

"I've heard enough about my sister to not be surprised by that, but that price seems... insulting."

"She did not set the price. The boys set it that low to better encourage customers, and that they did. They didn't have to spend more than a few minutes offering her body to the traders. After that, she spent nearly every waking minute of those three days on her knees or pressed up against the back of a cart.

"Once the boys finished their trading, they found her in a stranger's cart. A man was forcing his cock down her throat while his two sons were beneath and behind her, rutting both her holes. Her clothes were in tatters. Her breasts were bruised from so much squeezing. Cum matted her body and hair, and more yet oozed from her holes. She was so lost in the sex that when she saw the smithy boys, she didn't recognize them. She thought they were just another group of men who'd heard about the cheap whore taking everyone and she spread her legs and invited them to use her body.

"Once they got her back to their cart, they each took another turn with her, though her pussy was stretched and messy. Afterward, they made good on their promise and took her back to the festival, but not before making her please every merchant they passed on the road.

"All and all, I heard she made them a hundred copper. If you think that's not much, it's because many people weren't paying her, and many others were taking from her pouch while she was busy pleasing other men."

"So everyone took advantage of her," Euna says.

"But there's more. Before they dropped Aileen off, she begged them not to tell anyone about what happened, or at least to leave her name out of it. They agreed, but only on the condition that she return to the metal market next year and let them do it all over again to her."

"They blackmailed her?"

"They did, and the most ironic part is that when they showed her on a map where the metal market was, it turned out to be in Calem's pass."

"That's... but that's just—"

"...just a few miles from the palace. If she'd found out where she was, she could have just walked home. But it certainly made returning to the metal market next year simple for her."

"She actually went back?"

"Yep. And they used and degraded her all over again, and at the end, they told her to return the next year or they'd tell people about this year. And the next year they did it again. It's been three years now, and I have no reason to think your sister won't return for a fourth."

"But... why? Surely there must be some other course of action my sister could take."

"Oh, of course. She could tell the royal guard about them. and they'd make sure those blacksmith boys never saw the light of day again. She wouldn't even have to tell the guards what they did. Or she could just not go and deny the rumors the boys spread. It would be her word against theirs, and no one would believe a royal princess would debase herself like that?"

"So why does she go back?"

"Why do you think?"

Euna grins. "You're going to say because she secretly enjoys what those boys do to her."

"Your sister did agree to their terms in the first place. She could have easily gotten out and walked, or found any other merchant to take her back. Tell me, Your Highness. If those men had made that offer to you, what would you have done?"

"Well, I would have let them, yes, because I know you would want those men to use me. But Aileen has not given herself completely to a depraved fool such as yourself."

"But suppose I wasn't there. Would you do it just for your own sake?"

She considers it. Her hand creeps down and idly plays with her clit through her clothes. She bites her lip.

"I worry more whether three days of such debasement would be enough for me. I might beg them to take me away and use me eternally. I might convince them they should do worse."

"Maybe I should give you to them," you say.

She shivers. "Maybe you should. I'd be sad to see you go, but trading me away like a piece of flesh is such a wicked idea. I love it."

"Perhaps one day," you say.

"Heavens, it'd be such a depraved thing to do, but I think I just might."

"Maybe one day you will," you say.

She thinks, then smiles devilishly. "I suppose the idea has a certain... carnal appeal, the idea of submitting yourself over to those men to do as they please. But to go through with it? I don't think I ever could."

"Your sister is a fair bit more adventurous than you, though."

"I envy her bravery."

"Maybe one day you'll be brave enough too."

"Maybe one day." She trails off in thought.

"I would have told them to burn in hellfire," she says. "And then I would sic the royal guards upon them as soon as I got home."

"There isn't the slightest part of you that would even consider it? Letting all those men have their way with you? Even the fantasy of the idea has no appeal?"

"No. To do so would be utter madness."

"But in fantasy? In the corners of your mind? You might day dream about what would be."

She is trying not to grin. "A proper lady does not have such sordid desires."

"They're not supposed to," you say, "but who can ever know what goes on in their minds."

"You'll never know." She sticks her tongue out at you.

"Shall we head to bed?"

"It was about time they did," Euna says. "Those boys certainly had their fun."

"They did. And they saw no reason to stick around."

"What did she do?"

"First, she fetched the hound they left out. Before returning it to the kennel, she smothered its snout with kisses. It gave her a fair share of friendly face-licks too. I don't know if she had made a new friend, or if there was already a relationship there that I didn't know about, but it honed in on her crotch even as she led it back to its cage."

"It was probably just the smell," Euna says.


"And after that?"

"Aileen had to figure out how to get back to her room. She found that her clothes were ruined. The boys had torn them to shreds when they'd whipped her, and they were soaking in a puddle of urine, so she dumped them in the coop. That left her naked, and her body was striped with welts. She was soaked in piss. Her clothes were dripping, so she discarded them inside the coop. That left her naked, her hair drenched, and her body stinking. She was in no state to be seen by anyone, so to get back, she had to stalk through the palace halls. Twice she had to hide from the watchmen. It took nearly an hour for her to reach her private quarters."

"How do you know this?"

"I followed her."

"Of course you did." Euna shakes her head. "I can't believe she allowed those boys to take advantage of her like that. I suppose if she enjoyed herself..."

"I think she did."

"Of course you would." She sets her plate aside. "An illuminating story. I see there's much I never knew about my sister."

"It was my pleasure to enlighten you."

"I'm sure."

"I see," She ponders. "It's very strange to think that there are women with their own manhoods. And to think that they might become a common sight one day." It seems like such a bizarre conflict with nature."

"I know from experience that they're good people."

"I'm sure. I'd quite like to meet one some day..."

"It might happen," you reply.

"And maybe one day I might have magical piercings of my own. Wouldn't that be something?"

"Of course. I couldn't go easy on her. I caned her. Five strikes upon her breasts. Five strikes upon her rump. Five to her belly. And three well-deserved strikes to that overused flower between her legs."


"I wanted to make sure she thought of me every time she every time she took another man between her legs. The pain would remind her."

"Very. She fetched a cane. Five strikes upon my breasts. Five strikes upon my rump. Five to my belly. And three particularly vicious strikes to my womanhood."

"That was mean of her."

"Very, but don't worry. She kissed all my welts to make them better, and I forgave her." She smiles. "I forgave her many times, in all sorts of ways."

"Unbelievably so," Euna says. "I had the maids fetch milk from the stables. Then I had Aileen get on her knees and elbows so her rump was pointed up. I placed a funnel in her rear and pour the milk into her."

"How much?"

"Four pails. Her belly swelled as though she were nine-months heavy with a child, and the funnel wasn't enough. I needed a syringe to get it all inside her. She wailed in pain. The sight of her rubbing her distended belly pleased me so."

"Two pails. Her belly swelled up. The cramps had her curled in pain. Dribbles of milk kept squirting out and running over her womanhood."

"An entire pail of milk. Oh, how she whimpered."

"How devious of you. Did you make her hold it?"

"Of course. I made her dance too. The Barynya."

"Unbelievably so," Euna says. "She had the maids fetch milk from the stables. Then she had me get on my knees and elbows so my rump was pointed up. And she jammed a funnel in my rear so she could pour milk into me."

"How much?"

"Four pails. My belly swelled as though I were nine-months heavy with child, and the funnel wasn't enough. Aileen used a syringe to force it all inside me. Oh, badly I stretched. My poor distended belly was grotesque. And the cramps... I thought I was going to burst."

"Two pails. My belly swelled up. The cramps had me curled over in pain. I kept squirting out dribbles of milk, which ran over my womanhood."

"An entire pail of milk. Oh, how I cramped."

"How devious of her. Did she make you hold it?"

"Of course. She made me dance too. The Barynya."

"Ooh. How unsexy!"

"It's an elegant dance! The woman's part anyway. I'm the one telling the story. Am I not?"

"I'm sorry. Go on."

"Thank you. And you must concede how torturous it would be to dance with a gut full of milk."

"That would be torturous."

"Yes. Every twirl and kick made her suffer. Her gut sloshed about. Every time she doubled over in pain, I'd make her start over. I also warned her that she would have to lap up any milk she spilled."

"How did she do?"

"Horribly. Brown-tainted milk coated her legs. She had quite a puddle to lap up afterward, and even a few lumps. I don't think they were curds."

"Fairly well. Some milk squirted from her as she twirled. I had her lap it up like a kitten."

"And she was still naked?"

"Of course. My father's seed still dripped from her. He found this dance uproariously entertaining. Oh how he laughed. I've never seen Aileen so humiliated."

"Of course. And all the maids and guards clapped along as she danced. It was such fun. I've never seen Aileen so humiliated."

"How'd it end?"

"I had her lie down so I could sit on her belly. I bounced up and down upon her swollen gut. She cried in pain, but I made her hold it as long as possible. She held up admirably, but eventually she released, and milk sprayed from her in a torrent."

"How'd it end?"

"I had her lie down so I could sit on her belly. I humped her swollen gut until she could stand it no more. It was like a dam breaking. Oh, what a mess."

"Yes, it was. My gut sloshed with every kick and twirl. Every time I doubled over in pain, she'd make me start over. She also said I would have to lap up any milk I spilled."

"How did you do?"

"Horribly. Brown-tainted milk coated my legs by the end. I had quite a puddle to lap up, and even a few lumps. I can tell you for sure they were not curds."

"Fairly well. Some milk squirted as I twirled. She made me lap it up like a kitten."

"All of this was in the nude, I imagine."

"Of course. My father's seed still dripped from me. He found this dance uproariously entertaining. Oh how he laughed. I'd never been humiliated in my life."

"Of course. And all the maids and guards clapped along as I danced. It was humiliating."

"How'd it end?"

"She had me lie down so she could sit upon my swollen belly and bounce up and down. I tried to hold it in, but each bounce was excruciating. I could take so much. Milk sprayed from me in a torrent. My insides felt ruined."

"How'd it end?"

"She had me lie down so she could sit on my swollen belly. She ground herself against me until I could stand it no more. It was like a dam breaking. Oh, what a mess."

"Of course it was," Euna says. "I administered ten lashes with a switch. Five upon her back, another five upon her breasts."

"Painful," you reply.

"She needed to know her place," Euna replies.

"Of course it was," Euna says. "She administered ten lashes with a switch. Five upon my back, another five upon my breasts."

"Painful," you reply.

"It was torture to wear clothes for weeks. Yet I had to hide it, and pretend to be an innocent princess."

"Absolutely," Euna says. "I decided to make sure she knew she was beneath me. I am the tsarivna, heir to the throne, and she is little more than a trollop. So I took her to a brothel in the capital."

"And how did you know about a brothel?"

"I didn't. My father knew."

"Oh. Uh, that actually may be true."

"Come now," she says. "I just bested my sister at being the best harlot. You think I've never moonlighted before?"

"Oh, of course. I should have guessed."

"Yes, well. I decided to put my sister to work there. Two nights every week, Aileen was to go down to the brothel disguised as any other tramp, and she would take whatever johns the madame sent to her, and I instructed the madame to send my sister the worst—the fat, the old, the ugly. My sister saw them all."

"And how long did she have to do this?"

"What makes you think she ever stopped?" Euna says. "My father enforced my order. Aileen should still be moonlighting that brothel to this day."

"She had to go one night for every man I fucked in that challenge."

"How many nights is that?"

"Forty? Fifty? I'm not sure. I never really counted, and I haven't really been keeping track of how many brothel nights she's done. Aileen was still selling her body when I left."

"Absolutely," Euna says. "Aileen decided it was time for me to loosen up. Literally, I might add. She took me to a brothel in the capital and put me to work."

"And you went along with this?"

"My father loved the idea. He ordered me to obey, and I am nothing if not dutiful."

"The guards made. And I told no one because I couldn't stand the idea of my father finding out how sullied his daughter had become."

"I see."

"Aileen would make me go several nights a week to sell my body. Each time I'd have to dress up and paint my face like a whore so no one recognized me. Aileen was close friends with the madame, and she made sure I got the worst johns—the fat, the old, the ugly. I've done them all."

"How long did you have to do this?"

"Who says I ever stopped? Maybe I ran away because I was tired of being my sister's whore?"

"Was it?"

"No. Secretly, my life as a whore is what I miss the most about home."

"I love it," you say. "Now that is a good story about your sister."

"It was rather provocative, wasn't it?" Euna says.

"And to think those ideas all came from your mind, about your sister. I suspect if we should ever get back home, you might gain a few more stories like that, and maybe they won't be fantasies."

"I doubt it," Euna replies.

"Why not?"

"Regardless of whatever inclination I may have, making such advances on my sister would never be acceptable."

"You might find your sister is more receptive than you think."

"It would be improper."

"Of course it would," you say. "It would be downright sinful."

"Hmm. Yes, it would." Euna bites her lip. "Perhaps if we should ever get back home... we'll see." She sets her plate aside. "Let's clean up."

"Well, I see the Lilins deserve their reputation. They are far more bizarre than I ever realized. To think that people would make shows out of such acts..."

"There are a lot of strange practices in the world you've spent your life dismissing," you say. "Just keep an open mind. Let others do as they will."

"I will try to remember that. You've certainly given me a lot to think about." She sets the remains of her dinner aside. "I think it's time to turn in now."

"Very well, Your Highness."

"Oh," she replies. "I guess they're not as awful as I'd imagined."

"Many stories are overblown," you say.

She sets her dinner plate aside. "It's late. We should probably turn in now."

"Very well, Your Highness."

"Of course," Euna says. "Just look at my grandmother. Tsaritsa of the land and one of the most desirable women of her time. But Militsa is just a servant. It's not her place to force her will upon my sister."

"True. Most handmaidens wouldn't do that. They're usually meek small women who scurry to follow orders and grovel at your feet. Maybe that's why Aileen has kept Militsa as a lady-in-waiting to this day. There aren't any other boyarinas like her."

"As it should be. It's decorum."

"I know a great many men and women who'd love to hand themselves over to someone like Militsa."

"My sister included it seems."

"Your sister craves having someone in her life to boss her around. Maybe she got that from being around a certain sister of hers..."

"Me? I suppose I am rather bossy at times. I have to be. I was in line for the throne."

"I'm not saying it's a bad thing. Didn't I just mention how many people would love to submit to a bossy woman such as yourself?"

"Well, submitting to me would be within the natural order of things. I am royalty."

"Indeed you are," you reply.

"Comforting?" she asks.

"Imagine if you could put your life in the hands of someone you trust and simply obey. You don't have to worry about any decisions or obligations. All of your attention is simply on pleasing the one you love."

"I suppose I understand that," she says. "There is joy in pleasing others. And simplicity in following orders. It might even be relaxing, I'd think. Emotionally."

"It can," you say.

"Though her own lady-in-waiting? I could never submit to Militsa."

"Of course not. You don't know her like your sister does, but could you ever imagine yourself submitting to anyone?"

She considers it. "Maybe. I don't know. It would have to be a controlled setting, and certainly not for my entire life. Only at times."

"At least you're keeping an open mind about it."

Euna is thoughtful for a time. "Is there any more to tell?"

"No. That's it."

So she sets her plate aside. "Thank you for sharing it. It was quite an illuminating story about my sister."

"I suppose so," she says. "Still shocking. I can't believe I never knew."

"I don't think Alex knew either."

"Thank the Lord," Euna dismisses the concern from her mind and refocuses on grinding upon you.

"Me with my brother? You'd want to see that?"

"The idea doesn't intrigue you?" you ask. "You've imagined fucking him before and liked the thought. Is it really that different now?"

"It's different because it's wrong."

"It's forbidden, is what you mean. It's raunchy, and perverted."

"Hmm, yes. No wonder the idea appeals you." She resumes grinding upon your cock. "You like everything perverted."

"The best part," you add, "is I don't think he knows, it's why he flirted with you. He'd certainly fuck you if you let him. You're the tsarivna, and there are none more beautiful. Would you let him?"

"Maybe..." She keeps grinding against you. "Maybe I'd like to see his face after he finally finds out, after the fact."

"He might take it better than you think."

"He might. It's certainly something to think about should I ever return home."

"Really? My mother?" she asks. "What sort of filth are you talking? Fecal?"

You nod.

"My mother used to wallow in human waste?"

"Wallow in it? I understand she reveled in it. Your mother was a true shit queen."

Euna gives you a narrowed stare.

"Her words," you say.

"And what sort of reveling did my mother get up to?"

"All sorts. For one, I know she considered all products of her body to be of the finest quality. After breaking in many of her lovers, she would get them to a point where they would beg for her to let them feast upon her offerings."

"Go on," Euna says.

"My father used to subject my mother to human waste?"

"In every way you can imagine."

"What sort of things would he do to her?"

"Everything. He treated Yelena his own personal toilet. They got up to all sorts of games."

"Please, go on..." Euna says.

"For your parents, the dirtier sex was, the better. Your mother loved getting filthy. Sometimes she'd do things so raunchy that not even your father would touch her, but he definitely loved the show." Your father loved defiling your mother. Sometimes he'd make her do things that would leave her so polluted that he wouldn't even have the stomach to participate himself, but he loved the show."

"What sort of things?"

"What do you imagine?"

She pondered. "Unwashed bodies. The stench of sex. Falling asleep with seed crusty upon your body. ...Urine?"

"That's right," you say.

"What sorts of raunchy things would my mother get up to?" she asks.

"I'm sure you've heard how much your mother aided your father in politics," you say, "but did you know she did her best politicking in bed? Dignitaries might come to parlay with your father. Your mother would come in to serve the men foods and drink, and she'd be dressed in a scanty, low-cut gown. The dignitaries would eye her hungrily. Before she'd leave, your father might stop her, and order her to reveal her chest to the other man.

"'Do you like what you see?' Vislav would say. 'Perhaps you might find our terms more agreeable if you let my wife convince you tonight.'

"Later, the men would visit her chambers, but sometimes Vislav let the men feel her up right there in the council chamber, as one might feel a ripening fruit. Sometimes he'd have her strip and dance on the table before the men while their discourse continued. I know a maid entered and saw that she had climbed under the table to suck one of the men off even while negotiations continued."

"Nearly every man in the palace has a story about their time with Yelena. Even many of the women had their turn. Nothing aroused your mother more than a train of men all ready to pump her full of seed. She fucked everyone from nobles to dirty peasants. Nothing aroused your father more than a train of men ready to pump his wife full of their seed. And she would accept these men dutifully. No one was too low."

"I'm sure you've heard how much your mother aided your father in politics," you say, "but did you know she did her best politicking in bed? Dignitaries would come from far and argue with your father over foreign policy this or trade tariffs that. The diplomacy could take weeks, and during that time they'd be guests in the palace. In the evenings they'd dine in your father's court, and tsaritsa would ensure they sat next to her. It didn't matter who they were. She'd seduce them with her honeyed words, and they would find themselves sneaking through the palace at night to steal into her chambers. In there, she made the decisions. If they disagreed with Vislav in council, they might be on their knees later, begging Yelena to accept the same terms, if only so she may give them release."

Euna continues her rocking upon your manhood. "I see. I knew my mother was important to my father's reign, but I did not know it was in such an intriguing way. I assume my father saw all of her politicking from behind that mirror?"

"Maybe some, but not all. She engaged with many dignitaries while your father was away, or while she was away. It wasn't always for her audience. A harlot and a mistress she may have been, but she was a true servant for our tsardom."

"Any stories worth telling?" Euna asks.

Euna's eyebrows rise.

"That's right," you say. "Your mother had sex with strangers when you were in her. During the day, she would be the matronly tsaritsa in her palace—bound by the inconveniences of maternity. She'd waddle among dignitaries. Her back ached. Yet when night came, she was still the sexual beast she always was. More so. From what I heard, something about pregnancy turned her into a sex-crazed beast. Her most sultry exploits happened when she was heavy with child."

"What were one of these exploits?"

"When your mother was pregnant, she made an exception to her filthy games."

"How so?" Euna asks.

"Before, she would ordinarily make others feast of her own dung, but when pregnant, a hunger came over her. She developed a taste for your father's shit"

"When your mother was pregnant, your father lust for filth games increased several fold. He had your mother consume his shit all through her term."

"You're saying my mother used to consume waste when she was pregnant? With me?"

"It became an obsession. I know the chambermaid at the time said your father's chamberpots were hardly ever full of anything, even if they signs of use. He'd relieve himself into his chamberpot. Then at your mother's behest, he'd bring it to her so she may dine upon it's contents with a proper glass and cutlery, maybe while dining with your father and carrying on a pleasant conversation. That mean helped to make you." Then he'd order your mother to kneel like a dog and eat every last drop and dollop. Her pregnant belly would be hanging low beneath her."

"But why? Why when she was pregnant? It was polluting my birth."

"Maybe it was a way for your father to contribute more to your growth than just his seed. Or maybe the point was to pollute your birth. Maybe they thought that if they fed you such a diet in the womb, that you might be born as debauched as they were."

"Interesting theory..." she says.

"Did it work?" you ask.

"I spent most of my life as a chaste nun."

"Not by choice. Look at how far you've come in just a short while."

"A fair point. Perhaps there is a hunger lurking within me. A final gift from my mother."

"You know what else? The chambermaid also noticed that your mother's pot was also empty for those nine months."

"She ate her own?"

"Imagine her, squatting over her own pot, cradling her swollen belly, pushing out a meal she was going to serve back to you through her own consumption."


"Perhaps Vislav's dung simply wasn't enough for her. She was already well in the habit of sucking her own shit off cocks she let sodomize her. Or maybe her goal was to make her diet composed entirely of shit. Then she'd need more than just hers and his. She'd need more, and she had plenty of paramours she could order to supply her."

"Perhaps your father had her dining on nothing else. She'd need more than just his then, so he made her eat her own. Maybe even other people's. The maids cleaned chamberpots around the palace. All they'd have to do is bring those pots to Yelena's room. That's if Vislav didn't make your mother beg for shit from the men he made her fuck."

Euna has not stopped her humping during all this. "That's quite some dedication."

"How do you feel knowing you may have been formed from the waste of others."

"Frankly, it's utterly vile and disgusting." Her pussy squeezes tight. "It's as though I'm destined to become an utterly vile and disgusting woman. My hand was dealt before I was born."

"Your mother had several boyars under her thumb. They'd visit, pledge their loyalty, pay their taxes, and sing their praise. They wouldn't dare do otherwise, or else your mother would make them pay in the bedroom. One such boyar was Dannic, and his wife Rushka."

"I know them," Euna says. "A sweet couple. Lovely children. They were loyal supporters of the tsardom's army."

"That's because they were loyal to their mistress."

"Both were?"

You nod. "They'd visit whenever tsar Vislav would summon them. They'd sing their praises and pay their dues, but their true test came the night of their stay. I don't know much about what happened in your mother's chambers those nights, but a maid once came in one morning to clean, and found both Dannic and Rushka. Dannic was bound and gagged to a chair. His wife was on her knees before him, hands tied behind her back, with his cock and balls in her mouth. She was fastened tight to him such that his cock was far down her throat. Neither could move a muscle, and both were covered in welts. Your mother had gone downstairs to enjoy breakfast, and left Rushku to choke upon her husband's cock. If you've ever been in such a situation—"

"I haven't."

"...then you'd know it's unpleasant for both of them. She chokes. Her knees and jaw hurt. And as her jaw aches, she can't hold it open as well. Her teeth close around his sack."

"Ah, and this is treatment they craved?"

"I doubt it. This bout came after Dannic had tried to renegotiate his land holdings with your father. The next day he withdrew his demands. Their following night in Yelena's chambers was likely more pleasant for them."

"Your mother was proud of her sexual prowess, and her sheer volume of partners. She once boasted that she was the most sultry harlot in all of Ruthgar."

"A strange boast to make," Euna says.

"From what I knew of your mother, it was her pride. But one day, one of her paramours told her that she wasn't. There was a prostitute named Scylla, an immigrant from a land far south, who lived in a nearby provence who was famed for her endurance. This would not stand with Yelena. She summoned Scylla to the palace and challenged her to a test to see who was the greater whore.

"Your father loved that about your mother," you say. "something about having such an utterly depraved slut for a wife enflamed him so much. He once boasted that Yelena had the most trafficked slut hole in all of Ruthgar."

"A strange boast to make," Euna says.

"It was only among his close friends who understood his relationship with Yelena, but one of his friends challenged his claim. There was a prostitute named Scylla, an immigrant from a land far south, who lived in a nearby provence who was famed for her endurance. Vislav did not take this challenge lightly. He summoned Scylla to the palace, and he ordered Yelena to compete against her in a test to see who was the greater whore.

"The challenge was this. Yelena and Scylla lay side by side upon Yelena's bed. At the foot was a vase. Each woman would take lover after lover. For every man who bed either women, they would put ten rubles in the vase. Whichever woman slept with more men would get to keep it.

"Everyone and their friends came. Guards, soldiers, cooks, stablehands, servant boys... Both women started by taking each lover with warmth. but as the night wore on. Scylla grew tired. Near dawn, the prostitute could take no more. Her nethers ached. She was covered in cum and stick, and she reeked. So she quit.

"Yet as Scylla lay there in the sticky bed recuperating, Yelena kept right on going. Man after man rutted her holes. By daybreak, the vase was overflowing. Cum ran from her like a river. Her body, from her hair to her breasts to even her feet, was sticky and matted. She won, fifty-one to twenty-two."

"She overshot?" Euna asks.

"By quite a bit. The vase was overflowing. Of course, your mother didn't do it for the money. She put all of it in the royal coffers. 'I may be a whore,' she had said, 'but I am a whore for my tsardom'."

"And what of my father? Where was he while my mother fraternized about?"

"Sick, or so I heard. Bed-bound. Perhaps that's why so many people felt safe cuckolding him so openly. The men had lookouts to watch his door in case he should emerge, but he never did. Not for the entire night."

"How curious," Euna says. "He should be in his chambers undisturbed for all of this, where there's a passage leading behind my mother's mirror where he could have watched the entire affair."

"Curious indeed. The next morning, not a minute after the last man departed Yelena's chambers, your father, who was apparently feeling much better, visited your mother in her chambers. She still lay in her bed upon a pool of pearly cum. She stank from her marathon of sex. Yet those two were in there for quite a while."

"By quite a bit. The vase was overflowing, though Yelena never got a single coin. Your father stored the earnings in the royal coffers. 'She's a servant of the tsardom,' he had said. 'She earns for me.' After he ended the challenge, he kicked everyone from Yelena's chambers. She and he were in there together for quite a while."

"My father had no qualm about futtering in the river of other men?"

"What do you think?"

"I suppose it excited him," she says. "I rather like the idea now that I think about it myself. You, rutting me as I'm overflowing with other men's pleasure."

"Your mother used to lactate when she was pregnant. Not only that, but her breasts became so sensitive that those alone were enough to bring her to orgasm. She wore these tight silk gowns which showed off the outline of her lovely belly. Low cut, so her swollen breasts were on the verge of spilling out. The problem was that her tits leaked. She was having to drain them herself many times a day at the height of her pregnancy.

"Your mother got fed up, she decided to call upon the stable girl, Nadiya, to do the work for her. From then on, your mother could be found reclined about the palace, with her gown crumpled about her waist, while that sweet young girl squeezed her tits with deft hands to squirt her milk into a bowl."

"About the palace?" Euna asks.

"She wouldn't let her milking interfere with her day. It happened in the dining hall, the parlor, but most of her milking took place in the privacy of her bedroom. It was there things got heated. Her breasts were sensitive, right? Having someone show them attention like that would warm her loins. She started making Nadiya suckle from her with her mouth. Yelena would writhe and shudder. Soon, she made Nadiya suckle the nub between her legs too. Every milking session ended like that."

"And my father watched, presumably?"

"All those intimate milking sessions happened in her bedroom, so probably," you say. "Except once it was in her solar. Your mother summoned the young stable girl. Nadiya arrived to find your mother mid-coitus with your father. Yelena made the girl suck her while she fucked. Then she straddled her pregnant body over Nadiya's face and made her suck her clit, while Vislav reamed her asshole."

"Your father decided on a different solution. He summoned the stable girl, Nadiya, and ordered your mother to expose her chest and get on all fours. Her tits hung down like udders. Nadiya then had to milk your mother as she would any other cow. This happened many times."

"Sounds like my father watched in person, rather than through the mirror."

"I'm sure he saw it plenty through the mirror. He forbid Yelena from ever milking herself, she was forced to summon Nadiya to her room many times. If your father was around. It often happened anywhere but her chambers. Once, her tits leaked during a grand banquet. Your father made your mother stand and bend over with her elbows on the table. Her tits and belly hung down. Everyone remembers how the stable girl drained your mother that night.

"How humiliating."

"And yet with each milking, your mother writhed and moaned. Vislav went further. He once bade Nadiya to milk your mother using her mouth. Having that young girl suckle her tits would always make Yelena's loins froth. 'It looks like she needs her flower milked too,' your father would say. Nadiya would then have to suckle your mother's clit. That would set your mother off.

"Occasionally, Yelena's tits leaked while Vislav was fucking her. He had Nadiya milk your mother mid-coitus. Afterward, the girl had to suck Yelena's clit while Vislav reamed her asshole."

"Whose?" Euna asks. "My mother's asshole? Or Nadiya's?"

"From what I understand, it depended on the occasion.

"Fascinating," Euna says. "Threesomes with the stable girl. I would never have thought that sweet young woman had any part of my parents' sex life."

"You'd be surprised how many people you knew growing up have."

"One person your father used to make your mother entertain was Boris."

Euna startles. "The boyar? That corpulent old man?"

"That's him. He'd come to her room. Your mother would be waiting for him upon her bed, fully nude. He'd climb on top, pull his belly aside, and ravage her. Her body would practically disappear beneath his."

"How do you know this? Surely my father didn't tell you."

You take hold of her hips and remind her of her duty with few guided thrusts. "Of course he didn't, though I'm sure he watched. No, I heard about this through Boris himself. Each day after a night in tsaritsa's chambers, he would brag to all who would hear. He took such liberties that he would fondle your mother at the banquets. He was one such man your father had your mother suck off under the table while in the dining hall."

"How disgusting," Euna shudders. "Though it paid off, didn't it? Boris was one of the tsardom's greatest suppliers of fine soldiers. How dutiful my mother was."

"Yes," you say. "He always earned his right to ravage Yelena."

"She loved to wallow, even if it wasn't for sex. When she was alone in her chambers she often put on shows for your father, in case he was behind the mirror. "Your father would order Yelena to sully herself. This wasn't a direct order, more of a standing order, so when she was often alone in her room, she might have accidents. She'd wear drawers, and release a large lump of poo into them. The lump would be visible outside her gown, but she'd pay it no mind. Her own dung would be sandwiched against her ass while she'd tend to her toiletries, or read a book. The whole time in her chambers, the mess would smear down her legs, along her crotch, and up her back, but she wouldn't clean. In fact, she often went to bed in her shit-filled drawers. She'd wet her gown from crotch to ankle, and then go about her business, such as reading books or tending to her toiletries, all before going to bed piss-soaked. Sometimes she'd be more deliberate. When laying in bed to sleep, she curl her legs to her chest and fountain her golden nectar over her body. No matter how messy she got, she'd go right to sleep. Maybe your father was behind the mirror, or maybe he was in council with his advisor. It didn't matter for her. Maybe your father was behind the mirror watching. Maybe he was in council with his advisors. She wouldn't know.

"Of course, she didn't only indulge by herself. Sometimes she might involve your father in such games, but she was most extreme with those beneath her station. Everyone craved your mother, both highborn and low, but for many, your mother only let them touch her body if they would indulge her filthy games. She would crouch over those depraved fools as she unloaded upon them. Sometimes upon their chest. Sometimes in their mouth. I understand it depended on her mood. Only if they showed proper appreciation for her brown gift would she allow them to ravage her. They'd both become a mess of shit. Those people would find themselves on their knees before Yelena she would babtise them in her royal urine. Only if they were appreciative enough would Yelena let them ravage her. Their piss-wet bodies would sully her own. "Another of Vislav's standing orders was that after she fucked anyone for any reason, she had to beg them to shit upon her, either so she may eat it or smear it upon her body and wallow in the mess. urinate upon her, so she may bathe and drink of them. The best part about it was Vislav forbid her from telling them that it was his order. So she had to beg everyone, letting them think she wanted it for her own sake. It did horrible things for her reputation within the palace."

"Did many take her up on this offer?" Euna asks.

"Probably not many, but some, and when they did, it got messy. Her old chambermaid told me about the messes she had to clean up in your mother's bed after her dalliances. Once she found your mother sleeping soundly upon her sheets. Yelena's entire body was coated in shit, from head to toe. The bed was so soaked in urine that Yelena was sleeping in a warm stagnant pool upon the mattress. When Yelena awoke, she was utterly unconcerned about the mess. She writhed for a bit before striding off to her bath, leaving a mess with every step."

All this while, Euna has been riding your cock. The story is having its affect on her. Her breath is shallow. Whether you have more story or not, your rise is coming all too quickly. The moment she feels you pulsating inside her, she clenches her pussy about your shaft and rides at a fevered pitched. Once she's finished, her gash is seeping your cum. It drools down upon your balls.

"I think," she says, "that was the proper way to enjoy a story about my mother."

"Demanding it in exchange for sex? Your mother would be proud."

"Yes. It sounds as though I'm becoming the very image of her. I'd heard rumors about my mother, but I had no idea she was such a sultry matron. She knew how to take what she wanted."

"She certainly did."

Euna stands. Her dripping snatch is before your face as she corrects her bodice. Stepping away, she sits back down and picks at her food, unconcerned of her nudity. "Was there more?" she asks.

"A little more. You want to hear it?"

She ponders. "Hmm. Not tonight. You've given me enough to dwell on for now. And I think stories of my mother are best extracted, not given freely. You'll tell me the rest some day. When I say so."

"Understood, Your Highness."

"Story is over, it seems," you say.

"Was there any more?" she asks.

"Maybe. Too late now."

"No? There's nothing I could do?"

"Maybe someday. I think we're done for tonight."

"If you insist." Euna dismounts from you. Kneeling, she cleans your cock with her mouth. "Thank you for sharing. I've always heard rumors about my mother, but I had no idea."

"She was quite a woman."

"Quite a harlot, it sounds like, and unfailingly obedient with a penchant for humiliation." Euna returns to her seat, still naked from the waist down. She eats her food.

"I would have liked to have met her," you say. "Alas, I've only these stories."

"You mean you would have liked to have fucked her?"

"That too."

"I guess you're stuck with me then. I hope I can please just as well as my mother could."

"You are becoming the very image of her," you reply. She beams a smile.

"Natasha called Selia into her chambers one day and pointed to her chamber pot. There was a large, brown smear along the bottom. She had Selia on her hands and knees licking that mess up.

"Then of course came the day when Natasha called her in to point out a full log still sitting in the pot. Natasha had said, 'If I must endure the shame of this unclean mess, then so must you,' and she ordered Selia to take the log and stick it into the back of her drawers, where it was to remain for the rest of the evening.

"She did so, and for the rest of the day, she carried out her duties with that mess against her butt as though she had shit herself. Everyone noticed. I think she could have died from embarrassment, but later that night, she was sitting before her mirror, wriggling her butt around, spearing the mess about as she played with herself.

"It continued from there. Sometimes Natasha would have Selia put a mess in her drawers. Other times Natasha would make her unfasten her corset and smear the log against her bared breasts. Either way, she'd have to resume her chores just like that.

"Natasha and Marko played off of each other in humiliating Selia. Though Natasha was always the one to push it further.

"It was she who first made Selia eat waste instead of merely licking away remnants. Natasha had Selia kneel down and eat an entire log out of the chamberpot like a dog.

"Marco, of course, loved the idea, and so human waste became a large part of Selia's diet, and yet it seemed every day after this treatment, with her stomach full of shit, or her skin defiled, she needed to retreat to her quarter afterward to relieve her lust.

"It was her who first made Selia get on all fours and lap away the urine like a kitten. Marko followed suit. Drinking both of their messes became a habit for her.

"Then Natasha took it to the next step."

"What else could there be?" Euna asks.

"She decided there was no reason she should have to tolerate a messy chamberpot in her room at all. So she had it removed. Selia would be her chamberpot now. "She decided not to bother using the chamberpot at all for her water. From that day on, when Natasha needed to relieve herself, she would call Selia in and have her lie down next to Natasha's bed. Natasha would hike up her dress and sit upon Selia's mouth. Her waste would slide directly down Selia's throat and into her chamberpot stomach. She wouldn't limit her stream at all, and Selia would struggle to swallow as much as she could. What she couldn't would run down her face and soak her hair. Natasha would make her lap up any urine left upon the floor.

"I left shortly afterward, so I don't know how else it evolved. I'm sure Marko started doing the same though. He and his daughter were on the same page when it came to degrading servants."

"At least it couldn't get any worse," Euna says.

"It certainly could."

"How? I can't think of anything. Tell me."


"No. Perhaps you shouldn't tell me."

"I agree. I think it's better if you think of them on your own."

"You're hilarious," she says dryly. "I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I won't. I'm not as sick and perverted as you are."

"That's true."

"There was a large, wet, brown smear along the bottom of the pan. Marko didn't let Selia leave until she had swallowed every nugget, no matter how much she gagged.

Marko had stepped up his humiliation of her, and so she stepped up her prank. That very day, the chefs were making a meatloaf. Selia stormed into the kitchen. She pulled her knickers off and climbed onto the kitchen table, no simple task wearing those high heeled shoes, but it was a hell of a sight. Hiking up her skirt, she squatted over the mixing bowl and relieved herself. Urine hissed into the bowl, and a long, solid log of waste snaked out from her asshole and coiled atop the meat.

"She glared down at the chef. 'Mix it in,' she ordered. The chef could see what a dark mood Selia was in and knew not to disobey.

"She mixed and cooked the meatloaf. There was a particular smell to it, but it was masked by the meat and spice. They served it to the Lord. His reaction was curious. He paused, detecting a difference. It seemed at first he would send it back, but after a few tentative bites, he decided he liked it."

"No," Euna says in disbelief.

"Yes," you reply.

"He must have tasted the waste."

"He certainly tasted something. I'm sure if he knew it was shit, he would have spit it out and lashed the chef to death, but he didn't. All he knew is that it tasted different, and he liked it. So did his daughters."

"Am I to assume it became a regular ingredient?"

"You assume correctly. More and more foods included Selia's waste: meatloaf, cookies, dark breads, porridges... All sorts of food. Every day she'd climb up on to the kitchen table and defecate into whatever the chef was making. Afterward, she'd stand on the table and tower over the chef, ensuring that the meek little woman would mix in the waste."

"Lord Marko never complained. It even reached a point he would complain about dishes that didn't include Selia's secret ingredient. The chef needed Selia now. She'd bring the bowl to Selia and ask her for her contribution. Selia would order the chef to place the bowl on the ground, and then she'd squat over it in her high heels and make her deposit.

"Then came the day when we found out the chef was eating the food herself. Some scullery maids had walked in on her gorging on leftover cookies. savoring some left over broth. Oh how embarrassed the chef was. She admitted that she'd grown curious about what Lord Marko found in it, so she tried some. She'd loved it, and from that day on, she saved the leftovers for herself.

"The chef could have died from embarrassment, but it caused a wave of curiosity. Many of the downstairs staff tried the cookies. soup. Many couldn't tolerate the taste, simply because they knew what was in it, but others were like the chef. They liked the change.

"And so word spread. Selia would make the chef cook up her own waste, urine, then she'd sell it to those who were interested. She became well known in the town's seedier communities."

"Did the chef make any money?" Euna asks.

"No. Just getting to keep some of the food for herself was enough. She and Selia developed a unique relationship through this partnering. As time passed, she grew more and more hooked on Selia's special ingredient. She diluted it less and less for her own food until she was eating Selia's waste raw with only a touch of garnish, or sipping Selia's urine like fine champaigne."

"Surely there's no way it tasted good," Euna says.

"At that point, I think it was more sexual for them. I lived in Selia's quarters, and frequently walked in on those two. The chef would be kneeling behind Selia, with her face buried between Selia's buttocks. She grew to worship Selia's asshole, and Selia enjoyed dominating the young woman. before Selia, her mouth open and upturned, while Selia relieved herself. The chef would drink every drop. I left years later, but I like to think they're still together, selling their special food to those with special tastes."

"What of Lord Marko? Did they keep serving him the food?"

"Of course, but Selia could only produce so much of her ingredient, and they were busy selling that. So they agreed that the chef would start relieving herself in the lord's food instead. I remember her saying to the chef, 'he can still have my waste, but you just get to have it first.'" water, but you just get to drink it first.'"

Euna snorts. "I suppose that's one way to look at it. I still can't fathom how such food could even be palatable."

"Neither could anyone else, not until they tried it. You might change your mind."

"Perhaps one day I'll get to meet her. I'd be curious to find out."

"I can get you special ingredients much sooner than that if you'd like..."

"As though I would ever eat such food. Enough of this story. It was not appropriate for dinner conversation. I'm surprised I did not lose my appetite."

"I wonder what it says about you that you didn't..."

She gives you a withering smirk. "Don't even hint."

"Very well, Your Highness."

"One day, an alchemist traveled through town. Many people came to marvel at his stock and see his strange performances, but only the very rich could afford his merchandise.

"The staff at the manor visited him in groups, though like all, we couldn't afford anything. Myself, Selia, and several maids were perusing one day when Selia noticed an alchemical vial called 'Drops of Lust.'"

"A love potion?" Euna asks.

"No. Despite what everyone believes, love potions are just tonics. They're cheap, temporary tricks. You may bewitch the girl you fancy, but a week later, she'll come to her senses, and then you're in trouble."

"I suppose you know from experience. Don't you?"

"I've never used one myself. But the Prowling Lilins sold plenty. They're cheap, and since everyone thinks they're permanent, customers will pay through the nose. By the time they find out, we've moved on."

"Explain to me again how the Prowling Lilins aren't a pack of thieves."

You chuckle. "Anyway, this was not a cheap tonic. Drops of Lust were true alchemy. Permanent, yet subtle. You consume a drop of this, and then consummate with another. When you accept their seed into you, or you shoot your seed into them, the Drop will cause both of you to crave each other more, but just a little, and permanently. Over time, you won't be able to resist each other."

"So it's just a better love potion," Euna says, "and for lust?"

"Not really. This alchemy is a two way road. Both are affected, except that it has no effect on someone if they didn't want to have sex in the first place. The most common customers for this are couples looking to reinvigorate their love life.

"Selia saw the possibilities. Marko was raping her almost every day. He wanted her. She didn't. Unfortunately, she couldn't afford it.

"Since the other maids knew what Marko was doing to her, they all decided to pitch in, though it was still far too little. Selia haggled with the alchemist, and they settled on a price. She would not only pay what she could, but she would stay with him for the remaining three days he was in town, and she would pay off her debt however he wanted.

"Everyone at the manor covered for her while she was away. For the first two nights, the alchemist fucked her in every conceivable way. On the third, he decided to make money off her by whoring her to whoever he could. By the time she came staggering back on the fourth morning, she was a cum-soaked mess, but she had the Drops of Lust.

"Of course, Marko had noticed she was missing. He was furious. She'd barely finished cleaning up when he called her to his room. She drank a single drop, and answered his summons.

"He kept her for hours. After stripping her naked, he spread her legs and spanked her ass and pussy with a paddle. With clips, he dangled weights from her nipples. Then he sodomized her with a sporting bat. Finally, he jammed his cock down her throat and came. She nearly passed out from air loss, but he did release his seed inside of her. The Drop worked.

"For months he raped and abused her. She tolerated it every time, but we could see the Drops take their hold. Before, he would come for her only in his dark moods. But soon, he would prowl the manor looking for her. It was becoming an obsession.

"Then came the day she resigned. We all overheard.

"'You have no where to go,' he'd yelled. 'I know this.'

"'It matters not,' she replied. 'Living on the streets would be better than working here.'

"'You can't. You work for me. I... I forbid you from leaving.'

"'You cannot forbid me anything. I am not your slave, and I work for you no longer.'

"Selia had always been a proud woman, even as he molested her, but still, this was a side of her he'd never seen. 'If you leave,' he threatened, 'I will see to it that you never get another job in your life. You will be destitute... a whore... less than a whore... a piece of street filth no one should dare touch.'

"'Then that's what I shall be. Street filth. Street filth that lives far from here where you will never see me again.'

"He was a cornered animal, desperate and addicted. And he lashed out, as she knew he would. First, he tried to strike her, but as much as he was a mountain of anger, he was an aging and complacent man. She, on the other hand, had the strength of hard laborer. She caught his hand easily. It angered him all the more, and grabbed her and dragged her toward the stairs, intent on taking her to his bedroom, tying her down, and beating obedience into her.

"But she resisted. Easily. He fell onto his back, and she was upon him, straddling his ample stomach. Her face was within an inch of his.

"'Get off of me, woman,' he growled.

"'I am not your woman. You have forced me for the last time. So this,' she took his hand and pressed it to her breast, 'and this,' she guided his other hand between her legs to feel her wet lips, 'you will never see again.'

"I could see from where I hid that he was already hard. His next words came out as a grumble. 'I will double your pay.'


"'I will... treat you better.'

"'You will not force me ever again, because I am leaving.'

"'I won't force you again. I swear it. Stay.'

"She pondered this, as though it were not her plan all along. 'If I stay, it will not be as your servant, but as your resident.'


"'I will manage the household staff as I have, but I will do so as a Lady, not a housemaid.'


"'I will eat at your table. I will sleep in a bedchamber, not in the servant quarters. I will delegate the household work as I see fit, and I will manage the staff pay.'

"'You ask too much!'

"'I am not asking. You will do these things if you ever wish these pleasures of me again.' She squeezed his hand over her breast. Her other hand toyed with his cock through his breeches. 'Or shall I leave forever?'

"His response was long coming. 'Then I will take you as I please.'

"'You may take me as roughly as you wish, but on my terms. You will never force me again.'

"'Fine. Then have it, My Lady.'

"She freed his hard cock from his breeches and shifted to sink upon it, for she had no knickers. As she rode him wildly, he tore open her traveling dress and abused her exposed breasts. He twisted her nipples fiercely.

"Overcome, he pulled her over until he was on top and hammered into her. He slapped her face and pulled her hair. She took it and screamed in pleasure, for she had won. Right there, at the base of the atrium stairs where all the staff could see and hear, another Drop took affect."

"So she became the Lady of the house?" Euna asks.

"She did. And let me tell you, she was a much better master than he ever was, particularly since she wouldn't let he treat the servants poorly anymore. Though since he continued to grow more and more addicted to her honey, he lost all interest in anyone else anyway."

"Good for her. Though I'm amazed she could stand to be near him, much less let him keep using her like that. I pray that he grew less rough with her in time."

"I don't know about that. Her screams could still be heard throughout the manor. Ropes, whips, and canes were common sights in her bedchamber. And while she dined at supper and tea like a proper lady, I distinctly recall her naked or scantily clad several times. Marko's idea of course. That certainly made his daughters squirm."

Euna frowns. "And yet she was the dominant one?"

"Yes. It all happened only with her permission."

"How does that work in a relationship?"

"Well, that wasn't a healthy relationship. Selia didn't enjoy the sex. It was her way of controlling him, but there are those who do enjoy being punished or humiliated, even if they're the ones in charge. They tell their partners what they want."

"Fascinating. Do you think Selia ever came to enjoy it, or maybe love him?"

"I doubt it, but maybe. If not, she at least enjoyed the benefits. A year later she forced him into marrying her. She bore him a few children, and when he died years afterward, she inherited everything."


"Even his title."

"What about his daughters?"

"I don't know. I left long before Marko died. I think she was a fair mother to his youngest, Masha. I doubt that's so with his eldest, Natasha. They hated each other. Natasha probably saw Selia as a wicked stepmother who beguiled her father and stole her birthright. To us common folk, Selia was a folk hero."

"I'm glad that story had a happy ending," Euna says. "Though I hope she treated Masha well. The child was innocent."

"I'm sure she did," you say. "She was a kindhearted person. After all, she took me in."

"She did. Thank you for sharing about her."

"You're quite welcome, Your Highness."

"For a long time, none of the other staff even knew Lord Marko was doing this to Selia. She never told anyone. They thought it was just yelling, since that was all they heard echoing through the manor.

"It wasn't until a day months later when a chambermaid was passing by Marko's bedroom and saw the door cracked open. She peeked in.

"There was Selia, upon her knees, bent over with her face pressed upon the floor. Lord Marko was viciously whipping her with a cane. Welts scored her ass. Blood dripped down her thighs. Tears streamed down Selia's face, yet she moaned lustfully.

"Lord Marko cast his cane aside. Disrobing, he knelt and forced his cock into Selia's dripping cunt. She screamed and writhed. This only incited Marko. Pulling out, he pushed into her ass and sodomized her.

"After he came, he grabbed a handful of her hair and forced her head around to shove his cock down her throat. She hungrily swallowed it down.

"The chambermaid left hurriedly, and of course after that, the rumors spread. No one spoke to Selia about this affair, but everyone saw the signs now. Especially me. Since I lived on a mattress in the corner of her quarters, I would frequently catch her coming back late at night, sniffling and wiping her eyes. She'd strip out of her disheveled clothes and stand before her mirror. Welts and cuts covered her body. Bruises marred her wrists, and sometimes her neck. Yet she'd stand there and trace each cut and bruise with her fingers. It was as though she treasured each blemish. Her breath would grow heavy. Her body would quiver. Inevitably, she'd drop to her knees and feverishly rub her cunt until shuddering in a powerful orgasm.

"It went this way for months. Soon, Marko stopped caring about the other staff finding out. One day after he tore open her corset, he forbid her from changing or lacing it back up, so she went about her duties that day with her tits bared to all. Everyone saw the welt and bruises. She even had bite marks around her nipples.

"That was when Marko's eldest daughter, Lady Natasha, took an interest in Selia. She was an even more cruel person than her father, and more creative. The day came when she called Selia into her room over some grievance. It was hours later when Selia finally returned to her quarters, sobbing and bleeding. Her face glistened of Natasha's honey. She practically threw herself onto her bed and started stabbing her fingers into her sex. Within seconds, her back was arching. Her toes were curling.

"From then on, Selia had two cruel masters. Some days, she might leave Marko's bedroom after hours of punishment, only to have Natasha catch her in the hall and drag Selia to her room. And Natasha was much more open about abusing Selia. She'd whip her with the bedroom door wide open, or she'd sit fully upon Selia's face while taking her tea in the parlor.

"The most memorable torment Natasha did was when she called Selia into the Solar where she and her father were having afternoon refreshments. They'd been conversing about the proper way to punish a rebellious servant like Selia.

"Natasha ordered Selia to strip naked before them while they ate their biscuits. Then after Natasha made her lay upon a sofa, she rose, reached under her dress, and removed her panties. She climbed onto the couch and sat upon Selia's face.

"'You see father,' she said. 'When you punish them, you must be creative and vary your punishment, or else they'll get complacent.' She produced a sewing cushion filled with pins. One by one, she pushed pins into Selia's breasts. Selia yelped as she licked Natasha's pussy. 'Now she cannot grow used to my discipline, because she won't know what to expect.'

"'She's getting blood on the fabric,' Marko said.

"'Is she? So she is. That will be another mess of hers she must clean. And another punishment she deserved.' She stuck a pin directly into Selia's nipple and pressed it deep into her breast flesh.

"Marko grew quite aroused watching Natasha torment poor Selia. He rubbed himself through his breeches.

"'Oh father,' Natasha said, 'We mustn't concern ourselves with modesty when disciplining others. She's already forced us to punishing her. If we hold ourselves back by concerning ourselves with decency, she'll never learn.'

"'You're quite right, my dear.' Marko pulled cock from his breeches and climbed onto the couch. He forced his cock into Selia's ass while Natasha continued skewering Selia. He paused at one point to try a pin himself. He pressed it into the folds of Selia's labia. Her scream was bloodcurdling.

"'Very good, father. Now you're getting it.'

"They tormented her for the rest of lunch. Afterward, they ordered her back to work, but they did not let her redress. She carried out her chores naked, with dozens of pins in her breasts and half a dozen lining her slit. Blood was dried against her belly and thighs."

"And you're sure she enjoyed this?" Euna asks. "I don't see how."

"Some people enjoy being controlled and humiliated."

"I understand that, but the pain."

"Pain can be releasing. It can cause a rush of incomparable pleasure. And some people just enjoy punishment."

"Hmm," she says. "I suppose. What became of Selia?"

"She got fired?"

"Fired? They got rid of her?"

"Oh no. They just decided she was too ornery and rebellious to be the head housemaid. So they fired her and took her on as their live-in chambermaid, at least until they could teach her proper respect."

"Oh, I see..."

"Yes. Marko and Natasha enjoyed their little team up so much, that they decided to work together in disciplining her. Marko had a door installed, connecting his wardrobe to his daughters bed chamber. They cleared the adjoining room and converted it into Selia's new quarters. It was spartan, and contained little of her possessions, but many of the Lord and Lady's tools for punishing her. Any time, day or night, Marko or Natasha could come in there and educate her. Whatever time she had when they weren't using her, she tended to their bedrooms. People only saw her when she came out for food or to collect fresh bed linens. She may have welts or bruises, but she was always content."

Euna sighs. "I guess if she's happy, that's all that matters."

"Exactly," you reply.

"And this is the woman who raised you?"

"She looked after me for years, yes. By the time they moved her to her live-in closet, I was taking care of myself. I wasn't there much longer though. I like to imagine she's still living in that closet, admiring her welts in privacy and diddling herself to powerful climaxes."

Euna grins. "Who wouldn't wish that for the woman he raised them?"

"I can't imagine."

She lowers her feet from your lap. She sets her food aside. "Congratulations by the way."

"For what?"

"I asked you to tell me about your childhood, about the woman who raised you, and you still managed to turn it into a story of debauchery."

"That's my life,"

"So it seems. Shall we head to bed?"

"They involved their own children in their perverse games?" Euna asks, shocked.

"From a young age. When they first came to us, we thought they were the most well-mannered family we'd ever met. Helda and Vecta were these furtive little angels who smiled from behind their parents. They were in their early teens at the time. The parents told us how they'd been driven out of their home town after the villagers accused them of perversity and sodomy, so they wanted to join with us, where they'd be welcome. The caravan asked them what they could do, and without another word, the father turned to his two daughters and ordered them to strip and put on a show."

"And they did, I take it?"

"They didn't even hesitate. The girls got naked and coiled about each other with their mouths to each other's snatches. The father came up and started sodomizing one of the girls while they were at it. They didn't even flinch. The mother took a paddle and started thrashing the bottom of the other. The girls loved the attention. They moaned and came. It was definitely an act the caravan wanted. So that was it. For many years that couple made a show out of disciplining their two daughters before audiences, or violating them in some way. At night, they kept their daughters in cages."

"It didn't strike anyone as wrong that the couple used their children in this way?"

"I think the caravan would have been uncomfortable with it if the girls seemed like they were forced, but they helped put together their own acts."

"But that's only because they were forced into it from a young age. They didn't know any better."

"Maybe so," you say.

"Do you think it was all right?"

"I wasn't there for this. The parents left before I showed up. Their daughters stayed behind and changed their act to a two person show."

"But would you have been okay with it?"

"It certainly is frowned on by our kingdom, isn't it? Helda and Vecta grew up to spend their lives torturing each other. Not exactly a healthy obsession, but I know neither of them regret their upbringing. They always spoke fondly of their parents. And both of them were happy. Who am I to judge. In my time, I've seen and done worse."

"Hmm." Euna frowns. "I don't know. It seems wrong to me, but then who am I to judge as well. I thought short skirts were wrong only a while ago." Bewildered, she shakes her head. "Still, it is perverted."

"Orcs? The caravan traded with orcs?"

"Trade is a strong word. We negotiated when times are tough."

"Orcs are the bane of our kingdom. They're savage beasts who ransack border villages. Why would you ever think to trade with them."

"Negotiate, and yes. I know Ruthgar takes a dim view on them. We weren't in Ruthgar at the time. And you're bound to run into them at some point or another. If you're not negotiating with them, then they're raiding you. It's really a matter of survival."

"And you bought slaves from them?"

"We did. We were in the southern mountain pass when the orcs came. Helda and Vecta were two of many chained by the neck, forced to keep up with the orc's wargs or be dragged. After we negotiated a rough truce with the orcs, they stayed near to our camp that night. Normally, one doesn't pry into what the orcs do on their own. Do so, and you're liable to get your head smashed in, but we always kept an eye on them.

"Anyway," you say. "After the sun came down, the orcs started their usual camp pyre, burning far more wood than necessary as usual. Then they started an unusual activity which we later found out was a daily routine. They formed a large circle as though to watch a performance, then they brought out four slaves: Helda, Vecta, and two poor women who seemed straight from a village raid. The poor women cowered together as the orc yelled and cheered about them. Helda and Vecta behaved quite differently. They started kissing and fondling each other. Helda even got down on all fours and thrust her rump towards the orcs. Vecta fingered her asshole, loosening it and causing her sister to moan. Then the orcs tossed a long spear into the ring. The other slave girl shied away from it, but Vecta picked it up and took it back to her sister. She shoved the blunt end into Helda's ass. It bottomed out after eight inches, but Vecta didn't stop. She kept jamming it harder and harder, causing her sister to scream in pain. Her body jolted with each thrust. It was a foot and a half in, and blood poured from her asshole, but Helda merely reached back and started thrusting it herself, even as she cried."


"To drive up the orcs' lust. And it worked. Several broke from the ring and grabbed Helda. Holding her between two orcs, they penetrated both her cunt and her bleeding asshole. She screamed in pain, but held the orcs to her as though precious lovers. Meanwhile, Vecta took the bloody spear. She licked the shaft up and down of her sister's blood and waste, then placed the handle end against her snatch and fed it into herself. A foot disappeared into her. And she sawed it in and out, grimacing from the pain."

"Was this also for the orcs?"

"Yes. But when they broke to come take her, their chieftain yelled something out. The orcs seemed to like the idea too. They grabbed the other slave girl, who kicked and screamed, and they held her down before the other end of the spear."

"The sharp end?"

"Yes. And after they put the tip in her pussy, they yelled something to Vecta. She started shoving her body down on her end of the spear. It caused it to punch her insides, but obviously it was much worse for the other girl. She shrieked and scream and fought, but the orcs held her down. Meanwhile, Vecta continued to pull away a little, just to ram herself back down on the spear. It pushed a little further into both of them. After about eight inches of the spearhead disappeared into the girl, blood started dribbling out. Every pounded inch only made the bleeding worse. She wasn't the only one affected though. Vecta grimaced and moaned with each pounding. Blood came out each time she pulled away, but she always thrust back down."

"Wasn't this killing them?"

"It was killing the girl. She had the sharp end. A foot disappeared into her, then two feet, then more. Her screams turned to gurgles. Eventually her head tilted back and the spear tip protruded from her mouth. Vecta had managed to press their two sexes together."

"Why would Vecta kill the girl like that?"

"It was survival. Of the three, one of them would be cooked and eaten by the orcs that night. That girl was now already spitted. She went straight over the fire while the orcs spent the rest of the night enjoying Helda and Vecta's bleeding holes. Every single night the girl's had to entice the orcs into sparing them from the pyre. The only way was to encourage the orcs to take pleasure in their bodies instead, and orcs love to watch a girl suffer."

"That's horrible!"

"It was. And that night had been particularly bad. We think the orcs were trying to show off to the caravan. Either way, both Helda and Vecta were in bad shape come morning. While both of the girls' holes were well accustom to gang rape by that point, that spear had ruptured Helda's intestines, and punched straight through to Vecta's uterus and torn a hole in it. The girl's were feverish. Everyone could see they would die soon. The orcs were clearly upset that they were going to lose two of their tribe's favorite toys, but they decided the two would go on the pyre the following night. Waste not, want not, I suppose."

"How did they live?"

"The caravan had seen their act. What those girls had was not pain tolerance, more like pain enthusiasm. It seemed like a waste to let those two die, so the caravan master negotiated with the orcs. Two horses for the girls. Since the orcs couldn't heal the girls, it was a good trade for them. More meat. Our caravan healers, on the other hand, were quite capable of patching them up. The rest is history."

"Did the caravan force them to put on shows?"

"Nope. We just suggested it. The girls chose all on their own."

"They must have been so broken. Could you imagine having to hurt yourself and condemn others every night just to survive?"

"It certainly changed them. They rarely talked about their life with the orcs."

"Orcs are such horrible creatures."

"Maybe. But the girls didn't seem to hold it against the species. Anytime orcs, or half-breeds, or any other savage species came by the caravan, those girls loved to get a ride on their cocks."

"They slept with savage species by choice?"

"It's not uncommon."

"That's... wrong! Why would a human ever subject themselves to that."

"Love knows no bounds."

"I hardly think what Helda and Vecta felt was love."

"Oh, I see," Euna says. "Perhaps this means I'm starting to reach your level in perversity."

"I don't know about that," you reply.

"No? I was expecting much more debauchery about the Warped Ones, but it seems my imagination has surpassed them."

"Then maybe it's time you start forging new ground."

"Are you suggesting I deform my body as the Warped Ones do?"

"With your dirty imagination, it sounds like you could outshine them."

"Hmm." She eats some food, chews, shrugs. "Maybe you're right. Maybe it's time I start thinking about I'll do with this canvas?" She gestures to herself. "It'll have to be truly depraved to stand out."

You eye her. "I think you're joking, but I'm not actually quite sure. Are you being serious?"

She eats some food, chews, and shrugs.

"That's quite an amazing tale," Euna says. Throughout the story, she's been idly caressing between her legs. "Is it common for someone to fixate on their bottoms like she did?"

"Like her? No. She was something special."

"I don't suppose it's a coincidence that you're telling me this story after your little attempt to fit your fist up my bottom, is it?"

"It might be related."

"And now that I've heard tales of a true anal queen, I will endeavor to outperform her. Is that your plan?"

"If it is, is it working?"

"It has certainly put ideas in my head," she admits. "Come. Let us retire for the night."

You can't think of any more grand stories to tell her, at least none that she's ready to hear, so you share with her several small anecdotes about your past. Many of them are raunchy, and all of them delight her to no end.

"I thought so." Euna heads off toward the river. "I won't be long."

You eat. Euna is sitting rather awkwardly as she drinks her tea with you. Instead of sitting on the stone she ordinarily uses as a chair, she's straddling it with her knees on the ground. She seems to have her privates pressed directly against the stone, but her skirt is covering the view.

A sly smile appears on her face as she notices you staring. She flips up the front of her skirt.

A daywither mushroom as thick as your arm is buried in her pussy. She's pressing her groin to the rock to keep it lodged inside her.

"I've had it in all morning," she says. "It was uncomfortable at first, but I think I'm used to it now."

"Are you... stretching yourself?" you say, mock aghast. "Planning to be one of those girls in those stories of mine?"

"Maybe. Or maybe I just wanted to be filled this morning. But there's more." She rolls away onto her side, fully exposing her crotch to you. Buried in her ass is another daywither equal in size. Both holes clutch their respective phalluses, leaving her groin rather deformed.

"Both holes?"

"And they feel amazing," she says. "I wish I could keep them in all day, but they're impossible to walk with. But..." She pulls them out, on after another. "I think I can take a fist in my ass now."

"I need to see proof?"

"That will be fun tonight."

As usual, Euna is already bustling about when you awake. When you come over, she leans toward you for a kiss. You oblige.When you come over, she acknowledges you with a nod.

"Good morning," she says.

"Good morning."

She motions to food sitting by the fire. "Enjoy your breakfast. I'll return shortly."

"Good morning," she says. "Now that you're up, I'm off to bathe. Your breakfast is by the fire pit."

"Sleep well?" she asks.

"Well enough."

She motions to food sitting by the fire. "Your breakfast is there. I'm off to bathe."

You sit to eat.

As she's heading off, she glances over her shoulder. "Behave yourself."

You sit to eat.

She heads off, glancing over her shoulder at you. "I will return shortly. Don't you dare follow me. We'll seek more food once I return."

You awaken when something presses down upon your face. Euna smiling down at you, and she is entirely nude. Her muff crotch is pressed against your mouth. By kneeling to either side of your head, she has locked you in place with her thighs.

"Good morning," she says in a sing-song voice. "You sleep so late, you know that? I've been up for nearly an hour. I rather got into a mood, and... well. It was time for you to wake up anyway."

She grinds against your lips. Her sex is damp. "Use your tongue," she says. You work your tongue and lips along her slit. She sighs contentedly. She props back on her arms and enjoys the attention. She grinds against your face, but mostly, she lets you do all the work.

"I've been thinking about the story you told me about my mother," she says, "about how she takes what she wants. I've decided to follow in my mother's footstep and become a true mistress who embraces her sexuality. I am a tsarivna after all."

She leans forward and caresses your hair. "This means that I will be taking on my proper roll in our relationship. After all, it is you who used to hide outside my bedroom for a chance to glimpse my beauty. It is you who are just a subject of my father's court—what may one day be my court. So it's time you showed proper obedience. But don't worry. It is my desire for you to continue broadening my horizons, so I will still follow your lead. Sexually, you are still the master and I am but your apprentice."

Sitting up, Euna swivels around and sits her crotch back upon your mouth, except now she's facing down your body. "Luckily for you, it is also my desire to see you squirm with pleasure." With that, she tosses aside the sheets, bends over, and takes your hardening cock into her mouth.

Soon after, her thighs squeeze your head. Her muscles shudder, and she moans lustfully. At the height of her pleasure, she neglects your cock, but after coming down, she lifts herself off your mouth and focuses solely upon sucking you off while her drooling snatch is just inches above your face. Your climax follows soon, and she swallows every drop.

She stands. One foot is on either side of your head, giving you an intimate view of her from beneath. Her eyes are on you. "Any questions?"

"No," you say.

"Good," she draws your attention to a dish of food left by the cooking area. "Eat your breakfast. We'll be off as soon as I return from my bath."

Stark naked, she strides off to the river.

"I had I feeling you wouldn't want me to." She trots over and sits down across from you, fanning out her petticoat first so her bare ass is against the stone seat. There's a look in her eye that tells you that she's up to something.

"Exactly how filthy will I have to be before you finally decide enough is enough?"

"Filthier than you are now," you say.

"Is that so?" Eyes narrowed, she raises the hem of her skirt, revealing her pussy. Much of the hair along her vulva is matted, and you can actually smell from where you sit. She plays with herself. Her snatch makes wet noises as her fingers dive in and out of her slit. Her body responds with twitches and light gasps.

All of a sudden, she cups her hand over her pussy and rubs herself with her palm. But then you notice water pouring from her fingertips. She's urinating, and she's massages the piss into her own pussy. Gasping now, she begins splashing urine onto her thighs. When her hand is not covering her pussy, urine arcs out onto the stone earth. She hikes her skirt up and spreads the urine further along her body, covering her belly and legs. She even holds her bare feet under her stream.

By the time she finishes, her entire front from the navel down is wet with urine. The erotic effect this has had on her is clear as she sensually rubs herself.

"Am I dirty enough now?"

"Not yet."

She bites her lip. "Hmm. No?"

Continuing to rub herself, she strains. Her abdomen flexes as she rocks herself back and forth upon the rock. Within moments, a fecal smell fills the air. She's defecating. Shit is smearing against her ass as she rocks back and forth. She lifts up, and more poo flows from her ass, filling the gap. Soon, she's sitting upon a small pile of feces, and her ass is a smeared mess.

She keeps playing with herself. "And now?"

You shake your head. "Not yet."

"Really? I see then." She reclines back, exposing her shit-smeared ass. Her hand, which had been toying with her pussy, snakes down into the mess. Soft shit still oozes from her ass hole. She lets some pile onto her hand, which she then rubs along her thighs, painting them brown.

Her clean hand unfastens her bodice. Ripping it off, she collects another handful of poop from the pile and smears it across her belly. Each time the shit runs thin, she collects another small handful. Soon, she moves on to her breasts. Each one she paints sensually, making sure to cover all of their surface, including lifting her breasts to paint the cleft beneath where her boob meets her ribcage.

Once she's done, her thighs, ass, and front are like a brown finger painting.

She regards you. "And now? Am I to walk about this land soiled as I am? Am I to sleep beside you like this? Or do I finally have your leave to clean myself."

"Not enough," you say.

She throws her hands up in exasperation. "Does your depravity know no bounds?" Looking down at herself, it almost looks as though she'll begin smearing herself once again with what remains of the pile under her ass, but she decides against it. "Well, I think I've finally had enough."

"Really?" you say. "Only now? Everything before this was okay?"

She shrugs suggestively. "Maybe. Maybe I just wanted to see how far you'd let me go." She breaths, and nearly gags. The smell has gotten rather potent. "I think I will go bathe now, regardless of what you say." She carefully unfastens her skirt with her clean hand and peels it away. Fully nude and smeered with shit, she stands.

"Maybe you'd like to wait until after breakfast," you say. "Enjoy your wallowing."

She bites her lip. "Even if I admit that's tempting, I really should get clean. We're wasting daylight."

With that, she strides off toward the river.

You've long finished your breakfast by the time she returns, fully nude, but utterly clean. "Are you ready?" she says as she dresses.

"Fun isn't quite the word I'd use," she says. "Pleasurable more like, and I'll look forward to it."

She sets aside her tea and gets up. Rivulets of blue run down her inner thigh.

"Be my guest," she says.

Setting aside your food, you sidle over. Her ass is still hanging open. Residual blue slime makes the rim slick. Your fingers easily fit inside, but she's not quite loose enough.

As you twist and push, Euna acts nonchalant, sipping her tea and relaxing. Your thrusts rock her body, and she can't help but wince and shudder in pleasure.

"Won't quite fit," you say.

"Are you giving up on me? Use force." She braces herself. You take hold of her hip and really lean into it. She grunts in pain. Her asshole caves inward, and gives in. Her sphincter now clutches your wrist.

She sips her tea. "Satisfied?"

You thrust your fist deeper inside, halfway up your arm. She stifles a moan. In and out you go. Once she's good and worked up, you withdraw. "Now I'm satisfied."

"I'm glad," she replies. Her asshole still gapes obscenely. She finishes her tea and gets up.

Come morning, Euna is up before you. When you come over, she gives you a quick kiss and hands over a dish of food for you.

Today, she does not go immediately to bathe, but rather sits with you.

"I was thinking," she says, "that today, maybe we should visit Lanx and Fira."

"Any reason why?"

"It would be nice to see them," she replies. "That and..."

"And what?"

A slight blush comes over her. "I was wondering if we could borrow their climbing set."

"What for?"

"I'd just like to have it. For tonight."

"It would be nice to see them," she replies. "That, and I'd like us to borrow their climbing set."

"What for?"

"You'll see. Trust me."


She hurries to speak more. "It doesn't have to be today, but whenever we get around to it. Anyway, enjoy your breakfast. I'm off to bathe. Take your time."

With that, she departs.

You awaken from vague sex dreams only to realize that something is actually stimulating you. A large bump in the blankets at your crotch is bobbing up and down. You pull aside the bedding to find that Euna had crawled between your legs and is now fellating your morning erection.

Without pausing, she beams at you.

"Er, good morning," you say.

Euna switches from using her mouth to sandwiching your saliva-slick cock between her bountiful tits.using her hands to jerk you off. She's completely naked, on her knees, with her bare ass sticking in the air.

"Good morning," she says. "I hope you don't mind that I woke you."

"Not at all."

"I've been thinking about the story you told about my mother. She was the beloved jewel of Ruthgar, yet behind closed doors, she would be on her knees performing whatever degrading acts my father ordered of her... It gets me bothered just thinking about it."

"A good kind of bothered?"

She nods.

"And why are you telling me this?"

"Ever since we got stranded here, you've taught me the carnal ways. You've been my master, and I your slave. It's a perversion of our roles, and... and I don't ever want it to stop! I love when you push my boundaries, and take control. It enflames me so. Have I taken leave of my senses?"

"No. It sounds like you're finally discovering what you want."

"And I want to take it further. Sexually, I mean. I want to follow in my mother's ways. Can you... I don't even know what I'm asking."

"Can I dominate you?"


"Can I treat you like a piece of property?"


"Can I treat you as a sex-slave meant only for my pleasure? To order as I please? To use however I wish? To think nothing of your satisfaction and I use your body as a piece of meat to satisfy my urges?"


"Then I will," you say. "From here on forth. You are my sexual property. Even if we should return home, and you take the throne, and I obey your rule as tsaritsa, you will still be mine in the bed."

"I accept!"

"Then it's done."

"Then please tell me. What do you want to do with your property now?"

"I want it to finish what it started."

She refastens her lips about your tool and sucks renewed vigor. When you grow near, you guide her to sit down upon your cock. She's sopping wet. Euna bounces on you for less than a minute before you fill her with cum. Euna didn't come close to an orgasm for herself, but she's glowing with pleasure.

"Is there anything this sex-slave can do for you?" she asks. "Perhaps breakfast?"

"Yes. Breakfast."

She bounds off your cock and hurries to the firepit. Returning with a plate of food, she hands it over and kneels to clean your cock with her mouth while you eat.

After she finishes, she kneels back on her haunches. "Have I pleased you?"

"Very much so."

She beams. "Good. Then I'm off to bathe. Please take your time."

With that, she scampers off.

"And what would I do with that?" she asks, taking it.

"I thought you might like to shave."

"Shave what? My nest?"

"If you'd like."

"For what purpose? What reason would there be unless I intended to show it off? It would be a sin."

You shrug. "Hygiene?"

"I am fine without it, thank you." She hands it back.

In the morning, Euna is up and about making breakfast. When you approach, she sets down her cookware and turns to face you. She hooks the neck of her bodice and pulls it wide to make clear the rope still circling about her neck.

"You're still wearing the harness," you say. "It seems you are dedicated."

"Yes," immediately, she begins doffing her clothes. "Lord knows I wanted to take it off sooner, but I kept it on just so you would know that I wore it the entire night, just as I said I would." Standing, she drops her skirt and stands before you naked except for the rope harness crisscrossing her body. The pestle is still strapped in place. Her smooth vaginal lips are stretched taut about it. The handle pokes down out of her pubic bush. She holds her arms wide, and you undo the harness's knots. In short order, the rope is piling about her feet.

Wincing, Euna slides the pestle from her snatch. It pops free, and her lips are left gaping. A string of her trapped juices drips onto the ground.

She tenderly rubs her hands along her crotch as though massaging a cramp. "Dedicated I may be, I will not going to regularly stuff myself like a banquet fowl before bed. I'm going to be walking awkwardly all day."

"I'm still proud of you."

"As you should be, but I did it for myself. Maybe now that pestle won't be such a challenge." She hands you the pestle, blunt end first, leaving you to grab its wet end. "Enjoy your breakfast. I'm off to bathe."

When you awake, Euna is already moving about the camp. She's dressed in the same outfit as yesterday: a bodice and a skirt long enough to brush the leaves. Over that, she has a cloak draped about her shoulder, and beneath she wears a silk chemise with long, baggy sleeves.

You're dressed only in your tunic and breeches, and you're already sweating. She must be sweltering, but she'd see any suggestion from you to dress lighter as a lecherous advance.

"Good morning," you say. You wash your face and neck at the river.

"it's about time you arose." She's collecting palm leaves and stacking them together onto a scaffold of branches in a rough tent shape.

"What are you doing?"

"If we're going to be here a while, we'll need shelter."

She stacks a few more fronds, and the structure collapses. She glares at the pile before trying again.

"You want some help?" you ask.

"No. I'm fine."

"Are you sure?"

"Have you even built a shelter before?" she asks hotly.

"Have you?"

"No, but I'm better suited for this. I've studied architecture."

"Architecture? It's a shelter, not a palace."

"Fine." She tosses the fronds down. "You do this." She walks away.

"Where are you going?"

"I have not had a chance to properly refresh myself since we've drifted ashore."

"You mean you're going to go bathe?"

She glares at you. "Yes, bathe. Do not get any ideas."

"I won't. I promise."

"Do as you will. I wouldn't bother. This wreck will never be waterproof. We'll just have to try again tonight. I'm going to go clean up and refresh."

She levels her gaze at you. "Very cute, knave. I will clean my clothes myself. Upriver. Alone."

She narrows her eyes reprovingly. "...and your deviant ways resurface," but to your surprise, she rests her hands on your shoulders, leans in, and plants a kiss on your forehead.


"Thank you, Your Highness."

"I've misjudged you," she says. "There's actually a good person underneath all that debauchery."

"I'll take that as a compliment."

"It was meant as one. I'm glad you're here with me. I would not have survived long without you."

"It's been an honor."

The two of you linger on the beach until the sun rises. Afterward, you cautiously return. Euna creeps along behind you, cowering close every time she hears a noise.

Ooze is on every surface: the ground, the trees, the rocks. Euna gingerly picks away slimy palm fronds from her demolished shelter. Her clothes are intact, yet soaked in slime.

You both spend a while washing them, though once they're clean, Euna opts to remain in her chemise for now instead of donning her wet clothes.

You proceed upriver. At the waterfall, you navigate along the mountainside to the bramble bushes. After helping her through, you both head up the steps.

She peers around the altar. "This place is amazing. It was designed as a hideout. Look at this." She points out a small wall of stones circling the fire pit. "It's to hide the firelight at night. And these rocks." She points out the boulders you first climbed to find this place. "Someone piled them like this. I bet it's so no one can look up here and see us."

"So you like the place?"

You and Euna have just relocated to the altar site. She drops her armload of supplies and looks around.

"This place is perfect. We have shelter from the rain. We can see boats. That creature won't come up here." She looks into the cave. "Of course, we'll be sleeping on hard earth. We'll have to find something better."

"Of course," you reply.

"Actually, this whole place needs work. No matter. We have time. Right now, I must clean up."

You point. "The river is that way."

"Thank you. And of course—"

"I will wait at the altar until you return."

"Good Fool." She gathers her clothes.

"You saw that, did you?" Euna blushes. "I wondered if you had. I don't know what came over me. It just... You've told all these stories about people who find pleasure in such depraved wallowing, and... and I was curious what they saw in it. That's all." She looks at you. "It was just an experiment, a spur of the moment whim. I won't do it again..." She gives you a sideways glance, "...unless you liked what you saw."

"I thought it was an incredible performance."

"It doesn't really interest me."

Tonight, Euna is preoccupied as she readies for bed.

You join her as she fixes the bedding. "You seem lost in thought."

"I've been thinking about some of your stories. You've described how women will lay with beasts."


"Is it always women?"

"Not always. But more often than not it is. That's the coupling people like to see."

"So this is a common practice then."

"In some places. Obviously not so in others."

"Why? Surely people don't actually have a physical attraction toward animals, do they?"

"They can," you say. "I've known people who truly loved their animals. I knew a woman once who married her dog. But you're right. Usually it's less about physical attraction and more about carnal sex."

"Ah. So it's simple perversion." Euna says this as though she has it figured out.

"Just us sodomites and our ways..."

"Oh, don't get me wrong," she continues. "I'm not saying it's a bad thing. I'm just trying to understand it. If people want to engage in wanton perversion, that's their business."

"Some might say you've engaged in some wanton perversion as of late."

"Certainly. That's why I'm not one to judge."

"Or you're curious."

"Hardly. I am not curious."

You shrug. "I'm not one to judge either."

"No. You're the one who gets judged. I think those brands on your rump are testament to that. I'm not surprised at all that you've seen sexual congress with animals."

The two of you prepare the bedding together.

"But what is it like?" she asks. "Surely it's filthier isn't it? Or do most people clean the animal's genitals before hand."


"Is it even enjoyable? What few times I've seen animals copulate, it seemed quick and perfunctory."

"These are a lot of questions for someone who's not curious."

She catches herself. "You're right. I don't know why I'm asking."

"I'm more than happy to answer," you say.

"No. Let's drop it," she replies. "I don't want to know, because I'm absolutely not curious about sex with beasts."

Euna doesn't rise from the campfire when you do. She seems lost in thought.

"Anything troubling you?" you ask.

"I'm just reflecting upon the stories you've been telling me. You've told a few tales now about filthy sexual endeavors, like playing with bodily fluids or wallowing in filth..."

"I have," you admit.

"How could people derive pleasure from such behavior?"

"All sex is dirty. It's filled with so many fluids, sweat, saliva, semen, juices, and even urine and... others. For some people, that dirtiness is what makes it arousing. They revel in it. It becomes intoxicating. Most of all though, just like sex, it's taboo, and people love taboos. Knowing something is naughty makes it all the raunchier."

"Such as sodomy?"

"Sodomy is one such thrill, yes."

"Hmm," she dwells on this. "But it's... I mean it's unclean, and unhealthy."

"It's not for everyone. I've seen many people wrinkle their noses at our dirtier performances back in the LIlins, but more people indulge than you'd think."

She doesn't look convinced.

"Look at it this way," you say. "You now know the thrill of feeling a man's seed leaking from your flower, yes?"

"I do."

"Imagine having a man's seed shot upon your breasts. Or your face. Imagine the sticky, naughty feel of it. Rubbing it in. Reveling in it. Enjoying the smell and taste. It's not necessarily a good taste, but it's sexual."

She frowns. "Sure... But there's a world of difference between that and other bodily fluids."

"It comes back to the taboo nature of it," you say. "Being filthy is something we avoid so much. It's wrong, we're told. Yet sex is filthy. If you can give in and enjoy the dirtiness of sex without shame, it can be so much better. So embrace it. Enjoy it. Wallow in it."

"Very strange," she says. "Yet I suppose I... I can understand the appeal. Abstractly."

"Maybe you should try indulging."

Her eyebrows arches. "What are you suggesting?"

You laugh. "Nothing, Your Highness."


After dinner, you and Euna clean the cooking supplies. She's preoccupied all the while.

"What's troubling you?" you ask.

"Thinking about things."


"Culture. Religion. Taboos. I always assumed everyone was against bedding their own blood, but it seems so much of the world missed the message that it's a sin."

"Sex with your family, you mean?"

"So many of your stories describe people unconcerned with such sin. And it seems all the people of Cockaigne consider it perfectly normal."

"Maybe it's you that missed the message that it's all right."

"It seems I have," Euna replies. "Is Nim the only religion that condemns it?"

"No. Many do, just as some religions condemn drinking. But there are many that don't. I've met some very forward thinking civilizations where incest was not only acceptable, but encouraged. It fosters family unity."

"But incest produces abominations."

"They're not abominations, but they do have weak blood. Either way, it's easy to avoid quickening a woman's womb. And I've heard tales of alchemy that can prevent such weak blood."

"But at that point, you're defying the natural course of things."

"Maybe, so does alcohol. We're meant to eat grapes and potatoes. Yet we bottle them and let them rot until they're filled with spirit. It's alchemy of its own kind, and very unnatural. Yet many Nimic rituals center around drinking. Think of how taboo this unnatural act must be to some."

"But the very thought of lying with my sister feels wrong to me."

"But does it bother you to think of two other sisters lying together? They're not hurting anyone."

"No. It doesn't, actually." Her own answer seems to surprise her. "It might have once, but I won't judge the people in this land simply because my upbringing labeled it as taboo."

"It's better because it's taboo," you say.

"You're being silly."

"Imagine you're having sex with a man and a woman."

She regards you coolly.

You continue. "Now imagine that they're brother and sister. Tell me that doesn't make it a little more erotic for you. Knowing this three-way sex is just a little more naughty."

"You're are endlessly depraved," she said. After a pause. "But maybe."

"I know your sister sought such couples out."

"I'm not surprised," Euna replies.

"And I bet that the thought of bedding with you would not feel wrong to her."

"I'm sure you'd love to see that," she says. "Me and Aileen together in one bed, both beckoning you to join us. How often have you touched yourself to that thought?"

"Too often to count," you reply.

After dinner, you take the dinnerware down by the river to rinse it off while Euna tidies up the firepit. When you return, you find she's dawdling. In her hands, she holds a charred logs which she's examining curiously. It's a little thicker than your wrist, though bulbous knobs give it an uneven thickness down its length.

"What is it?" you ask.

Her gaze remains upon it. "Oh, nothing. I was just thinking."


"It's nothing. I was just..." She pauses. "In your stories, you've described women who could take large phalluses within themselves, even fists." She lines up her fist with the end of the log, then she cones her fingers together and compares that. "I suppose you've known women who could easily take something as thick as this timber, couldn't they?"

"They could, though most would carve and polish a log like that first."

"Of course." Next, she holds it along her belly pointed upward and its base at her crotch, as though imagining it inside of herself. "And they could probably take it a fair bit deeper than I could."

"Some of them, yes."

"I must admit," she says, "it's a fascinating idea, though I can't stop imagining that it must hurt. A log like this would tear me in half, I would think."

"You build up to it." You sit beside her. "And there is discomfort, but for some, that's part of the fun. They like feeling stretched."

"They must. If I could take a shaft such as this, I'd be as loose as a leather glove."

"Not at all," you say. "A newborns head is much wider than that timber. Women's flowers recover just from that."

"...Not always."

"There are exercises that help keep you tight."

"And what exercises are these?"

You grin. "Do you think you'll be needing them soon?"

The log is still held against her belly. "Maybe. Maybe not. I'd like to know them all the same."

She stops lining the log up with her belly, as though realize what she's doing. "No. I'm simply curious."

"Do you know the muscle you pull to stop yourself when you're urinating?" you ask.

"Oh," she says. "I know those exercises. The elder sisters would practice them at the convent to manage their incontinence. Flex for a time, relax, repeat. Those?"

"Those are the ones."

"Hmm." She holds the log before her and wraps her hand about its shaft as though it were a penis. She bites her lip suggestively. "To be able to take such girth, and yet still be as tight as a maiden..." She contemplates the log, then abruptly tosses it into the fire pit. "Enough of this. Let us get to bed."

You and Euna are cleaning up after dinner, though she's preoccupied. At one point, as she's staring off, you ask, "Something on your mind?"

"In so many of your stories, there are people who enjoy hurting themselves for sexual gratification. Masochists, yes?"



"Pain can be releasing. At the peak of torment, It can cause a rush of incomparable pleasure."

"I've never felt such a pleasure myself."

"Have you ever been whipped?"

"I was flogged a few times by Reverend Mother Margosha during my stay at the convent."

"What for?"

"Oh. This and that. It hardly took much provocation for her to flog the sisters. In fact, some of us suspected that she actually enjoyed it for its own sake. But I hated being flogged."

"It's all about context," you say. "Even a masochist hates it when they bring a hammer down upon their own finger. But if their lover spanks them until they weep, and then ravages them without mercy, its an entirely different story."

Euna ponders this.

"Let me ask," you continue. "Would you rather have Margosha flog you as penance? Or would you rather I rip off your skirt, flog you twice as much, then push you to the ground and ravage you until I've finished having my way with you?"

She bites her lip, enticed. "Well when you put it like that. Though what if it became too much?"

"That's part of the trust. If it becomes too much, you'd say so, and I'd stop. You would enjoy pain on your own terms. ...unless you were one of those rare masochists who wouldn't want the ability to make it stop no matter how much they begged."

"I am not one of those masochists," she says.

"I figured you weren't."

"But I... I suppose I do wonder about that rush of pleasure. Is it worth the pain?"

"I can help you find out if you trust me."

She smirks. "Of course you'd offer that. I do trust you, but I don't know. I'll consider it. Pain for pleasure is quite an alien idea to me."

"Sounds like it wasn't that alien an idea to Margosha."

"She only did it to punish us," Euna explains. "She was just too strict sometimes. It wasn't sexual for her."

"No? Tell me. Did she flog your backs, as they do to men in stockades? Or did she flog your bare bottoms?"

Euna flusters. "I... it wasn't..."

"I thought as much," you say.

"Oh, you perverted little fool." She bats you. "Come, enough of this. Let's get to bed."

She peers at you. "Really? I'd have thought you would have loved the idea of forcing my flower open."

"But there's no need to cost yourself sleep over it. Relax."

"Very well, then. I was starting to cramp." She pulls the pestle from herself and sets it beside the bedding. "Good night."

She peers at you. "What are you suggesting?"

"A harness." You finger the ring on the end of the pestle. "We can fasten it in place."

"Very well. Let's do it."

You fetch rope from Lanx's climbing gear. With deft hands, you prepare a few knots and loops.

Euna casually works her embedded pestle as she watches. "You've done this before."

"I know my way around a rope." You put a hoop over Euna's neck. She gets up and kneels so you can loop the rope around her body moving downward. It knots together down the front to hold it in place. When you loop the rope between her legs, you make sure to run the ends through the pestle's ring. The rope then comes up between her bottom and runs back around her waist, crisscrossing a few more times up her belly.

Once it's secure, you inspect your work. The ropes crisscross up and down Euna's torso and frame her breasts. It hugs tight to her body like an article of clothing. Euna runs her hands along her body. "I like it." She feels between her legs. The pestle's handle juts out of her snatch, leaving inches exposed. She gives it an experimental tug, but the ropes don't have enough slack for her to remove it. "But how am I supposed to take it out?"

"The whole point was to keep it in."

"For just a while. I'm already cramping a little."

"Hmm." You frown. "Sounds like you're not as committed to this as I thought."

Your goading works. "Fine. I'll sleep like this." Lunging, she grabs you and pulls you back down to bed. Her legs entwine about your waist, and the pestle handle pushes against your leg. As you snuggle together, she slowly humps against you, churning the pestle inside her. It must not be cramping her that badly.

"It certainly is." She pulls it from herself and sets it beside the bed. "I wish there was some way to keep it in."

"Maybe with some rope we could fasten it in place," you suggest.

"That's an idea." She considers it. "Perhaps we should stop by Lanx and Fira tomorrow. But nothing to be done tonight. Probably for the best. I was cramping already."

You two rest together, but after some time, Euna shifts around. She's groping between her legs.

The pestle is still partially buried in her snatch. And she's pushing it deeper.

"Still enjoying that thing, I see," you say.

"It's growing on me," she replies. "I wanted to keep it in myself a while longer, but it keeps slipping out. See?" She spreads her legs. The pestle oozes from her gash. At the end, it picks up speed and pops out onto the bedding. Euna feels the gape in her pussy it left behind, then she levers the pestle back in her hole. It slides in without resistance. "I love how easily it fits in me right now, but it seems like every night I have to go through the painful process of retraining my womanhood to take it. I thought if I kept it in a while, I might grow more accustom to it, but it won't stay."

"Don't worry about it. You'll grow accustom in time."

"Maybe with a bit of rope, it will."

"That's too bad."

"No? Are you being honest? I won't be angry if you were."

"I wasn't," you say.

"Oh. Okay." she frowns. "I could have sworn... oh, never mind. We should try and sleep."


Roll over and sleep.

"Maybe I knew it was you," she says, biting her lip.

"Did that make it better? Thinking someone was watching you?"

She bites her lips and contemplates this with a mischevious look. "I don't know."

You reach down and lightly caress her clit. "Did it make it better thinking that somebody could see your naked and sexy body. That you were giving a naughty little show?"

"Hmm," she says again, still pretending to contemplate.

You slide down her body and ease your hardening cock into her.

"Oh, heavens." She gasps. Her back arches.

You pull her chemise off of her. "Would it excite you if you knew someone were watching you right now, somebody out there in the dark? They've snuck all this way just for a chance to see you, and here you are, naked and fucking." You roll over so she's on top of you. "What would you do?"

She lays on you, grinding her pussy against your cock. "I would make sure they had a better view." She sits up into cowgirl position. Squeezing her breasts together, she glances toward the dark, as though she might actually see someone. She throws her head back and rocks up and down, moaning lustfully.

"There's no telling how many people might be out there." you say, "You might have an audience of men, all rubbing their cocks at the sight of your body."

Her moaning grows louder.

"Every one of them desires you. You're filling their minds with sultry thoughts. Every move you make, every moan you utter, it embroils their lust."

Euna starts crying out. Her body spasms.

"They will spill their seed upon the rocks at your ecstasy. But you'll bring them pleasure long after that. They'll go to their homes. And as they fuck their wives and their girls, they'll think of you. You will forever be a sexual fantasy for them."

Her pussy clenches your cock. Her thrusts become jerky. It becomes too much for you and you fire off inside her for the second time tonight. Her passion done, she leans back and props herself on her arms, making her breasts prominent. She slides her hand between to her pussy, where your cock is still buried inside her, then trails dripping cum along her belly. She lifts, crawls around so her ass points directly at the cave entrance. With her face before your cock, she licks it clean of cum, all while her legs are spread and her fingers idly play with her clit. For anyone watching, they would see her cum-soaked pussy and ass on full display.

When your cock is clean, she nestles up against you. You pull her close and toss the blanket over your bodies.

She closes her eyes and nuzzles your neck. "Maybe I enjoy it a little."

Return to sleep.

"Flatter me?"

"The sight of you bathing would give a man a memory they'd cherish for a lifetime. The sight of you pleasuring yourself would harden their manhoods. They would spill their seed at thoughts of you."

"You make it sound like it should be exciting."

"Most women would find it so. They'd yearn to have a body as beautiful as yours. They long to have men look at them the way they all look at you. You're a breathtakingly beautiful woman."

She thinks about this. "I suppose you'll tell me I should enjoy it when I'm spied upon."

"What do you mean?" she asks.

"Aileen has the boys wrapped around her finger with her beauty. They'd follow her and compliment her and curry for her favor, all in hopes that your sister might lift her frock for just a moment. She would play the part of an innocent lady, shocked that they might ask such a thing of her, but she would always do it in the end. I think she got as much a thrill from it as the boys."

"From what you tell me, my sister was just as likely to romp with them as she was lift her dress for them."

"I'm sure she got a thrill from that too," you say.

"She's a more wild woman than I am."

She's silent for a long while. "No," she says finally. "I don't mind. Though you are one strange little pervert."

She sits up and bats you. "I knew it. I knew you were there."

"Am I in trouble?"

"No." She smiles at you, bemused. "But why? Are you not free to look upon me now?"

"A treat stolen is so much sweeter than a treat given."

"Words you live by, I presume. You are such a knave, you know that?"

"But a knave who will risk his freedom just for a chance to see beauty in its truest form."

"Admit it," she says. "You were never owl watching that day outside my chamber window, were you?"

"Your Highness, I have never in my life cared one whit about owls."

She slaps you playfully. "You... scoundrel! And tell me, that was not the only time, was it?"

"A week after you returned from the convent. I had passed through the courtyard outside your window and I happened to glance as you were bathing. I have seen many naked women in my life, but never had I witnessed such a beautiful sight as I had at that moment. I knew I should have kept walking, but couldn't. I stopped and watched like the fool I am. Every day afterward, I would make sure to pass through that courtyard for a chance to glimpse you again. I was addicted."

"So every night for two years?"

"I didn't see you most nights. Only once every so often. Every time was a treasure. And yes, for two years. I could do it for a hundred and never grow tired of it."

Her face grows flush, but she tries her best to stay indignant. "So can I never trust that I have privacy again?"

"You never could. I am not the only one who might risk their hide to see you."

"Oh. Others too? Next you'll tell me I had a crowd outside my windows."

Long after having gone to sleep, you're lying in bed, turning occasionally to get comfortable. When you turn onto your side toward Euna, you see that she too is still awake.

In the dark, you two stare at each other. A curious look comes over her.

"You're still awake?" she whispers.

You nod.

"Can I ask you something?"

Another nod.

"I just want to know. Were you spying on me when I was by the river?"

"No. Of course not."

"Yes, I was."

Here, the north wall of the corridor is masoned stone lined with lanterns which glow with green flames seemingly without fuel. The south wall is natural rock covered in damp black moss.

North, there's gap in the wall leads to a treacherous staircase going up as far as you can see.

Climb the stairs.

"This seems like the place," you say.

"I don't see any cave," Euna replies. "I hope it's not underwater."

"Only one way to find out. Wait here." You take off your clothes and wade into the water.

"It's a beautiful view from here, isn't it?" Euna is staring at your bare ass.

Euna averts her gaze. "You were certainly quick to strip down."

"You'll be stripping soon enough if the cave is there," you say, "unless you plan to swim in that skirt." You swim out along the bluff, carefully avoiding the sharp rocks. Though the water deepens, your feet are always in reach of the ocean sand. Farther down, the cliff face curves inward into an inlet. In there, hidden from view, there's a hollow leading into dark shadows. It must be the cave entrance Fira talked about. Though the pitch black depths ahead are ominous.

You return to Euna. "It's there. Good thing you got a lantern from Lanx and Fira's trash pile."

"Do we have to dive underwater?"

"Doesn't look like it. Looks like solid ground farther in."

She eyes the surf. "Is there anyway to get there that doesn't require me to swim?"

"Do you not know how?"

"I can," she says. "I just..."

"...Don't want to get naked in front of me?"

"I must maintain my decency."

"Here. I'll face this way." You turn to face the bluff, your back to her. "I'll stay this way until we're inside."

"Maybe I could just swim in my shift..."

"It's not like you've never been naked before. You're naked when you bathe, right?"

"Oh very well. But do not look back until I say so."


You hear the rustle of fabric behind you. A long pause, and then the splash of water as she comes up behind you. "Lead on," she says.

With your bundled clothes held overhead, you wade around the bluff to the cave. Inside, the water shallows out. The ocean water has churned into a froth in here. The brine and seaweed rot stings your nose.

Once you're on dryish rock, Euna speaks. "Wait." Fabric rustles once again. After a while, she says, "okay. You can turn around now."

Euna is fully clothed now, and just letting down her hair from a bun. She turns her gaze from you. "You can get dressed now too, you know."

"Oh, right."

After you're dressed, you're both ready to venture farther in.

"Good." She glances about nervously, then strips. She casually takes her clothes off. In moments, she's standing naked. Finding a stick, she does her hair up in a bun.

You both wade into the water together, holding clothes and gear above your heads. Shortly, you're in the cave, and the water shallows out. The ocean water has churned into a froth in here. The brine and seaweed rot stings your nose.

Euna lets her hair down, and you both redress. She hugs close, waiting for you to set forth.

After stripping, you both wade along the bluff. Once again, Euna makes you wade out in the water and face away before she removes any clothing. At the water cave entrance, the smell of brine and seaweed rot fills the air.

To the north is a dark cave passage.

Taking out the razor, you lead Euna through the akkoro nest. They swarm and fondle once again, but it takes hardly a nick upon their flesh before they snap away. You and Euna get to the other side unscathed.

You take it out and draw the blade. The metal shimmers in the lantern light.

"Didn't Lanx say only to use it for shaving?" she asks.

"He also said anything cut with it wouldn't grow back." You step forward, razor raised. Several akkoro crowd you both. With a swipe of the razor, you lop off a tentacle grappling your arm.

The reaction is immediate. With a shudder, the akkoro yanks away its limbs. The severed tentacle flails about. It does not grow back. The others seem equally perturbed. As a whole, they withdraw, giving you and Euna a wide berth.

"It worked." she says.

"I think I actually hurt one. It didn't like that."

"Then let's move!"

You and Euna splash through the nest quickly, stopping only after it's long behind you.

"I hope you didn't hurt it too badly," Euna says.

"You feel bad for it?"

"A little. We're the invaders, and they weren't hurting us."

"Hopefully I won't have to cut them on our way out."


Taking out the jar, you hold the lip against Euna's ravaged sex and lightly push upon her belly. You have to wrestle with some of the smaller creatures to keep the bottle in place. But a deluge of salty cum slowly fills the bottle.

Euna watches, too exhausted to resists. "Is that... what all this was about? ...collecting their seed?"

"It's a nice added benefit," you say.

Euna struggles onto all fours. Taking the jar from you, she holds it between her legs and squeezes. Cum pours out of both her sex and anus. of her sex. It oozes into the bottle, and over it, and over her hands, and down her thighs. The creamy substance gets everywhere, but enough of it gets in the jar to fill it to the brim. She hands it back, and you stopper it and stow it away.

"Satisfied?" she asks.

Jar of Akkoro Cum added to inventory

The tentacles continue to violate her. The ones inside her try pressing further. Other akkoro slather her body while feeling for an entrance. Euna, despite her predicament, moans from the attention. Slime drips from her body in dollops.

The wrist-thick tentacle in her pussy stops thrusting and starts tensing. Bulges work their way down its length from the massive akkoro's core. The tentacle muscles squeeze them along in rhythmic pumps. They disappear inside Euna. The tentacle in her ass begins pumping the same odd lumps as well.

"Oh!" She says. "It's... It's filling me with something! Ohh." She tries to clutch her belly. Tentacles hold her arms away. The injection continues for minutes, and her belly starts to swell. They don't stop until she looks several months pregnant, she's moaning, her belly noticeably distended, then the large tentacle pulls out of her snatch.

Euna relaxes, only for two smaller tentacles from other akkoros to immediately invade her hole. Both slide into her easily. They burrow deep into her, clearly into her womb, and they begin thrusting back and forth like pistons—one pushes forward as the other pulls out.

"Oh. Ohh. Now this is more like it!" Euna gets into this, rocking back against them. The tentacle in her ass finishes its deposit. It's withdrawal extracts several feet of tentacle which cause Euna to cry out. Once it's out, several thinner ones take its place, forcing their way into her rectum. She grunts both in pain and pleasure with each thrust deeper into her intestines. Tentacles continue molesting her body. Her grunts soon turn to cries of pleasure.

The appendages inside her tense, then throb. Pulse after pulse. Euna cries out. Her belly swells more. A shot of creamy white liquid sprays from between her pussy lips and the invading tentacle. It shoots across the cavern several feet. More and more squeezes out in spurts until its running out in a deluge.

The tentacles come out, one after another. When the ones from her ass emerge, a river of this white cum floods out of her gaping anus. The large akkoro pull away, leaving Euna collapsed in the shallow water.

Some smaller, dog-sized akkoro still play with her body, they tease her gaping holessex. Otherwise, she is ignored. The akkoro are satisfied.

You help her to her feet. "Are you okay?" you ask, pulling away the akkoro. They're too small to resist.

"Oh... I ache. I'm so full. I'm just... They are aggressive, aren't they?" The white cum streams down her legs. Her body is streaked with smelly, salty ooze. She clutches her swollen belly.

"Yes, we should probably move while they're ignoring us."

"Yes..." On wobbly legs, Euna goes with you to the other side. She kneels in the water. "I need to get these out of me." Straining, she presses on her belly. Translucent, rubbery eggs spill out of her pussy and ass along with dripping slime and pearly white semen. Push after push brings more out of her. Her belly slowly deflate. "Help me. It's your fault they're in there."

"Lay back," you say.

She does so. Her pussy slack, and with the lubricating slime coating it, your hand slides easily inside without any resistance. Euna groans and arches her back.

"I see you're really distraught over this," you say.

"Mmmm. Maybe I'm just making the best of the situation. Get on with it."

You reach your hand into her cervix. It's still wide, and you fit with little resistance. Her womb filled with eggs. They feel like oversized skinned grapes. You pull them out by the handfuls and toss them aside. Soon, you've got them all.

You gently scrape along the walls of her vagina, bringing out scoops of white creamy cum and eggs which look like oversized skinned grapes. Soon, you've got all the eggs you can find.

"And my ass," Euna hooks her legs and pulls them up to her chest.

Her rear hole easily takes your hand. You reach into her colon nearly to your elbow and pull out handfuls of eggs. You even follow the curve of her rectum somewhat, but there are many just beyond your reach.

With slight effort, her rear hole takes your fist. You scoop out semen and eggs by the handfuls. More are deeper within, but she winces when you try to push your arm farther. Her rim is already stretched taut about your forearm.

"I think they're some a little too deep in there."

"Hmm." She sits up. "I hope I'll pass them before they hatch."

"Are you in any danger?"

"No, but I don't fancy having those little beasts crawling about inside me."

"I think you're okay now," you say.

She feels her belly. It's back down to its normal size. Satisfied, she gets up and scrubs slime off herself with the shallow cave water. It's slow going.

After a while, she's clean enough that the remaining slime on her is drying. She's finally able to don her clothes. They're not too messy.

"I suppose I am grateful for your taking my clothes," she says.

"Told you."

Her clothes are another matter. She sloughs off what slime she can, but they're soaked through and translucent. Annoyed, she frowns at them.

"They'll dry," you say.

"I hope so," she replies. "These are my only clothes after all."

She dresses and dries herself, and achieves some level of decency. "Finally," she says, "I think my nethers will be dripping ooze all day. There's nothing to be done about that. Shall we proceed?"

Trekking forward, you grab hold of Euna. She clutches you as though for life while you unwind the worst of the tentacles grappling her legs.

"Hold tight," you say.

She does. The constant strain slowly extricates her from the others tentacles until she finally pops free. Together, you forge through the nest until reaching the other side.

Euna yanks away the last of the smaller beasts still clinging to her. She's covered in slime. "That was interesting."

"Are you okay?"

"I've just been thoroughly molested by those creatures." She sloughs layers of goo off her legs. She pauses long enough to eye you, "but that was your plan all along, wasn't it? I knew you were hoping they would do that."

"Yet you went anyway." you say.

She shrugs, flashes a grin. "We had to get to the other side somehow, didn't we?"

After a quite a while cleaning herself, she's gotten most of the slime off of her. The rest is drying. After she's ready, you continue forward.

Heading away from the akkoro nest, you follow the cave tunnel south. Ahead is sunlight. The cave leads to the surface, though not before first dipping into briny water. You could exit the cave if you swim.

Behind you is the dark tunnel leading back to the akkoro nest.

As Euna tolerates this molestation, you reach over her body to her rear end, which is still held high. Placing both hands on her ass cheeks, you spread them wide, exposing the small puckered hole between.

"Hey! What are you doing?" Euna cranes to see.

"You looked like you were having so much fun. I thought I'd add to it." Wetting two fingers with akkoro slime, you slide them into her anus.

"Hey! Sto— augh!" She moans as a finger-like tentacle zeros in on the hole you've revealed. Immediately, a couple more join it, and then comes a thick one from the wagon-sized akkoro violating her pussy. It's tentacles are wrist thick.

"Ow. You had to go and do that," she says, but involunarily, she pushes back against this new invader. The biggest akkoro is alternately pistoning its tentacles in and out of her pussy and anus. "Ohh," she whimpers.

"Feel good?" you ask.

"You imp," she says, but she's in too much pleasure to be angry for more than a moment. "Ooh, it keeps going deeper."

You look to see what she means. Every time the akkoro pulls out of her ass, it does so only a little. When it pushes in, more disappears than before. It's worming its way through her gut, flexing and undulating. Feet upon feet disappear inside her. With it's width, and the other finger-like tentacles buried right alongside it, her poor ring is stretched to its limit.

With every thrust, Euna winces. "Ohh, Lord. It's going to disappear inside of me... Ohh..." It's hard to tell if she's in pain or in pleasure, but she must endure regardless.

"Very good," she says. "It was rather harebrained. And idea concocted by your other head." She glances down at your crotch.

"Maybe. That head does a lot of my thinking."

"I'm very aware."

To the north, the cave walls are masoned. The floors are hewn. A glowing green light comes from farther up.

To the south is the watery nest of akkoro.

Euna cries out and tenses.

"What happened?" you ask.

"It just pushed through my cervix."

"Well, it's not like it hasn't seen traffic before."

Euna narrows her eyes at you. She would reply, except an akkoro climbing her arm is snaking about her face. She keeps her mouth shut tight.

Fill in more

You unfasten the lace of her bodice.

"What... are you doing?" she asks, her voice breathless.

"Taking your clothes off."

"Why?" she asks,

"To keep your clothes clean."

"A little late... for that," she replies.

"Do you want your clothes to be more slimy?"

"You just want me naked," yet she hold her arms overhead so you can pull her bodice off. A few akkoro cling to it which you pluck off. Next, you unfasten her skirt. That proves harder to pull given it's vicinity to her penetration. Several akkoro fight you over it, including a few larger ones. You unwrap them over time and pull the skirt away.

All the while, Euna's violation continues, in and out, only now she's naked apart from her boots. Tentacles are still holding her legs off the ground. Reaching, you snag one, and then the other. The akkoro seem uninterested in wrestling for those. Instead, they immediately coil about her exposed feet. Tentacles inch between her toes.

You stash her clothes and crouch before her again. The akkoro now have solid grips about her bare torso.

She eyes you sardonically. "A better... view for you now?" And then she whimpers as tentacles find her breasts. They squeeze them as though they were utters.

"Didn't you see how intimate they were getting with me?"

"I did, but they weren't hurting you."

"Maybe they won't hurt, but I certainly doubt I could reach the other end unmolested. I think they may be mistaking me for a good place to lay their eggs."

"Would they eat you from the inside out?"

"No. They just need a warm place to incubate."

"Maybe you didn't see how personal they were getting with me before," she says.

"But they won't hurt you."

"No, but they might decide to keep me. Forget it. We need to find another way. Maybe there's some way we can scare them back."

"To you maybe." She grabs your ass. "You've got a nice warm cavity right here. Why don't you let them have their way with you?."

"I'm not interested." You sidle close to her, "but aren't you? The woman who loves being filled? Look at those tentacles. What do you think they'll feel like? How easily do you think they'll slide in inside you?"

She eyes the swarming akkoro. "And if they leave something inside me?"

"Then I'll have to reach in and get it out."

She contemplates this. "Okay! I'll do it, but you will save me if they get violent, agreed?"


Leaving the nest behind, you both head farther into the cave. Up ahead, there's a strange green glow, which you follow.

"After I trek through their nest and get violated again, you mean?"

"It got us through last time," you say.

She surveys all the akkoro. Their eyes all seem to be on her, almost as though waiting for her. "I think they may be as excited about this as you are," she says.

"Maybe. You really want to disappoint them?"

She sighs. "Let's hope they behave themselves this time, but somehow I doubt it."

"Oh, I'm sure," she says dryly.

"Lanx said they won't hurt you. They're probably just being friendly."

"If you're so sure, why don't you go first? They weren't bothering you nearly as much."

"Because we both have to get through, so it's better for you to go first so I'll be right behind you if you get into trouble."

"And if they molest me?"

"Then you'll have a hell of a story under your belt."

She narrows her eyes at you. "You will be right behind me, yes?"

"I will."


Euna stalks toward the nest of akkoro. Already, baby akkoros are pulling themselves up her boots. Larger ones get curious. Tentacles reach out and stroke her arms and legs. She bats them away as she sidesteps around the creatures toward the passageway beyond.

A tentacle lifts her skirt. She slaps it back down. Another coils about her arm. She wrests it away. Their groping impedes her, yet she still makes progress.

She's nearly to the other side when the beasts' finally becomes assertive. One wagon-sized akkoro snags her about the waist. She yelps as it drags her back toward the others. She's knocked onto her hands and knees. They lift her skirt.

"Get off!" Euna struggles. Smaller akkoros latch on to her, catching her arms and thighs. They sneak their slimy appendages down her bodice.

"Ugh," Euna says. "Not again!"

"Ugh," Euna says. "They're so slimy." She struggles more.

"Are you okay?"

"I can't... move. Oh!" A large akkoro licks a wrist-thick tentacle right between her legs, from her pubic mound to the back. "Ohhh. Oh my." She shudders from the stimulation. When it lifts away, ropes of ooze span between it and her crotch.

"Oh..." She wriggles her rump toward her invader and spreads her legs wider. "Looks like I might just have to let them have their way." The tentacle lashes across her sex again, inciting another shudder. "Oh well."

"This is... getting... out of control!" she says.

Venturing along the cave, the smell of rotten fish becomes stronger. Soon, you're both wading in ankle deep water, which is oddly viscous. Slime covers the walls.

Euna squeaks and clutches your arm. "Did you see that?"

"See what?"

"Up ahead. It was there a second ago. I think it was an akkoro. We're walking into an akkoro nest," she says.

Put on Lanx's repellant.

"Relax... That's easy for you to say. You just want to watch them— Agh!"

The same tentacle dives in. Euna cries out as it burrows into her snatch. Its slippery ooze makes it slide in effortlessly. It snakes deeper until bottoming out inside her vaginal canal. Smaller tentacles from other akkoro have slithered under her clothes. They coil about her breasts, squeezing and rubbing. They smear the alchemical jelly on her chest around, mixing it with their own ooze and covering her torso. More focus between her legs.

"Oh... oh my," she says.

"Are you okay?"

"Just... splendid! Would you..." She reaches for you. You step closer and kneel by her. The akkoro don't bother you. She gropes, and you take her hand. So many tentacles are coiled about her legs and waist that they're supporting her weight. They lift her hind higher until her legs leave the ground, but her head is still near to you.

With firm grips on her legs, the wrist-thick tentacles settles into a rhythm of thrusting in and out of her stretched snatch. Dozens of small feelers writhe about along her labial folds and her clit. The thickest tentacle flexes and squirms. Ooze drips from her pussy. Her pubic hair is matted down with the stuff.

Euna is convulsing. Her breath is ragged. "Oh my Lord," she murmurs. "They're actually... Oh... This is going to do it for me."

You open the jar. The stench causes you both to recoil.

'Oh heavens!" she says. "It's jelly and bad eggs. Ugh... so much sulfur!"

"Fira did warn us." You take a fingerful and smear it across your chest.

Euna does the same, putting a smear above her breasts. She wipes her fingers on her belly. "I hope this is worth it. You go first."

The next turn down the tunnel leads into a large catacomb ankle deep in water. The place teems with akkoro of all different sizes which slither over each other. The squirming endless tentacles are like a pit of snakes. Hundreds of gelatin eyes on the tips of stalks watch you warily. The walls, floor, and even the ceiling are thick with mucus. Half packed within this film are countless bones of various creatures. A few are as large as an elephant. Most are the size of horses. The water at your feet seethes with tiny rodent skeletons.

Beyond this nest lies another corridor leading farther along the cave.

You point this out. "Maybe we can just walk through. Slowly."

"After you."

You take a few cautious steps forward. The akkoro slither closer as though forming a crowd. They don't attack, but they're curious. A few steps later, and they start to investigate you two. Tentacles lick upon you. A few coil about your legs, but not tightly. They're only feeling you out.

"Uh..." Euna has her own share of tentacles. In fact, many more. Several baby akkoro are climbing her legs. As a swarm, they're impeding her progress. "I need help."

You grab her arm and help pull her along, but the closer into the nest you get, the more assertive they become. They climb faster than she can pluck them off. Some tentacles slip up her skirt. She yelps and dances away to the edge of the nest. "This isn't working!"

You work your way back to her. "They are a bit handsy, aren't they?"

"One of them just tried to slip inside me." She corrects her skirt. "That jelly might be keeping them from attacking us, but it's not stopping them from trying to play with us. I don't think we'll get through unmolested."

From the slime covered walls and the stench, the akkoro nest is up ahead. You and Euna apply Lanx's repellent to yourselves. It's as potent as always.

Now safe, you both continue forward until the nest comes into view. The writhing masses of akkoro linger just beyond the reach of your lantern.

"What now?" Euna asks.

"Yes. Yes, I do." Euna rummages through her pack and produced the pair of rusty scissors she used to alter her clothes. The blades are long and hefty. "Are you sure this is wise? What if it angers them."

"Lanx said we'd be safe no matter what we do."

"Okay, but try not to hurt them more than you need to."

You trek forward. When many akkoro surround and start fondling both of you, you snip at their entangling tentacles. They come off cleanly. The akkoro recoil, though only momentarily. Already, the limbs you removed are growing back. Other akkoro grab the severed parts in the water and stuff them into their maws hidden beneath their mass of tentacles.

Your progress is futile, and soon you're forced to retreat.

"I don't think they cared," you say.

"It's no wonder," she replies. "If you could regrow limbs that quickly, you wouldn't care either. I never realized their regeneration was that incredible. It does however mean the scissors are useless." She wipes them clean and tucks them away.

You push through the door enough for you both to slip through.

You're at the top landing of a long stairwell south of you which down deep into the earth.

A solid stone door is on this landing.

Go through the door.

Go down the stairs.

You're at a masoned wall within the cave tunnel. Along the wall at intervals are lanterns which glow with green flames. There's a gap in the masoned wall which leads to a treacherous staircase going up as far as you can see.

Leading away from the wall is an unhewn cave tunnel. Without lanterns, it's enveloped in darkness.

Climb the stairs.

Head into the dark cave tunnels.

Return to the akkoro nest.

You pull open the great stone door. It takes all of your strength. Once it's open enough, you both slip through. You find yourselves in dark marble hallways of a castle keep.

A sly look comes over her and she faces the nun with new eyes. When she undoes the knot of her bodice, the audience perks up. Euna pulls her bodice down. Her tits fall free. Everyone hoots. She struts around the nun tracing the lash along the girl's flank. All the while, she gives the audience enticing come-hither looks and works her bodice looser and looser.

It's a striptease, and the audience is loving it. As a result, the nun has a reprieve from their attention.

Euna sways her hips and caresses herself. Sometimes she bends low, thrusting her ass toward the audience, and murmurs to the nun while holding the girl's chin up with the lash's handle. Her burlesque show is expert enough that no one realizes that she's intermingling a private conversation with the nun.

She snakes out of her skirt, baring her shaved pussy to appreciative hoots and hollers. The audience loves it, but she can't ignore the nun any longer.

Euna hikes one leg over the pillory, yanks the nun's head up, and presses her pussymuff to the nun's face.

"Let me feel your tongue deep, sister," Euna commands. "Or feel the lash."

The nun tongue's her folds. Euna basks in pleasure, and the audience hoots and hollers. She playfully slides her fingers along the nun's back as though to play with the blood, but you can see that she's collecting it into the thimble. Blood coats her arm, and she licks it off with vampirish delight. She squeezes her own tits in pleasure, leaving dark red smears.

Euna starts entertaining herself by flicking the lash along the nun's body. "Tongue harder, sister. I will wail in ecstasy, or you will wail in pain." She aims some lashings around the side to whip the nun's hanging tits. The lash cracks, but the strikes aren't nearly has hard as they sound. The red streaks left on the nun's breasts are from the blood already on the lash.

After minutes of showy moans and salacious writhing, Euna clutches the nun's head and grinds against her face while screaming out. It's so theatrical you doubt she's actually climaxing at all, but the audience frenzies all the same.

Afterward, guard decides the show is over. He takes back the lash and escorts Euna off the platform.

She runs her tongue and hands along the nun's tortured body, licking and smearing. What people don't see is that she's also collecting. The thimble is full, and she keeps it hidden in her palm. Next, she fondles the nun's sex. The crowd laughs when the nun cringes away.

With one last coy glance to her audience, Euna spreads the girl's ass and buries her tongue in the woman's gash. The nun wails and cringes away helplessly. Euna comes up for air occasionally and gives the nun a slap on the ass, leaving bloody hand prints, but then she gets right back to dining.

The crowd cheers, but some chant. "Make her bleed. Make her bleed."

This isn't enough. Euna brandishes the whip, and with a crack, she brings it down ...on her own ass.

And again, and again, leaving bright red lines. She then offers the whip to a man in the crowd and goes back to dining. The man gets it. He takes over whipping Euna while Euna laps at the nun's pussy. Red welts score Euna's rump, but she seems determined to finish what she's started.

Minutes later, Euna brings the nun to a trembling orgasm. The girl wails both in shame and ecstasy, and the audience frenzies.

The guard decides Euna has done enough. He escorts her off the stage and finds someone else.

A distance away, Euna dresses and cleans herself of blood, and you stow the sample.

"Quite a performance," you say. "If I didn't know better, I'd think you enjoyed molesting that woman."

"I consulted her first about everything I did to her," Euna replies. "And she consented. The rest was acting."

"So naturally you weren't actually enjoy yourself at all."

Her eyes twinkle. "Not a single little bit."

"She was only pretending to hate it so the audience would think I was humiliating her."

"I knew I saw you two talking. You have a knack for working a crowd."

"I only did it to give the poor woman a moment of mercy. It was all for her."

"And getting someone to whip you?"

She squeezes her welted rump. "The crowded needed someone to whip. Why not someone who'd enjoy it a little more?"

"And not a single bit for you?"

Her eyes twinkle. "Maybe a little bit was for me."

Euna looks at you incredulously. She seems to consider the idea, but soon hands the lash back to the guard.

Euna swipes the thimble along the nun's legs to scoop up rivulets of blood. The audience has no idea what to make of this. Fortunately, Euna finishes before they grow impatient. She whispers something in the nun's ears and hops off the stage.

You two escape the crowd while the guard picks someone else. The nun, despite her plight, watches Euna curiously, even once another person starts lashing her.

Blood added to inventory

"We can try," she says.

You both shoulder to the front of the crowd. Unfortunately, the blood on the platform is too little to collect.

"Maybe you could get up there and get some?" You have to yell over the crowd.

"Me? Why me?"

You hand her the thimble. "Because you're a pretty girl. They'll let you on the stage before they let me up there."

"I think they're only letting people up there to torment her, and I'm certainly not going to do that."

The guard stops the man currently whipping the nun and looks for a new punisher. People clamber and plead, but his eyes fall on Euna. He pulls her to the platform. Everyone cheers. The guard thrusts the leather lash into her hand.

Euna couldn't look more bewildered. She looks at the poor nun, and then to you. The crowd is loud, but you could mouth words to her.

Get the blood.

Give em a show.

You arrive at a great building with steps leading up to a pillared entrance. To the side is a training yard where uniformed guards spar against each other and fire arrows at target dummies. It's the city barracks.

Out front is a clearing, and in the center is a platform with a pillory.

You are at the barracks.

Today, a crowd is gathered around the central pillory. The nun you saw earlier today giving food to vagrants is locked in it, bent over with her hands and neck secured in place. She's been stripped of her habit, leaving only her wimple covering her head. Her bare ass is exposed to the crowd. Her breasts drape beneath her.

The crowd jeers. They pelt the woman with fruits. A man is behind her with a leather lash. He's flogging her ass with hard, fast strokes. The lash cracks against her skin. Blood lines drip down from crisscrossing welts. They drip on the platform.

The man moves to her side and starts bringing the lash down on her back. With each strike, the nun winces. Tears stain her face.

"And this is what she gets for feeding the poor?" Euna says. "This is wrong."

"I don't know," you say. "You're saying the crack of that lash isn't making you wet?"

She rolls her eyes. "This shouldn't be forced on someone who doesn't enjoy rough play."

The man whipping the nun gets carried away. He makes wild overhead swings which leave deep gashes. A supervising guard catches his hand and orders him off the platform.

The nun is left with blood running down her back, but already people are trying to climb up to continue her punishment. The guard stops all but one, a woman. She has a bucketful of mud, which she upturns over the nun's head. The mud cakes the nun's face under a wash of brown. The crowd cheers.

"I wish there was something we could do for her," Euna says.

You take cover behind door frame, peeking through the edge of the door veil.

Euna is certainly alive with energy. Every moment she's more alert, yet she's snuggles tighter into the nun's lap. The nun for her part seems amused.

Euna gets more involved, kissing along the girl's clothed thighs. Her hands explore up and down. The nun makes no move to stop Euna. Instead, she watches, intrigued. She even spreads her legs slightly. Euna's hands find their way under the folds on the nun's habit. She pulls, and the cinched ribbon belt holding the nun's robes closed comes loose. The nun is exposed from the naval down. From your angle all, you see is the peak of a tuft of hair between her legs, but Euna must like whatever she sees. Hungrily, she buries her head between the nun's thighs.

The nun gasps and arches her back. Euna clutches the girl's hips and holds her down while she pleasures her. She's grinding her own pussy against the nun's footSoon, the nun is bucking. She holds Euna's head against herself as she bites her lips. Quiet cries escape her lips, and she convulses with pleasure. After she comes down, Euna lifts and looks at her with a smile like a cat.

She shoves the girl onto her back and crawls over her. Positioning her dripping cunt over her face. The nun hasn't a moment to object before Euna presses herself against the girl's mouth, and Euna grinds against her, hardly giving the poor girl time to breath. It doesn't even seem the girl is licking Euna at all, although she's certainly trying. Within a minute, Euna is whining in pleasure, grinding herself with desperation.

After Euna finishes using the girl's face, she squirms back down until she's embracing the woman. They hold each other. Euna whispers something. The girl whispers something back. Both giggle. The show seems over.

You step into the nave, acting innocently. Euna sits up and smiles lazily.

The nun gets up, corrects her robe, wipes the smears on her face. "Thank you again," she says to Euna, "for taking my place at the pillory."

You enter. Euna turns her head to look at you with no intention of moving her head. "Hello, my love."

The nun strokes her hair a few more times, then extricates herself from Euna. "I should return to my duties. Thank you again for taking my place at the pillory."

"It was... most intriguing," Euna says, "and I don't know what was tea you had me drink, but I feel _great_. I'd take your place at the pillory every day for that."

The nun bows again and departs.

Euna stands, staggers from dizziness, and decides to sit back down. Resting one leg over the dais edge, she casually rubs her finger along her clit and she smiles at you. She's still completely unabashed of her nudity. "You know, I think I broke today."

"How so?"

"As I was locked in that pillory, I wondered what I'd gotten myself into. It had become too much. I'd wanted it to stop."

"You could have told me."

"I know, but I didn't. A part of me wanted it to go on too, to get through it to the end and prove I could handle it, yet I was so relieved when the end came. But now that I'm here, I think back on the pain, the humiliation... that absolute helplessness, before all those people... It gets me wet. I..." She bites her lip, embarrassed. "A part of me wishes to go back out there. I can't even explain why. I shouldn't want to. How broken have I become?"

"You may also be a little high right now."

"That, I believe." She tried standing again, succeeded, and begun poking at her folded clothes. She dressed casually. "An amazing thing that strange ambrosia of theirs. Did you see it?"

"I did."

"The sisters tell me there won't even be scars by tomorrow. A good thing, though perhaps too much of a good thing."

"How so?"

"My largest reservation about the pillory was the fear of marring my body. If that's not a concern... well, there's nothing holding me back." Her eyebrows dance mischievously.

"So there isn't, but what's the harm in that?"

"Clever words."

Together, you depart from the church of Simori.

You're standing before a church—large circular building whose curving walls are made of marble, and whose roof is a massive dome. Though the building is a marvel of engineering, it's spartan and efficient design contrasts with the city around it.

The symbol above the double wooden doors shows the silhouette of a bird creature with its winged arms outstretched. From its waist down, it has the body of a lion, but upward, it has the features of a beautiful human female, its bare breasts prominent.

You're standing before the church.

You're again in the festival before the palace. Hundreds dance as minstrels perform. Entertainers perform all manner of feats for a passing audience. Many are drunk and in various states of undress. Lascivious behavior is everywhere.

"What? Why?" she asks.

"It's getting in the way of the harness."

"So? It wasn't a problem last time."

"It was, actually. Don't you remember how awkward it was?"

"I managed. I don't want to be exposed to everyone."

"You already were. The first time the rope caught your fall, your skirt rode up about your waist. It'll be safer and more comfortable if you just take off your skirt."

After a moment of narrowed eyes, Euna shimmies her skirt down to her ankles. Her bald pussy is exposed.Her furred pussy is exposed. "I will trust you, though I know I shouldn't. If you're just taking advantage of me, then shame on you."

"Are you serious. Why?"

"The rope isn't really secure that way."

"The rope doesn't even pass over my bodice. How would it help?"

"It doesn't matter," you say. "I'm telling you to take it off."

"Oh! I see. As you wish."

"It's plenty secure. I don't see how it would make a difference." She regards you. "Just admit that you want me to take my top off and I'll do it. There's no need for this charade."

"Okay then, I do."

"You do what? Ask nicely."

"Please, Your Highness. I would like you to remove your top for me."

"Very well. That's all you had to say."

Euna unfastens her bodice and tugs it off overhead. She is left fully nude before you.

"Again with climbing?" she asks. "Skirt off, I suppose."

"It's for the best."

She whisks away her skirt and stands before you exposed.

"Very well." She hikes up her skirt about her waist, exposing her bald slit.furry muff.

Euna sighs. "This again..." She holds up her skirt and chemise, but keeps it just low enough to remain descent.

"I think I'd actually prefer to work my wiles upon the guards instead," she says. "It works."

"Maybe, but today let's climb."

"Perhaps we'd have better luck getting past the guards," she says.

"Perhaps we'll try another day."

You tie the rope runs down her ass and along her slit. Any weight will torture her there. Euna regards you demurely as you make sure it's nice and tight.

You wrap opposite lengths of rope around her waist and twirl them together behind her back. The combined length then runs between her legs, going down the valley of her ass and over her vulva. In the front, you tie the ropes into the knot from which you'll belay her.

"Interesting harness," Euna says dryly.

"It's not too tight, is it?"

"It will become very tight in a very uncomfortable place if I put my weight on the rope."

"Good. Maybe now you'll actually try climbing instead of letting me pull you up."

"You weren't pulling me up. I was climbing."

"Then this should be no problem then, right?"

Her eyes narrow. "Interesting... And if I should slip and fall onto this rope?"

"This will encourage you not to," you reply.

She bites her lip. "A harsh punishment. I see you believe in teaching with the stick."

"You'll thank me once you're an expert climber."

First, you climb up and then help her afterward. Puffing and sweaty, she glances over the other side to make sure no one is around before straddling the wall.

If anyone were to look up, they'd see her sitting here bottomless.

"This is exposed," she says. "I'm going to be mooning the town the entire way down the other side."

"So? Weren't you before? Anyone below could always have looked up your skirt."

"This is different." She gestures to her naked lower half. "Maybe we should have you climb without pants so you can know what it's like. Now hurry. Get me down the other side before someone sees us."

You belay her down. The moment she's on the street, she takes cover behind a crate and dresses.

By the time you're down, she's decent.

"That was interesting," she says. "Though far less necessary than you made it out to be. I feel like the whole city saw my intimates?"

"And if they did?"

She thinks, blushes. "Then I hope they like what they saw. Let's get moving."

First, you climb up. Next, you belay her. With the rope running over her slit, she's forced to actually climb, and any time she starts slowing down, you pull on the rope to encourage her along.

First, you climb up. Next, you belay her. With the rope running over her slit, she's forced to actually climb instead of relying on you to pull her weight. As a result, her progress is tedious.

First, you climb up. Next, you belay her. Though she climbs some, she relies heavily upon the rope. You're supporting much of her weight. The few times you leave her with a little slack, she refuses to move until you make the rope taught again.

Today, she actually makes it on her own, at a good clip too. After cresting the top, she takes a moment to breath and fan her sweaty brow, then inspects the damage between her legs. Hardly more than a red strip.

"Either I'm getting too good," she says. "Or you're going to easy on me. That was hardly a challenge."

You help her down the other side, and then you climb down yourself. On the other side, she lets you unfasten the rope from around her waist.

After she's over and down, you climb down after her.

Euna inspects her groin. The ropes have left her vaginal lips red and tender. "Not too bad," she says.

You take the slack out of the rope and pull.

"Ow, ow. Stop. What are you doing?"

"You're taking too long," you say.

"This is hard. Stop." Euna scrabbles up the wall as best she can. Every gain she makes only buys her seconds before you pull the slack out of the rope. The longer she delays, the harder you pull.

Two-thirds up. "Stop. I need to rest!"

"You're almost there. Keep going." You pull, but this time she doesn't move. You put your weight into it, still nothing.

"I give up," she says. "Can you pull me up?"

"It's going to hurt."

"I accept my punishment."

"If you really do, take your hands off the rope, and I'll pull you up."

A mischievous look comes over her. She forces herself to let go of the rope. At first, she squirms, but her eyes lock onto yours, and she stills.

Once you've hauled her to the top, she swings her leg over and inspects her crotch. The rope is biting into her slit. Her labia hugs the hemp. Her flesh is an angry red, and she winces at the slightest touch.

"Ready to go down the other side?" you say.

She steels herself and swings her leg over. "I'm ready. Am I to try climbing again? Or is my punishment to continue?"

"What do you think?"

The same look comes over her. She dangles her weight on the rope. It hurts even more now. Every jostle causes her to whimper. The moment she's on the ground, Euna sits and tends to her tortured groin.

She grasps the rope instead of the wall. Suddenly, you're having to supporting most of her weight. She stares up at you with a look of satisfaction, even as she grimaces.

"That must be painful," you say.

"Very. But if it's the price for a rest, then I accept my punishment. In fact, I think I'm done." Euna kicks away from the wall. "You can pull me up, because I'm not climbing any more."

"Or I could leave you dangling?" You shift the rope a little, causing her to jiggle. She winces, but remains firm.

"You can. How long can you hold me up? As long as I can take this pain? I bet not." Staring you in the eye, she lets go of the rope. "You better get pulling before your arms get tired."

You haul her up. By the time she's at the top, your arms and back are burning.

"You've outwitted me," you say.

"Of course." Euna inspects her crotch. The rope is biting into her slit. Her labia hugs the hemp. Her flesh is an angry red, and though she winces at the slightest touch, she seems unconcerned. "You're mistake was turning me on to pain. Now. I'll give you a minute to rest, and then you're lowering me down the other side."

"You want more?"

"I said I was done climbing, didn't I?" She swings over to the other sides and dangles, forcing you to lower her by rope. At the bottom, she waits patiently for you.

You climb down, which is a chore given how tired your arms are. Euna is dressed and out of the harness by the time you're on the ground. She's inspecting herself once again. A bright red welt runs between her tender pussy and ass. She will certainly be sore.

"Was it worth it?" you ask.

"What's a little pain for the rest of the day? Shall we go?"

You climb up and then help her afterward. At the top, she straddles the wall. She glistens with sweat, and her nude body is plain to see from many streets, yet she doesn't cover herself. Actually, she's rocking her hips back and forth, grinding her pussy against the marble. One hand traces her thighs and waist.

"Anyone could look up here," she says. "They'd see me sitting upon their wall completely nude. What do you think they'd say?"

"Now that's a beautiful view."

"Of course they would." Her hand trails and circles her breast.

"Maybe you should give them a show," you say.

She grins. "I tantalizing idea, though foolhardy for how treacherous this wall is. We should get down."

She swings her other leg over the wall and climbs down. By the time you catch up, she's already dressed. "That was interesting," she says. "But so absolutely unnecessary."

"Who cares about that?"

"You don't. Clearly. Shall we get moving?"

After climbing up, you belay her. Unlike before, she's not so quick to let you support her weight and actually climbs with her own two hands. As a result, she inches up the wall.

Many times when you pull up the slack, she snatches the rope to keep you from pulling too tight.

Part way up, she halts and just clings to the wall. "My arms are getting tired."

"You've got to finish."

"My grip is getting weak."

"You're almost there."

You feel tension in the rope. She's resting on the harness, despite what it's digging into.

"I can pull you up if you'd like," you pull a little.

She winces and catches the rope. "No. Ow. No."

"Then climb. The longer you take, the more tired you'll get."

Several painstaking minutes later, she crests the top, sweaty and exhausted. The moment she's straddling the marble, she clutches her exhausted arms, and then inspects the ropes. It's pressed into her gash. When she pulls it away, it reveals a red mark running over her ass and pussy. The flesh looks tender. "You're devious."

"But look. You climbed almost entirely without help."

"Almost." She rubs her tender slit. "Next time I'll do better."

"Next time?"

Her eyes twinkle. "You are right. I actually climbed. Looks like I just needed motivation. But I don't think I can take any more for now."

You unfasten the part of the rope between her legs. After belaying her, you climb down and join her. She already has the harness off and is massaging herself between her legs.

"Are you okay?" you ask.

"I'll be fine. Let's get moving."

She grins. "I like that idea."

"I figured you would. Shall we go?"

"We shall," she replies.

Her eyes narrow. "Interesting fantasy of yours..."

"You've hopelessly fallen for my roguish charms."

"Mmhmm. So we ran away together?"

"Your parents didn't approve of our love."

"I'm certain," she says, "and why should I go along with this story?"

"It works. It explains why you don't have any wealth with you, and why we're so far from home."

She mulls it over. "It does serve its purpose. I suppose that makes me the infatuated young woman who's attracted to danger. I'll see if I can play the part. Shall we?"

Together, you emerge from the alley way.

You arrive at a garden plaza surrounded by homes. Pleasant walking paths pass along bushes and trees and well-manicured flower beds. Pleasing smells fill the air, from lavender, to rose, to cinnamon. It's isolated here. No one is about, though there are the sounds of distant festivities.

"Oh my," Euna wanders around. She smells a few flowers. "It reminds me of the palace garden back home. It's beautiful here."

"It is," you agree.

"Where shall we go?"

You're in the garden plaza. Sculpted flora and enticing scents surround you.

Euna presses her bottom against the guard's hand, signaling him to go ahead.

The guard chuckles. "Aren't you a friendly noble. You like this?" He squeezes her ass fiercely. Euna winces and presses her lips together. In no time, the guard moves his hand down to her pussy and presses two fingers into her. They slide in easily. "You really like this."

The other guard presses his finger into her anus, slowly worming it in and out. Euna wriggles her butt at the attention, encouraging them to push deeper. They take their time fingering her holes.

A loud cough comes from someone waiting farther down the line. The guards remember that they have a job to do and pull away.

"You're certainly a noble," the guards say. "Head on in."

Euna drops her skirt and the two of you scamper into the city.

"A wonderful show." you say.

"Lord, I loved it! It was so delightfully sinful. Shame there were others in line." She glances at you. "You know, I would have gone farther, if you'd wanted me to."

"I'll remember that," you reply.

Euna stiffens, but she does not move from her exposed position. She accepts it as the guards squeeze and caress her ass. It's as though they're inspecting a grade of meat. One of them massages her slit. He slides two fingers inside of her.

Euna squeaks and recoils. "All right. Surely you've seen enough." Straightening, she hurriedly drops her skirt.

"Fair enough." The guards are grinning. "Go on through."

You and Euna head through the gate.

Inside the city, she turns to you. "I'm sorry. It was just... I got a little scared."

"It's my fault. I shouldn't have let them touch you." you say.

"No, no. It's fine. I liked it. I just got scared. Please, don't stop pushing me."

You grin. "As you wish, Your Highness."

Euna flinches. Her hands move to pull her skirt down, but she holds back. Despite her nervousness, her slit is quite wet. The guards take turns sliding their fingers into her. Satisfied, one nods. "Looks good. Head on in you two."

She drops her skirt and you both head into the town.

"How did I do?" she asks.

"Lovely. Did you enjoy yourself."

"I thought I was going to faint. My heart is racing, but Heavens was that arousing!"

"I could tell."

"What shall we do now?"

"I see you're not asking anymore," she says.

"No, I'm not," you say, grinning.

"I suppose I have no choice then. I did ask you to help broaden my horizons." Her eyes twinkle.

You both approach the guards. They grin at the sight of her. "No signets?"

"A show? As in expose myself to them?" she asks.


"Have you ever considered that simply flirting with them might be enough?"

"It might be, but you're going to do more than that."

She regards you momentarily. "Very well. I did ask you to help broaden my horizons.

You both approach the guards. They wave you closer. "Signets."

"We don't have any," Euna says.

"Why not?"

"My servant is most forgetful," she replies.

"I am forgetful," she replies.

"You know, I'm starting to think you're not noble born after all."

"Only nobles and natives get in here. And I don't think you're a noble."

"Nonsense." Without pause, Euna yanks down her bodice. Her ample breasts spill free. "These are not some commoner bags. Look at how smooth my skin is." She sensuously rubs her fingers around her nipples. "Look at how pink and tender these are." She tweaks and pulls at them until both stand out. "These, men, are noble breasts. Surely you can see this."

The guards smirk at one another. It seems they've conspired beforehand on what to do in this event.

"I don't know..." one says. "I've seen good tits on plenty of wenches. I don't think those prove anything."

Euna sees where this is going.

"I see. If my high-class bosom isn't enough. This surely will be." Turning around, she hinges at the hip and flips her skirt onto her back. Both men have prime views of her bare ass. "Surely this is not the buttocks of common rabble." Reaching between her legs, she strokes the globes of her ass, then slides two fingers down either side of her pussy. "And this is certainly not a commoner's snatch. It is a fine flower. You must see that."

They scrutinize it, acting undecided. "I suppose you might be right. What do you think?" one asks the other

"I'd have to think about it," the other replies, "but I guess we can let them in for now. Go on you two."

Euna fixes her skirt and scoops her breasts back into her bodice. You both hurry along inside.

"You showed them a bit more than usual," than I expected," you say, "not that I'm complaining."

She shrugs. "They raised the stakes."

"You'll have to show it every time now."

"I guess I will, won't I? How unfortunate."

The guard stops. Euna looks clearly relieved.

"Oh, fine," they say. "She's noble enough. Go on, you two."

You lower Euna's skirt, and you both hurry through the gate.

"Those men certainly take liberties, don't they?" she says.

"I hope it wasn't too much."

"It's fine. Actually, I'm rather taken with the idea of men groping me simply because you want it. It's so lewd. Though I'm not sure I'd go through with it."

"Maybe you just need a push."


The guards stop. "Oh, fine," they say. "She's noble, sure enough. Go on, you two."

Euna lowers her skirk, and both of you hurry through the gate.

"You didn't have to stop him," she says. "Maybe they needed to get a good feel before they could be sure."

"That wouldn't be very gentlemanly of them."

"And I'm not much of a lady these days either."

"Me? Flirt with him?" She glances at the guard. "How?"

"Just smile. Act friendly. Compliment him. It should be easy."

"What if it doesn't work?" she asks.

"Then no harm done. Besides," you pull her close and whisper, "you could always show him a little. That would definitely work."

"No!" she bats at you. "I couldn't possibly do that."

"Are you sure? It doesn't turn you on to know how much the guards would treasure the sight of your body?"

She grins, remembering that sultry conversation. "That's all fun to fantasize about, but actually doing it...?"

"I dare you to."

She thinks. "Fine. I'll flirt with him, but that's it."

You two get up to the guard. "Welcome to Cockaigne," the guard mutters. "Signets, please."

"Hello there," she says alluringly. My "useless slave here forgot to bring my signet when we left home. "My friend and I only just now realized we left our signets at home. I don't suppose you could let us through. Surely you can see I'm nobility."

The guards smile patiently. "Listen, Lady," one says. "I hear that story a hundred times a day."

"I'll be grateful if you did. You'd be my favorite pair of guards."

"You'll have to do better than that."

"Maybe I could show you something in return." With quivering hands, she raises the hem of her dress suggestively.

The guards' eyebrow rise. He watches her, intrigued.

Euna steels herself, then yanks her dress up, revealing her baldblond, furry pussy.

The guards stare with blank expressions, then the first chuckles. "All right, little lady. That gets you in today. Move on in."

Releasing her breath, Euna drops her dress. She's gasping as you escort her in the gate.

"Oh, my heavens," she says. "I can't believe I did that."

"That was amazing," you say.

"I feel like I'm going to pass out."

"But it worked. You were lovely. When I said show a little, I meant your breasts. You surprised me."

"I can't very well show him my breasts while wearing this chemise, can I?" she says. "Did I go too far?"

"Not at all! That was so sexy."

"I felt terrified. I wonder what he thinks of me?"

"He probably thinks you're a beautiful women he was lucky enough to ogle, but who cares what he thinks? How do you feel?"

"I feel... I feel so naughty. It went against everything I've been taught."

"Would you do it again?"

"Yes! That was so exciting! Should I not? It was inappropriate. I certainly shouldn't have."

"Which is what made it so amazing," you say. "Don't worry. You'll get a chance to do it again. But later. We're inside now."

"Yes," she says, calming down. "Where shall we go?"

Euna's eyes light. She studies the guards mischievously. "I think so."

You and Euna approach the guards.

"You again," one guard says. "Don't suppose you remembered your signet this time."

"I forgot." She swallows. "But maybe I could, uh... convince you to let us in again?"

"Maybe." Both guards gather closer. "Let's see what you've got."

Euna glances back at the others in line. Steeling herself, she unfastens the lace of her bodice. Once it's loose, she yanks the neckline of her chemise down, letting her breasts spill out. She hoists them from beneath to show the men their heft and suppleness.

"Surely these are nobleborn breasts, aren't they?"

The guards grin. "They sure are. All right, both of you. Get on in."

You and Euna scamper by. She's hastily tucking her breasts away. Inside the gate, she gasps. "Lord, that's so exhilarating! I still can't believe I'm doing it."

"I noticed you didn't show them your flower this time."

"No," she says firmly. "That was only that one time. Because I panicked. I might be enjoying this, but I do have my limits."

His eyes pop. He looks Euna over. "You? You want to..."

Euna steps close to him. "To suck your cock." She takes his hand and presses it to her belly. She guides him up, giving him a feel of her breasts, her neck, and when his fingers brush her lips, she sucks on one of his digits. "Just say yes, and come with me. I will suck every last drop of your cum."


"Good boy. Come along then."

His eyes pop. He looks Euna over. "You? Really?"

"Sure, she will," you reply. "Isn't that right, Euna?"

"Of course," she replies. "I'll suck whatever cock you tell me to."

"There you go," you say to the stablehand. "So do we have a deal?"


His eyes pop. He looks Euna over. "You? Really?"

"How about it?" Euna asks. "I promise you'll enjoy yourself."


Her eyes widen. "Him?" She glances the stableboy over. "Just to get us inside?"

"Why not?"

"Because it's so unnecessary. You could just bribe him. With anything. You're only suggesting this because you want to see if I'll do it."

"And you're saying you don't want to?" you ask. "Look at that young lad. He's hardly a man. He will be floating among the clouds if you do this for him. He'll never forget you. Wouldn't you want to do it just for that alone? To hold his pleasure in your hands? Not to mention, what do you think his cock will feel like between your lips?"

Her eyes widen. "Him?" She glances the stableboy over. "Just to get us inside?"

"You've already shown your lips can open doors for us."

She hesitates. Her expression is of fear and mischief.

Then, "Okay! I'll do it, but let me do the talking." Euna struts toward the boy. "Hello again."

"Yeah? Hi."

"We are going to go into that stable," she says, "and not only are you going to let us, you're going to help us in there. Do you want to know why?"


She leans and whispers in his ear. When she pulls away, he simply nods, stupified.

"Then come along," she says.

Then her eyes light. "Yes, of course. If you wish to offer me to that boy, then I will obey."

You return to the boy. "We really need to get into that stable," you say. "So how about if you take my lady here around back and have her suck you off. Will that get us in?"

Eyes wide, the stableboy looks Euna up and down. He nods.

"Very good." You nudge her toward the lad.

Then her eyes light. "Yes. Let's do it."

You return to the stableboy. "How about this. Will you let us in if my lady here sucks you off?"

Eyes wide, he studies Euna up and down.

She peers back at him with a sultry look. "It'll be worth your while," she says.

He simply nods.

"Oh, my." The merchant leers at her.

"One moment." Euna pulls you by your arm out of earshot of the man. "What exactly are you expecting me to do with the man?"

"Encourage him to talk."

"By doing what? Sleeping with him?"

"You could probably just suck him off."

"This man is a complete stranger. And he's repulsive."

"Yes, he is, and how truly depraved is it that you're about to pleasure him for information?"

She grins incredulously. "You're being serious. You actually want me, the tsarivna of Ruthgar, to debase myself with this man?"

"That's right. It's the last thing a tsarivna should ever want to do."

Her mind works. Her grin widens. "This has nothing to do with the information, does it?"

"It's an added bonus. Nothing more."

Euna bites her lower lip. Her eyes are alight with fear and excitement, and she nods.

You both return to the merchant. Euna is trembling like a leaf.

"Do we have a deal?" you ask the man.

Startled, Euna looks right at you. You grin, which seems to reassure her. She turns back and nods, trembling, but excited.

He eyes her hungrily. "If the young lady would care to, I'm sure we can reach an understanding."

"I think we can," Euna says.

"Then come with me, my dear." He heads back toward a nearby alley between two row houses. You follow, which he doesn't complain about, most likely because he doesn't want to leave you near his wares.

His hands are upon her immediately. He fondles both of her breasts through her bodice. She loosens it and lets it drop, giving him free access. He eyes them like a man beholding treasure. She lifts one and offers it suggestively, and he lowers to sucks her nipple. He switches breasts a few times. While sucking one, he's fondling the other.

Euna has her head thrown back, lost in lust, when the man's hand snakes down and under the waist of her skirt. She gasps as his fingers find her sex, and while she allows him access, you see her eyes are open now, watching him cautiously.

The moment he tugs at her skirt, she catches him. This causes him to stare at her dubiously. She smiles in return and sinks to her knees, kissing his sweating, fat-laden torso the whole way down. His crotch is level with her head once she's sitting on her feet. She tugs his breeches down, revealing a large, engorged cock in a forest of curly, damp hair.

Without missing a beat, Euna plays with the cock in her hands. It lurches to its full size. She rubs the end along her breasts, smearing precum, until finally reaching her mouth. She sucks on the end and slowly takes its length down her throat.

"Oh, my dear lady," the man mutters.

She chokes on his cock until it's sopping with her viscous drool, then sandwiches it between her tits. With her ample cleavage, she easily envelopes his cock. The man moans as she bobs them up and down upon his shaft. The tip of his penis reaches her mouth, which she periodically sucks as she pleasures him, though his potbelly is getting in her way.

The merchant gets excited and begins thrusting his pelvis into her breasts. He's close.

"Do you think you could remember who sold it to you now?" you ask.

Euna understands. She slows until she's merely playing her breasts casually about his cock. She looks up at him inquisitively.

"Oh, blast you two." He snaps. "Damien sold it to me. Will you finish?"

"Where can we find him?"

"Find him?" he says histerically. "Damien De Castilla. How can you be here and not know him? He one of the lords of the cove."

"Okay, but where is he?"

"Bah! You can find him in the Siren on any night, playing his damn dice games, I'm sure. Now, my dear, kindly finish what you've started."

She looks to you. You nod.

She begins tit-fucking his cock with vigor. Within a minute, his cock spews a load of cum upon her neck. She takes the head of his cock in her mouth and catches the rest. After milking him dry, she tugs his breeches back up.

"Well then," the man says. He tosses you the broach. "I suppose our business is concluded."

Tucking it away, you bow to him, and he heads back to his kiosk. Euna is lacing up her bodice. Cum is running down between her breasts.

"I'm sorry," she says.

"For what?"

"You wanted me to have sex with him, but I... I just couldn't. I promise I'll—"

You stop her. "Euna. That was amazing. It was one of the most erotic things I've ever seen you do. You seduced him."

"I did, didn't I? And we learned what we needed."

"We did," you say.

"But you know," she says, grinning evilly "I would have done it even if there was nothing to gain. Just because you told me to."

"Would you now?"

"Oh heavens, yes. I cannot believe how aroused I am right now." She places her hands on the wall and bends over, revealing her drooling sex. "Please, I need more."

Nimic Brooch added to inventory

"Of course," Euna says. She kneels between Slug's legs. Her hand caresses over his swollen testicles. "Is this what you want?" she asks.

He nods, almost fearful that if he should speak, this might somehow make this end.

She plays her hands upon his shaft, smearing the rivulets of pre-cum along it. His cock twitches in response.

"You're sensitive," she says.

"Yes," he breaths. "Please, just a little more. It won't take much."

"Just a little more?" She plays her finger along the ridge of his crown. "Is that all it would take?" She's clearly enjoying herself.

"Yes, Oh Ohh," He moans. "So close."

Euna unfastens her bodice. She levers his cock toward her and plays the tip along her stomach. Gooey trails of precum smear along her belly. She trails it up her belly in a meandering path until it reaches the valley between her breasts. Leaning in, squeezes her breasts around his cock. The precum bubbling from his tip makes wet, sticky noises as she massages her globes about his shaft.

He groans, his balls pull tight. He explodes. In a nearly solid stream, the first shot of thick white cum sprays her chin, splattering about. Startled, Euna hastily fastens her mouth about its head. She can barely fit him in her mouth, but she squeezes the rest of his shaft with her ample breasts.

Euna's mouth floods with cum. She swallows again and again, but it jets from his cock too quickly. Sticky, lumpy cum sprays from between her lips. Some pours from her nose. It runs down Slug's cock and smears along Euna's breasts. After nearly fifteen seconds, he finishes. She pulls away and gasps. Cum is running down her chin.

"Oh, my Lord," she says.

"I'm sorry," he replies. "But oh, that feels so much better." He lays panting. His cock still flexes rhythmically like an echo of his orgasm. Cum oozes from his tip with each throb, running down his shaft like lava from a volcano. "You need to clean me now," he says.


"If you leave me like this, then the sorceress will surely know I've come. You have to clean the evidence. Please!" He sounds desperate enough, but there's a gleam in his eye. The lad is pushing his luck.

Euna stares at his messy cock dubiously. "I suppose so." She runs her tongue along his pole, collecting semen. She licks his balls clean and sucks his cum-soaked pubic hair. Finally she pulls his oversized testicles aside to lick the pool of cum upon the mat. When she finishes, there's still plenty smeared on herself, but no cum is on Slug or the mat as evidence of the misdeed. He's already hard again, as though nothing had happened.

"Privately?" Her eyes widen. "What do you expect me to do?"

"Whatever it takes," you say.

"But... is it even necessary? I could get us in for much less. A flash perhaps. Maybe a grope, and that would be enough, surely."

"I'm sure it would be, but what if today you did more?"


"Why not?"

"Ah," she says. "This has nothing to do with getting into the city, does it?"

"I mean, it will get us in."

She eyes the guards ahead. The line between you and them grows shorter. "I... What if they want me to sleep with them? I don't know if I could do that."

"Then don't. There are other ways to convince them."

"But surely it will be far more than just a grope." She still studies the guards ahead warily.

"If you don't want to do this, that's fine. You can just flash them."

She's silent for a while. "No. No, I... I'll do it."

"Are you sure?"

"No. Yes. Yes, I am. Oh Lords, my heart is beating. I'm going to do this before lose my nerve."

Euna bites her lip. "You want me to pleasure them, don't you?"

"I do."

"Then I'll do it."

"Good girl."

As you get closer in the line, Euna is clearly nervous. When you finally reach the front, the guards confront you. "Signets."

"We don't have any signets," you say, "but if you'd like to take my lady aside, perhaps to somewhere private, she'll show you just how badly we want to get in."

Euna suggestively runs her finger along her chest.

The guards grin. "Private, huh?" One cups her chin and studies her features. He turns her this way and that, and feels her breasts. She puts up no resistance. "Yeah. Now that I think about it, I'm due for a break." To his partner, he says, "manage the line for a while." He guides Euna toward their guard tower built into the city gate.

"Don't be too long," the other guard replies. "I'll need convincing too."

Euna stiffens upon hearing this, but continues along with the guard. They disappear inside. You're left waiting. Several people have filtered into the city when the tower door opens and first guard returns. He nods to the second, who then enters the tower for his turn.

After he's gone, the first nods you in. "We'll send her through when we're done."

Inside the city, you wait near the gate. A while later, Euna comes through.

"How was it?" you ask.

She runs up and hugs you. For a moment, she seems upset, but when she pulls away, she's shining. "Oh Lord, that was exhilarating. I was so scared, but I did it. Oh, I'm such a harlot."

"What did you do?"

"The first man told me to show my chest, so I did. I was afraid he'd force himself on me, but then he just started feeling my body. When I saw he got hard, I offered to pleasure him with my mouth. I think my voice quavered, because he laughed, but when he said yes, I got on my knees and did the best I could. He even said I was an expert cocksucker." She beams. It took him a while though. He seemed impatient..." She frowns. "The next man came in afterward, but by then I wasn't afraid anymore. I let him feel me up until he got hard, and then I pleased him same as the other without even asking that time."

"Are you glad you did it?"

"Yes. Lord, it was so wrong, but I've never felt so alive. Thank you for talking me into it."

"It was my pleasure."

She opens her mouth and shows you a pool of pearly cum cupped upon her tongue. Once you've looked, she swallows and smiles contentedly. "It was exhilarating. I was so scared, but once they got started, I was fine."

"What did they do?"

"The first man played with my breasts and pussy for a while, then I got down and sucked his cock. then he had me kneel and suck his cock. I was still on my knees when the second one came in. He didn't waste any time."

"Did you enjoy yourself."

"I did. I know I shouldn't, but it's just so naughty!"

"Yes, it is. Shall we?"

Her eyes widen momentarily, then a grin comes over her face. "Very well. I accept the challenge." "If that is your wish."

As you both wait in line, Euna eyes the guards ahead. "I'm getting wet just thinking about it," she says. "I wish this line would move faster."

It does eventually come to your turn. "Signets," the guards say.

"We have none," you reply. "All I have to offer you is my Lady. Take her some place private. Use her as you wish. Surely she can earn our entry."

Euna steps close and presses herself to the guard. As her leg wraps about him, she glances seductively at the other.

"As it just so happens, I am due for a break." He addresses the other guard. "Take over for a while." He escorts Euna toward the gate's guard tower.

"Don't be too long," the other guard replies. "I'm taking a turn."

Euna and the guard disappear. You're left waiting with the other as he checks other travelers entering the city. A while later, the tower door opens and first guard returns while correcting his breeches. He nods to the second, who then enters the tower for his turn.

After he's gone, the first nods you in. "Go on. We'll send her through when we're done."

You enter the city and wait near the gate. A while later, Euna comes through. She seems a little disheveled, and there's a rivulet of cum along the inside of her thigh.

"So what happened?" you asked.

"They fucked me, of course. The first one threw me on a table and nearly ripped my skirt off. Oh, how he was rough. The second man used my clothes to wipe away the seed from my pussy before he took me." Euna turns and shows you a cum stain smeared on the inside of her skirt.

"How was it?"

"They weren't that good as lovers," she says, "and they didn't care one whit if I enjoyed it, but I liked that. I was just an object to them."

"It got us in," you say. "That's what your body is good for."

"Hmm," she shivers with pleasure. "What shall we do now?"

After he's gone, the first nods you in. "You can wait for her on the inside, but you might be waiting a while. Some other guards are going to take a turn."

You go on through and wait. A long while passes. The sun moves across the sky. Crowds come and go.

Finally, you see her emerge from the guard tower fastening her bodice. Her clothes are entirely disheveled, with several cum stains which she hastily cleans as she approaches. There are a few pearled strands of cum still stuck in her hair. She sees how far the sun has moved along the sky and cringes guiltily. "How long was I?"

"Quite a while," you say.

"I'm sorry."

"It's fine. What happened?"

"While the first man was fucking me, some other guards came in. They wanted a turn, and the first man said sure. I didn't say no because I didn't think you'd want me to."

"That's my girl."

She smiles, reassured. "So they had me get on a table so one of them could fuck me while I sucked the other off. Then the second guard took a turn, but before he finished, a few more showed up, and of course they wanted a turn too. Apparently, there was a shift change then, because half a dozen men showed up, and more followed."

"And you didn't say no to a single one, did you."

"It's what I thought you would have wanted."

"How many men in total?"

"Fifteen or twenty I think. I'm not sure, they kept switching out while I was sucking another. Was I wrong? Should I have said no?"

"You did exactly as I would have wanted."

She smiles. "Good. Because I loved it. I'm sore. They used my clothes as rags. I stink of their seed, and both my holes are leaking now, but I only wish there had been more of them. If I ever get back home and take the throne, I know what I'll be using the royal guard for."

"I love it," you say, "but for now, let's enjoy the city."

You're before the front gate to the city. A grand banner is overhead the street, reading "Welcome to Cockaigne". All people entering the city pass beneath it down a grand avenue heading north into the city.

There's a massive stable here. Visitors to the city drop off their fine horses after coming through the gate.

You're before the front gate out of the city. The stables are here.

You at the path leading into the estate of the palace. However the gates are closed, and guards are posted.

You're in a quiet street in the north east of the city, just against the mountain. Buildings line the streets, most of which are homes, but one appears to be a store. The building has a violin in a glass case above the door, and a sign that says, 'The Fiddler'.

You're standing in the street outside before 'the Fiddler'.

"As you wish."

"Very cute," she says, "but I think not. I'm worth far more that. I shall set my own price today, and I think... fifty rubles will suffice."

"Very well."

"Five! But that's nothing! Why would I whore myself for so little?"

You grin. "Because I want you to."

She eyes you, but soon a devilish grin comes over her. "So not only do you want me to be your whore. You want me to be your cheap whore. Very well. Let's do it."

"That's my girl."

"Yes," she says. "I think that's right. I might even be able to charge more."

"These sailors won't have a lot of money," you reply.

"Then sixty it is."

"Very good."

"Sixty it is."

"Very well," she says. "I'll take care of what to charge. You just wait right here."

"What do I do?" she asks.

"Just find a corner and entice men."

"Then take them into an alley?"

"It's that simple."

"You'll stay close. Won't you?"

"Of course," you say. "How else will I see?" The remark gets a quick grin from her. She walks down the dock to the mouth of an alley that has no one else present. She poses seductively.

Euna walks down the dock to the mouth of an alley. She poses seductively.

Shortly, a man comes by. Euna gets his attention, and they talk. It's not long before she leads him into the alley.

After a minute, you peek around the corner. Euna is bent over with both hands against an alley wall. Her skirt is around her ankles. The man is behind her, holding her hips and roughly fucking her ass. He hardly acknowledges the woman he's violating.

Soon after he comes, he pulls out. Euna is left panting while he's left with his messy cock hanging about.

Picking up her silk panties from the deck, he unceremoniously wipes his cock clean. Euna doesn't notice until he begins poking the silk undergarment into her ass.

With enough poking and prodding, it disappears inside of her. Her anus closes up.

Euna murmurs something to him which makes him pause.

"Yeah, sure," he says, and Euna turns and squats down. His cock is smeared with her waste. More is collected around its base. She takes it into her mouth and sucks it clean of all waste and cum. Then she focuses on tonguing away the mess accumulated at the base. Soon he's clean, visibly so anyway.She takes his cock into her mouth and sucks it clean of all cum and funk. Then she focuses on tonguing his balls. It's a simple after-sex cleaning. Nothing more.

Soon enough, he's soon hard again.

He says something to her, which she agrees. After exchanging more coin, Euna stands and wraps her arms about his shoulders. Her skirt still lies on the alley floor, leaving her naked from the waist down. He grabs her ass, and rams his cock into her snatch.

Now she's got her back pressed against the wall with her legs wrapped about him as he hammers into her. It doesn't take him too long until he unloads inside her. Afterward, he quickly disengages and fastens up his breeches. It's as though to him she's not even there anymore.

Euna reclines against the wall, breathing heavily, watching him redress. Cum runs down her thighs.

Shortly after, the man emerges from the alley and continues on his way.

You enter to find Euna squatted down and worming a finger in her ass.

"Good john?" you ask.

"A fine rutting," she says. "Though he had a little fun at the end. Ah! There we go." She pulls her panties from her ass with a hooked finger. It's crumpled, and has a few dark stains on it. She nibbles and sucks the worst of them awayShe inspects them, shrugs, then pulls them on.

Euna comes out later.

"How was it?" you ask.

"He was certainly no nonsense," she replies. "Not a word exchanged between us that wasn't business. I don't think he saw me as anything more than a hole to spill his seed."

"And how's that make you feel?"

"Dirty, as it should. I am a street whore after all," she says. "Filling my holes with seed is what they're meant for. Here is your money." She hands you some coins.

After several passersby, a man and a woman arrive, arms about each other's shoulders. The man is a young, fit sailor with a thin doublet and baggy breeches. The woman wears a frilled dress. Her bodice pushes her breasts up until they're nearly spilling out. Her face is made pale by makeup. Her hair is done up as an elaborate mane of brown curls.

It's the man who has them linger before Euna. The three exchange word. The man is interested. He whispers in his girl's ear. She takes convincing, but soon the couple follow Euna into the alley.

You wait a few minutes before peeking around.

Euna is naked, and lying on her back along the boardwalk planks using her skirt as a blanket. Squatting over top of her is the woman, wearing only stockings and a garter belt. She's grinding her brown-furred snatch upon Euna's face, which Euna licks and sucks fervently. The man watches nearby. His breeches are around his ankles, and he's pumping his hard manhood while his girl enjoys Euna.

Euna wraps her arms about the girl's thighs and pulls her tighter upon her face. The girl is beside herself in pleasure. She squirms and shudders and squeezes her own breast, which seem much smaller without her bodice pushing them up, but they're delectable plums nonetheless.

The man mutters something to her, and she leans forward to bury her own tongue within Euna's bald slit blond bush, wrapping her own arms about Euna's legs as Euna has done with her.

Locked together in sixty nine, their bodies writhe, building in pleasure until the woman on top sits up and cries out in ecstasy. The man loses it, and fires cum upon his woman's chest. Pearls of gooey semen splatter Euna's body, and her skirt. After the woman gets off, Euna licks the mess from the woman's breasts. Then the couple dress and leave.

You enter to find Euna still upon her skirt, playing idly with her pussy as she licks her fingers clean of cum.

"This is what I earned," she shows you some coins. "I made the man pay a small sum even though he only wanted to watch. For the mess he made upon my skirt, he's lucky I didn't charge him full price. He was most awfully sorry though, so I let it pass."

"Did you at least enjoy yourself?" you ask.

"Here is your money." She hands you coins.

"This is a bit short, isn't it?" you ask.

"It is. I'm sorry. The man insisted on a discount since he only wanted to watch. I will accept whatever punishment you decide to inflict upon me."

"Perhaps later," you say. "Did you enjoy yourself?"

She hands you some coins. "Here's the money. I gave the man a discount since he only wanted to watch."

"Did you enjoy yourself?" you ask.

"Very much so. Though a tad frustrated. The woman did not indulge me as much as I indulged her."

"She was the paying customer."

"Quite right."

After Euna is dressed and presentable, you both leave the alley.

Not long passes when a a half dozen men come staggering out of the Siren's Bounty and teeter down to the docks, laughing and cajoling all the way. They nearly pass right by Euna until the last one catches sight of her. He gets the attention of the others, and they all circle around her. As they talk, some reach and fondle Euna's breasts or between her legs. She encourages them as they negotiate. Eventually an agreement is made, and she leads them back into the alley.

You wait a few minutes before passing by.

They hadn't even bothered stripping her, though her bodice is yanked down around her waist. They've lain her down upon a stack of crates. One after another, the men climb on top of her and fuck her hard and roughly. The others stand about stroking their cocks.

When one man finishes and climbs off, another sweaty drunk staggers up. They usually start by wiping her pussy clean with her own skirt, then they awkwardly mount her. It takes twenty minutes for all six men to finish.

Afterward, they all stagger from the alley, leaving Euna lying there, her cunt seeping with their cum.

You move out of the way. The men stagger on. A few minutes later, Euna emerges.

"Had fun?" you ask.

"Of course I did," she says, "though I didn't really do anything other than lie there."

"For some men, that's all they want."

"I suppose so," she says. "Here's your money."

Shortly, a gruff sailor comes by walking two mutts. One seems like a Rottweiler, the other a black lab. Euna stops him. They talk. He says something to her, and her response makes him grin, showing crooked, yellowed teeth.

Euna leads him into the alley.

After a minute, you peek in.

Euna is on her hands and knees with her skirt pulled up to expose her pussy. The lab is sniffing her snatch. Its red cock has come out of its sheath.

"Mount the bitch," the man growls at the dog. "Come on, you mutt. Do it."

The dogs catches on. Hopping up on Euna's back, he stabs his cock frantically, missing every time. Euna reaches between her legs and helps the dog find his mark. Once in, the dog hops closer, burying his cock in Euna's cunt. Euna moans and lowers her head between her arms. She humps back against the dog.

Meanwhile, the man is directing the Rottweiler to lay on its back before Euna. It's cock points up toward her.

"Suck it, you bitch."

Euna takes the dogs cock in her hand, strokes it a little, then envelops her mouth around it. Its a classic double-teaming now. One cock hammers her pussy while she takes another in her mouth. The man masturbates openly at the sight.

The labrador hugs close. It growls in Euna's ear and holds still as it pumps cum inside her. She keeps sucking off the other dog until it too gives a whine. A knot forms at the base of it's cock. Her head slows its bobbing, and she swallows mouthful after mouthful of runny dog cum. Finished, the Rottweiler scampers to the corner where it curls up and licks itself.

However, when the Labrador tries to dismount, he ends up pulling Euna back with him. When Euna tries to pull away, the dog nips at her neck. She's stuck.

The old man chuckles. "Got yer knot in the bitch, heh boy?" Awkwardly, he gets down on his knees before Euna and dangles his unclean cock before her. Euna dutifully takes him orally. But she's not enthusiastic enough for him. He grabs her head with both hands and fucks her mouth like a toy. Euna holds onto his hips for support.

A few minutes later, he holds her down on his cock as he fires seed down her throat. He pushes her away and pulls up his trousers. The dog finally manages to pull out. A wash of cum spills from Euna's cunt. She's still on her hands and knees when the man collects his dogs.

You hurry back. Once he's gone, you come into the alley. Euna is sitting on her ass, wiping cum from her cunt and licking it off her hands.

"I've got scratches all over my back, don't I?"

You look. "It's not that bad."

"Part of the job, I suppose," she says.

"He certainly liked calling you names, didn't he?"

"A bitch? He's just calling me what I am, a lowly bitch for animals to rut. Besides, he paid three times, one for each cock."

"A bitch? He paid my money," she replies. "He may call me whatever he likes. Anyway, I charged him three times. Once for each cock."

"Good work."

She gets up and rights her clothes.

Three men come by talking among themselves. Euna catches their attention. They circle around her, and discussion begins. Once an agreement is reached, Euna leads them back into the alley.

After a minute, you casually pass by.

Euna is laid out on top of a crate with her skirt hiked up to her hips. Her ass is right up to the edge and her legs are spread wide. One man has his fist shoved inside Euna's cunt up to his wrist. He's pistoning his fist back and forth. The other two men seem blown away by a woman who can take such girth.

Another has four fingers in her ass. With his thumb tucked in, he's twisting and shoving, trying to get her ass to swallow his fist. Euna whimpers in pain, but she pushes back with as much will as she can muster.

With one final shove, the man's fist slips inside. They all cheer, except for Euna, who is gasping from exertion. Together, the men alternate shoving their fists up to mid forearm.

Another is working his fingers into her ass. He's got four already, but he seems determined to get his entire fist into her ass, a feat she's never accomplished.

Euna is whining in pain. "It won't fit," she says.

"We'll make it fit, lass" the man replies. "Won't we, boys?"

The others cheer. The man redoubles his efforts of pushing, twisting, and jabbing. Euna is wailing in pain. The men stop her every attempt to pull away, yet no progress is made. That doesn't keep the man from trying.

The third man circles the crates to stand by Euna's head. Dropping his breeches, he tilts her head back and places his cock against her lips. She takes him into her mouth, and he rams himself down her throat. The outline of his cock is visible on her neck. She lets him fuck her mouth until fires his load. She sucks down every drop. She takes him into her mouth. Within minutes, she sucking down his load.

The man fisting her cunt pulls out. Her delicate sex now gapes, though it's deformed by the hand working hard at her ass. The men switch places. The one who'd fucked her mouth starts working his fist into her snatch while the other rams his cock down Euna's throat. uses her mouth.

When this man comes, he pulls out and fires her load over her body. Semen splatters her neck and breasts.

Another switch. The man who was fisting her ass fucks Euna's mouth while the other starts working his fingers in her gaping asshole. With two fists hammering into her, she sucks yet another cock. When this man finishes, he too pulls out and splatters her body.

Another switch. The man who'd been trying to force his hand in her ass gives up and fucks Euna's mouth, while another man takes up the torch of forcing her anus to yield to a fist. He's even more unforgiving than the first.

With a fist in her sex, another four fingers deep in her ass and nearly tearing her asshole trying to go farther, Euna must suck off yet another cock. When this man finishes, he too pulls out and splatters her body.

Then men have had their fun. The ones who worked her ass have several browns streaks coating their hands. Sitting up, Euna motions them over. To their delight, she licks their arms clean of her own filth. When paying begins, you hurry along. After the men depart, you enter the alley to find Euna sitting on the crate tenderly feeling her stretched holes.

"One fist in either hole," you say. "Impressive."

"Yes." She hisses as she touches her anal rim. "They weren't gentle about it either."

"Are you okay?"

"No damage, but it hurt like the devil. No matter." She grins at you. "I told them they could fist my pussy and my ass. I never said they couldn't do them both at the same time, and the customer should get what he pays for."

"They really wanted to get their fist in your ass," you say.

"Yes." She hisses as she touches her anal rim. "They wouldn't take no for an answer."

"Are you okay?"

"No damage, but it hurt like the devil. No matter." She grins at you. "I told them they could fist me. I never said they couldn't fist my ass, and the customer should get what he pays for."

"Yes, they they should."

She turns her attention to the cum splattered on her bodice. "And of course they spill their seed upon my clothes." She wipes away what she can and licks it off her fingers. Eventually, she stands and straightens out her skirt. "I'll clean it better when we get home. Here's what they gave me."

Soon, an old man with a cane comes wondering by. He's an old sea dog with skin like leather and a frail gnarled body, and a mouth of missing teeth. Euna gets his attention, and they talk. As much as Euna makes him smile, he seems intent on moving on. It's only on her insistence that he finally relents and follows her into the alley.

You peek around after a short while. Euna has the man leaned against the building. His pants are about his ankles. His pendulous, oversized scrotum dangles between his legs from a thicket of gray hair. His cock is like a wrinkled worm with hardly any life in it. He apparently can't get it up, but Euna is patient with him. She's on her knees, cradling his scrotum and cock, sucking it lovingly and tonguing his balls.

Eventually, his cock stiffens until it's like rubber, but no more. Euna stands, hooks one leg around the man, and works his old rubbery cock into herself. It takes several tries. She begins a slow grinding fuck. The old man is beside himself with pleasure. His attention turns to her breasts, which she bares for him. He sucks each of her nipples in his toothless maw while Euna cradles his head.

The man quivers in orgasm. Euna holds him close as he catches his breath. Her leg is still wrapped about him. Eventually, his flaccid cock falls out.

You move on since there's no chance he's getting hard again. Soon enough, he limps away. Euna emerges minutes later.

"He seemed like he was having trouble," you say.

"He was," she agrees, "but he was the sweetest old man. So grateful, and so self-conscious. I enjoyed making his day." She hands over some money. "Here you go. He paid extra."


"He understood that my sex is worth more than I charged. Kind old man that he is, I didn't demand even more."

"Oh! A tip," you say. "Good work."

"For him, I would do it again for free. But I suppose that's not up to me, is it?"

"That's right."

A heavyset man comes by carrying a crate. Euna flirts with him. Whatever she offers get him to stop their labor and follow her down an alley.

When you sneak around a minute later. Euna is lying flat on her back. The man is sitting on her head with his breeches off. His fat ass is smothering her face. He's got his chubby cock buried between her bared breasts, and Euna is reaching under his tree trunk legs to envelope her tits about his member.

"Get your tongue up there, you little bitch," he slaps her tit. "I want to feel that tongue up my shit chute."

When she thrashes, he lifts just enough to let her gasp, then sits back down and enjoys her tongue up his ass while she works her tits around his cock.

He gets excited and starts humping her cleavage. He must be smearing his asshole across her face. Euna starts thrashing. This time, he ignores her. Nearly a minute passes by while he grinds over her face and between her tits until finally firing a sticky mess down her belly. Euna has gone limp, but he doesn't get up until his cock has spat its last spurt.

He lifts, and Euna gulps for air. The man pulls up his breeches, grabs his crate, and leaves without looking back at her.

You come in to check. Cum stains her bodice. Her face is red, and her hair plastered with ass-sweat. And she's rubbing her sex. "That was... most trying... I passed out."I nearly... passed out."

"I saw. That was a fitting job for you. Tit job and rim job."

"And I think... I nearly... came..."

"I don't care," you reply. "As long as you got the money for me."

Still playing with herself, she hands over the money.

"Maybe I'll... become famous for it..."

"People would line up down the street to sit on your face and fuck your tits."

"Oh... oh Lord... yes." She squirms. Your words seem to have sent her over the edge.

Two large men come by. Euna gets their attention, and they talk. Something she says makes both chuckle. They follow Euna back to her alley.

You sneak around.

She's on her knees sucking one of the men off. After he fires down her throat, the next takes his place. It seems like this is just a standard blowjob.

But then the first pulls down his breeches again. He backs his ass up to Euna. She spreads his cheeks and dives in. She tongues his hole for a couple seconds before pulling away to dry-heave. The men roar with laughter. But Euna dives right back in. This time, she goes on until he's satisfied.

Next man—breeches down and ass toward Euna. She gets right to work cleaning the crack of his ass. And though her chest convulses with retching, she doesn't slow. Soon, he's had his fill of rimming too, and his breeches come up. They're exchanging coin now, so you dart away.

After they're gone, Euna comes out and hands you some rubles. "They didn't believe me when I told them they could do anything for my price. So they wanted to test my claim."

"And all they got were blow jobs and rim jobs?"

"It was worse than you think. Those men just got off the boat after a two month journey. They haven't bathed since they were last in port."

"But still. If a whore told me I could do anything..."

"I agree. They didn't get their money's worth."

A while goes by, a pair of men come by carrying a barrel between them. She gets their attention. They talk for a bit, and the men laugh and nod. Euna leads them into the alley.

After a minute, you casually walk past the alley to make sure everything is all right.

They have Euna bent over their barrel. One man is behind her, fervently fucking her pussy. The other man is before her, holding her head and forcefully fucking her mouth.

It seems she's all right.

The men emerge eventually and continue carrying their barrel off to their destination. Euna comes out a little later and comes up to you.

"And here are my earnings." She hands you some rubles. "Did you see?"

"I did."

"That man certainly liked to set his own pace. My jaw aches." She shrugs. "All part of the job, isn't it?"

"That's my girl."

Three men wonder by, all drunk. Euna catches their attention. They talk. Whatever they agree upon gets all the men enthusiastic. She leads them into the alley.

After a minute, you casually walk past to make sure everything is all right.

Euna is naked and on her knees, her legs spread wide. The men stand around her with their breeches down. One right before her holds her head while he fucks her throat. As he finishes, the next takes his place. Each shoots a load of cum straight into her stomach. One right before her holds the back of her head while she sucks him off. After he finishes, the next takes his place. Each fills her mouth with cum, which she swallows right down.

Afterward, the men stand around her. They ask something of her, and after hesitating, she nods in agreement. As they watch, she pulls off her skirt and unfastens her bodice.

The first man steps forward, places the tip of his cock to her open mouth, and begins urinating. Euna swallows as best she can with her mouth open, but much of the piss cascades down her chin and over her breasts and belly. It sIt finally trickles over her cunt and down her thighs.

When he finishes, the next comes up and does the same. After all three, her belly seems slightly bloated, and her front is slick with urine.

At once, all three men begin urinating on her breasts. The piss cascades between her breasts and down her belly. It trickles through her bare slit. pubic bush. Euna rubs it into herself sensually, taking particular care to rub her cunt with their urine.

The men begin redressing, and you hurry along.

A while later, Euna comes out and comes up to you. She's refastened her bodice, but her breasts still glisten with piss.

"And here are my earnings." She hands you some rubles. "Those men got a little dirty."

"I saw."

"If it's all right with you. I'd like to clean up now."

At the edge of a dock, she splashes herself with sea water. In public as she is, she can't possibly clean herself to any decent degree, but she doesn't reek of urine when she returns.

You two depart down the docks. Euna strolls along beside you, arms linked with yours.

"I suppose that's it then," she says.

"What's it?"

"As of now, I am formally a prostitute. I can never change that. Should we ever return home, and I should take the throne, and be tsaritsa of our tsardom, I will still know deep down that I once resorted to whoring myself to strangers in exchange for money."

"How does that make you feel."

She considers it, and then smiles. "Naughty. It's like a secret of mine. No matter how austere I should become, or how noble I appear, I will always know the truth that deep down, I am a whore. Especially since I did not do it out of desperation. I did it because I wanted to. If I should become tsaritsa. Only you, I, and the Lord will know."

"And all of your johns."

"Yes, perhaps one day, someone might recognize me, a noble tsaritsa, as a dockside whore they once solicited. If they should accuse me, not a soul would believe him. That tickles me so.

"This assumes of course that you will be a chaste and virtuous tsaritsa."

"Fair point." She leans close. "We both know that won't be true."

You and Euna are at the deserted part of the market. It's on the lowest tier, and the smell of ocean salt is strong. Sailors work to load and unload ships. All around are women who linger about by the houses along the wharf. They're dressed in short skirts or fishnet blouses, leaving their breasts prominently displayed. One calls out to the sailors as they pass, offering a pleasurable rut for as little as twenty rubles. A man takes her up on the offer, and she leads him into a back alley.

This appears to be the part of the cove where sailors come for whoring.

To the north are the markets along the wharf.

On a higher terrace to the west is the beached vessel tavern, from which a crowd of drunken sailors work their way down here to enjoy the women.

You are in the red light district. All around, women wear short skirts or fishnet blouses to advertise themselves.

You're in the black marble hallway.

It goes north and south.

You're in the black marble hallway.

Here the hallway turns at a junction. It runs both south and east.

There's a door here. It's barred, but from this side.

The door leading to Slug's room is here.

Euna pokes you repeatedly. "This is the sorceress's keep! We're inside!" she whispers.

"Yes," you reply.

"We must be careful."

"Yes," you say again. "Stay close."

She steps close enough behind you that her breath would tickle your neck were she not holding it in. This is her first burglary. You recall being jittery your first time too.

You're in the black marble hallway.

It extends both east and west. A great stone door is against the south wall which leads back down to the dungeon.

A great stone door is against the south wall.

You're in the black marble hallway.

Here the hallway turns at a junction. It runs both north and east.

You're in the black marble hallway.

It goes both east and west. Near the center, the south-facing side of this hall looks out upon a large foyer with a double set of staircases along each foyer side leading down the to the first floor. Guards in black uniforms patrol down there. None of them look up and spot you as you peek over the guard rail.

The south side overlooks a foyer guarded by uniformed men.

Descend the stairs.

You're in the black marble hallway.

It goes both north and south.

You and Euna retreat back to the hall, making sure to leave everything as you found it.

You and Euna ascend the stone stairs, climbing higher and higher. Looking through arrow slits, it's clear that you're climbing the highest tower of the entire keep. The air is chillier. At the top is a steel-enforced door. You peek through the keyhole.

There is a disheveled man chained to a round table by his wrists and ankles such that he's spread eagle. He's whimpering miserably, though he doesn't seem hurt. Beyond him is a workbench of some kind where a woman with flowing black hair works among bottles and reagents. Her back is to you, though you can tell she's remarkably tall.

When you pull away, Euna takes a look. Afterward, you both head back down the stairwell a ways.

"That looks like the sorceress," she says.

"Looks like it."

"I don't know what she's doing to that poor man, but there's nothing we can do for him. I don't think we should go in there right now. There's no telling how dangerous she is."

"I agree. Perhaps we should come back when she's gone."

You both head back down the stairwell.

You're in the black marble hallway.

Here the hallway turns at a junction. It runs both north and west.

In the corner, a spiral staircase leads up into a castle turret.

Against the side of the rowhouses, an aged whore is sucking a man off by deep-throating his cock.

You step closer. This intersection, like many in the city, has an enormous fountain with an intricate statue in its center which spouts crystal-clear water into a basin large enough to fit many.

A woman sits in the water soaking her hair. When you two approach, she smiles and makes no attempt to cover herself. "Hello!"

"Isn't this water for drinking?" Euna asks.

"Of course." She reclines and floats upon her back. Her nude body is fully displayed. "Help yourself."

"I... no thank you." Euna drags you along. "This city..." she mutters.

Where you currently are, there's a grand fountain at an intersection. A woman is bathing, unconcerned about the people around.

You enjoy your bath with the woman and chat. As time goes by, Euna relaxes. She reclines back and rests her head and neck upon the marble lip. Her upper body is shown to the sky, though whenever townsfolk walk near, Euna is quick to cover herself again.

Eventually, "We should be moving along," Euna says.

"Yes," the woman agrees. "I too should get a move on." She stands abruptly and strides from the fountain. "Farewell you two. Perhaps I'll see you again." She dries her body with a towel, then wraps it about her hair. With that, she walks off down the street naked.

"I guess we know now why she didn't have any clothes around the fountain." You say. "She didn't bring any."

Euna scurries to don her chemise. "Let's get moving, shall we?"

Euna strides from the water same as the woman. She brushes water from herself, then dons her skirt and bodice. "Let's get moving, shall we?"

"Fair well then," the woman says. "I hope to see you around. Perhaps we'll bathe together some time."

"Perhaps." Euna pulls you onward. Privately, "I would think the proper thing to do would be to collect water and bathe elsewhere. Privately."

After you two move on, Euna speaks to you. "It must be nice having such wonderful fountains all around the city. I wish we had them back home. I'd use them."

"No one else would," you reply.

"I suppose not." She sighs. "Every day I see more of the detriment of our old stuffy lifestyle."

A young man is seated on a low stone wall. He has his tunic is unbuttoned draped open, with his manhood exposed. He's hard, and handling himself while watching the women pass.

"Hello sweet lady," he calls to Euna. "You're making my pole hard. Suck it and make it better."

Euna's eyebrows rise. She looks at the masturbating man with intrigue.

"It's only right," he says. "Your body made me hard. Your body should make me soft too."

Euna saunters over to him. "I suppose it is only fair, isn't it?"

The man grins from ear to ear. He reclines back and lets his tunic fall open. His cock points straight up. "Get on with it then, sweet girl."

Euna kneels down between his legs. Her fingers trace up his thighs. Her nails tickle his hard shaft, and her lips are close enough that he must feel her breath. Sensually, her hand circles about his sack

And then it clamps down like a vice.

He cries out and doubles over. "Let go!" he yells.

"In a moment."

He tries to pull her hand off him, only for her to twist. "Stop! Ow! You crazy slag!"

"Now look at that. You're going soft." A few more seconds, and she releases him.

He curls up and clutches himself. "You evil slut..."

"You asked me to make you soft. Now you're soft. Ask pleasantly next time, and I'll help you with your problem in a more pleasant way." With that, she returns to you, takes your arm, and leads you along.

"It's nice of you to help a stranger like that," you say.

"It's only proper."

"Him?" She looks at the masturbating man.

"Help him with his problem."

"Of course." Euna saunters up to the man sitting on the wall.

The man grins from ear to ear. He reclines back and lets his tunic fall open. His cock points straight up. "Get on with it then, sweet girl."

Euna kneels between his legs. Her fingers trace up his thighs. Her nails tickle his hard shaft. She then runs her tongue from beneath his sack, all the way up his shaft to its tip. From there, she engulfs him.

Euna applies every trick she knows with this man, from tonguing the crown of his cock to working the shaft with her hands.Euna does her best. It takes her a while. Next, she takes his cock deep down her throat until her lips press against his ballsack. Her throat convulses in reflex and squeezes his shaft. Her eyes water. Each time she pulls away, more viscous saliva coats his shaft. It dribbles down her cleavage. At one point, she pushes his knees up to his chest and fastens her lips about his puckered hole. Whatever her tongue does causes him to shudder. When he starts to climax, she engulfs his cock and guzzles down every drop he has to give.

Afterward, he pulls out and lets his cock wilt against her cheek. "You're a good little slut," he says.

"Thank you, sir."

"You're excused now."

She returns to you, and you head off.

There's a man here, collapsed on his face before a bench as though he'd collapsed from sitting.

You search out the bench where the drunk man had been. No one is here. All that remains is the wine-rich vomit

"What?" Euna says. "He didn't get up and walk away, did he?"

"Seems he wasn't that drunk after all."

"No. He was in a bad sorts. We should... No, wait. There he is!" She points.

Down an alley leading toward the festival avenue is indeed the man. You recognize him from his curly hair and stained clothes. More notably, he has a sea-ship stagger befitting a man of his inebriation. For every step forward, he takes a few steps sideways, and often a step back. Catching up to him is trivial.

"Excuse me, kind man." Euna nudges his shoulder.

He spins. His wide, blinking eyes struggle to focus on her.

"We have the remedy you asked for." She holds out the vial.

The man reacts as though she were handing him a snake. "No! Nooo!" He flails his arms. She ducts out of the way. "I'm not done," he shouts. "I'm okay. I'm... I can dance." He kicks his feet in a joyful little waltz which is surprisingly nimble for his condition. "I'm going... I'm gonna dance." Turning, he continues toward the sound of festival music with his spry gait. Only occasionally does he stumble.

Euna is left in his wake. "I guess he doesn't want it."

"Second wind, it seems," you say. "The night is still young for him."

With Euna's help, you roll the man over onto his back. The stench of wine and urine wafts from him. His tunic as stains up and down, nearly masking its white fabric. The belt has ridden up his belly, exposing his limp manhood. His eyes flutter, but don't focus.

"He's been having fun," you say.

Euna averts her eyes from the man's exposure. Euna looks the man over. "He's must have wandered here from the festival. Do you think he was on his way home?"


"We can't leave him here, can we?"

"Why not?" you reply. "This probably happens all the time around here."

Euna shakes the man. He comes through, though he's hardly lucid. With a quivering hand, he clutches his head.

"Do you need help?" Euna asks. "Would you like us to take you somewhere?"

"The church..."

Euna frowns. "You're going to the church?"

"The church... Help the... get the church help. The tonic."

"You want us to get the church?" but the man doesn't respond. After a pause, he lurches. Foul dark red vomit overflows from his mouth.

Euna recoils. You turn the man's head to the side. The vomit pours onto the path. The man coughs, splattering it about. He's unresponsive once he's breathing again.

Euna looks to you. "I think this man may be ill."

"He's drunk," you reply. "It's just wine he's spitting up."

"No, it's more than that. Look at him shake. Feel his hands. He's cold. He's had far too much. He's in danger."

"No," you assure her. "We've all been here before. Well... maybe not you. I have."

"He wants us to go to the church," she says. And get a tonic? Is it supposed to help him?"

You shrug. "He will be fine."

"Okay..." She rights the man and stands. "If you think he'll be okay. I'm still concerned."

That same drunk from before is still here, collapsed face forward. Euna gives him a worried glance.

The drunk man is still here, passed out before the bench, basting in his own vomit. As you pass, Euna bends to check on him. "Not much better," she says. "He's shaking. I still think he may need help."

Down an alley, you spot a girl squatted down and urinating in the street gutter.

The girl's wears a dress that's little more than a gauzy slip, which she has hiked up about her waist. Urine streams from her pussy and and hisses against the cobbled street. It streams along the gutter, even flowing around the girl's foot, but she doesn't care.

Euna pulls you along. "Obscene..." she mutters.

The girl spots you two. After the last few drops of urine dribble out, she wipes her hand over her bare pussy. Then she licks her hand clean while looking right at you two. With a sly grin, she trots off. The urine puddle is still spreads along the gutter.

"She'd be pilloried for that back home," Euna mentions. "These streets are for everyone."

You look around. "And yet they're so clean."

"I have no idea how with people like that running around."

"She hasn't a shred of decency," Euna says. "And I think she may be happier for it."

"Indeed," Euna says. "Farewell."

"Take care," the mother replies.

The two of you head away, leaving the family to work out their own differences.

"Surely there must be a thousand people in this town who could teach that girl," Euna says. "Why would a mother so involve herself in her daughter's sexual affairs like that?"

"It is strange."

"And rather unnatural."

The mother's eyes light. "Oh, of course! I'm sure he'd be happy to help."

"No, not on Father too. I don't want to..."

"It's for practice, dear. You don't want Neval running to me again do you? Or maybe to another woman..."

"I'm doing fine now. Tell her, Neval. Aren't I good enough?"

The boy is still grinning dumbly. "You could always use more practice, love. You should do it."

She looks dismayed.

Her mother looks satisfied. "Then it's settled. Your father's inside. I'm sure if you ask him nicely, he'll be happy to let you practice on him. He, at least, can last a decent while, and his rod is a more worthy size."

The boy's grin flickers.

"Okay..." The daughter says.

The mother guides the girl toward the house they're sitting before. "If you're on your manners," she adds, "he might even let you take over for me in the mornings. He always wakes with a monstrous beast that needs taming."

They disappear inside. You're left with the boy, who seems ill at ease.

"What was that supposed to mean?" he asks. "A rod of worthy size? This is worthy, isn't it?" He holds up his limp cock. It's size is hefty, even more so when he was hard, but larger exist.

"Don't worry," Euna says. "You're size is daunting."

"Yeah," he says, though he's unconvinced. He glances to the house, as though suddenly unsure about this father/daughter practice.

Euna pulls you along. Out of earshot, she bursts into giggles. "Poor little fool. He's just gone and handed his love to a man he could never compete with."

"You think the father is that much bigger?" you ask.

"I have no idea," she replies. "But I know that every girl's first love is to her father."

"Was your father your first love?"

"Of course," she says, unbothered. "Growing up, there is no one in the world I admired more. I idolized him." Then she leers at you. "Though it was, as you're suggesting, an intimate love."

"You seem untroubled that the poor daughter is about to find such an intimate love with her father."

She shrugs. "It seems to be the norm here. Who am I to judge. Perhaps if my father were the tsar of Cockaigne, my love of him would be a different love, but alas it is not the case."


And she's glaring again. "Yes, alas. For your disappointment. Your debauched fantasies will forever remain in your head. Let's keep moving."

From a balcony above the street, a matronly woman is rocking a child in a cradle. A group of drunks have gathered beneath. They're calling for her to give them a drink.

You and Euna continue on your way, leaving the drunken crowd and their bizarre milk shower behind you.

It seems the woman is nearly finished anyway. As her stream has weakened, and she's massaging her own milk onto her breasts and belly more than she's spraying the crowd. And her groin still grinds the banisters. She's lost in her own world now, and many of the drunks are wandering off.

You and the men lower Euna back to the ground, and you guide her away from the crowd. You guide Euna away from the crowd. At a nearby fountain, Euna rinses herself off and dresses.

"That was... interesting," Euna wipes her face. "And messy. That was most unbecoming of a mother," Euna says.

"The crowd hardly gave her a choice. She's doing it to keep them quiet."

"Yes," she replies dryly. "What won't a mother sacrifice for her babe?"

"That was an interesting experience," Euna wipes her face. "I'm thoroughly drenched. I expect we'll both smell of soured milk by day's end. A strange thing for a mother to do, isn't it?"

"The crowd hardly gave her a choice. She was doing it to keep them quiet."

"Yes," Euna replies. The sacrifices a mother must make. I wonder what other kinds of sacrifices mothers make in this city..."

Here, a girl is here on her hands and knees who seems to be scrubbing the floor.

The girl doesn't notice you approach. She's young, hardly a woman at all, and she's dressed in a filthy loin cloth barely keeping her decent. Her body is caked with dirt, and her breasts dangle beneath her, swaying as she works. A bucket is beside her.

When you come around, you see she's mopping the floor, only instead of using a mop, she's swaying her head back and forth, dragging her long hair along the ground, working muddy soap water into the marble. Once upon a time, she may have had a beautiful head of hair, but now it's a cruddy, tangled mess. The filth is so thick, her blonde color is nearly indiscernible.

"Excuse me," Euna says.

The girl sits up and stares at both of you with wide eyes. Her hair drapes over her, dripping mud over her breasts, and belly. More cascades down her back, creating wavy patterns of grime. Her features are caked with dirt, but she's comely despite that. Welt marks score her back, breasts, and inner thighs. They look to be from repeated canings.

"Is the sorceress making you do this?" Euna asks.

No reply.

"Is there anything we can do to help?"

The girl returns to her work. She dunks her hair in the bucket, wrings it out, and resumes mopping the floor.

Euna watches with sorrow.

You pull her away. "I don't think there's anything we can do for her."

"We could sneak her out the way we came in."

"We're already taking risks ourselves just being seen. If we start trying to help everyone, the sorceress will find out."

Euna sighs. "Okay. You're right."

You two leave the girl to her mopping.

The girl is still here scrubbing the floor.

A nude woman sits upon a nearby stone wall. She's playing a joyful tune on her flute.

She's seated on a cobble wall, with her legs crossed and her eyes closed. She plays as though she were the only one around for miles, as though her breasts aren't bared, and that her pubic bush isn't plainly visible. From the way her mussy hair cascades down her back, it's as though this woman awoke from bed, grabbed her flute, and strode outside to practice.

"She's wonderful," Euna whispers.

"With skill like that, I'm sure she must have got that instrument from The Fiddler."

"She does play up to that man's standards, doesn't she?"

You and Euna listen for a while. The woman's eyes open, she sees you, yet she continues to play unabashed. Her fingers flutters over the holes with lithe elegance. She cares little about any audience. She plays for herself, and will be well after you're gone.

The nude woman from before is still here, still practicing her joyful tunes.

A teenaged lad stands by an alley, trying to get the attention of any passers by. He motions for you.

"I agree," Euna says. "It wasn't like I was any easier on them."

"Oh, fine." The lad hops down and undoes his sisters' bindings.

"And you won't tell Father we were at the festival?"

"No," the boy says. "But your still doing my chores for a week."

The older sighs and points to the younger sister. "She can do them."

"Why me," the younger whines.

"Because I said so. And because you're the reason he found out in the first place. You should be lucky I don't torment you too."

"That's not fair! Sneaking out was your idea."

The siblings continue bickering as you and Euna head off.

"Must be strange to grow up in that family," Euna whispers. "I get the sense that what

Somehow I get the sense that alley giveaways like this aren't that outlandish for them."

"They seem to fit right in with the city," you reply.

You both leave the alley.

Everyone looks at the brother. Though taken aback, he warms to the idea.

"Maybe I should." He hops down and works his breeches. His manhood is impressive for a lad of his age.

"Okay, but that's it," the older says. "Afterward you untie us. Okay?"

"We'll see." He presents his stiffening member between them, and both sisters latch on with their mouths. Unlike with the other men you've seen, they show no reluctance with him. Their tongues run up and down his shaft. The younger sucks his balls into her mouth.

Once he's fully hard, he nudges his sisters onto their side and kneels by their rumps. Grabbing their thighs, leans and penetrates his younger sister. She mewls and whimpers. The older sister holds her close. Their lips meet. After some time, the brother switches to the older sister, who shudders in pleasure. She grinds herself against her brother. Both sisters pull tight to each other until they're like one body.

Euna leans close. "I think this isn't their first time."

"Or their second. Or their third," you say.

The brother fiddles with his older sisters' bindings. Their hands come free, yet the three remain coupled together. The older sister pulls her brother's mouth down upon her nipple as he switches back to fucking the younger.

"And it doesn't seem there are any hard feelings," you whisper.

The brother murmurs to his sisters. After he pulls out, they scissor their legs and mash their slits together. The brother stabs his cock between them so it runs between each slit and points up to their bellies. A few more thrusts, and he's firing his cum upon their stomachs.

Finished, the three remain cuddled together in a pile of bodily fluids and loose ropes. You direct Euna away.

"That was a practiced move if I've ever seen one," Euna whispers. "Channeling his manhood between his sister's nethers like that. I might like to try that sometime."

"I'm sure your sister would be happy to," you reply.

She regards you. "I was thinking with some other woman."

"Oh," you say. "So not a sister act? I guess that might almost be as good."

Euna rolls her eyes, but as you emerge from the alley, she mutters one last thing. "A sister act does seem to be its best incarnation. Perhaps we'll see."

"Your loss," the youth says. "My sisters are quite a treat to punish."

You and Euna hurry along.

"Another strange family," she mutters. "No city but this would you get an offer like that."

"This city is one of a kind," you reply.

In a nearby alley, a couple are having a quick romp. He has her pressed up against a building. Her skirt is about her waist. His breeches are about his ankles. His bare ass flexes as he ruts the girl dispassionately

"This town is a pit of depravity..." Euna mutters.

"Couldn't they have waited until they got home?" Euna asks.

"Apparently not," you reply.

Euna watches. "Do you suppose they're a couple who still feel spontaneous after years of love?" Her eyes twinkle. "Or do you suppose they just met?"

"Perhaps they don't even know each other's names," you reply.

"Yesss! It's so much better that way."

A gaggle of women pass by. They wear various skirts and pants, but all of them are topless, and none seem concerned about it. Euna averts her eyes.

There's a commotion going on down an alley. People laugh and jeer.

There's still a commotion going on down an alley. People laugh and jeer.

This bathhouse isn't written yet.

You enter through the double wooden doors. The inside is cool and dark. Light mostly comes from candles lit within alcoves. Tapestries line the walls, muffling the sound in the small room, making it cozy. Though they depict many stories, the main theme of the tapestries center around the same topless bird creature shown on the crest outside.

Sitting on counters lining the walls are vases filled with vibrate bouquets of lilacs. A nun of the church is watering them and replacing olds ones with fresh flowers from a basket she carries. A wimple covers her hair and neck, and a white cloth robe hides her body, though its material is thin–nearly gauzy–and its cinched tightly to her body, revealing her curves.

She smiles at you both and continues her work.

A doorway leads farther into the church.

"Unfortunately, members of our community misused our inner chambers. They would come in drunk, requesting shelter, but when we'd let them in, they would harass my fellow sisters, and they'd cause messes."

"Disrespectful..." Euna says.

The girl nods. "We tolerated it as best we could, but one night a crowd of men held a celebration of their own in our nave, and they got deliberately destructive. They soiled all of our prayer mats, defaced our altar, and destroyed everything they could. After they grew tired, they took over our dormitory for themselves and raped several sisters."

"That's awful!" Euna replies.

"It was. To deface our altar was an intolerable affront to our religion. We decided we must close the church to all but ourselves and the needy."

"An alcohol remedy?" the nun asks.

"Probably," you say. "Does that sober a man up?"

"It does. And it refreshes. Those who take it will have all the liquid spirit within them transmuted. They'll sober in minutes, and it prevents sickness the coming morning. We don't hand the remedy out anymore, ever since the townsfolk started abusing it, but if you bring the man to us, we will treat him."

"I don't think we could get him here," Euna says. "He couldn't stand. His hands were shaking. He vomited even as we spoke to him."

"Oh dear," the nun replies. "And he asked for the alcohol remedy?"

"Yes. He's in terrible shape."

"He must be if he's asking for it. Normally when the drunk are brought to us, they fight with all their might to keep us from giving them the remedy."

"Why?" you ask. "It sounds amazing. I could have used such a remedy myself many times in my life."

"It is a marvelous remedy. It works by transmuting the alcohol inside the body into a sleep-inducing substance. The drunker they are, the more deeply they'll sleep. And though they'll wake refreshed, those who choose to drink themselves to such a state are reluctant to end a night of indulgence."

"Seems like a reasonable way to end a night of drinking to me," Euna says.

"If one should choose to drink excessively, then I would agree," the nun replies. "But that is part of why we had to stop handing it out as well. Many were intentionally mixing it with alcohol for its sleep-inducing, and rejuvenating effects. They would lie and say it was for an emergency, but they would do so again and again until we had none left for those who needed it."

"So you won't give it to us?"

The nun considers. "I will. If the vomit on your arms is any indication, you are truthful. Wait here."

She departs into the inner part of the church. A minute later, she returns with a small vial of clear liquid. "Simply have him drink this. Once it's in his blood, it will begin its work."

"Thank you," Euna says.

"Of course. My prayers to you and your drunken friend."

Drunk Remedy added to inventory

As you reach for the door, the sister tending the lilacs calls out. "You mustn't enter there. I'm afraid you aren't allowed."

You back away from the door. She returns to her flowers.

"Thank you!" She smiles. "They're Lilacs from our garden. I grow them myself."

Euna smells one. "They're lovely."

"White Lilacs are flowers around the tree of the great Simorg's nest. They represent Charity, Forgiveness, and Purity. It's everything we sisters strive for."

The nun turns and smiles at you inquiringly.

As you depart, the sister bows. "Good day to you." She resumes tending to the bouquets. You return to the street outside.

"I'm afraid not," she says. "Once our doors were open to the public, but we have since had to restrict our inner chambers to the sisters, except for public services. Only those who are in need of help or healing are taken farther in. I'm sorry."

"Of course!" The sister hands you a lilac from her basket.

"Thank you," Euna says.

Lilac Flower added to inventory

"You stand in the entry hall of the church of Simori, sanctuary for the sisters of Charity who follow in the ways of the great Simorg."

She grins. "As you wish."

You head off. As Euna walks, cum runs down her thighs to her knees, but she makes no move to wipe it away. You pass several people along the way.

Though hardly anyone glances, her eyes twinkle. A devilish expression is upon her face. "This is so naughty," she whispers.

The guards at the gate have their eyes upon her face and breasts, not her legs. The vagrants in the slums stare as well, but by then it's too dark to see between her legs. Either way, she's practically giddy by the time you pass.

Beyond the view of everyone, she inspects herself. A rivulet has run all the way down her leg and disappeared down her boot. Her slit still glistens. "May I clean myself now?"

You give her the go ahead, and she takes a minute to wipe away what she can.

"Yes." she glances at the twilight sky. "You're right. Let's go." She takes a few steps, pauses, looks at the chemise in her hands, and then tosses it into the alley. It crumples onto a dirty puddles and soaks through instantly. It strikes you as a waste of perfectly good silk, but why ruin such a symbolic moment of throwing the chemise away?

As you head off, Euna speaks. "If only my aunt could see me now. She'd die from shock."

"We can only hope."

"Don't wish such things," she says. "She might be right. I have lost my mind."

"Your sister wouldn't think so," you reply. "I don't. I don't think your father would either, given the things I know about him. He'd probably congratulate you."

"What do you mean?" she asks. "Do you know stories about my father?"

"A few. Most are second hand. I've heard more about your mother."

"Dirty stories? Tell me."

"Perhaps another night. For now, it's late. We need to get going if we don't want to be in the woods at night."

You leave through the front gate. The vagabonds in the shanty leer and whistle. They don't seem to bother her anymore. In fact, just as you two get to the edge of the town, Euna glances back, then flips up her petticoat, giving the homeless a quick glance of her ass. They hoot and cheer. Euna grins and continues along.

She holds onto your arm all through the jungle. By the time you get back, the sun has set and both of you are quite tired.

"Oh, you will, will you?" Her eyebrow arches. "Then go ahead."

She stands before you, watching expectantly. You kneel before her. Rivulets of your cum are trickling down her thigh. Her slit is a creamed mess. You realize you have nothing to wipe the mess away with. Her chemise would have been useful, but it's lost forever.

Carefully, you wipe away the trickle using the back of your hand. It's both slippery and sticky. Unfortunately, her gash is too messy for you to simply transfer the mess to yourself to be cleaned later, and she sense this too.

Her hand is on the back of your head, guiding you in. Her thighs surround you. Her warm, wet sex becomes your sole awareness. Her mound of damp fur covers your face. You run your tongue along her smooth folds and collect all the goo and wet. You taste of her, yet another taste is beneath that—a tangy flavor that leaves a burn in the back of your throat.

She drapes one leg over your shoulder and holds you firmly in place. You've no choice but to continue. After the pungent flavors are gone, you stab your tongue inside of her to collect what you can. It leaves her shuddering.

When she finally lets you pull away, her breath is heavy. She looks down at you and nods. "Good. I think that should suffice. Now we can go."

After a while, the minstrels pack it in. The dancing winds down. The festival goers, drunk and wild, wander home. You and Euna depart and find a nearby fountain where Euna sits down for a minute to wash her face and arms. Both of you are quite giddy and sweaty from the dancing.

"Heavens, this night was amazing," she says. "And to think I spent so long avoiding such lurid behavior." She leans in and kisses you quickly, then bends to wash sweat from her face and arms with fountain water. A carriage pulls up before a luxurious street house. Three men and two women get out. All are dressed well. Servants comes out of the mansion and carry luggage from the carriage into the house while the travellers stretch their legs. One man glances over, then draws the attention another beside him. Both watch as Euna cleans herself. You realize from the way she's sitting, they can probably see up her shortened petticoat.

"You've got some admirers," you murmur.

Euna glances over and grins. She makes no effort to turn her legs away.

Kiss Euna and fondle her breasts before them.

"Why don't you give them a little show."

You lean in and kiss Euna. While doing so, your hand slides down the front of her bodice. Euna squeals, but doesn't stop you, even when you pull the fabric down to expose one of her breasts.

All the men are watching now. They murmur to each other.

She moans as you squeeze and tweak. Then you dive back into her bodice to free the other breast. Euna notices the others watching. After hesitating, she unfastens the lace on her bodice and heaves her chest forward.

At this point, even the girls have looked over. They grin and shake their heads. This encourages Euna. She kisses you again. Taking your hand, she lowers it down her body to her hem of her petticoat. Your hand barely brushes the lips of her pussy when someone yells.

"Oh, my word!"

Unseen by both of you, an elderly woman had emerged from the carriage. She's dressed in a conservative gown. Her gray hair is pulled back in a tight bun. She scowls at both of you. The watching men and women roll their eyes and turn their gaze.

Euna pulls your hand away. Hastily, she does up her bodice as the old woman storms over.

Euna stares at the men mischievously. "Why not?" She spreads her legs and waggles them back and forth before the men. Another man glances over. They watch and grin, murmuring to each other. Euna goes further and squeezes her breasts together through her clothes. She rubs her hands sensually along her body.

At this point, even the girls have glanced over. A few even continue to watch.

Encouraged, Euna slides her hands down the inside of her thighs, then reverses, pulling the hem of her petticoat up, revealing her damp sex. Her fingers slide along either side of her sex, comb through her pubic hair, then caresses along her legs. Euna rests her head back and closes her eyes, which is why she doesn't noticed when an elderly woman daintily climbs out of the carriage. The woman is dress in a conservative gown. She has a tight bun of gray hair pulled back and a frown seemingly fixed to her face with wrinkles. Noticing the others staring, she follows their gaze to Euna and gasps in horror.

"Uh, Euna," you say. "Maybe you should—"

"Oh, my word!" The old woman shouts. The watching men and women roll their eyes and turn away.

Euna's eyes snap open. Her legs clamp closed. The old woman glares at her traveling companions, then storms toward Euna.

Some of the men and women hurry after her. "Aunti, please," one says.

The old woman ignores them and marches right up to Euna. "Have you no shame, you... you harlot?"

"I'm sorry." Euna looks away.

"Where do you get off spreading your filth and temptation to others? You're a sinner and a whore, and you will stay away from my family."

"Eloise..." One of the women lays her hand on the old woman's shoulder and tries gently to steer her away. "Please, just let it go."

"I will not. I've told you again and again that this city is a haven of sin. We're not here for more than one minute when this filthy whore starts temping us with her devilish ways."

Euna wilts away from the woman. Her down-turned face is burning red.

You stand. "We meant no disrespect and will be on our way, but you will watch your tongue before my Lady."

"Your Lady?" she says. "More like your mistress. You two will burn for your sins."

"Aunti Eloise," says the girl holding the woman's shoulder. "Come inside, please. Leave them be." She, and a man who looks to be her brother forcefully guide the old woman away. Eloise rants right up until they guide her into the house.

Euna looks pitiful. Her shoulders are tucked in. She's holding herself. You put your arm around her. She leans into you.

One of the men wonders back. "Excuse me."

"I'm sorry," Euna mumbles. "We'll go."

"No, no." He waves his hand dismissively. "We're the ones who owe you an apology. Our aunt is... how do I say this? Old fashioned. She grew up in a convent, you see?"

Euna looks up. "What?"

"Yes. She's a Sevic nun. They're a conservative bunch. Painfully out of touch. They pretty much think if anything is fun, it must be evil."

"I... I know of religions like that."

He shrugs. "We can't take her anywhere. She's constantly making a scene."

"I see..."

"I'm dreadfully sorry about this. Please, don't let her get to you." He grins. "You were brilliant. After a long carriage ride with our Aunt, that was exactly the kind of show we needed."

"Er... you're welcome," Euna replies.

The man winks and heads back toward the others.

"Are you okay?" you ask.

She nods.

"Come. When these things happen, it's best to move along." You two head down the street. "I hope that didn't bother you too much. That kind of thing happens occasionally. I always let it—"

"That could have been me?"

"What?" you ask.

"Her. That old woman. That could have been me years from now. It was me. Last year, I caught one of the court guards and the service maids fondling each other in the buttery. I scolded them for their indecency. I even tried to bring it up to the steward, and he scolded them too, but I knew he was just humoring me. I actually wanted to have him replaced. Just because a pair of servants fondled each other."

She walks further. "All my old friends and my sister have grown strange to me, and why wouldn't they? I'd become... like that, this crone that everyone tolerates, who makes fusses over harmless antics and judges others. Years from now, my nieces and nephews would have been apologizing on my behalf. She grew up in a convent, you see? And everyone would understand."

She turns to you. "Admit it. I was impossible to be around. Wasn't I?"

You nod begrudgingly. "Some people may have learned to stay out of your way."

"Well, I'm not going to be that any more. That convent would have turned me into a bitter old crone, but not anymore. And I have you to thank for it."


"Yes. These past few days have been the best of my life. And it's because of you. You've shown me how to have fun, how to enjoy life. You've been guiding me."

"You're quite welcome. You've become a wonderful person to be around."

"I want you to continue," she says. "You've seen and done so much. You have so many wild stories. You may have shown me how to live, but I have so much catching up to do. Guide me. Teach me about your ways of life. Help me make stories of my own."

"Stories like the ones I tell you? Those are some sultry stories."

"Good. I want that. I want to live like that." She looked down at herself. "I think the first thing I'll do is stop dressing so conservatively. I'm so damn hot in this. And I'm still the most covered girl on these streets, aren't I?"

"You are."

Euna shuffles about. She pulls out the shoulder straps of her chemise and works her arms through them. Then she tugs her chemise down her body underneath her other clothes. She's careful to hold up her petticoat in place. Finished, she steps out of her chemise and holds it up. It's damp with sweat.

"Silk. It's far too warm for this weather." She turns to you and poses. "How do I look?"

All she's wearing on her upper body is her bodice. Her ample cleavage is now practically spilling out of its low-cut neckline. The bodice also laces up the front. Between the crisscrossing lace, you can see her skin all the way from neck to navel. Her bodice and her petticoat don't quite meet, showing off a strip of her midriff, and her petticoat, shortened as it is, stops mid-thigh, revealing bare legs down to her boots.

"You look beautiful," you say.

"I was already beautiful."

"Well, now you look desirable too."

Euna grins. "That's more what I was hoping for. Do you desire me?" she asks. "Are you fantasizing about what you'll do to me once we get back?"

"No. I'm fantasizing about what I'm going to do to you right now."

"Yes, but we must hurry if we're to get back before nightfall."

You pull her toward the mouth of an alley and press her up against a wall.

She shivers. "Here? Right now? Anybody can see us."

"I know." You pull out your hardening cock and lift her leg against your body.

"Do it," she breaths.

With that, you thrust into her dripping snatch.

"Yes," she cries. "Fuck me. Oh, heavens. Oh God." Her body quakes.

You turn her around and stab back into her. She presses her hands against the wall and pushes her ass against you.

"Use me," she says. She moans again and again.

A pair of men passing in the street linger to watch. They call out to Euna. In response, she unfastens her bodice and pulls it open. Her breasts hang free, wobbling in time with your thrusts. She squeezes one while staring at the men. They cheer.

You shoot cum deep inside her. As you slow to a stop, she stands straight and presses her back against you. Your hands sneak around. Grasping her bare breasts, you hug her close and kiss her neck.

The men applaud. On a whim, Euna tosses her chemise to them. The men take it, examine what it is, then cheer again, holding it above their heads. Euna blows them a kiss, and they continue on their way. Her chemise is forever gone.

"Oh, my heavens. That was amazing," she says. "You don't suppose I've gone crazy, do you?"

"I think you've finally come to your senses."

"I'm serious. Do you think I'm overreacting just because of that old woman? I never in my life thought I'd do something like this."

"Are you feeling guilty?"

She thinks. "No. No, I'm not. But I know I should." She fastens her bodice back up.

"Your aunt would certainly think you should feel guilty," you say. "Your sister wouldn't. I wouldn't. I don't think your father would either. From what I know of him, he'd probably congratulate you."

"You have stories about him?"

"A few. Most are second hand. I've heard more about your mother."

"Dirty stories? Tell me."

"Perhaps another night. It's late. We need to get going if we don't want to be in the woods at night."

"Oh, bore," she says. "I wish there was a place we could stay here."

"Too bad we can't. Shall we go?"

She nods. "Hold. I'm leaking, just let me clean up."

"Leave it. Don't wipe it away until we're out of the city."

"Allow me to clean you."

The time comes in the song to change partners. An attractive, olive-skinned man with a broad smile approaches, hand offered. You guide Euna to him.

Euna pulls away from him. "What? Are you sure?"

You nod. "It's a social dance."

She leans close. "Do you not see what's going on around us? And you'll leave me with other men?"

"Enjoy yourself," you say. The man whisks her away. You also get another partner—a spry gal with beer on her breath and a large bosom which she presses against you.

You keep an eye on Euna. The dance has the men twirl the women about and trade partners. Most take advantage of this to fondle their woman. Euna's partner is no exception. When the man grips her butt, she looks for you with wide eyes.

Her next partner doesn't let his hands wonder, but he whispers something that causes her to blush. But the next man fondles her ass. After that dance, she seeks you out.

"These men are shameless," she says. "You knew that would happen when you passed me off, didn't you?"

"You wanted lewd stories of your own."

"I did. I'm not sure this is what I had in mind."

"Just enjoy yourself. This is how some people live every day. They enjoy life."

Euna glances at a couple in an alley who are having sex. "They certainly do." Round and round you two go as Euna looks about at the others. The transition is coming up soon. Euna seems apprehensive.

"If you want, we can dance together the rest of the night," you say, "no more strangers."

"But if I do dance with others, I will be groped again. This doesn't trouble you?"

"Only if it troubles you," you reply.

The minstrels begins. Dancers seek out partners. You and she dance together initially, but the transition is seconds away, and indecision has her tensed. The moment comes...

...and she's away. Another dance partner twirls her into the crowd as you move to another woman.

The evening spans on. Each time you see Euna, she's with another man. Her self-conscious behavior has evaporated into joyous mirth despite the gropes of all the men. It may also have something to do with the goblet of wine she's procured.

Later, she's with a man who has her skirt lifted and a hand underneath. Another time, one of her breasts has spilled out of her bodice, yet she's too lost in the dance to correct it. During a slower dance, you find her pressed close to a short, bearded man. He has two hands on both of her buttocks and his face buried in her bosom.

The sun sinks low. Time to get home. You catch up with her after the minstrels stop and head off down the street away from the festival.

"Had fun?" you ask.

"Very frisky people here," she says. "I shudder to think how Reverend Mother Margosha would react if she knew what I was doing." She dances more. "Actually no. I would love to see how she'd react. If we ever get back, I'm going to hold dances just like that in the royal court, instead of those stuffy, proper, single-partner dances it usually has. And I used to think I was acting wild by joining those dances. But we never knew how to have fun at all."

"Yes. I could never stand dancing at your father's court."

"My bottom is positively glowing red from all the pinches and slaps I've gotten. One man had the audacity to reach up my frock and touch my flower. What do you think about that?"

She grins widely at you, but there's a studying look in her eyes revealing that she's genuinely concerned about your reaction.

"Bold man," you say. "Though I might have gone farther." You snake your own hand down to fondle between her legs. She yelps joyously.

"Do you know what I did in response?" Her own hand darts down to grab the front of your breeches. "I grabbed his rod to see how he liked it." Again, she smiles, but her eyes are alert to your expression.

"Bold woman," you reply, and she relaxes.

Return to camp.

After a few dances, a song comes up where partners change. When the transition comes, you unlink hands with Euna. She doesn't hesitate to move on to the next dancer while you dance with a frilly damsel whose breasts are bared without shame.

As you spin about the dance floor, you keep an eye on Euna when you can. She's gayfully dances about with man after man. Sometimes they've got their arms about her low enough to rest their hands upon her ass, but she pays this no heed.

You twirl with many partners, all women in various states of undress. Many of them rub close to you. A domineering woman wearing an open robe goes so far as to you wrap her leg about you during a particular spin. She eyes you provocatively as her crotch presses against you.

Soon, Euna is your partner again, and she too has dressed down. She wears only her skirt and boots. Her bodice is stuffed into her pack. Her breasts hang free as she dances exuberantly.

She sees you staring. "It's warm here," she yells over the music. "Everyone else was, so why not?"

She's right. Nearly every woman has her breasts bared or cleavage which spills over their clothes, and nearly every man is topless. By this time of evening, some dancers, male and female, are completely naked. All hanging out for anyone to see. They are an exception though, and rather drunk.

Euna tugs your shirt off and tucks it into her pack. "Now you're no longer the most conservatively dressed either," she says. For the rest of that dance, she's close to you, using every excuse to press her chest to your bare skin as she gazes into your eyes.

The transition comes, and she's away. While you dance with half-naked women, she's in the clutches of men. One slow dance has the women put their back to the men while they lead. One man behind Euna reaches around her to cup her breasts. Later, another man rakes his hands from her legs up her body, pulling her skirt up. She laughs and pushes it back down. Another presses his hand to her crotch above her skirt. He works his fingers. Euna dances with him as happily as she does any other.

Who knows how much farther Euna might have gone had the minstrels not finally stopped. The sun is low, and it's time to get back. She bounds up and wraps her arms and legs about you. You carry her from the festival. Her her body is sweaty against your back. "That was absolutely lovely," she says. "I could live in this town every night, dancing my life away, and I would die happy."

Not until you're near the slums does Euna finally redress. You two laugh and joke all the way back to your shelter.

Return to camp.

"Good heavens, did I have fun," she says. "I'm beginning to like this strange land. Shall we be getting back?"

"I think so," you say. The sun is low in the horizon.

You two leave out the front gate. After a long walk, you finally arrive back at the camp.

Return to camp.

You press your fingers into her vagina. She gasps. For several turns of the song, you two spin about. Several people glance.

Shy, Euna buries her face against your shoulder. "This is scandalous," she murmurs. "Are you trying to make sure everyone sees my intimates?"

"Everyone," To underline your point, you pull her skirt up even higher.

Her skirt is up about her waist now, and people ogle her smooth pubic moundblonde pubic bush and her ass.

Her face is red, yet she's stifling a grin. As your fingers worm inside her, she quivers. You press your lips to hers, and she passionately returns the kiss. When she pulls away, a slight moan escapes her lips.

"Okay," she says. She pushes your hand away. "If you keep doing that, I'm going to start making noises."

"Why not?" you ask.

She grins. "Have you no sense of decency?"

"None at all."

You slide your hand up her thigh. When you cup her ass, she reaches back and pulls your hand away. "Enough of that, you little deviant." She smiles at you. "There's time for that later."

"I don't think anyone here minds." You nod toward a woman kneeling beside a food stand sucking the cock of a man with his leggings about his knees.

"I am not like the other people here," she says. "How about we just dance."

Your hand slides up her thigh to her ass. She tenses at first, but doesn't stop you. Her dress rides higher and higher until the people dancing behind her can easily see her bare ass.

She glances around. "This is so indecent."

"I don't think anyone cares. Look over there." You nod toward a woman kneeling beside a food stand sucking the cock of a man with his leggings about his knees.

"I know," she says, "but somebody could be looking."

"They are," you say. "Right behind you." She looks. A dancing couple are glancing over. The man and the women are smiling coyly.

"Oh heavens!" she says, turning back.

"You can't be serious" she asks. "As much as I enjoy dancing, this isn't a dance, it's an orgy."

"Well, some people are having an orgy, but most are dancing."

"And I will not dare partake in this. I'd be molested within a minute."

"Very well, Your Highness."

"Sure," she says.

The two of you work you way closer toward the minstrels. The crowd is thick with people dancing and twirling about.

"This is lovely!" Euna says. "Come, let's dance."

She pulls you along. The two of you dance for hours, stopping only occasionally. The music and moves are foreign to both of you. Many times you both mess up or stumble into others. Euna laughs every time.

As the sky grows dark, it seems the nature of the festival becomes more liberal. Many festival goers have become drunk and raucous. Couples kiss passionately against the street-side houses. Many of the dancers have removed some clothes. Men reveal bare, hairy chests. Women bare their legs and busts. They rub themselves against their male dance partners.

Soon, people openly grope each other as they dance. Behind the minstrels, a topless woman is perched on the stage. A man is beneath her colorful frock, clearly pleasuring her with his tongue. Elsewhere, a man has a woman pressed up against a building. Her legs are wrapped about him as he hammers his cock into her. No one around them seems to care.

Several times, dancers change partners. Several men try to step in dance with Euna. She declines them all, choosing to stick with you as her sole dance partner.

"It's getting rather untamed here," she says as you spin about among the crowd.

"It is," you say.

Euna snaps her legs together.

Shirina glances. "Why? What has she done?" She steps down from her perch and tiptoes by the food platters to where you two are. "What were you able to do?" she asks.

Euna's face is flushed red. "N–Nothing."

You speak. "We were motivated by the show you just put on. Guess what she has inside of her right now."

Shirina lights up. "Oh! Apples? Aren't they fun?"

"Err... I suppose," Euna says.

"How many did you fit?"

"... just one." Euna's eyes are downcast. Her face is burning red.

"I... He wanted to see if I could fit an apple too."

Shirina lights up. "Oh, that's wonderful! How many did you fit?"

Euna is red with embarrassment. "Just one. I was just entertaining his little desire."

"He asked me to see if I could fit an apple inside myself," Euna says.

"Oh, how wonderful!" Shirina replies. "And did you? Just one?"

"Just one. Yes. And I didn't expect him to call an audience like he did."

Shirina laughs and throws an arm over Euna's shoulder. "Oh don't be embarrassed. I'm the last person to judge. I can't even look at a fruit without imaging how many I can fit inside me, but apples are the best. They were my first real foray into seeing what I could fit inside myself. I'm always glad to find another who understands." Her hug tightens.

Euna is still clutching the hem of her skirt down to cover herself, but she seems to relax a little.

"It has its appeal," Euna admits. Her blush is fading.

"You're only saying that because you're hoping I'll do it, aren't you?" Euna says.

"Sure, but aren't you even curious?"

"I think I probably could, with some effort."

You hold up an apple you collected for yourself earlier. "Then let's find out."

Euna glances toward Shirina. "Right here? In public?"

"No one's watching us. Why not?"

"There could be. People are coming and going. Shirina would need only to turn around."

"It's a risk, isn't it? But do you really think anyone would care, especially after the show Shirina just put on for all to see?"

Glancing about, Euna takes the apple. First, she contemplates, turning it over and over in her hands. Decided, she pulls back of her skirt so her bare ass is on the platform. She turns so only you have a view between her legs, and then she darts the apple beneath her and sits upon it.

Euna rocks her baldfurry slit back and forth over the apple. It takes her more effort than it took Shirina. She grunts and winces and clutches the platform. Her vaginal lips cave, and the apple pops in.

"Ooh." Euna clutches her crotch. "Satisfied?"


"Hey, Shirina. Come see what Euna can do."

"They're good for this sport," Shirina replies. "No mess. A good size. Though really it's because my family grew an orchard, so there were plenty about. I would sneak off and hide behind an apple tree in the far corner of the orchard, and I'd cram myself full of fallen apples. I was always so terrified that my brothers and sisters might stumble upon me indulging in my secret pleasure. Or heaven forbid my father should find out. Here, I can be proud of my interest, even if it does make me a spectacle for people like Miray."

"Oh, would you?" Shirina says. "I'd love to see."

Euna is still beet red. After glancing about, she spreads her legs and inches the hem of her dress up. Her sex is revealed to you both. When she rises up, the apple emerges on its own and pops out. She catches it and immediately closes her legs.

"That was marvelous! Have you tried a second?"

"No. I..." She glances about and laughs out of nervousness.

"Don't worry. I won't pressure into trying, but you must keep me up to date on your progress."

"I suppose I can." Euna's blush isn't as bad. She even smiles slightly.

"Very well." Euna spreads her legs and pulls her skirt high. When she lifts, the platform surface no longer holds the apple in her snatch, and it pops out. Euna catches it.

"Impressive," Shirina takes the apple and brings it back toward Euna's crotch.

Euna flinches away.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Shirina says. "May I please? I'd like to get a sense how easily you take it."

"I... go ahead." Euna spreads herself wider.

Without pause, Euna spreads her legs wide and raises her skirt.

Shirina presses the apple against Euna's loosened slit. It takes some working, but Euna's pussy swallows it back up. Euna bites her lip as though withholding a moan.

"Not bad." Shirina lets it slide out. She pushes it back. In and out it goes. Then she pushes it deep using two fingers. Euna quivers. Shirina keeps her palm fully against Euna's pussy to keep it in. "It doesn't want to stay in though."

"I'm still new at this." Euna's voice is breathy.

"Want to feel what an accepting flower feels like?"

Euna nods, so Shirina lets the apple slip from her. It drips with Euna's arousal. She pulls her gown's front aside to reveal her own trimmed pussy with its dark lips, and she guides Euna's hand to press the apple against her gash. Euna pushes. Shirina engulfs the apple with ease. Euna doesn't stop until she has four fingers and half her palm buried inside. This causes Shirina no discomfort.

"Impressive," Euna says.

"You keep working on it," Shirina. "I hope some day you can take an apple just as easily as I can. Maybe more..." She flexes and pops the apple out onto Euna's hand.

"Perhaps. We'll see," Euna replies.

"Of course," Shirina says. "I'll let you two eat. Enjoy yourselves." She returns to her perch.

The moment she has her back turned, Euna lifts up, sticks her hand under her skirt, and bring out the apple, now glistening with her juices.

Euna turns narrowed eyes upon you. "You knave. That was a mean trick you pulled, calling her over like that."

"And yet you showed her anyway," you say.

She blushes all over again. "Well, she... she asked so nicely."

"She did. It seems like you've found a kinship."

"But look at how happy you made her," you say.

Euna smirks despite her efforts. "Sometimes I marvel at what a gentleman you are underneath all that foolery." She regards you. "But other times, it's painfully obvious why you always seemed to spend half your life in the pillory." She hands you the slippery apple. "Now, don't waste your food."

The apple smells of female essence, but you gladly eat it.

"It's certainly not the sort of thing you'd see back home," Euna says, "and to replace the apples like that?"

"It's be a waste of food otherwise."

"One might suggest not shoving food up your nethers if you were concerned about waste."

Euna rises up, and the apple pops from her snatch. She passes it to you. "Now don't waste your food."

The apple is slick with her juice. It smells of her, but you gladly eat it.

You both finish your food. Shirina gets your attention as you're getting up. "I hope you two enjoyed your meal."

"It was splendid, thank you," Euna replies.

A girl trots up with a young man in tow. She has curves despite her young age, and she has a great mane of curly black hair that bounces with each step. She has no interest in the food, and gathers instead at the edge of a fruit display and grins at Shirina.

"Hello," the girl says.

Shirina smiles wearily in return. "Hello, Miray. I see you've brought a friend."

Miray nods. "I told him about what you did last time. He wants to see for himself."

"It's been a busy day, Miray. And I've done this so many times already..."

"Oh come on. Please? My father says you're the champion at the council's feasts. But kind of champion are you if you won't accept a challenge?"

"Oh, very well. But we must be quick about it." Shirina sits on the platform facing them with her legs spread. She drapes the front flap of her dress over one leg to reveal herself to the two. She holds her hand out to them expectantly. Miray snatches an apple from the fruit display and kneels between Shirina's legs.

But when she moves the fruit to her snatch, Shirina stops her. "Ah ah. I'll do it." She takes the apple and rubs it up and down her slit. Her trim, bristled pubic hairs brush the apple's flesh. Her juices spread over it. And then she pushes. The dark, thick lips of her pussy engulf the fruit. With her index finger, she pushes it deep within herself, and when she withdraws, her lips close, and it's as though nothing were inserted at all.

The young man marvels. "Father above..."

"See?" Miray says. "I told you. And she hasn't even started." She fetches another apple and holds it up. "Can I put in the next one, please?"

"If you must."

Miray puts the apple to Shirina's snatch, and with an open palm, shoves it in.

Shirina recoils. "Gently," she says, but Miray keeps pushing until it too is engulfed. Two of her fingers burrow past Shirina's lips, depositing the apple deep.

The young man hands Miray the next, and Miray immediately pushes it in after the others. Shirina bites her lip and clutches the platform rim. The third apple disappears.

Then comes the fourth apple. Miray has to put some force into this one. Open palm, elbow out, she shoves hard.

Shirina winces. "Careful..." but Miray doesn't let up. She even grabs Shirina's hip to keep her sliding back. Eventually the apple is engulfed, but barely. When Miray takes her hand away, Shirina's pussy flowers outward, the apple emerges. Only by leaving her hand pressed to Shirina's pussy can she keep it in.

But then Miray reaches for a fifth apple.

"No, dear. It's not going to fit," Shirina says.

"My father says you took much more at the council's feast."

"That takes preparation. I'm afraid four must satisfy you today."

"But it doesn't."

"Can you fit four apples in your nest?"

Miray narrows her eyes. "Oh fine." She turns to her friend. "But you see? She's got a cavern between her legs."

He nods. His eyes are still fixed upon Shirina's pussy.

"Come on." Miray leads him away. She waves over her shoulder. "Bye, Shirina."

"You take these apples!" Shirina tenses her abdomen. An apple pops out, which she waves at the two.

"No thanks!" The two dart off around the corner.

Shirina sighs. She squeezes out the remaining three apples. After wiping her vaginal juices off them, she glances about, then replaces three onto the stack with the other fruit. When she spots you two watching, she casts a guilty expressions as though to say, "this will be our little secret."

She bites into the last apple as she retakes her perch atop the food platform.


"I bet you could fit an apple or two."

The girl finishes and leaves the bowl of berries for you two. Meanwhile, Shirina is now free from her conversation.

Euna eyes Shirina's leaking tits. "Oh very well. A little I suppose" Euna offers her mug to Shirina.

Shirina hoists her tit over it. With a squeeze, milk sprays from the pores of her nipple. It swirls into the drink, mixing dark, stout-brown brew with pale clouds.

"Thank you." Euna sips, weighs the flavor, and nods. "It is good."

Shirina does the same for your drink. "Enjoy, you two!"

You and Euna sip your drinks in privacy while Shirina serves others. Euna seems lost in thought.

"Do you actually like it," you ask.

"I do. Though I wonder if it's really better than mare or goat milk. I think most people here pester Shirina for her breastmilk because they're perverts." Euna notices a splatter of milk upon her wrist. She licks it up. "Hmm. Maybe it is better. Perhaps if we return home, I could have a nursemaid tend to my guests and me during supper." She frowns. "But then I wouldn't want to do to a nursemaid what this town does to Shirina."

"What if you supplied the milk yourself?"

"Now there's a thought. Every supper, I'd expose my breasts and squeeze out my own cream for nobles and boyars alike. How appalled they'd be."

"Now who's the pervert?" you ask.

Grinning, she sips her drink and wiggles her hips mischievously.

Shirina is wiping her breasts clean when you two return.

"The Boza was lovely," Euna says. "Thank you."

The children bring out another pot of Boza. Shirina removes the wax seal and breaths deep the vapors. People congregate.

The very first customer brings his mug to Shirina for milk. She drapes open her dress and kneads her breasts. More people collect mugs of Boza. The crowd grows, yet no milk dribbles from her nipples.

"Get on with it," one man says.

"One moment." Shirina works her breasts.

"My Boza is getting cold," says a woman.

More complaints come. Shirina placates as best she can. Then someone pours their drink onto the floor and tosses away their cup. He leaves.

"Have patience, please."

More cups spill.

This is too much for Euna. She storms up. "Behave yourselves," she snaps. "She's already doing what she can."

"She's taking too long." a man shouts.

"So she is. Pour your drinks back into the pot and wait. I'm sure it can be reheated. Do not act like spoiled infants and waste the drink the children made for you."

The man holds his drink out and makes a show of pouring it on the tiles.

Euna delivers a slap squarely across his face. The man stumbles to the ground. Silence follows.

He gapes at her. "You hit me."

Euna addresses everyone. "Pour your drinks back into the pot and wait. I will not tell you again."

One by one, they return their drinks. A few leave. Most wait patiently. The man Euna struck scurries off.

"Thank you." Shirina still massages her tits fervently. "You've got a stronger will than I. I don't think I could ever be so firm with them."

"Then it's a blessing I'm here," Euna replies. "It's dreadful how they treat you."

"Oh, they're not all bad. They're just..." She trails off. Her concentration is on her breasts.

"Is there any way I can help?" Euna asks.

"Actually, what I really need is a good suckling upon my breasts. That always gets my milk flowing."

"Hmm." Euna deliberates. "Very well." She turns to you. "Make yourself comfortable. We're staying a while longer."

"Yes, My Lady."

This is too much for Euna. She runs up to the crowd. "Stop. Please. She's already doing everything she can."

"She's taking too long." a man shouts.

"I won't drink it without milk," a woman says.

You step beside Euna. "But it seems Shirina's tits are disobeying her today. Rest assured, everyone, Shirina is punishing them as we speak."

Some people snicker. Shirina is mauling her tits fiercely.

"I, for one, will not be happy until I have my milk," you add, "which is why I won't draw my cup until her tits drip like the quim of a princess maiden who's just been kidnapped by ruffians."

More chuckles. The tension is breaking.

"So let us all pour our drinks back in the pot and...


...enjoy the show as my fair lady sucks the milk from Shirina's teats."

Many eyebrows go up. They're intrigued.

Euna murmurs to you. "I would gladly suck her teat for everyone's entertainment simply because you told me so, but don't you think you should have asked Shirina first?"

"Actually," Shirina says. "Your help would be lovely. A suckling pair of lips never fails to get me flowing."

"Then of course I will help."

Euna gapes at you. "I'll do what?"

"You'll give them a show. That'll calm them down."

"In front of all these people?"

"Actually," Shirina says. "That would help me immensely. A suckling pair of lips never fails to get me flowing."

Euna looks over the crowd with trepidation. "I... very well then. If you want me to do it, then of course will."

"And make a show of it," you whisper.

"Actually, that would help," Shirina says.

Euna sighs. "Then of course I will." She glowers at you, "Though we could have done without an announcement."

Euna climbs onto the platform and straddles Shirina's lap. Shirina reclines back and proffers one tit. Euna closes her lips about the nipple, and she suckles.

Conversations lull. Eyes gather on those two.

Shirina cradles Euna's head and holds her closer. Euna sits more comfortably in her lap. After a minute of this, Euna lifts away and tweaks Shirina's nipple. A dribble of milk appears. She licks it away and suckles more, but her hands remain on Shirina's breasts. They squeeze and caress.

Shirina lets out a shuddered sigh. She presses her hands overtop of Euna's, encouraging her to squeeze more, touch more.

Euna pulls away, breathy. Her hands knead both breasts, but the one she's been suckling now sprays milk with each squeeze. It runs down Euna's hand. Their eyes meet. Shirina pulls her close and locks lips with her. The two kiss passionately as though they were the only two here. But then someone approaches with a mug and clears his throat.

Euna glares, but Shirina is more accommodating.

"Hold it close," Shirina says. The man does, and she squeezes milk into his drink. Euna turns her attention to Shirina's other tit. She suckles and squeezes, and she grinds her crotch against Shirina's leg.

Shirina pets Euna's hair affectionately, but now she's more focused on serving the crowd. Men and women alike approach to get doses of her milk.

Euna gets her other tit to start producing. She enjoys it for herself by squeezing it so milk sprays from the nipple. It splatters Euna's face and neck, and then she licks the drops from the nipple.

But the line of patrons is growing. And as much as both clearly want this to continue, Shirina is committed to her duty. She serves people from both tits, and Euna climbs off.

"Thank you so very much," Shirina says.

In reply, Euna gives her one last lingering kiss before leaving her to tend her flock.

Euna returns to you. Droplets of milk dot her cleavage. "There. Now we can go.""I hope I performed to your satisfaction.""I got a little carried away," she says. "Shall we leave?"

Two of the children over a giant clay pot. Shirina clears a spot for it, and after they depart, she pries off the waxed cork top. Steam curls up. She scoops out a dark brown draft with a frothy head, tries it, and nods in satisfaction.

Smell of mulled cinnamon and honey attracts people. One man scoops up a mug and turns to Shirina. "Any milk today?"

"Let's see," Shirina says. "Give me a minute."

Her dress is split along the flanks from the armholes down. It's held to her only by a cloth sash about her waist. She pulls open the splits to expose her tits, and she squeezes and tweaks her nipples. Men and women wait about for Shirina. The crowd grows. Some look impatient.

Finally, milk dribbles. It's hardly anything, but the first man thrusts his mug before her. Hovering her nipple over it, she squeezes and mauls her tit. Milk drips into his drink.

The next steps up. She milks her other tit into their drink. Her dribbles turn to leaks, which turn to sprays. By the last few drinkers, her tits leak readily.

Euna finishes her meal and approaches. "Mind if I ask? What strange drink is this that these people flavor with your own breastmilk?"

"It's boza. The children brew it themselves. You absolutely must try it." Shirina gathers two mugs from what remains.

Euna accepts. "It smells wonderful. Reminds me of Sbiten, a drink from back home. Though we mixed it with mare's milk. We would never dream of using a woman's breastmilk."

"It's custom here," Shirina says, "ever since my breasts first grew heavy after my first child. That was long, long ago." She cups her leaking tits. Rivulets of dried milk trail from the nipple. "I have some left in me, if you wish."

"Thank you, but I'll have it straight."

"Same. No thank you."

"Come now, Euna. We should enjoy it in the proper Cockaigne tradition."

"Milk?" Shirina asks.

"Not much. Just a thimble's worth," Euna says. "We'd be most grateful."

"A thimble? Oh! This is for Lanx and Fira, isn't it?"

"...they told us not to tell anyone."

"Those two and their secret projects... It seems like every month Fira is smuggling herself into the city to ask my help with another project of theirs. Though they were right about not discussing it. Alchemy attracts the wrong sorts of attention, and so do those two. Milk this time, is it?" She pulls aside her dress to expose a boob and hooks a finger at Euna. "You may have your thimble, but you must take it yourself."

"Very well," Euna climbs up and straddles Shirina. She fastens her lips to her nipple and kneads with her hands. Shirina twitches with pleasure.

Every time Euna pulls away, the nipple leaks more. Once it sprays easily, Euna wipes away her saliva and fills the thimble. The moment the chore is done, Shirina pulls Euna into a deep kiss. Their tits press together. Milk leaks down Euna's bodice.

You've long ago stowed the milk by the time the two break away. Both are breathless and flustered.

"You want me to milk you?" Euna asks. "Whatever for?"

"Consider it my price."

"Very well," Euna climbs onto the platform and takes Shirina's tit into her hands. She squeezes and massages and tweaks.

"It would go faster if you used your mouth," Shirina says.

"I'm sure it would." Euna tweaks onward, but after several fruitless minutes, she relents and sucks upon the nipple. Droplets appear quickly. Euna readies the thimble, but it takes nearly five more minutes—and a lot of swallowed milk—before the tit flows enough from simple kneading. Much sprays over Euna's hands, but she gets her thimble's worth.

Afterward, Euna licks droplets off her hand. "Thank you, Shirina. You are quite gracious."

Shirina tucks her tit away. A dark stain appears on her dress overtop her nipple. "You will pass along my regards to those two tinkerers, won't you?"

"Of course."

Milk added to inventory

"Quite all right by me," Shirina says. "There's more boza left, and everyone will want my milk. I'll be wrung dry by the end."

"Maybe they should learn to make do with animal milk and leave you in peace," Euna says.

"Then I doubt anyone would drink the children's boza at all."

Another man wants milk, and Shirina's diverts her attention to nurse herself into his drink.

You and Euna take your drinks back to your seats. "It's a town of entitled perverts," she says. "I don't mind the perversion, but they shouldn't demand so much from her."

Shirina is wiping her breasts clean when you return.

"The Boza was lovely," Euna says. "Thank you."

Today, the children bring out another jug of boza. As Shirina removes the wax lid, she looks around and spots Euna. "I don't suppose I could bother you," she says.

"Of course you may." Euna sets aside her food and climbs up to her. Shirina draws her dress aside to reveal her breasts, and Euna straddles her lap and takes a nipple into her mouth.

As Euna suckles, she kneads Shirina's tits. Her hands also exploring along the woman's flank, and her belly, and her legs. Shirina cradles Euna's head to her chest. Her breath quivers.

Euna pulls away. Droplets appear at Shirina's nipple, which Euna laps up. She switches to the other breast. With enough suckling, the other nipple becomes more receptive, as do both women. Euna is grinding her sex against Shirina's leg while Shirina clutches her close.

Their eyes meet. Their gazes linger. Their lips lock, and their bodies press together. Euna's hands work Shirina's breasts. Milk spills over her hands and down Shirina's belly.

The two could be lost in each other's passion forever, except a man approaches with a mug of boza. Shirina reluctantly pulls Euna away to squeeze milk into his drink. Others wait in line.

However, Shirina isn't finished with Euna. She pushes Euna down her body until Euna's head is between her legs. She spreads herself and drapes her dress to one side, revealing her damp sex. Euna obediently buries her tongue among its folds.

However, Euna is not fished. While Shirina works, Euna slithers down her body to between her legs. She drapes Shirina's dress to the side and buries her tongue into the folds of Shirina's damp sex.

The affect on Shirina is electric. She trembles and whimpers while serving people. In between cups of boza, she squeezes her tits so milk runs down her belly and over her labia for Euna to lap up.

The pleasure mounts. Shirina groans and squeezes Euna's head between her thighs. In her orgasm, her body quakes, and her tits leak.

After recovering, she returns to her duty. The two share one final lasting kiss. They whisper in each other's ear, and then part.

Euna returns to you.

"Aren't you the helpful one," you say.

"That woman needs all the help she can get," Euna replies. "I only wish I could do more for her."

One by one, the crowd pour their drinks back into the pot. Some leave. Most choose to enjoy other foods in the meantime.

"I'm grateful to you." Shirina still kneads her tits. "It shouldn't take me too much longer."

"Take all the time you need." Euna sidles close and plants a kiss on your cheek. "And thank you."

Minutes later, milk finally dribbles from her nipples. People collect mugs of Boza once again, and Shirina serves them. Soon, she has a flock of thirsty customers, and her tit milk flows freely.

"Of course." Propping her legs wide and positioning her vagina right at the edge of the cutting board, Shirina engages her core. The cut of sausage slithers forth. It bonks against the board and drags along. "Take what you wish," she says.

Taking a knife, you cut a few slices off the end. It's edges are creamed with her pussy's juices. The taste of her essence is subtle compared to the heavy spices of the meat.

Shirina looks to Euna. "And you?"

Euna eyes the sausage. A black pubic hair clings to its end. "I'll pass, thank you."

Euna hesitates before finally coming forward. She cuts a sliver off, being careful not to touch Shirina vaginal lips. She scrutinizes the piece, sniffs it, and finally pops it in her mouth.

"And?" Shirina asks.

"It was good," she says. "I don't mean anything by this, but I think I'd prefer my sausage ungarnished."

Shirina laughs. "Yes, I understand. This is a treat more usually appreciated by the men." She presses the sausage back within herself. "Though tell me. How was the rest of your meal?"

"Sure." Euna strides up and cuts a few slivers off the end of the sausage. After a quick sniff, she pops it in her mouth.

"And?" Shirina asks.

"Quite good. Your nectar makes a wonderful, and subtle, addition. It could be a fine garnish to any food."

"Oh, quite a few foods have been flavored by my nectar. The men love it."

"I can see why," Euna says. "It's the naughtiness of it that makes it so delectable. I would love to try it on more foods had I not just eaten."

Shirina pushes the sausage back within herself. "Oh, and how was your meal?"

"I too will pass," Euna says. "Isn't this unsanitary?"

"This will take a fair bit of cleanup later," she admits. "How was your meal?"

"It was wonderful as always."

Shirina smiles. "I'm glad." She gets up and begins correcting the food displays. Other customers wonder in from the festival down the street and peruse the food selections. Shirina waves them over. "Excuse me, but I have a special treat here if you're interested."

The people surround her. You and Euna step away and watch as Shirina's sex flowers outward, revealing the cut sausage. It bonks against the cutting board and drags along. The people are interested, and so Shirina reaches between her legs to cut slivers of pussy-creamed sausage for them.

"Such a strange practice," Euna mutters. "She seems to enjoy it though."

"You think you'd ever try it?" you ask.

She looks bewildered. "I've never even thought of such a thing. I doubt it, but it was impressive nonetheless."

After the crowd have moved along, Shirina pushes the remaining sausage into herself again with a pleasurable shudder. She smiles at you when she notices you two are still here.

Two couples show up, each a man and a woman. From their loud laughing and cajoling, they're going to be trouble. Like many, they first refill their wine before circling about the banquet. They pick at various small foods to put on plates, but they play with the food too. One man bends his female companion back and puts a dollop of pudding in her cleavage, which he sucks off noisily. She yelps and giggles. The next man takes large flat bread and balances it on his head. He stacks items on the bread until it topples, making a mess about the floor and platform. They all laugh. Shirina watches them closely as the men continue their buffoonery to entertain their ladies.

Then one of them finds a sausage. Its the length of his arm and twice as thick as his wrist. Snickering, he stuffs the end of the sausage down the front of his pants. He strokes the meat as though it were his own massive erection. This gets a laugh from his friend, but the ladies roll their eyes. He ambles around the platform pretending to be a confused old man. Every time he turns, his sausage "cock" knocks over bowls and stacked foods. This gets a snicker from all his companions.

Afterward, he tries to put the sausage back.

Shirina intervenes. "Let's not return food that's been down our breeches, shall we?"

"But I don't want it," the man replies. "It's touched my wood."

"I've seen you eat food off of many other body parts. And I recall last week when you used your own staff as a stirring stick for a cream batter, and you and your lady ate all of that."

All four guests chuckle as they recall this.

The other man pipes up. "Hey. You're the woman who serves food at the council dinner. They say you have a disappearing act."

"I do," Shirina replies.

Grinning, he huddles with his three companions and they discuss. After all nod, they face Shirina again and offer the sausage. "We want to see it."

"If I do this, you'll eat what you've taken and stop playing with the food?"


Rising, Shirina clears a spot on the platform edge while the others gather stools to sit about her. The effect is she standing on the table where they're gathered, putting her before all of them. They watch in anticipation as they eat.

Shirina clutches the log of sausage and squeezes it along its length to bring out its oils. She lifts aside a side-slit in her gown and slips the sausage underneath. Though it's out of view, she's clearly holding it vertically between her legs.

Slowly, she begins squatting down.

"No," Euna whispers. "Is she actually going to do what I think?"

"Let's stay and find out."

"Perhaps we should leave."

"Perhaps we should," Euna says. "It's about to get greasy."

As Shirina continues her lewd performance, you and Euna finish your food quickly and depart.

"But that sausage was twice as thick as my wrist," Euna replies. "How could it fit?"

"We'll see."

Shirina squats deeper. Her gown starts coiling upon upon the platform. Her shapely legs emerge from the slits on both sides of it. When her crotch is now as close to the floor as the sausage is long, she gasps inwardly. Her descent pauses momentarily as she seems to wriggle back and forth. Her gown acts as a curtain, hiding whatever is happening between her legs. As soon as she starts descending again, her audience hoots and cheers.

Although unseen, she's clearly sinking down upon the sausage. Lower she goes into a deep squat. Her breath is short. She's biting her lip in a mix of pain and pleasure. Her crotch is only inches from the platform surface when she pauses. Looking her audience in the eyes, she rises slightly, lowers, rises again, lowers. They are loving this, and from the way Shirina is flustered, so is she.

With a final shudder, her crotch touches down upon the stage. Her audience cheers.

Stiffly, Shirina rocks back from her squat to lying on her back with her splayed crotch pointed toward them. She hooks the side of her gown at the waist and pulls it aside. She has a long gash for a pussy with thick, dark lips lined with trimmed black fur. Her slit is startlingly wet and oozing. Much of it is sausage grease, but there is no sign of the sausage.

"And it's gone," Shirina says. More cheers from the others. "Now..." She fetches a nearby cutting board and sets it before her snatch. She strains, and her pussy blossoms open. The sausage emerges and oozes partway out onto the cutting board. It's dripping with mixed oil and vaginal juices. "Who would like to partake?"

The men eagerly fetch a knife and cut slices off the sausage's end. Though the ladies were entertained, the men must entice them before they eat food from another woman's sex, but they do. As they all eat, Shirina pushes and more slides out from within her.

After the guests have had their fun, they head off. One of the women waves goodbye to Shirina, but otherwise, they don't acknowledge her.

"Good Lord." Euna says. "I can't believe she did that." Setting aside her food, she approaches. "That was... a most interesting performance. I've never seen such an act. And that awful way they behaved."

Shirina looks up. "Oh. Don't worry about them."

"But to demand such an act from you?"

"This act is something of my specialty," Shirina answers. "Though I ordinarily only perform it at the council's banquet. Some of us girls who serve at that have a competition as to who can 'serve' the most food at once. I've been the proud champion for many years now. It's something of a guilty pleasure of mine. In fact, since I'm already messy..." She slowly presses the remaining sausage back into herself, wincing with pleasure as she does so. It disappears once again. "I think I'll have a special offer for today. Would either of you two like to partake?"

"No, thank you."

"Sure. I'll try some."

Shirina returns with a bottle filled with dark red leaves shaped like needles. "Here you go."

"Thank you," Euna says.

"And remind Fira that I'm only giving them the spice because they agreed to bring me some of their goose. I'm still waiting."

"Their goose?"

"Yes. The spices are for their goose recipe, isn't it?"

Euna frowns.

"Yes, that's right," you say. "Thank you."

"Of course." Shirina rejoins Salma in her berry feast. They take turns feeding each other in sensual ways.

"Goose?" Euna mutters to you.

"Maybe that's just what they told her," you say.

Bottle of Red Rosemary added to inventory

"Yeah," says the ringleader. "So come on."

Resigned, Euna gets up.

"Bend over and show us that ass," the boy says.

"Very well," Euna gets up. "But the same rule applies. You are not to spill a drop, and you will behave yourselves afterward."

All the boys nod.

She turns and hikes her skirt up. With her legs shoulder length apart, she bends at her waist, revealing her ass and pussy to the men. They leer.

After sliding her fingers along her damp slit, Euna works them into her ass. In and out, she loosens herself up until she's able to fit two fingers on each hand and pull wide to create an opening.

The next boy bounds forward and grabs her hips.

He presses his cock against Euna's ass. His head sinks in. Removing her fingers, Euna supports herself with her hands on the street. Her hair drapes along the cobbles. It takes the boy a moment, since he's half hard, but soon he sighs with relief. Euna shudders as urine flows into her intestines.

The next boy approaches. Taking Euna's hips, he first runs the tip of his cock up and down her wet slit. "Gotta get nice and lubed first," he mutters. With that, he buries himself in Euna's snatch and fucks her rampantly for several seconds. Euna struggles to keep her awkward position.

Eventually he pulls out, lines himself up with her ass, and buries himself to the hilt. It's completely unnecessary for taking a leak, as is his thrusting.

"What are you doing?" another boy asks.

"I can't piss when I'm hard." He continues sodomizing Euna's upturned ass. Soon enough, he grunts and bends over her. Having fired his seed, he stays buried in her another minute before he's finally able to relieve himself. Everyone can tell, because Euna groans in discomfort. Her gut swells even more.

After the man backs up, a small spurt of urine escapes her ass before she can clench tight. Then comes the last boy. Encouraged by his predecessor, he too first fucks Euna's pussy, then switches to her ass, which he sodomizes to completion. Her belly sloshes. Urine dribbles down her thighs.

And then he relieves himself. Euna is groaning in discomfort as yet another bladder of urine floods inside her. He pulls out abruptly. A squirt of piss escapes, and she slaps her hand over her stretched hole. The boys don't seem to care.

She stands and holds her belly. "Now that we're quite through, you boys will behave?"

They grin. "Deals a deal."

"Good." Euna turns to you. "Please watch the food stands until I return." She winces and doubles over.

"Are you okay?" you ask.

"I will be, but I must find somewhere to do something rather private." With three fingers pressed over her anus, Euna waddles off.

You take watch. The boys leave soon enough. Others come and go. No one causes trouble.

Shirina returns before Euna does. "Where did she go?" she asks.

"She'll return," you say.

"Ah, well thank you to both of you. I hope it wasn't too much trouble."

"She enjoyed herself," you reply.

One of the young chefs scamper over to Shirina. Bouncing on his heels, the boy pleads with her and points back at the pot he was working with which is now boiling over.

Getting up, Shirina looks for Euna. "Would you mind watching the food for a minute?"

"Of course not." Euna takes Shirina's place while Shirina hurries off to help the young boy with his culinary emergency.

People come and go. No one causes trouble, except for two boys who crowd the wine casks. They drink. They talk. They laugh. The group was already rowdy, but they're getting louder.

After a quick murmur between them, they break and walk up to the wall behind the stacks of casks. Their breeches lower, and it's clear they're about to urinate.

"Excuse me," Euna gets their attention. "You're not planning to urinate here, are you? This is where people eat and drink."

"So?" one says.

"So? We can't have it smelling like a latrine."

"What are you going to do about it?" asks the other.

"I'm asking you nicely."

"Not good enough." The boys turn back to the wall.

"Wait! At least use a receptacle."

"Yeah? Like what?" The boys meander over. Euna looks around for a bowl or a pot, but all of them are filled with foods.

"How about that cute mouth of yours?" The boys snickered.

"Just hold on," she replies.

"What about this one?" a boy indicates pot filled with custard.

"No, just wait." Euna searches frantically.

"What about this?" the other boy takes a bowl currants and hovers his cock above it. "I think this will work just fine."

"Don't ruin the food!"

"You're the one who wanted us to use receptacles. You've no one to blame but yourself." Holding his dick poised, he started to relax.

"Okay, fine. My mouth."

The boy shrugs. "I think I'm happy with this bowl."

"The children worked hard to make this food," Euna replies.

"Hmm, maybe with a please, I might change my mind."

"Okay, please."

"Please what?"

Euna sighs. "Please use my mouth as your urine receptacle."

They pretend to mull it over. "Okay then. But you'll drink all of our piss. And if you spill even a drop, we'll use the bowls for the rest."

"Okay." Euna climbs down from her perch and sits on her butt before the boys.

The boys startle. "Are you serious?"

"If this is the only way to keep you from acting like children, then fine." Euna climbs down from her perch. She sits on the ground before the boys. "You will do so slowly, so as not to spill, and afterward, you will behave yourselves. If not, I'll swat you all until you're flat on your backs. Understood?"

The boys nod eagerly. "We understand."

"And you will thank me for this privilege."

"Thank you," they say in chorus.

The first steps up to her. She leans forward and fixes her lips about the end of his cock. It takes a moment for him to relax, especially since he's half-hard, but soon he's relieving himself, and Euna gulps every drop.

The next boy steps up. Euna dutifully switches to him and gulps away. He's nearly hard by the time he's done. He thrusts into Euna's mouth while resting a hand on her head. She tolerates this a while, but eventually pulls away.

Two full bladders' worth of urine sit in Euna's belly.

"I can't believe you actually did that," one boy says.

"Will you behave yourselves now? And respect the food the chefs worked so hard to make?"

"Sure, sure. Whatever." They head back to the wine casks and refill their steins. They frequently glance Euna's way and snicker. She returns to her perch and pays them no heed.

Eventually Shirina returns. "Thank you so much for watching the displays. I hope it wasn't much trouble."

"No trouble at all," Euna says.

"But we still have to take a piss," the boy says.

"Then go find some place else. She told you she can drink no more, and we won't risk defiling the food."

Muttering, the boys depart. Some still complain that they never got a turn, but none put up an argument.

Holding her belly, Euna cimbs up to the perch. "Thank you for helping me fend them off." She sits. "But I would have done it, you know."

"I know, but it really might have gotten messy. And around the food?"

"You're right. I let myself get carried away."

Shirina returns shortly. "Any trouble."

"Nothing we couldn't handle," Euna replies.

You search the street she disappeared down and find her around the block.

What you see is a peculiar sight.

Euna is knelt down along the side of the street, right over a grate. Her skirt is discarded next to her. However, behind her is a Simori nun in full habit whose crouched down with her face buried between Euna's ass cheeks, cleaning with her tongue. Euna holds her head in place with a hand atop the girl's wimple.

She spots you. "I thought I told you to watch the stands."

"Shirina took over, and you were taking a while. What's happening here?"

"This kind sister came upon me while I was using this sewer grate to relieve myself. I explained what I'd let the boys do in order to spare the food displays, and she asked if there was any way she could help. There was, though I don't imagine it's what she had in mind." She frowns. Her belly grumbles. "Hold on. It seems I wasn't quite finished."

She steers the nun's face away, lowers her ass to the grate, and spews a quick gush of brownish urine from her ass. Most splatters deep below, but rivulets now run along her ass cheeks and thighs. A few are running down alongside her labia.

The nun is dismayed to see all her progress undone.

Euna guides her face back into her crack. "I shouldn't be much longer." Yet two more times she has another torrent to push out, and both times require the nun to start over. From Euna's contented shudders, she may be allowing this to go on longer than necessary.

But soon enough, she lets the nun go. "Thank you, sister. You've been most helpful." She kisses her and licks clean a wet rivulet upon the sister's chin.

The sister favors her with a queasy smile and hurries off.

Euna dresses quickly, and you two head back to the feast.

Shirina has everything under control. "Thank you!" she says.

"My pleasure," Euna replies.

What you see is a peculiar sight.

Euna is knelt down along the side of the street, right over a grate. Her skirt is discarded next to her. However, a man is standing before her with his tunic pulled open, and she's sucking his dick.

After a while of sucking his shaft, she pulls away and takes over with her hands. She does this in order to lower her ass to the grate and spew a quick gush of brownish urine from her ass. Most splatters deep below, but rivulets run along her ass cheeks and thighs.

"Got distracted, I see," you say.

"I won't be much longer," she replies. "This man offered to help me."

"I won't if you don't do your job." He steers Euna's mouth back to his crotch. Euna returns to fellating him for all she's worth. It pays off when he clasps her head in place and floods the back of her mouth with his cum. He keeps her fixed to his crotch until he's recovered his breath, and then releases. Euna gasps for breath.

"All right," he says. "You ready?"

"One moment." Euna squats over the grate and pushes out one last torrent of messy waste. A few clumps escape. Then she sits down, lies back, and spreads her legs wide to reveal her messy thighs and ass.

The man takes aim with his dick. A stream of urine fires out and splashes Euna's thighs.

Euna flinches. "Shouldn't you get closer so it splatters less?"

"It's fine." He directs his stream along the messy parts of her thighs. Brown rivulets wash away. He focuses on the crack of her ass, and she spreads her cheeks with her hands. The filth soaking her hole cleans. Then he douses her pussy. Only a little mess existed there, which quickly washes away, but he doesn't stop. He aims higher, wetting her smooth skin up to her navel. saturating her pubic bush with his urine.

"You're aiming too high," she says.

"I'll clean where I want," he replies. "I didn't have to help, you know."

"Okay..." Euna lets him soak her belly and clit. His stream ends, and he steps forward so Euna can lick the last drop off his dick. Afterward, he tugs his tunic in place and walks off without another word.

Euna swipes as much urine off as she can and dresses.

"That's how you decided to clean up?" you ask.

"Eh, well no. It was his idea."

"And you had to suck him off first?"

"He couldn't relieve himself because of his erection, which he got from looking at me, so he argued..." She pauses. "I just let a complete stranger take advantage of me, didn't I?"

"You did. And it was perfect," you say.

"Somehow I knew you'd approve."

Back at the food layout, Shirina has everything under control. "Thank you!" she says to Euna.

"My pleasure," Euna replies.

One of the young chefs scampers to Shirina. It seems he needs help with whatever he's working on.

Shirina looks to Euna.

Euna nods. "Go ahead. I'll watch the display."

She takes the perch, and you sit on the platform near her to keep her company. Time passes without incident, until a familiar group of boys arrive. Two are the ones who used Euna's mouth as a urine receptacle, only now they have three other boys with them. Gathered about the wine casks, they drink and talk Frequently, they glance at Euna. It's clear the original two are sharing with the others about their previous encounter.

"These boys again..." Euna mutters.

"You know what they'll want," you say.

"I know..."

Soon they approach. "We need to take a piss," one says.

"All of you?" Euna asks.

"Yeah, and we're going to piss wherever we damn well please. ...unless someone begs us nicely to do something else."

Euna glances toward Shirina, who's still preoccupied.

Then, "Please use my mouth instead." Euna gets down from the perch and sits before the boys.

"Not convincing." The ringleader takes a pot of berries and pulls out his dick.

He's poised to use it when Euna tries again. "I'm begging you. Urinate in my mouth. Fill my belly with your hot piss. Let me savor every drop. Give it to me, please. I want it." She bites her lips and eyes them suggestively. Most of the lads seem dumbfounded by how sincere she's acting.

But not the ringleader. "Hmm. I guess since you've asked so nicely." He puts down the pot and stands over Euna. "But only if you drink every drop."

"Yes, sir."

They all nod.

Euna mulls it over and shrugs. "Fine, but only if you promise to behave yourselves. If you disrespect the work the children have put into this, or you will know pain. Understood?" She gets down from the perch and sits before the boys.

Most are dumbfounded that she simply assumed that they would use her mouth, and how she acts as though this is all normal. However, the ringleader steps over Euna.

His dick upon her lips, he relieves himself. Euna suckles every drop. Then comes the next boy. She struggles to swallow down his offering. Groaning, she rubs her piss-swollen belly. When the third man approaches, Euna stops him.

"No more," she says. "There is no chance I can drink three more."

"If you don't finish, we'll piss all over this food," the ringleader says. "...unless you can find us another receptacle we might enjoy."

Confused, Euna looks toward Shirina.

"No, not her," the boy says. "You. You've got room in your gut, don't you?"

Euna's eyes widen. "My gut?" She turns to you, eyes wide and anxious.

"But I have to pee," one of the remaining boys says.

"I am aware." Euna rubs her full belly and ponders. An intrigued look comes over her. "I've got an unorthodox idea." She faces you. "I've room in my gut. Do you think I should allow the boys to fill that?"

"That's bound to get messy. I think you boys should run along."

"Yes. Euna, let these boys fill your bowels with their urine. You did promise."

"I think that's a marvelous idea."

One of the young chefs scamper over to Shirina. Bouncing on his heels, the boy pleads with her and points back at the pot he was working with which is now boiling over.

Getting up, Shirina looks for Euna. "Would you mind watching the food for a minute?"

"Of course not." Euna takes Shirina's place while Shirina hurries off to help the young boy with his culinary emergency.

People come and go. No one causes trouble, except for two boys who crowd the wine casks. They drink. They talk. They laugh. The group was already rowdy, but they're getting louder.

After a quick murmur between them, they break and walk up to the wall behind the stacks of casks. Their breeches lower, and it's clear they're about to urinate.

"Excuse me!" Euna yells.

They turn to look.

"You can't relieve yourselves here," she says. "This is where people eat and drink."

"So?" one says.

"So? We shall not have it smelling like a latrine."

"What are you going to do about it?" asks another.

Euna rises. "I will come over there and swat you. Now go."

The men mutter among themselves. Breeches come up, and they wander off.

No more trouble comes about before Shirina returns.

"Thank you," Shirina says. "Any trouble?"

"Nothing I couldn't handle."

Euna returns after a few more minutes. Her hands rest on her abdomen, which is considerably less swollen.

"I found a sewer grate to use," Euna says. "It was a mere block away. You'd think the boys could have used that."

Shirina speaks. "Thank you for watching the displays," Shirina says "I hope it wasn't too much of a bother."

"No bother at all," Euna replies. "I'm glad that I can help the children however I can."

Soon, a man and a woman with arms over each other's shoulder. Judging from their gait, both are tipsy.

Shirina brightens when they near. "Oh, hello you two!"

"Hello, Shirina," the woman smiles.

"We were in the mood for something sweet," the man adds.

"Of course." Shirina gestures toward the fruits, puddings, chocolates, cakes, and pies. The couple inspect the selection.

"I feel like chocolate," the woman stops before a bowl of chocolate sauce kept liquid by a candle beneath it.

"A good choice. I'll join you." Shirina undoes her sash and strips off her gown. It crumples in a heap, and she's left nude, brazenly displaying her matronly breasts and trimmed mound. She tiptoes over the other food arrangments and sits on the edge of the platform beside them. "Try it with these fruits." She offers a bowl of berries and chopped stone fruits.

As the couple pick through the bowl, Shirina scoops chocolate sauce with a goblet and carries it, dripping, over herself and pours a thin stream into the valley between her breasts. It runs down along her belly. Some drips down her sides. Most runs toward her sex. The couple intercept the stream with berries and enjoy their chocolate-covered delights.

They eat many fruits this way. Some chocolate reaches Shirina's slit despite their efforts, so the man rubs a strawberry up and down Shirina's plump vaginal lips, smearing chocolate about.

Their feast grows more heated. The woman caresses a sprig of elderberries from Shirina's pubic mound up to her breasts, mopping up chocolate. After, she leans and runs her tongue along the same path to clean the smears. Shirina spreads her legs wide and pours chocolate upon her pubic mound. The woman buries her face in Shirina's chocolate-matted bush and laps at her slit.

Shirina spoons another helping of chocolate upon her tits, and the man licks and sucks every trace away.

Shirina revels in the pleasure of their tongues until the goblet is empty. Then the couples' attention turns to each other. The man's hands slide under the girl's dress to her sexual core. Her hands explore under his shirt. Both are a mess of chocolate. Clothes come off. They fall to the floor, and they have slow sensual sex before everyone. Chocolate stains cover their bodies.

Afterward, they collect. "That was lovely," the woman says to Shirina.

"The pleasure was mine. You two are my favorite guests."

The nude and messy couple depart. Shirina cleans herself with a rag. After donning her gown, she retakes her perch at the platform's center. Her hand sneaks through the side-slit of her gown, and she's idly playing with herself when you and Euna approach.

"That was quite the show," Euna says. "I'm glad that couple were at least respectful toward you."

"My word," Euna says. "That was quite... sexual. At least that couple was more respectful toward you."

"Of course they are," Shirina says. "Those two are old friends. I've known them for decades."

Periodically, nuns in white habits arrive carrying barrels or crates which they give to the children cooking. Inside are raw ingredients to resupply. The little chefs occasionally finish food and carry it out to the display. Shirina helps them set up.

Then two rowdy men come over from the festival, each obviously drunk. First, they help themselves to more wine from casks along the edge. Sloppy, they spill much of it, which they giggle about.

Next comes food. After circling about the banquet platform like vultures, they pillage. One man picks through a greasy stack of ribs. He takes the ones he wants and tosses the others over his shoulder. Another jabs his hand into a bowl of figs, mashing many. He eats a handful, sneers, and upends the bowl onto the platform. Figs scatter everywhere.

"Now now," Shirina says, "Mind your manners."

"Pah!" one shouts. "The food is for us."

"It's for all of you. Let's not ruin the food for everyone."

"We will eat how we want," the other man says. "If you don't want us serving ourselves, then you serve us."

"I will if you behave yourselves. Agreed?"

In response, one man grabs a stuffed meat roll pastry and thrusts it toward Shirina. She dangles the roll above his as though toying with a cat. He bites and tears off a chunk. Dripping grease runs down her arm. She smiles seductively as he eats, but patience is behind that grin.

The next man presents her with a bowl of dumplings. As she takes it, he hooks the side-slit of her gown and pulls, baring a nipple of her weighty breasts. "I want something to eat off of."

Shirina bats his hand away. "I will do that." Sitting up, she pulls a shoulder of her gown overhead. The top half crumbles about her waist leaving her full breasts exposed. She takes a dumpling, wedges it into her cleavage, and pushes out her chest.

The man buries his face between her boobs and eats heartily while she cradles his head as though breastfeeding. When he finishes, she wedges another on in there for him. Rivulets of grease run down her belly and soak into her gold sash.

Meanwhile, the other man has eaten the meat roll she proffered and has taken to licking her fingers, her hand, and then moving down her forearm, licking grease from her skin. Passing by her armpits, he too comes to her cleavage. While the other man eats his dumpling, he busies himself by sucking Shirina's nipple. When she wedges in another dumpling, they nudge each other's heads out of the way in a fight over it. She puts up with all of this with a cool smile.

After groping and sucking her breasts a while longer, they pull away, the men have had their fill. Reclaiming their wine goblets, they amble off back toward the festival with out so much as thanking her.

One of the young chef's approach with a rag. Shirina takes it gratefully and cleans the grease off her chest as best she can. After sliding her gown back in place, she sets about correcting the food displays the men ruined.

"My Lord, that was awful," Euna says. Getting up, she strides to Shirina. "Are you okay?"

"Me? Oh yes, I'm fine."

"How can they get away with that behavior?"

Shirina flaps a hand dismissively. "They weren't that bad. Manners are in short supply in the city of excess. When rowdy lots like that come, it's best just to indulge them and get them on their way."

"And you let them molest you like that?"

"It's a bother, yes, but better to let them take their rowdiness out on me than have them wreck the displays, or bother my young chefs."

"Well, we will be respectful," Euna says.

Shirina smiles. "I appreciate that. I hope you enjoyed your food."

"It was delectable. Please pass our compliments on to the chefs."

"I'd be delighted to," she steps away to speak with the children.

"What a strange town this is," Euna mutters while Shirina is away.

"Yes," you reply. "You wouldn't see that back home."

She nods. "Such lewdness must be a common affair here, and she said those men weren't that bad. I wonder what the bad ones are like..."

Shirina returns. "They are simply tickled by your compliment." She waves back at them. Many smile and wave back. "You two are always welcome here."

"Thank you," Euna says.

Nothing particularly interesting happens, and after you've had your fill, you return to Shirina.

"I hope you two enjoyed yourselves," she says.

"We did," Euna replies. "It was lovely. Our thanks to the little chefs."

"I'll pass it along."

"You want me to watch the food?" Euna whispers. "You know what these drunks do..."

"She's been so kind to us," you reply. "Maybe we should return the gesture."

Shirina speaks. "Actually, that would be marvelous. I'd be so grateful if you could. Some of the other children need help too." She motions to the children along the plaza wall who are busy cooking all manner of foods. "But of course, only if you're up for it. I must warn you. Some of the patrons can be a little entitled."

"I... I suppose I could help," Euna says. "What do you need me to do?"

"Just take my place here. And if any patrons come around, try to persuade them to behave."

"What if they don't listen?"

"Just use your charms." Shirina climbs down from the platform. "I promise it will only be for a few minutes. Azra shouldn't take long. Oh, and Zehra needed help with her mince pie."

"Then of course. I'll do it. Just... Yes, I'll do it."

"Thank you." Shirina hurries off to help Azra truss the fowl.

Euna climbs upon the platform. "I know what you're up to," she says to you. "You're hoping I'll need to entertain some drunken louts to keep them civil."

"Not at all. I just thought we could help."

"Sure. Fortunately, there's hardly anyone here at all, much less any rambunctious drunks."

"You mean like them?" You point.

Two drunken men laugh and stagger as they approach. Euna eyes them with concern.

They collect desert foods. Soon they're goofing off. One finds a bowl of rolls. He juggles them poorly. They tumble about on the floor. The other laughs, and so the first chucks a roll at him. In retaliation, the other grabs an apple and chucks it back. The first deflects the apple, sending it careening into the food displays.

Euna looks toward the cooking stations. Shirina is showing a young girl how to pluck a duck of its feathers. She's not looking this way.

The two lads are getting worse.

"Please respect the food the children made for you," Euna calls.

They freeze. Smiles fade. "Sorry," and they return to collecting food. But a snicker here, and a challenge there, and in moments they're sword fighting with bread loafs.

"Enough," Euna says. The lads freeze again. "Respect what has been so kindly prepared for you by the children. Cease your antics, pick something to eat, and... and I will join you for your dining."

"Yes, my Lady." They both snap to it now. No tomfoolery. Euna climbs down from the perch to a clear corner of the platform. She casts you a scrutinizing glare, knowing that you've gotten your way.

The lads bound to Euna with their selected treats: two cups of bread custard.

Euna smiles at them as though they were a pair of precocious teens. She strips, lies back, and upends the pudding cups upon herself. One is right beneath her breasts, the other is just beneath her naval. "Enjoy yourselves," she says.

The men dig in. The one eating at her breasts smears custard over her tits with each spoonful. The one by her naval scrapes the food along her mound. The pudding cakes into her pubic hair. The dessert spreads all along her torso, but Euna indulges them.

Once they're finished, all that remains is the mess, but the boys aren't done. One man licks along the underside of her breast. The other laps at her belly. He delves his tongue into her naval, then rakes his tongue through her pubic bush, spreading the mess closer toward her slit.cleans her smooth mound, coming ever closer toward her slit. To finish, he clamps his mouth over her snatch. Given Euna gasps, his focus is not purely on cleaning her. Or perhaps it's the other man exciting her. His lips are fastened about her nipple while he kneads her other breast.

Euna squeezes the head between her legs. Her back arches. But just as she's nearing a crescendo, the men pull away, smiles broad.

The one between her legs wipes his mouth. "You should serve more often. You're the sweetest treat on the table."

The other addresses his friend. "Reminds me of that one girl last season. Remember her? Bet herself in the dice game?"

"Oh, right," the other says. They fill a few goblets at a wine cask. "I'd never seen you so sloshed. Too drunk to perform, and after such an amazing win. Pity."

"I could have. I just didn't want to. Was I supposed to stick my rod in such a frothy mess? I had my fun though."

"I know. Those were some Godless things you made her do. In front of everyone too."

They reminisce off down the street with hardly a thought for Euna.

You approach her. She breathes heavily, and still aroused from her lack of release.

"Enjoyed the show?" she asks.

"Seems you did too?"

"This was for the children. If I were in charge of this wanton town, I wouldn't appease the folk by giving them exactly what they want when they misbehave, I'd put them in the stockades. Lock them up until they all learn some proper respect and gratitude, then I'd let them eat custard off my belly. And when they did, they wouldn't dare finish early like that again."

"It is a town of entitlement."

"Decidedly so. The children act like adults, and the adults act like children."

"I almost did," she says. "So close, but those boys didn't care one bit about me. I was just another toy for their entertainment."

"It was for the children," you say.

"Oh I'm not complaining. Surrendering my body to be used is a small price to pay for them. I'd do this all my life."

"And you wouldn't enjoy that at all?"

Her eyes dance with mischief.

When Shirina returns, Euna is still sprawled upon the platform nude. "Seems you did just fine. Thank you."

"Of course," Euna says. "I have a better appreciation for what you go through every day."

"It's a challenge," Shirina admits, "but it has its moments."

"Oh, that would be lovely," Shirina says. "Azra just needs someone to hold the duck legs together. Her hands are rather too small for that."

"Of course." Setting aside her food, Euna hurries off after the child.

After a brief discourse, Euna helps Azra in binding the duck. A small word from her has the child laughing. They have fun with it as they prepare the fowl for cooking, and by the time they're sliding it in the oven, Azra is beaming. Euna comes back over.

"Thank you," Shirina says.

"It was no trouble at all," Euna replies. "Azra is a fantastic chef. I could spend my entire day helping these children."

"Aren't they lovely?" Shirina

"It does look good," Euna admits, "but what if they realize we don't belong here?"

"Only someone who doesn't belong here would be afraid to take the food," you say.

"Fair point. Very well."

You both approach and start collecting food.

The woman lounged atop the food notices. "Hello."

"Hello," you reply.

"Please, try these." She gestures to a stack of jam pastries. "My youngest has worked so hard on the recipe. She thinks she's finally got it."

"Of course," Euna takes one. She bites into it and savors the flavor. "It's splendid."

"Any way it could be better?"

"I could not possibly think of how."

The woman calls to one of the cooks working in the street-side bakery. "Did you hear that, young one? She believes you may already have perfected the tarts."

A girl, no older than twelve, blushes and returns to furiously kneading dough—a pleased grin upon her face.

"Thank you," the woman says. "My name is Shirina. It's a pleasure to meet you."

You and Euna introduce yourselves. Her as Lady Euna, and you as her loyal servant. as her love. as her good friend.

"You two don't look as though you're from around here," Shirina says.

"Indeed. We've traveled here from a faraway land called Ruthgar. Have you heard of it?"

"I'm afraid I have not, but I do hope you enjoy your stay in our splendid town."

"Thank you. We have."

"I host," Shirina says simply. "The food is for everyone, yet a true presentation should have someone to offer the food. If it were simply left here for anyone to pick at, we'd all be vultures cleaning a carcass. I'm here to make this a proper banquet. Of course, the food is courtesy of the Simori sisters, and it's prepared by all my little hands. They are my real reason for being here." She looks over at the children. It seems one girl was waiting for the woman to look over. She scurries over from her cooking station. Her clothes and hair are dusted with flour, and in her hands is a wooden bowl filled with a creamy batter.

Taking the bowl, Shirina inspects the contents. "My hope is to teach these children the joy of craft. It's something everyone should know."

"I agree," Euna says. "One cannot grow except through mastery."

"Ah," the woman's eyes light. "A fellow artisan. We're so rare in this city. Most here have given themselves to indulgence. They've forgotten that the true reward of life is accomplishment, except for the Simori, of course." She addresses the girl. "It will be fine. You just need to whip the utter heavens out of it until it peaks. If it doesn't happen, try one more egg, but beat it first just as thoroughly."

Nodding, the girl takes the bowl and races back to her cooking station.

Shirina watches the girl go. "It's a challenge getting the children to study here when so many festivities are just down the street. It takes strong convincing. For many of them, not even their parents care enough to encourage them. They frolic like all the rest."

"I'm glad you manage," Euna says. "It is noble to teach them. You're making them better people for this.

"Yes. I only wish the rest of the city were as understanding. I sometimes wish they might bring the festival here once in a while so the children might enjoy it too, but no. Ah well. Tis the way of things."

"Oh, it certainly is." Shirina looks down at herself and inspects countless stains on her red gown. Some are fresh. Many more are deep-set. Effort was made to clean them, but faded marks remain. "It seems to be half the fun for them to make messes. Just an hour up here, and I'll stink of a dozen foods."

"My condolences," Euna says.

"There's no need for that. It's a small price to pay to keep some semblance of order around here. It just gets tiring sometimes. And heavens knows how many gowns I go through." She indicates her garb. It's little more than a long, narrow bolt of cloth draped over her with a hole cut in for her head and cleavage. Her sash is a length of simple yellow cloth cinched in the front and holds it against her body, but a considerable amount of her body and breasts are visible along the sides. "I find simple designs are easier to replace."

Euna nods. "You're attire is quite fetching. It's artful in its simplicity."

Shirina smiles. "Thank you. I do make some effort despite this town's efforts to ruin my clothes."

"I'd love to." Euna faces Shirina. "Assuming that would be okay."

"The children would be delighted," Shirina replies. "Here, let me clear a place."

She moves dishes about on the platform to create an open space on the side facing the outdoor kitchen. Euna, having taken out her lyre, perches on the edge and begins warming up with a few flourishes upon the strings. Many of the children pause in curiosity.

And then Euna begins. The song she chooses is a joyful piece, yet the strings of the lyre still make it serene. As the children realize that she's here to play for a while, they get back to their baking and preparations, yet all listen, many with rapt attention.

Her next song is energetic. It's your cue to join in. You open with a few somersaults to get into stage before the children. They gasp in delight. From there, you're entertainment is acrobatic, as most of your jokes are too ribald for an audience such as this.

Hand stands, balancing acts, and silly dances to accompany Euna's more playful songs. You make a show out of incorporating the presentation, from juggling fruits and rolls to balancing spinning plates upon your limbs.

Another song of Euna's simply begs to be danced to. You begin your own silly routine, but soon you pull Shirina from her perch and dance with her. She laughs and dances along, much to the children's amusement. Though most of them continue their work, a few who are between cooking tasks join in the dance—spinning each other around as they shriek with joy.

Eventually, the last song ends. The children cheer and laugh.

Shirina applauds. "Thank you! Oh, thank you. That was delightful."

"It was a pleasure," Euna replies.

The woman steps by the cooking stations and digs through some tucked-away crates. From them she produces a bottle of rum which she hands to Euna. "This is from our limited stock. The supply would dry up in a moment if I put them out on the banquet table, so I keep them aside. But here, I want you to have it."

Euna accepts it. "Thank you."

The woman retakes her lounged perch upon the banquet platform. "If you ever want more. The children would love to see you again."

Bottle of Rum added to inventory

"Hello," you say.

Shirina brightens. "Oh, hello, you two! Welcome back."

You come to a great plaza square. The sounds of festivities are close. To the east, street performances can be glimpsed.

Here, a large stone platform is built into the center of the street intersection. Unimaginable bounties of food adorn the platform, everything from fruits, breads, cheeses, to every type of meat roast you know of, and some you don't. The smells are mouthwatering. Both you and Euna look upon the food hungrily.

Other people are about. Half naked festival goers come and go from the east. They laugh and talk as they feely take food and depart back to the festivities.

Along the sides of this village square are outdoor kitchens where dozens of young boys and girls, both young and adolescent, are preparing more savory foods. They're the only people around doing actual work.

On the central platform, a comely woman is reclined amid the bounty like a dragon on top of her hoard. Her brown hair is done up on a greek bun, and she wears a red gown cut low enough in the front to show her matronly cleavage. The gown reached her feet, but it's split up both sides all the way to her arm pits, showing everything from her shapely legs to the sides of her breasts. A golden sashes about her waist keeps it cinched.

As others pilfer food, she corrects the displays.

You're at the great banquet. Children work. Shirina is reclined on her perch in the center, indulging feasters as they come and go. The same woman is reclined in the center of all the food.

"Let's take some food. Seems everyone else can."

Greet Shirina.

Then one of the child chefs scampers over to Shirina. She's no older than eight, and she frowns in frustration.

"What's wrong, Azra?" Shirina asks.

"I need help."

"With what?"

"I can't." Azra points back to the station where he was just working, where a plucked duck lies center. A mess of twine is tangled about its splayed limbs from a misshapen attempt to truss the fowl.

"Pinch the legs with one hand," Shirina says. "And wind the string round and round."

"I tried. I can't. Please come show me again?"

"I have to watch the food, dear."

Azra pleads with her eyes, but as sympathetic as Shirina is, she doesn't relent. With a sigh, Azra heads back.

Euna has watched all this. "Poor child," she says. "It's an utter shame that this town has no respect for the effort these children go to. They molest the food. And to think, she has to be here simply so they'll molest her instead."

"It's a shame," you agree.

"I think we should do something."

"Very well," you say. So you call out to Shirina...

"Euna can watch the food while you help the children."

"Perhaps Euna could help the child."

The next man refuses to eat like that, so the matron kneels at the edge of the platform and places the next meat roll upon her cleavage. He yanks her dress open to expose her breasts. You hear the ripping fabric from here. The man buries his face between her cleavage and eats heartily while she cradles his head as though breastfeeding. Rivulets of grease run down her belly and soak into her gold sash.

The next man wants more yet, so the matron lays on her back and pulls the skirt of her dress to one side. She places a meat roll upon her well trimmed bush and lays back. The man buries his head into her crotch and feasts noisily. She rests her hand upon his head as though enjoying the pleasures of his tongue, but her expression is that of a patient mother.

The man finishes, but he does not move his head, He pushes her legs apart revealing her grease-soaked pussy, which he feasts upon. She accepts this philosophically. Seeing what his friend is getting away with, another man climbs onto the platform and sucks on her greasy breasts. The other climbs to her head, pulls aside his kilt, and pushes his cock into her mouth. She fellates him dutifully.

The man between her legs sees this. He spreads her legs further, stands, and sinks his cock into her pussy. The men are working her at both ends, when the man sucking her breasts whines about being left out. So the men rearrange themselves. One lays upon the stage while the others lower the matron onto him. His cock sinks into her asshole, which was slick with food grease. The next lays on top of her and sinks into her pussy, while the last stand above and forces his cock down her throat.

They ride her hard for many minutes. The one buried in her pussy grabs nearby food and smears it over her chest, which he then licks off. Her and her clothes become a mess of sweet pudding and mashed fruits.

Soon, the men all climax. Their interest in her fades immediately as they climb off the platform. The one beneath her rolls her off and bounds away. They take another few handfuls of food before running off.

The woman is a mess. Her body is covered in grease and sweet pudding. Her gown is torn and messy. Cum leaks from all her holes. She merely gets up, adjust her clothes as best she can, then cleans up the worst of the mess on the platform. She once again reclines on her side to monitor people coming for food, though she's a fair bit more disheveled now.

"That was awful," Euna says. "They practically raped her."

"I don't think she minded."

"But... but they treated her like just another food for them to indulge."

"Presumptuous lads, weren't they?"

Euna gets up and strides to the matron. You chase after, but Euna is then too close for you to remind her not to blow cover.

"Why did you let them do that to you?" Euna asks.

"Oh them?" The matron flaps a dismissive hand. "They're Gelderman's lads, a group of asses. It's best just to let them get their end off, and they'll leave you be."

"And you just let them have sex with you like that?"

"The sooner they have their fun, the sooner they leave. I'd rather they do this than wreck the entire display. It's a bother, yes, but I'd rather they take their boyhood energies out on me than bother my children." She gestures to the young cooks about. "Besides, rough as they are, a mid day romp certainly passes the time."

"Huh." Euna is bemused, but before she can ask anything further, other townsfolk arrive, and the matron helps them select foods and bragging about what's best.

You lead Euna away.

"This is such a strange town," she mutters.

"Isn't it though," you reply. "Shall we keep moving?"

She nods.

You are in the heart of the city along a major avenue, and a festival is occurring. Hundreds of people are crowded here, dancing and playing to minstrels sitting upon a stage in the center square. Along side streets, entertainers perform displays for passing audiences. Some are feats of talent or acrobatics. Some are overtly sexual. Everyone, including the spectators, is young and attractive.

"My word," says Euna. "Look at how these people are dressed. That man is wearing nothing but a pair of tights. That woman's skirt is so short, you can see her... her buttocks."

"You can."

"And look at her." She points to a woman wearing a skirt that comes down to her ankles, but for a top, the woman has only a strip of fabric across her breasts, which cinches in the back.

"It's just a loop of fabric!" Euna says. "And this place reeks of drink." She sniffs. "You'd think beer flowed through the streets. They're quite shameless. Aren't they?"

"Indeed." You point out nearby dancers. Topless women gyrate their rumps against male dance partners. One woman has her skirt pulled up about her waist. The man behind her has his breeches lowered. He's rutting her enthusiastically. They stand out among the other dancers, but nobody around them minds.

Euna averts her gaze. "Shameless."

Further down the street are many burlesque and downright pornographic performances. One that stands out is a troupe of acrobats. They're naked, though covered entirely with intricate body paint. A circle of men juggle an equal number of women. The men would toss a woman up, who'd spin about until another man caught her. She'd wrap herself about the man and sink down upon his erection. Then the man would toss her up in time to catch another girl.

Euna stares with mixed fascination and revulsion. "And this is their idea of entertainment. What kind of city is this?"

"An interesting one."

"I'm sure any one of these men would be happy to donate," Euna says. "Let us join in the dance. I'll find someone."

You first dance together and then with separate partners. Euna enjoys herself simply for the sake of dancing. She gets affectionate with each partner. Soon enough, she's whispering in the ear of a sweaty and drunken young man. They disappear around a corner. When you peek, Euna is kneeling before him. His tights are about his knees, and he's hardening quickly.

"More than willing, I suspect," Euna says. "And I'm sure they'll expect me to work for it."

"I expect you too as well."

"Oh I see. This isn't just about collecting ingredients, it's about debasing myself like a wanton harlot."

"Yes. Now go find a man and beg him for his cum."

"Maybe you should charge money."

She eyes you. "I'm not a prostitute. It's bad enough I'm about to solicit a stranger for such a thing."

"If you don't want to do this..."

"I never said that. Perhaps it will be unbecoming of a tsarivna, but it is you who faces humiliation, since you'll be waiting here like a fool while I'm off dallying with another man. And just so you know, I will be enjoying myself. Now wait here."

She soon finds a passing dock worker. After talking, they enter an alley. You peek around to find her on her knees. His breeches are by his ankles, and his cock points right at her.

"Hmm. No doubt," Euna looks around. "I don't suppose we could go anywhere else for this task, could we?"

"I think here is fine."

"I'm sure you do, because let's not fool ourselves. I'll be the one doing the dirty work."

"Very dirty work." You hug her from behind. "Who in their right mind would ever want to touch these people, much less touch their filthy, grimy cocks?" Your hands squeeze her breasts.

Euna snuggles against you. "The things you make me do..."

Euna snuggles against you. "Fine. You've intrigued me, but you'll only have yourself to blame when I run off with a pack of filthy vagrants one day."

She approaches a scruffy vagrant sitting alone. After a talk, he nods enthusiastically, and they travel into the nearby woods. Once you found a vantage point, she's already worked his grimy pants down. His unwashed cock is already hardening.

She scoops out her tits and envelops his manhood with them. Undulating her body, she works his cock deep within the fathoms of her cleavage, but she never so much as kisses the little cock-head which peeps out.

His seed erupts over her neck and chest. Euna milks his cock until the last spurt, then sits back as though relaxing, though really she's keeping the cum from dribbling down her cleavage.

The man thanks her. She waves, and he departs.

When you catch up, she's collecting the cum on her chest into the thimble.

"That was simple," Euna says. "I avoided using my mouth because I didn't want to contaminate his donation."

"Good thing your tits are perfect for milking the seed out of men."

"Good thing indeed."

Cum added to inventory

"A performance?" Eyes wide, Euna glances at some entertainers. "You can't possibly be suggesting we participate in something like that."

"Of course not. There are plenty here that aren't burlesque."

"But what would we even do? We don't have an act. We don't have any tools or instruments."

"I suppose I could tell stories," you say. "And a few acts I can do without props."

"And that would compare to any of these performances?"

"Hmm." You look about. "I suppose you're right. If I had my old lute, perhaps I could stage a show. Without it, I'm just a man telling stories."

"Another time then."

The man nods curtly and returns to his work. You return to the street.

The man looks you over with distain. "Please. I do not simply hand these out. I only give them only to those who deserve them—those who can use my instruments to bring beauty into this world. Nothing brings me greater pleasure."

"So, people who can play them?" Euna asks.

"Not just play them, but captivate with them. Enthrall with them."

"I can enthrall with an instrument," you say.


"I was once a renown entertainer. I traveled the world sharing songs and stories."

"It's true," Euna agrees. "I've seen his performances. They're unforgettable."

The man considers a long while. "I suppose I'll let you try. What instrument do you play?"

"I'm skilled with a lute."

"Hmm. Of course you are." From a wall display, he takes down an old, beat up string instrument. The soundboard is larger than you're used to. The neck is wide, and it has half a dozen more strings than you're used to. "I haven't got any instruments as uncouth as a lute, but perhaps you can impress me with this mandolin."

"We'll see." Sitting upon a stool, you familiarizing yourself with the strings. Satisfied, you strum out a favorite shanty of yours. You're a little rocky at first, but you straighten it up. You mostly ignore the strings you're unused to. By the time you end of the song, you're fully back in the swing of things. The tune flows from your fingers.

Finishing, you look up. Euna applauds with reserved delight.

The man's nose is scrunched in disgust. "Is that what you play? Folk nonsense?"

"Well... yes."

"Your form is sloppy. Your talent is no better than a common street side performer. And of all the music you could bring into this world, you bring folk music?"

"So you're not thrilled," you say.

He takes back the mandolin. "You do not bring beauty into this world. You bring rabble. If you've no talent, then you have no place in my home. Leave."

Euna steps forward. "What about me? I can play."

"Can you?" he asks doubtfully.

"Yes. Of course I can," she says. "I played a gusli in my covent days."

"A gusli?" He looks her over as he did you, though with more intrigue than skepticism. "I have something like a gusli. Wait here." He fetches from the backroom a string instrument shaped like a trapezoidal horseshoe. It's an old instrument, but still in good shape. "This is called a lyre. Perhaps you can make something of it."

Frowning, Euna takes it. "I'll see. This is certainly different." Like you, she takes a minute to familiarize herself. Then gradually, her strumming becomes a song. The transition is so subtle that her practice seemed more as a prelude. The music is indescribable. Both mournful and cheerful. Both peaceful and forceful. She plays as though no one else is there, not even her. There is only the music, playing out in solitude.

Her song ends. She opens her eyes. Both you and the shop owner are in rapt silence.

"How did I do?" she asks.

The man's response is long coming. "The lyre is yours. Treat it well."

"Thank you," she curtsies.

"No. I thank you. The plight of my work is that there are so few capable of wielding my creations. It would be my honor if you would brighten this world with my instrument."

"I will," she says.

The man bows and retreats to his backroom as though there's nothing more to say. You and Euna leave.

"Well how about that?" she says, examining her new lyre.

"You're a master musician," you say. "Though I don't know if that's saying much coming from me. Apparently, I'm a ten-thumbed noise polluter."

She laughs and plants a kiss on your cheek. "Oh, don't let him get to you. He was a snob." She hoists the lyre over her shoulder by its strap. "Let's get moving."

Euna's Lyre added to inventory

The shop is filled with instruments of all sorts, each of exquisite quality. There's everything from violas to fiddles to flutes. All are of exquisite quality, laid out for display as though this were an art exhibit.

A silk veil separates this room from a backroom. Through it, a man works at a desk, hunched an old and abused dulcimer which he's painstakingly restoring. He spares a glance toward you two.

"What do you want?" he asks. "I already gave you as many instruments as I plan to give you."

"Can I help you?" His tone is impatient.

"This is my home. I call it the Fiddler for those who need a name to refer to it by."

"What?" he frowns. "What are you talking about? Of course they're not for sale. Why would they be?"

"It's just that they are on display," you say.

"Of course they are. They're for the people."

"To just... take?"

"I'm sorry. Who are you?" He looks you up and down, taking in your attire.

Euna speaks. "I am Lady Euna. This is my manservant. This is my first time visiting the city. And he's with me, and we've just traveled here together from far away. Please forgive our ignorance."

"Hmm. I see. Then you should know that there is no such thing as buying or selling in the city of Cockaigne. We spend our lives not in pursuit of financial gains or to serve another master, but instead in the pursuit of beauty and art. I run this display so that I can pursue my own passion, the creation of music. I give my instruments freely to those who are worthy of them."

"I see," Euna says.

Euna takes his hand, and together they head around to the alley behind the stables.

You wait a few minutes before peeking around. The stableboy is backed up against the wall. His riding breaches are about his ankles. Euna is squatted before him with her legs wide, and she's guzzling his erection with abandon. She takes it deep down her throat until gagging about his cock, then pulls out and nibbles the head. Thick spittle runs from her chin Periodically, she pulls out and plays her tongue about its head or licks along his shaft.

Soon, the stableboy groans. From the way he curls over her and clutches the back of her head, he's filling her mouth with his cum. She sucks every last drop out of him.

You return out front. She and the stableboy join you shortly. The lad has the dumbest smile on his face as he waves you two to follow him past the other stablehands.

He thinks about it, shrugs, nods. "I won't say no to that."

You slip him five rubles, and he leads you onward.

You show him the rum bottle.

"It's rare rum too," Euna adds. "It's not normally available to the city folk."

The lad glances around and nods. "Okay, fine. Let's be quick about this."

He stash the bottle under his tunic and leads you onward.

Bottle of Rum removed from inventory

The inside is as you remember it. Rows of stalls. Most clean, and most occupied with fine, healthy horses of all kinds.

"Here they are." The stablehand shows you the same three horses from before, one gray, one black, and one chestnut brown. He opens the stall to the gray one and leads it to the open area in the back. "I guess you can start with Cala. Don't take too long."

"Good thing indeed," Euna says.

Jar of Horse Cum added to inventory

"They are fine specimens, aren't they?" she says. "Virile, I bet. Lanx and Fira might pay well."

"Most certainly," you reply.

She ponders the idea a while, and then turns the horses off the path. "I suppose we can fill one bottle, but we'll do so somewhere private."

After a short trek through the jungle, you arrive at the clearing. Euna tethers Savior to the grand oak tree standing alone in the center. As you tie off Crusader, Euna begins.

Kneeling under , Euna cups her palm over his sheath and strokes until his cock emerges. She licks its length and sucks it in her mouth. By the time it's too large for her to fellate, it's dangling by her breasts. Leaning forward, she mashes each of her tits about the cock and rocks back and forth. Her globes just barely encompass its girth. Precum leaks. The valley of her breasts becomes slick.

gets into this and starts rocking forward. Euna need only lean back and let him thrust between her breasts. She covers it with tender suckles each time it reaches up to her chin.

As the horse grows near, Euna leans forward and reorients the cock so it's pointing down her body. She squeezes her breasts about it again, only now her head is by its base, with her chin and shoulder cradling the shaft. It's end points downward toward her crotch.

Hugging the shaft, she rides the horse like this. You pass her the jar, and she holds it by her crotch, just before the horse's tip. It fills the bottle with its seed. Euna continues riding until the last drop is squeezed out.

With her whispers, her hands, her lips, and her tongue, Euna quickly brings to full mast. While she's tonguing the flared ridge of the stallion's cock, she's signals you forward again. With your guidance, the horse fills the bottle with deluge of semen.

Euna first calms by reintroducing herself. Next, she pets along his back, flank, and finally his belly. As she massages his pendulous balls and sheath, his cock emerges.

Sitting before the cock, she takes it into her mouth and fellates it for as long as it fits. Once it's too large, she resorts to sucking upon the mushroomed head and stroking with her hands. Once it's fullsized, she focuses on running her tongue along the ridge, which rubs her face over the tip and spreads precum over her cheeks and chin.

She takes her place right before the cock and coaxes it to grow more by stroking the slick, rubbery pole. Once it's at full size, she darts her tongue along its crown and licks the shaft.

Shortly, she motions to you.

You press the jar to the tip of 's dick while Euna works. Thick cum fills the jar. After you back away, Euna licks away the last drop from the horse's tip.

The first shot of cum lashes across her cheek. She perches her upturned face just below the firing cock and strokes it throughout the horse's orgasm. Ropes of cum splatter over her features. Both her eyes are forced closed by pools over her lids. Much of it gets in her mouth, but much more runs into her hair, along her neck, and onto her breasts.

When the beast finishes, she sits back beneath the wilting cock and plays her hand between her legs. Her tongue swipes over her lips to collect what cum she can. For the rest, she scrapes her fingers over her face to rake cum into her mouth. Tremors of pleasure course through her.

Soon, she's clean enough. She uses a rag for the rest, but her hair will have sticky tangles for the rest of the day. She reluctantly stops playing with herself, as though intentionally keeping herself on edge.

Euna kneels beside and gets to work rubbing the horse's sheath and testicles. The thick shaft of veined cock emerges and grows. She bends it to the side, and brings it to her face. She kisses the tip. Her tongue runs along the edge, and then she engulfs the mushroomed head as best she can and works the shaft frantically.

Soon enough, the horse rocks. His cock swells. She frantically motions you over and pulls her mouth away. A string of precum connects her lips to the cock.

The moment you press the jar over the head of the penis, it fills the bottle with cum. Euna jacks the shaft slowly until the last spurts trickle out. When you step away, she licks the remaining drop from the tip of the penis. is done.

She seems almost desperate to get the cum out of the horse where she can taste it. And soon enough, the horse snorts, rocks, and its cock pulsates. Euna slows her stroking and concentrates on the cum filling her mouth.

She gulps quickly, but some still escapes. It dribbles down her chin and drips on her breasts. Most however goes straight to her stomach. She pulls away, gasps, and wipes her mouth. "So much..." she mutters. "I could swallow it all if it didn't come so quickly."

Euna squats down right in the firing lane of 's cock and begins stroking the meat while running her tongue along the ridge. His cock is long, though still rubbery. She's having to hold it up.

snorts, shuffles, and stills. Suddenly, a powerful stream of pungent urine erupts from it's dick and sprays Euna's face.

She startles, but doesn't drop the cock. Instead, she closes her eyes and lets the stream beat upon her face. The piss cascades down her front. It drips between her legs and runs down her thighs.

Now thoroughly drenched, Euna clamps her mouth over the horse's peehole and begins gulping. Some escapes her lips, but she's guzzled much into her belly by the time the stream ends. Her hands stroke the shaft all the while.

Once the stream has ceased, she clamps her mouth back over the cock's end and resumes her stroking.

It's not long after that the horse's semen follows. Euna deftly collects as much as she can into a jar. When the horse is done, she licks the jars rim of any mess, and the tip of the horses dick for the last drop.

It's hard to tell when the horse starts climaxing, only that snorts and rocks more, and Euna is swallowing again and again. Only a dribble escapes her lips, and afterward, she cleans the horse's cock head well enough that not a drop of semen is left.

"How about if I try something a little more elaborate." Euna pets 's mane and whispers in his ear. She pets and kisses her way along his flank until arriving at his rump. His massive hanging balls dangle. She weighing each testicle in hand. Groping around them, she manages to reach his emerging cock, which she pleasures with long, deep strokes.

However, this position has brought her face to face with his ass. And every time she strokes toward the end of the shaft, her face is forced within inches of it. Most would cringe away, but Euna instead rests her cheek against the horses rump. His wrinkled anus is just before her. She eyes it as though working up the nerve.

And then, her tongue reaches out. The tip runs along the puffy ring of flesh. Brown flecks come away, which she swallows down. Round and round her tongue goes, getting closer to the hole, until finally she fastens her mouth over the hole and digs in with her tongue.

shuffles. Between the rim job and the stroking, it reaches climax. You see the cock swell and press the jar to the end. Spurt after spurt of pearly cum floods the jar.

Euna keeps her face nuzzled in his ass even once he's gone soft. When she pulls away, she's breathless, as though the rim job were a long passionate kiss. Licking her lips, she looks to you. "Did you get it?"

You show her the jar.


shuffles. Between the rimming, and Euna's awkward stroking, he reaches climax. His seed fires out onto the ground in several long spurts.

Once he's finished, Euna backs away from the breathless, as though the rim job were a long passionate kiss. Licking her lips, she looks at the wasted seed upon the ground. "A trade off I suppose. My mouth can only be in so many places."

The horse grows close. It's climax comes without warning. Semen splashes against Euna's chin. She tries to fit her mouth over the cock's head when it's close enough, but with the horse's thrusting, most blasts of cum fill the crevice of her breasts. Her chest, her belly, and the horse's cock all become coated in sticky cum, yet Euna lets keep fucking her tits until finally losing interest and stepping away.

Her entire chest is a mess. Cum runs down her belly and mingles into the dampness of her bald slit. drips from her pubic nest.

Euna rubs her hands over her naked belly and breasts. The pungent smell of animal semen fill the air. She licks some off her fingers. "I suppose I should have seen this mess coming."

After coaxing , Euna kneels beneath him and buries her tongue into the opening of his sheath while her hands massage the dangling balls behind it. She fellates the horse's emerging penis. As it grows, her mouth remains fastened on its end end right up until she's backed up against the hay bale.

She lies on her back upon it and lets the cock drag down her body. She plays the tip over her drenched pussy and squeezes the shaft with her thighs. Finally, it's stiff enough for penetration, and she does just that.

Euna moans as the cock disappears into her snatch. rocks forward. He bottoms out against the recesses of her pussy. From there, Euna let's the horse do most of the work while she strokes his flank.

His cock is still quite rubbery, and at the moment of climax, he hops his forelegs onto the bale, which causes his cock to slip out of Euna and flop onto her belly. There is no stopping him now, so Euna hugs the shaft against herself until he erupts. Watery cum drenches the valley of her tits. It spills up her neck. In the horses clumsiness, it stumbles back, dragging its cock along her torso, spraying cum all the way. In the last moments, Euna is able to press the cock head against her crotch to drench her slit, but that's all. The horse is done, and she's been covered like a pastry.

"You silly horse, ," she breaths. "I wanted your seed inside me." Euna rubs her hands over her naked belly and breasts. The pungent smell of animal semen fill the air. She licks some off her fingers. "Look at the mess you made."

You find a rag for her, and she wipes up the worst of the mess. The valley of her breasts are still sticky to the touch, but she seems satisfied.

"Hmm." Euna already is. "And I'm supposed to go the rest of the day coated in a stallion's seed?"

"No one will notice once it dries."

"I'll reek of horse."

"You already will."

"Fair point."

"Hmm," Euna rubs her hands over her torso. "Like this?"

By now, she's completely covered her chest and belly with wet cum. She runs her hands along her neck, down her arms, and along her thighs. Her hands pass over her crotch many times. Her loose, vaginal lips glimmer with both the horse's and her own juices. Her pubic hair becomes a matted down and sticky mess. Soon the semen thins. Its slick texture is replaced with a stickiness that makes noise as her hands rub over it.

"There," she says. "That should dry soon. But Lord do I stink." She smells her hands. "So musky."

is already hard, as though predicting what's about to happen. His cock waggles between his legs as he trots up.

Euna doesn't even have to get up from the hay bale. "Right to the point, I see." She orients herself so that her belly is on the cum-wet platform, and her feet rest on the ground. She motions to you that she's ready, and you fit the head of the cock against her overworked pussy and urge the horse forward. Instead, it hops up onto the hay bale. In doing so, it rams its thick shaft into Euna. She cries out. When the horse begins fucking her of its own accord, she can only grip the hooves by her head and let the stallion have his way.

It ravages her for many minutes. Its cock batters her pussy as deep as it will go, which is only part of its incredible length. Finally, it whinnies and grows clumsy. Cum oozes out between Euna's stretched pussy lips.

It dismounts from her and wanders away. Euna is left used and discarded with a river of cum flowing down her thighs. She seems spent. "That was forceful," she mutters.

"We can try," Euna says.

"Try? I've already seen you can get the horse inside you."

"Just barely. It's hard enough just to stay standing, not to mention how little of himself I can bury in me."

"That's why you need to practice."

"I suppose that's true. I'll try"

She strips and kneels beneath the horse. She massages his sheath until his cock begins to emerge. She runs her tongue along his slick, pink shaft. She cradles the cock as it grows in size, hugging it as though hugging a pole. After kissing the tip, she slides it down her body.

Finally, she orients herself so her rump is to the dick, and she guides it against her slit and rubs it up and down.

The horse thrusts. Euna pushes back against the invading cock while holding it in place with her hand. Her pussy caves around the member, and it penetrates inside her.

"Oh, Lord." She rocks back in time with the horse's clumsy thrusts. It bottoms out awith most of the shaft outside Euna. She struggles to keep her feet beneath her.

It's all very clumsy. After several minutes, the horse slows, so Euna pulls herself off and pleasures the horse with her hand and mouth. Her other hand is between her legs. The first spurt of horse cum splatters her neck and breasts. She fastens her mouth over the tip to capture the rest of the load.

By the time the horse is finished, she's still lost in pleasure. Leaning back, she focuses solely on her clit. Cum dribbles from her mouth, over her breasts, and down her belly. When it reaches her gash, she feverishly stabs her fingers into herself to get the cum inside.

Once she's done, her pussy is a frothy mess. She cleans up with a rag. "A good show?"

"You looked like you enjoyed that as much as ," you say.

"Almost," she says. "I only wish the horse could flood my womb and not my chest. I couldn't get enough leverage."

"Maybe it's just a matter of finding a way to brace yourself."

"Or if I could just take him deeper."

Euna kneels beneath and first tongues his massive balls. His wet, slippery cock emerges, and she fastens her mouth upon the end as she works the shaft with her hands. Soon, he's at full mast.

She lies down upon the hay bale, first on her belly, but she changes her mind and flips onto her back. You help out by guiding the massive cock against her crotch. As she rubs the tip up and down her slit, the horse catches on. Suddenly, he steps his forelegs onto the hay bale, each beside Euna's head, and humps forward. His cock mashes against her pussy. It drags her forward before penetrating, and she has to brace her feet against the side of the bale, but it works. Euna whines, the horse snorts, and the penis head pushes against her inexorably until at last forcing its way in.

She's now fucking the horse. is humping clumsily while Euna holds herself in place, but she wraps her legs about his torso, as though embracing a lover. The penetration is only getting about a third of the horse's meat in her. thrusts hard to get deeper, but there's no deeper to go. The pain leaves Euna whimpering and biting her lip.

It takes a long time, but soon the horse's cock swells. Euna cries out. Horse cum leaks out along Euna's stretched pussy lips. When the horse finally pulls away, his cock plops out, and a river of runny cum flows from Euna's distorted hole.

"Oh my," she mutters, out of breath. She runs her hand over her hole, slides four fingers in, and brings out a scoop of cum, which she licks off her fingers.

"Good?" you ask.

She nods.

Euna pets 's flank and whispers in his ear. She works her way along its flank, petting and stroking all the while, until arriving behind the horse. Between its hind legs, she runs her hands over its pendulous, furry balls. She nestles her face between them.

Then, she nuzzles her way upward to the its ass. She runs her tongue over the wrinkled flesh of its anus. Brown flecks come away, which she swallows down. She then fastens her lips over the anus and works her tongue against the hole.

Meanwhile, her hands snake between the legs to stroke the emerging shaft. Even after it's fully hard, she takes her time tongue-cleaning its wrinkled hole to her satisfaction. nuzzling and tonguing its balls until she's showed them thorough attention. Only then does scoot between its legs to its cock, which now drapes along the block.

She nuzzles that too as she lifts and and situates herself beneath it. On her back upon the blanketed block, she bends the rubbering pillar of meat until the tip is against her sex. Up and down she rubs it. Wet, sticky sounds emerge. She's already loose from the previous fucking, so when the horse pushes forward, her pussy engulfs the cock with little resistance.

The horse fucks her. She mewls and humps back. Reaching between her legs, she strokes the bulk of the shaft which can't fit inside her. It soon brings the horse to climax. Euna trembles and gasps as it fills her with cum. It pulls out, and deluge runs out of her and down the block.

"Such a good horse..." she whispers breathlessly.

"It didn't fit last time," Euna says. "What makes you think it will now?"

"We'll never know if you don't try," you say.

Smirking, she strips off her clothes and kneels beneath .

Today, she spends some time tonguing the horse's massive balls before showing his emerging cock any attention. When she does, her mouth is upon his slick, pink shaft just as it was on his sack. She cradles the cock as it grows in size, hugging it as though hugging a pole. After kissing the tip, she slides it down her body.

Finally, she orients herself to face you so her rump is to the dick, and she guides it against her slit and rubs it up and down until her own breaths grows shallow.

thrusts forward.

"Why?" Euna asks. "The jar is full, and I don't think we have any other jars with a wide enough rim."

You ask the stablehand. "There's a third stallion, right?"

"Yeah, Hutan." He points to the next stall. It houses a chestnut horse with its head over the stall gate. It's mane is combed flat over its eyes, and it's looking back at the three of you.

"Doesn't it seem mean to pleasure two horses and leave the third alone."

"I think so," the stablehand agrees.

"This has nothing to do with what the horse wants," Euna says. "If you want me to please another horse for no reason except because you wish it, I'll do so, because my body belongs to you. Is it what you want?"

"I thought I was being clear," you say. "Yes, it is. Pleasure that horse, Euna. And make a good show of it. For both of us." You gesture to the stableboy. He's frozen in bewilderment.

"Bring the horse," you tell him.

Euna frowns at both of you. "That is a paltry excuse, and you know it. You just want to see a show."

The lad sobers. "No. No. I don't want a show. I was just... I'm sorry, my lady."

"So you don't want to watch me to pleasure a horse?" Euna asks. Her voice is stern.

"No, my lady. My apologies."

"Pity. Because you only have to ask."

The boy blinks. A long silence hangs in the air. When he speaks, his words come out blundered. "I mean... I don't want to tell... If you."

"I'd like to see a show," you say.

"Finally," Euna says. "Some refreshing honesty. Bring the horse here."

The lad can hardly move fast enough. Soon, Hutan is before Euna. His coat is as short-haired as a horse's can get. His color is of dark, rich leather, except for its feet, which are black up to the knees.

Euna strokes its nose. "You may be the most lovely horse of all," she says. "I had a horse just like you in my youth."

Euna perches underneath . She pulls off her bodice and tosses it to you. The stablehand's eyes boggle at the sight of her bared breasts.

Euna hefts both of 's balls and fondles his sheath. The moment his cock emerges, her lips are about it. She sucks with all her skill, but it grows and grows, and soon is too much to fit in her mouth. It's drooping before her breasts.

Seeing this, a wicked look comes over her. Tugging off her skirt, she spins to face forward and bends at the waist to present her rump. Hoisting the horse's manhood, she rubs the end over her slit. A shiver passes through her. Up and down she rubs. Slick precum spreads.

senses the presence of a vagina. He rocks forward.

Whimpering, Euna grips the horse's foreleg to brace herself, and she pushes back against the invader while holding it in place with her hand. After much work and fiddling, her pussy stretches about the member.

"Oh my Lord," she cries. "Oh Lord. It's inside me. It's... my heavens. It hurts."

's cock pushes nearly eight inches into her. Euna struggles to keep her feet beneath her. Each thrust pistons several inches in and out of her, but mostly, the horse is dragging Euna around.

In time, Euna regains some control. She tries to push back in time with the horse, but only so much disappears inside her, and her position is ungainly.

After minutes of this, is actually getting soft. It seems the lack of deep penetration coupled with the awkward control is not enough for him. Sensing this, Euna pulls herself off his cock. She kneels and returns to pleasuring the horse with her hand and mouth. Her other hand is between her legs.

Unfortunately for , there's no way a cock that size will fit in Euna. Each thrusts staggers her forward, yet she maintains a grip on the cock and rubs herself against it. Her pussy becomes a frothy mess of precum and her own juices. Her breath grows shallow. Yet as she nears orgasm, the horse's manhood is softening. This isn't doing enough for him. Sensing this, Euna forfeits her own needs and spins back around. She returns to pleasuring the horse with her hand and mouth. Her other hand is now between her legs.

She peaks first. Body undulating, she whimpers in climax. The first spurt of horse cum splatters her neck and breasts. She fastens her mouth over the tip to capture the rest of the load. Cum dribbles from her mouth, over her breasts, and down her belly. When it reaches her gash, she feverishly stabs her fingers into herself to get the cum inside.

When she finally comes down, her front is slick. Her pussy is a frothy mess rubbed with horse semen. She swallows what's left in her mouth and looks at both of you. "A good show?"

The stableboy merely nods. He's hiding his erection behind a stall gate.

Cleaning up takes Euna a while. She licks what she can off her fingers. The stableboy lends her a cloth for the rest.

Cleaning up takes Euna a while. She licks what she can off her fingers and uses a rag from your pack to clean the rest.

"You looked like you enjoyed that as much as ," you say.

"I let myself get carried away," she says. "It was so carnal."

"I hope you don't regret it."

"My only regret is that he could not fill me with his seed directly."

"I'm sure we can figure something out," you say. "Maybe it's just a matter of finding a way to brace yourself."

"Or I can work to increase my depth," she replies.

"That too."

"That would have been quite a squeeze," you say.

"I know. But, Lord, did I need him inside me."

The stableboy leads the horse back while Euna cleans up and dresses. He leads you both back to the city street and bids you goodbye.

"Why?" Euna asks. "The jar is full."

"But we have other bottles..." you say.

"...And you're welcome to fill them up yourself. I'm done."

The stableboy leads both of you back out to the street and bids you farewell.

You stopper the jar and stow it away. The stableboy leads both of you back out to the street and bids you farewell.

Euna examines the jar once again. "How much do you think Lanx will pay for this?"

"We'll find out."

Euna stops the boy. "I agreed to play with only one horse."

"But since we're here..." you say.

Grinning, she shakes her head. "No. We're done. If I don't put my foot down, you'd have me here all day."

"And would that be so bad?"

"As much as you enjoy these shows, they are rather exhausting for me. Count yourself blessed that I'm willing to entertain such perverse practices for you already. All right?"

"All right, then."

After Euna cleans up and dresses, the stableboy leads you two back out to the street and bids you goodbye.

"I walked in there having set a limit of one horse," Euna says, "and yet somehow, I emerge having fooled around with every stallion that boy had to offer."

"Couldn't help yourself, could you?" you say.

"I have a devil on my shoulder." She nudges you with her arm, making clear that you are that devil. "I'm becoming a breeding mare. I certainly smell like one."

She does. Euna thoroughly reeks of horses, cum, and sex.

"It fits you," you reply.

"I'm glad you think so. I expect this is a stench I'll frequently carry. I'll be quite the equestrian if I should ever get back home."

Euna sidles close to you as you both head off. She absolutely reeks of horse and sex.

Euna takes your arm as you continue on your way. The stench of the stables lingers with her.

You and Euna step away from the stables, and the young lad runs back to join the other stablehands.

Nodding, she looks down. "You're right." After a pause, she says it again, as though to convince herself. "You're right." She looks crestfallen, as though disappointed in herself. "I couldn't hope to endure."

She looks up at the sorceress. "We will still leave."

"Pity. Very well, but know this, I'm not accustom to being refused. I will have my eye on you. Both of you. Remember my offer. Return to me should you look inside yourself and acknowledge your darkest desires."

"I will remember," Euna says. You're not sure whether she's just being polite or if she means it.

"Now go. Leave here before I change my mind and decide to keep you anyway."

The cafres bump you, nudging you to get moving. They lead you through the marble hallways to the entrance. From there, you and Euna hastily walk off. The horses are still waiting for you where you left them.

Euna gasps as though she'd been holding her breath. "Oh heavens, that was terrifying! I didn't think she was going to let us go."

"It did get a bit dicy, didn't it? Strange offer she made, wasn't it?"

"Very strange." She mounts her horse.

"You were actually thinking of taking her up on that offer, weren't you?"

"Lunacy, isn't it? I would do anything to save my father." She sighs. "The craziest part is is that I know I'll be thinking about that offer for days to come. What if..."

"That certainly is crazy."

Together, you ride down the long mountain trail. Once the trail widens enough, Euna rides up alongside you.

Marion sighs. "Fine."

You ride to the beach. Once there, you use the mirror to reflect sunlight at the boat until a flash comes from them. It looks like they're lowering a rowboat from the deck to come over.

"I'm not going to be a very good nun," Marion says. "I'm just going to misbehave as much as I can. I'm going to offer myself to everybody. I don't care who they are or how old or ugly they might be."

"It sounds like you're going to be the best nun," Euna says. "I wish I was more like you when I went into the convent. I might have enjoyed myself."

"They're probably going to kick me out though."

"Maybe not. Religions believe in saving people. They'll punish you, and flog you, and torture you until you repent, but they won't give up on you."

Marion grins. "How far do you think I can push it?"

"I think you're going to find out."

"Do try not to get kicked out," Euna says.

"I was thinking of running away once I get there."

"The world is a harsh place, but the church will take care of you. They may punish you or scold you, but they will always make sure you're safe."

"Maybe I don't want to be safe."

"Just give it a chance. Don't buy into their purity nonsense and you might find a life you crave there."

Unconvinced, Marion grumbles. Euna watches the girl with concern.

The rowboat arrives on shore. Two sailors work the oars. A third steps out onto shore. "Marion?"

She steps forward.

"The captain has a schedule he'd like to keep. So let's get moving."

Marion approaches. The man grabs her, eliciting a yelp. He carries her over the water and dumps her in the rowboat. She staggers for balance. Both oarsmen hold onto her to stabilize her.

"Thank you," she mutters.

Their hands linger. One is clutching her ass and thigh, the other has his hands under her arms, tantalizingly close to her breasts.

Marion doesn't mind. "Where should I sit?"

"How 'bout right here." They scoot apart.There is barely enough space between them, but to their delight, Marion squeezes in. It puts her in physical contact with both.

One puts his arm around her. His hand brushes her breast. "Welcome aboard, Missy."

"Thanks." She smiles up at him. Her thigh subtly rubs against his.

The man who carried her aboard glances back at you two. Without knowing who you are, or caring to learn, he merely nods before pushing the rowboat into the water. Once they're off, Marion waves. "Farewell." You and Euna wave back.

As you turn your horses back toward land, Euna canters close.

She grins mischievously. "Those sailors were certainly friendly."

You nod. "And that's a long sea voyage she has ahead of her."

"Something tells me she'll be just fine. Shall we?"

Her eyes are wide. "Those sailors were..."


She nods.

"And that's a long sea voyage she has ahead of her too," you say.

"She's probably happy about that."


"Such a strange girl. Shall we?"

"Did you see what those sailors were doing?" she says, aghast.

"I did."

"Is she going to be okay on that boat? She'll be at sea for months."

"I think so. Either way, it's out of our hands."

Concerned, Euna glances back several times as you guide the horses.

"She'll be fine," you say.

"Heavens, I hope so."

The two of you head back toward the road. After a silent ride, Euna turns her attention to her horse. She strokes its mane.

Marion's eyes go wide. "Do you mean it?"

You gesture to the open road. "It's yours."

Giddy, Marion climbs off your horse. Her legs wobble as she takes her first few steps toward her new life. She turns. "Thank you."

"Wait." Euna dismounts. "Before you go, I want one last thing from you."

"What is it?" Marion asks.

Ignoring her, Euna pushes Marion onto her rear. She hikes up her dress, slings one leg over Marion's shoulder, and presses her sex to Marion's mouth. Startled, Marion gives a muffled yelp of surprise, but when Euna doesn't relent, Marion begins tonguing her slit.

Euna gives a shuddering sigh. "Get used to this, Marion. From now on, no one is ever going to give you anything without expecting something in return, so I don't see why we should. It'll help teach you how you'll need to behave from now on."

Marion can only keep licking as Euna grinds her pussy against her face. Minutes pass until Euna is gasping in pleasure. Her body shudders, and her legs go weak. Afterward, Marion pulls away, gasping.

But before she can recover, Euna grabs a fistful of her hair and yanks her head back until her face is pointed straight up. Perching over her, Euna releases a stream of urine onto the girl's face. Marion sputters as it stings her eyes and fills her mouth. Most of it cascades down her front, soaking her head wrap and robes, though Marion inadvertently swallows some.

Euna steps off and looks down at the poor girl. Marion is still reeling when Euna slaps her across the face, creating a resounding crack. It sends the girl sprawling upon the ground. spits upon her face and shoves her to the ground. "Get used to people treating you like trash as well, because they will. They all will."

With that, Euna spins and returns to her horse. Marion lays upon the dirt road. Though humiliated and urine-soaked, she's biting her lip suggestively; her chest heaves, as though a single stroke of her clit would send the girl over the edge.

Euna remounts her horse. "Let's go."

"Yes, My Lady," you reply. Together, you ride off, leaving Marion to face her new life alone. Neither of you look back.

"Here." Euna moves to dismount. "Take my horse."

"No, no," Marion replies. "I don't want anything except the clothes on my back."

"Are you sure?"

Marion chewing her lip, then nods. "Yes, I think... yes! I am. My word, this is exciting!" She takes a shaky breath, then strides off down the road.

You and Euna watch. Far off, Marion turns back one last time and waves goodbye. Euna waves back, and then the two of you head back.

"I do hope she finds what she wants," Euna says.

"A defenseless woman on the road alone? I guarantee it."

Euna grins. "I mean I hope she'll be happy with what she gets."

"I'm sure she'll be scared at times, but it's what she craves."

"I hope so. I wish her well."

You ride for a while before Euna sidles up to you.

He bows to you once again. "She will. I haven't spent this much on a single slave in years. I intend to get my money's worth out of her."

He turns his attention back to the auction. You and Euna head off with your newfound wealth.

"Constant rape," Euna says. "Day in and day out, at the hands of common soldiers. In times of war, they can be particularly brutal."

"Are you glad you asked?"

"I'm not sure. It sounds like a hard life, but it could have been a lot worse. I just hope she enjoys herself. We were the ones who talked her into this. I hope she doesn't wake up tomorrow and wish she could take it back."

"I'm sure she'll have regrets occasionally, but she's a true masochist. Her desire will win out I think."

"I hope so."

It's a quick walk back to the camp. The horses are still tethered by the river. Euna strokes her horse's mane.

"These are fine horses, aren't they?" she says. "Their names are Savior and Crusader. It was on the writ." She strokes her horse. It's a black stallion with an unusually long, sleek mane and tale. Silky hair on its lower legs hides its hooves. "You're a fine horse. Aren't you, Savior?" she whispers. "It's a pity we must return them I rather like them."

"What if we didn't?"

"Out of the question," she replies. "We are not horse thieves. Besides, we have trouble enough feeding ourselves, much less a pair of horses."

Together you ride the horses back to the city. The guards recognize Euna and the horses from earlier and simply wave you through.

Euna speaks briefly with the stable owners while you hand the horses off to a hand. She returns to you when she finishes. "That's done with. Where shall we go from here?"

You're before the city gates.

You and Euna walk to the palace grounds. The gates are open, and beyond them in a plaza before the palace doors, a crowd has gathered. It seems you've arrived just before a presentation or an announcement. You gather close, pressing into the throng of people.

Before the crowd is a dais with a row of men and women beyond it. Like everyone else in the city, they're young and attractive, though they're different from the townsfolk. Each wear a sheer white robes cinched about the waist as though it were a uniform. They have low cut fronts, showing the men's chests and the women's cleavage down to their navels. The robes split along the outer legs, showing their thighs and calfs.

One of the men steps before the dais. He holds his hands high for silence. "Everyone. Everyone. It is wonderful of you all to come out here to show your appreciation to our Hana. This season's festival is in her honor, and yet we still owe her more thanks than we could ever give her. We gather here now to show how grateful we are one final time during her Sending."

He turns toward the palace. Two guards escort someone from inside. It's a girl, dressed in robes which actually conceal her body. The guards hold her arms as though helping her along, yet the way they surround her seems less friendly. They lead her onto the dais.

"Thank you, Hana," the speaker says, "for upholding the traditions of our fair city. All of our hopes and wishes go with you."

The girl tries to smile, yet she's nervous as a deer.

A convoy of horse riders come forward. More guards, though one horse has no rider. The robed men help Hana mount it. With a nod from the speaker, the convoy gets moving, following a path which leads around the palace and toward the mountains behind the city. The gathered crowd applaud and hoot as they depart.

After the convoy is out of sight, the speaker addresses the crowd. "This marks the start of our Shrovetide festival—another season until our next Sending. As I'm sure many of you already know, our next Appointed has already been decided. If you should happen upon our sweet Marion, I hope you will all treat her with the respect and gratitude she deserves. Thank you all for coming."

He steps off the dais. The crowd disperses. The robed men and women retire into the palace.

"What do you suppose that was all about?" Euna asks.

"I'm not sure," you reply. "That girl didn't look very happy to be part of the Sending. I get the feeling she won't be coming back."

"Where do you think she's going?"

"No idea."

"Maybe we should ask someone," Euna suggests.

"I'm not sure we should. I think this Sending was what this entire festival was about. We're supposed to already know about it. Asking might reveal us as outsiders."

"Hmm." She frowns at the audience. "I suppose you're right. Shall we move along?"

She lifts and looks at you. "You can? I thought men needed long rest between intercourse."

You grin. "Did you learn that at the convent?"

"It's not true, then?"

"No. I can go again."

"Then yes, let's do it."

And you do. This time she's passionate from the beginning. Her arms and legs coil about you, and she moans as you thrust into her. This sex lasts significantly longer. By the end she's mewling. Crying out, she bucks and writhes. You shoot your seed deep within her again, and collapse.

She cradles you close. "That," she says, "was more like it."

Go to sleep.

She thinks. "I've realized that my whole life has been this story written by my aunt. She decided that I would be a Daughter of Nim. She convinced me to take the vows. She wanted me to marry whom she wanted. And because of it, I've been living this narrow, sequestered life. But it wasn't to protect me. She chose me because of my birthright. If my sister had been born first, maybe you'd be telling her stories about me."

"No." She pauses. "I don't know. I just want a chance to live the life my aunt denied me. Maybe there's still room for Nim. Maybe I'll later give penance, and this will just be a chapter in my life." She sighs. "Or maybe I'm just a silly girl who's succumbed to temptation. I don't regret it though, not tonight anyway."

"A performance?" Euna eyes some of the burlesque street side shows. While they vary style, many are blatantly pornographic. "Not like those I hope."

"I was thinking more about your lyre."

"This?" Euna pulls it off her shoulder. "I suppose, but I've never played for an audience before. I think these people might not like my more... subtle style."

"You mean refined?"


"It'll be fine. Your music will set the mood for my act."

"What will you do?"

"You've seen my acts before."

"In Father's court, yes. But all you'd do is tell stories and dirty jokes, or get the crowd to sing those filthy songs of yours."

"There you go. That should work perfectly for a crowd this drunk."

She chews her lip. "I don't know... I'm not sure how I'd help."

"Come. I'll show you." You lead her to a secluded alley where you help her work out several songs with different moods and tones. She practices transitioning between them at your signals. You both make plenty of errors, many comical, and you laugh together at the mistakes, but soon, she's ready.

You two hunt down a bare spot near the festivity's outskirts and you begin. She plays, and you spin tales. Festival goers linger. Your antics feed your tales. They're unbelievably raunchy, eliciting gales of laughter. Euna sets the tone perfectly. She transitions right along with the mood of your stories as though you two had worked together for years.

After years back home of watching your acts with dull eyes, all the humor has finally caught up to her. She laughs and cheers right along with the audience.

The sky darkens. The crowd thins, and so you bid everyone goodnight.

Euna is giddy. "That was delightful!"

"I couldn't have done it without my fellow performer." Bowing, you kiss her hand.

She blushes. "Thank you, but you were the star. I never realized how talented you are back home. I only saw your silly clothes."

"My silly clothes?" you say. "Those clothes made me the Fool. Without them, I'd just be a man embarrassing himself before the court."

"You're always embarrassing yourself, but you're quite good at it." Holding your head in her hands, she plants a quick kiss on your lips.

But the quick kiss lengthens. Soon you're both lost in passion as your bodies intertwine. When she pulls away, you both realize that some audience had remained. They cheer and whistle. Euna blushes, but at their encouragement, she kisses you again. Her fingers coil through your hair. Your hands slide along her side.

Breathing lustfully, she presses her body against you. Her hands rake your back. The crowd loves it.

She finally breaks away, breathless and flushed, and grinning shyly from the attention. Lingering cheers cause her to bury her face in her hands, but she can't stop smiling.

You two bid your audience one final goodbye and head off.

"That was quite a finale you gave them," you murmur.

"I don't know what came over me."

"They loved it."

"I know. So many were watching. It made it... Heavens, that was wild!" She glances back at the street. Lingerers call for an encore. "Oh, heavens. They want us to do it again!" She face turns a deeper crimson.

"Always leave the audience wanting more," you say. "We should get home while we still have light."

At camp, you freshen up at the river. When you return, Euna is reclined upon the alcove bedding, staring at you with contented eyes. You sit beside her and pull her close. With lips locked, your hands explore her body, kneading her breasts, stroking her thighs, and finally finding the laces of her bodice.

She regards you as you loosen it and pull it off. For her skirt, she lifts her butt off the ground for you to pull them off. Only in her chemise now, she does not stop you when you lift the hem up her body. Her smooth pussy has flowered open in arousal. Her pussy is nestled within a thick mane of blond hair. The lips glisten. Her breasts appear next, perfect unblemished orbs. A ring of bumps circle her areolas.

She raises her arms, and the chemise comes off, leaving her nude and trembling, watching as you remove your clothes. She takes your hard cock in her hands and plays with it curiously.

Euna lies back, and you climb over her. She hisses inwardly as you enter. Your rhythm is slow and gentle, but as your shared passion grows, so does your pace. Her breathing comes out in gasps.

Faster and faster you go. Her arms and legs wrap about you. It becomes too much and you can no longer contain yourself. Her body quakes. Afterward, you hug her head to your chest.

She's silent for a long time. A few sniffles escape, but you know no words will help that. You simply hold her until she finally speaks.

"Oh," she says.


"Just, oh."

"Did you enjoy yourself?"

"I think so. I think I was too tense. I kept expecting Lord Father Nimel to come down from the skies and smite me, but after all this waiting, and hearing so many horrible and wonderful things about it, it was... I guess I expected more."

"The first time is always more of an experiment. As you get used to it, you'll enjoy yourself more."

"I guess we'll see. It's done now. There's no reason to avoid it anymore."

"Okay then." Euna takes out her lyre. Together, you two find a vacant spot along the festival road, and you begin your routine. She plays gentle background music while responding to your cues to add flourish to your stories. It sets the mood wonderfully. You launch into your ribald stories, captivating many passersby to linger. Your tales invoke laughter and amusement. Euna herself seems just as captivated, though she plays flawlessly throughout.

After hours, you end on a final story where a prince manages to rescue his fair lady. You as the prince, and Euna as the lady, you kiss her deeply upon ending the story. Everyone applauds. Euna is flush by the time you pull away. Bowing to the crowd, you end the act.

"You know," Euna says, putting away her lyre, "I think I could live quite happily as a minstral for the rest of my life."

Return to camp.

"Of course," Euna says. "Bring out the final horse." The stableboy hurries off and return with Hutan, the chestnut brown stallion, in tow. Euna strokes its snout. "We wouldn't want any of them to feel left out. Isn't that right?"

Euna examines the bottle with you.

"Only half full..." you say. "Bring her another horse," you say to the stableboy.

"Only half full..." you say.

Euna nods and looks to the stableboy. "Bring the next horse."

He leads Cala away and returns with Burkan, the black horse, in tow.

Next Horse

The lad returns Burkan to his stall and returns. "Are you two done?"

The jar is full to the brim.

Jar of Horse Cum added to inventory

As you're passing the other stablehands, a young man calls out from the group. "Hey. Who are they?"

"They work for my lord," your guide says. "They're inspecting the horses."

This satisfies the stablehands, and they return to their conversation.

The smell inside the stable is of straw and feint manure, though it's remarkably clean as stables go. The lad leads you down an aisle lined with stalls on both sides. Horses occupy many of them. Some eat from feed baskets. Others watch you pass. Most are well-kept.

"My lord has three stallions," He points out three. "You can take from them. But no others. All the other horses belong to other lords stowing here." He comes to one—a handsome gray horse with a peppering of white in his coat.

"This is Cala." He strokes the horse's nose, then opens the stall door and leads him to a private open area in the back of the stables.

The horse shuffles uneasily when Euna approaches. She begins introducing herself to the animal with her slow motions and calm words. "Beautiful horse," she whispers. "You have a lovely coat. I've never seen a coloring like this before. My father would have loved you."

Cala settles down.

The stablehand is glancing around. "Be quick about it."

"Well, Euna?" You motion under the horse.

Her expression is flat and unamused. "Of course it falls to me."

"You're the experienced one."

"Fine." She digs through your pack and brings out a jar with a neck wide enough for the task, and she shoves it in your hands. "But you be ready to collect." With that, Euna begins the ritual of rubbing her hands along Cala's flank to give him time to adjust. As Euna rubs his belly, penile sheath, and his dangling testicles, his cock slowly emerges. The horse is uneasy again. You take the place by his head and keep him calm.

Euna kneels under the horse as Fira showed her: with the cock pointed right at her. As it grows closer toward her, she inches back, all while stroking the slick, pink meat. Once it's at full size, she suckles and nibbles the crown, and occasionally licking along the shaft.

The stableboy's eyes pop. He grins a goofy grin.

The horse is rocking. Euna continues to pleasure him with her mouth and hands. Soon she catches your attention. "It's coming. Quick. The jar."

You press the jar over Cala's urethra while Euna shows the cock fervent attention. Thick white cum floods the container. After several thick ropes, the jar is nearly half full.

You and Euna step away from the horse.

"You use your mouth?" the stablehand asks.

"It works, doesn't it?" Euna sounds defensive.

"I'm not complaining," he replies. "It was hot."

"The jar is only half full," you say.

"I know that." Euna faces the stablehand. "You said you had more horses?"

The next horse is larger than Cala. "This is Burkan," the boy says.

"Another handsome beast," Euna replies. The horse's coat is black and short, and it's cock is revealed to be mottled black and pink once Euna coaxes it out. She pleases Burkan with long strokes and gentle love administered with her mouth. Soon, she's motioning for you again. While she tongues the cock's ridge, it fills the bottle with deluge of semen.

Stepping away, Euna examines the contents. "All full."

The boy returns the horse. "Are you two done?"

Jar of Horse Cum added to inventory

The lad's eyes widen. "Collect their cum? What for?"

"We have our reasons," you say.

"But how?"

"Manually," Euna replies. "Unless you know of a better way."

He stares at her, bewildered. "I... I don't think I should. Not without my master's permission. I'm sure you'd get the same answer from the others too." He glances at the other stablehands.

The stableboy fetches Burkan. The stallion's short black coat shimmers, highlighting his muscular physique.

"And what shall I do with this beautiful strapping horse?" Euna asks.

The stablehand fetches Hutan. The horse had been poking his head out of his stall to watch. His body is sleek brown, like tanned leather, except for his black feet. His mane is combed down. It creates a curtain over his eyes.

He readily comes up to where the last horse just was.

Euna strokes his mane and plants a kiss on his nose. She looks to you.

The stablehand hurries off and returns with Cala. The towering stallion's gray coat is peppered with white.

"What shall I do with you..." Euna asks the horse.

The inside is as you remember it. Rows of stalls. Most clean, and most occupied with fine, healthy horses of all kinds.

"Here they are." The stablehand shows you the same three horses from before, one gray, one black, and one chestnut brown. "Do whatever you want. I get to watch though." He reddens. " make sure you don't do anything bad with the horses."

"Of course," you say.

"What horse would you like to start with?" he asks.

"I agreed to only play with one horse," Euna says.

"You did," you reply, "and now here's another horse."

She regards you, then rolls her eyes and approaches the horse. "You and your constant pushing..."

The stableboy returns the horse to his stall. "What now?" he asks.

"With one horse," Euna amends.

The stableboy cracks a smile. He's seen what Euna does for fun.

But he makes his smile vanish. "I'm not sure..." he says, even while his eyes gleam. "I shouldn't be letting just anyone in there."

You and Euna approach the entryway to the city stables. Half a dozen young stablehands loiter outside the entrance. Most are young lads. A few are girls. All are dressed in tunics of different cuts and styles, and two bear sigils of the same house.

One young lad in a tight tunic leans against the stable wall, looking glum. When he sees you, he springs up. His short stature, tousled blonde hair, and freckled face betray the serious demeanor he's trying to put off.

"Something I can do for you?"

You and Euna approach the city stables.

The same young, blond-haired lad intercepts you. "Something I can do for you?"

"I'm sorry, sir," he says, "but unless you have a horse to stable, we can't let you in?"

"Not even a peek?"

"It's our job to keep the horses safe. We can't be letting nobody in just to sightsee."

He glances about. "Who says we don't? We're all in the same lot, aren't we? Some of us will watch another's horses while they sneak off to steal some drink or futter some lass. Then they'll watch our horses for us the next night. Got to be careful though."

"Why's that?" Euna asks.

"The watch knows us. If we get caught, word gets back to our lords. But if we slip away for a bit at night, no one notices."

"I'm just posted here, m'lord," the boy says. "My master is visiting the city, and he left me in charge of watching his horses while he's gone."

"And the others?" Euna glances toward all the other young men and women lingering together inside the stable.

"It's the same story for all of us, m'lady. All of us have our own lords, and we're all stuck here until our lords decide it's time to go home."

"That sounds dull," Euna says.

"It's utter tripe, is what it is." The boy spits on the ground. "Our lords get to trollop about the grandest city in the world while they stick us to watch the horses. Just down that road, there's a festival with free drink and people who fuck for show, but do we get to see any of that? No. We're stuck here feeding our masters horses and cleaning manure. I've been here for over a month now, longer than of the other stablehands there. I see them come and go, but here I am."

"I commiserate," Euna replies. "It must be awful."

Kneeling beside the bush, you pull aside bramble and carefully reach in. Your hand comes out holding the large, wooden pestle you first discovered by the altar site.

"That thing?" Euna says. "I must have thrown it farther than I thought. What are the odds that it would turn up again?"

"I don't know. Maybe we're meant to have it."

Her eyes narrow. "You know my thoughts on this relic."

"It is just a pestle. For cooking, or spices."

"One that has an incredibly phallic theme to it," she adds.

"It does, but so what? Tell me, is it you who doesn't want this? Or is it remnants of Margosha Romanovna's teachings that's telling you to throw away a perfectly good, and rather artful, instrument?"

"Useful?" she asks. "We haven't the mortar to go with it. What could you possibly want to use it for?"

You start to reply, but it dawns on her. "Oh. Nevermind," she says. "I know how your filthy mind works." But then she eyes the rod speculatively. She takes it from you, feels its weight, runs her hands along the length, feeling the "ribbed" veins and ridges and it's sizeable girth. For a phallus, it's a little wide; her thumb and finger don't touch when wrapped about the end.

Next, she grips the handle. She inspects the tarnished bronze band at its end, and the wooden ring on the pommel.

Ultimately, she shrugs. "Fine. We'll keep it. I suppose it is just a piece of wood after all. These runes are almost certainly just a good luck charm. But you get to carry it."

She hands it back to you, and stow it away. It's surprisingly heavy.

Runic Pestle added to inventory

You continue on, through the woods. Thick bramble makes progress slow going.

You arrive at a place where a steep mountain wall is to your north. It's too steep to climb here. Nor does there seem to be anything up the mountain worth climbing to.

You're at the base of the steep mountain wall.

A glimmer catches your eye from under a nearby bush.

Investigate the glimmer.

"Are you suggest I whore myself?" she asks. "Are you insane?"

"It's up to you."

"Of course I don't want to. What's gotten into you?"

"Just an idea."

"It was a bad idea," she says.

She spins on you. "Are you suggesting I become a common prostitute?"

"Aren't you my little harlot?"

She looks as though she's about to protest loudly, but the idea sets in her mind. She eyes the other women on the dock. "We could use the money. But what do I even charge? I suppose that woman back there was charging twenty, but I'm more attractive than her, right?"

That doesn't begin to cover it. Euna is easily the most beautiful woman on this part of the dock, but that's not saying much. The whores here are either too young, too old, or too worn out. Many are gaunt, missing teeth, unwashed, and perhaps drug-addled. Some are arguably attractive, but none compare to Euna.

"Hmm." She pretends to ponder this. "Sell my body again? I suppose I can. What price shall I set today?"

"How about sixty rubles? You're certainly the most beautiful woman here."

"How about five rubles?"

"Five rubles, as usual."

"Oh!" she says. "Yes, my lord. Of course." She takes your cock back in her mouth for a few bobs. "I hope it's okay that I finish you the old-fashioned way."

"For today. But you'll practice deep throating."

"...Until I'm as good a whore, is that it?"

"That's right."

"I suppose I have my work cut out for me then."

"Absolutely not," she says. "If a common prostitute can do this, then so can I. I am a tsarivna. I strive to excel at everything I do, no matter how lurid. ...Or torturous."

"There's the Euna I know."

"You'll see. I will punish my throat until it learns to behave, and then I will pleasure you better than any rude prostitute can. Until then, you'll just have to make do with this..."

Euna resumes sucking you off. While she's not sinking down all the way upon your cock anymore, it's still an expert performance. It makes no difference to her that the mouth of the alley is just paces away, where any passerby might spot this lurid affair.

In no time at all, she has you erupting in her mouth. She drinks your cum greedily, and tucks your breeches back up.

"Now," she says, "shall we continue on our way?"

Euna tugs your breeches back up and stands. "I haven't given up though. Give me time. I'll master this skill yet."

"I know you will."

You two head back to the boardwalk.

Euna shakes her head. "I still can't believe I agreed to suck your pole where anyone could have seen us."

"Maybe you realized no one would care," you say, "or maybe that they'd like what they saw."

"Something came over me. That's for sure."

Next time she pulls away to breathe, you pull her head back and aim over her face. She poises herself to accept your offering. Your cock erupts over her features. Ropes of cum stain her nose and cheeks. Much dribbles into her mouth, but rather than swallow it, she closes her lips and lets the lake of spit and cum inside overflow. A fountain of mess spills over her upturned face. It courses over her eyes and along her ears, and runs down the sides of her neck.

"That's a good whore," Gisèle says. "Wallow in the mess. Be shameless."

Euna nuzzles your cock, smearing sticky cum and drool all about as though it were an aphrodisiac. She paints her forehead, her hairline, her cheeks. Gisèle licks much of the mess from Euna's face. Euna keeps suckling and nuzzling your manhood and accepts the cleaning like a kitten accepting her mother's grooming.

In the end, Euna gazes up at you with your cock and balls still upon her face, and she flashes a self-contented smile.

You thrust forward, and snake your cock down her throat.

"Oh, he's about to cum," Gisèle says. "Don't you dare pull away until he's completely done."

Euna takes you down her throat. This time, she deliberately squeezes your cock with her throat, which sets off a chain of gagging, but she holds, even as her body squeezes, and drool spits up.

"Now swallow him!" Gisèle snaps. "Keep swallowing like you're trying to get his cock into your stomach."

You can feeling her trying between her gags. It causes rhythmic massaging on your cock. Without any thrusting at all, your climax comes slowly, but it makes it all the more powerful, and leaves her contorting as her lungs scream.

Only once you've filled her belly with your cum does she pull off and gulp air. Her face is red, and a mess of spit and snot. Her eyes run tears.

"Not bad," Gisèle starts to wander off. "Just always remember, the messier, the better. Men love it."

She wanders off, and soon you and Euna are back on the docks. She's wiped herself clean, though her breasts glisten, and a dark stain marks her bodice down to her belly. "Another skill in my repertoire," she says. "I'll be the best cocksucker someday. You'll see."

You linger. Euna notices and pauses as well.

The whore is burying the man's shaft down her throat until her lips press to his pelvis. Back and forth she goes, until she presses deep and holds. Her throat bulges. She heaves repeatedly. It contracts her throat around his cock. She pulls away gasping. Thick ropes of saliva string between his cock and her lips. Before it can drip, she catches it with her tongue and dives back upon his cock.

"Why is she putting herself through that?" Euna asks. "That looks thoroughly miserable."

"For her john."

"And it feels better for him, does it?"


Euna watches the pair.

The whore buries the man's cock down her throat again. This time, the man holds her head down on his crotch. She gags, and squirms, and soon thrashes, but the man is climaxing. He doesn't let up until he's finished. Then she falls back gasping and coughing. Ample saliva coats her chin. It drips onto her cleavage.

"That was entertaining," you say. "Shall we keep moving?"

As though entranced, Euna approaches the whore. Up close, you can see her age is more advanced than it first seemed. Wrinkles are about her eyes, and gray peppers her hair. Her makeup creates an illusion of vitality, but it doesn't help much right now, given her bloodshot eyes and tearstained cheeks.

"Excuse me," Euna says. "Hello. My name is Euna."

The whore looks her over. "I'm Gisèle. You looking for fun? I don't normally do women, but I know a tongue trick or two."

"Actually, I wanted to ask. Why were you choking upon his staff like that?"

"That's my signature deepthroating, sweetheart." The whore wipes drool off her chest.

"And men like that?"

Gisèle holds her hands out to present herself. "They don't come calling to me for my looks. Not these days. I take cocks to their base, no matter their size. Then I let my throat skills do the work."

"How do you it?" Euna asks earnestly.

"Want my secret, huh? For five rubles, I'll show you a trick or two." She winks at you.

"I was just hoping you could share a bit of your wisdom," Euna replies."I think not," Euna replies. "I just curious for a bit of your wisdom."

The woman laughs. "My wisdom? I suck cocks, sweetheart, and if you don't have coin, then good day to you. I've got work to do." Gisèle saunters off.

Euna watches her go.

"You really want to know her tricks, don't you?" you ask.

"I would have liked to learn more," Euna replies. "Oh well."

"I'm sure we could," Euna says, "but I'm also sure she'd want to be paid her usual fee, and we can't afford her five rubles at the moment.

"I suppose she's as good as any," Euna says.

"She is, and while I'm enjoying her blowjob, you'll sneak a thimble of her spit. You can manage that, can't you?"

"I won't fail."

"And I suppose it would be too simple to just ask her for a dollop of saliva," Euna says.

"Lanx said we shouldn't tell people why we're collecting fluids. Who better than Gisèle? If we do it right, she won't even know we collected any at all."

"Ah, because I'll be collecting while you enjoy her ministrations, is that it?" She hums in thought. "Oh very well. Why not?"

Gisèle is at her usual haunt by the stairs. "I don't have anything else to teach you, sweetheart."

"No lessons," Euna says. "Today, I'm buying a blowjob for my manservant here as a reward for his good behavior as of latelove here as a gift."

"Actually, I'd just like a blowjob today," you say.

"Is that so? And what about her?" Gisèle nods toward Euna.

"She's just going to watch."

"Is that so? Come along then."

Gisèle takes you to her usual back alley. She kneels before you and takes out your cock while Euna kneels by her. Just like that, she takes your cock in her mouth. As you harden, your dick inches down her throat, and then the blowjob begins.

Every part of her mouth squeezes and massages your shaft like a climaxing pussy. Her spit drips from her lips and squelches about your cock to create a perfect sensation of warmth and wetness.

Euna catches a drop falling from Gisèle's chin and stashes it. From then, she watches with rapt attention. She may know Gisèle's tricks, but Gisèle still has a polished mastery that can only come with the experience of thousands of blowjobs.

"Once you finish him," Euna murmurs, "I want his cum."

You're quickly approaching orgasm. Gisèle pulls away enough so that your cock's head is nested on her tongue, and your cum fires into the lake of spit welled in her mouth. She sinks on your cock one last time to suck away every bit of drool and cum she can.

Finished, Gisèle startles Euna by snagging her head and tilting her face upward. She hovers her mouth over Euna's and motions for Euna to open up. Euna reluctantly obeys. Gisèle dribbles her entire mouthful of thick drool and semen into Euna's upturned mouth. She hocks her throat and spits last few globs. Most get in Euna's mouth. Some land on her face.

"Go ahead and drink it down now, sweetheart," Gisèle says. "That's a good girl."

It takes Euna several swallows to clear all that's in her mouth.

Finished, she turns to Euna, who upturns her face and opens her mouth. Gisèle dribbles out her entire mouthful of thick drool and semen. Euna accepts it all. Gisèle hocks her throat to spit the rest, but Euna pulls Gisèle down for a kiss. Their tongues explore, and Euna sucks away the last globs greedily. No spitting necessary.

It takes Euna several swallows to drink all that's in her mouth.

"It's been grand, you two," Gisèle says. "You know where to find me." And she wanders off.

"This would have been worth it for the blowjob alone," you say to Euna, "but watching a whore degrade you like that was an extra treat."

Euna manages a queazy smile.

"I realize we could have gotten saliva from anyone else," Euna says, "but I don't think we would have had nearly as much fun."

Saliva added to inventory

"I assume you mean for her to critique me while I fellate you, and not for her to pleasure you herself, right?"

"Sure. That's what I meant."

"Very well. If it might help me become a better cocksucker for you, then of course."

"Very well. I would like to know her tricks." Euna eyes you. "But we're doing this for my education, so don't get too excited."

"You are not suggesting I let another woman fellate you, are you?"

"I wouldn't dream of it," you reply. "I mean for you to suck me off."

"...In front of a prostitute? And I'd agree to this?"

"I just thought you wanted to improve. I guess not."

"Cute," she says. "But I won't be goaded so easily." You two walk along the boardwalk. But then, "It would be educational. Wouldn't it?"

"Whores are the best at their trade. Who better to learn from?"

"Fine. We'll do this," she says. "But she is not to lay a finger on you."

You two find the Gisèle lingering at the corner of the boardwalk steps.

"We would like to pay for your services," Euna says.

Gisèle raises an eyebrow. "Is that so?"

"Yes, but I will be doing the fellating. I wish for you only to advise me on technique. Is this acceptable?"

She shrugs. "As long as I get paid."

Gisèle notices you. "Interested?"

"I am. But for something a little different. My lady wants to improve. If she sucks me off, will you coach her on technique?"

She shrugs. "As long as I get paid."

The woman leads you two down an alley between rowhouses. Euna casts nervous glances toward the boardwalk before she kneels down and pulls your breeches low. Your cock springs out half-hard.

Gisèle kneels beside Euna. "Get him hard, sweetheart. That's a good girl."

Euna tongues and suckles until you're rigid.

"Now, take him down your throat."

Euna tries. She gags immediately.


She tries a few more times. Each time ends quickly in gagging. Her retching has left drool coating your dick. Gisèle is right by her face. "Again. And this time hold it."

When Euna tries, Gisèle grabs her head and holds it down. Euna heaves uncontrollably. She frantically fights Gisèle off.

"Don't quit!" Gisèle says. "The gagging is what makes it feel good. Your throat squeezes his cock."

Euna's eyes are tearing up. "How can you possibly stand this? I'm on the verge of vomiting."

"If you're not willing to suffer, then you'll never be an expert cocksucker like me."

"I'm not sure that's true."

Gisèle glares at her. "I've sucked cocks in four kingdoms across three continents. I have been sucking them since before you were born, girl. Since I've had my baby teeth. Now try again. This time, clench your fist while you're throating him and focus on that. It'll make it easier."

Euna takes you deep again. Her fists clench. She holds it a while longer, but then enters a chain of retching which leaves her coughing and sputtering.

Gisèle cackles. "Keep at it, sweetheart. That's all there is to it. Practice. And suffering." She heads off. "Come find me when you're ready for your next lesson."

Tears run from Euna's bloodshot eyes. Her face is red. "I don't think I can finish," she says.

"That's okay."

"So you're just going to give up?"

"You have to. You can't just suck a cock half way."

Euna motions for Gisèle to go ahead. Gisèle takes your wet cock down her gullet. She retches. Her throat squeezes your cock, when she pulls away, drool coats your cock. It streams down Gisèle's chin and onto her breasts.

"What?" Euna says. "Her? Fallate you?"

"Yes." Gisèle shoos her aside. "Move, sweetheart. Let me show you how it's done."

"Very well." Euna does so. "But only for a moment. This is my lessons, and he is my man."

"Whatever you say." Gisèle takes your wet cock down her gullet. Her throat squeezes your cock, when she pulls away, drool coats your cock. It streams down Gisèle's chin and onto her breasts.

Before Euna can react, Gisèle takes your wet cock down her gullet. Her throat squeezes your cock.

Euna looks as though she wants to protest, but when Gisèle pulls away, copeous drool coats your cock. It streams down Gisèle's chin and onto her breasts. Astonished, Euna simply watches.

Each thrust of your cock down her throat squelches, and the sensation is incredible. When she pulls away, long ropes of drool drip from your cock, but she dives low and catches ropes with her tongue before sinking your cock down her throat with another wet slurp.

She pulls away and looks to Euna. "Your turn."

Euna eyes your cock reluctantly. It's dripping with viscous saliva.

"Don't just stare at it! Take it!"

"She did say she had another lesson to teach me, didn't she?"

You find Gisèle at her usual perch near the boardwalk stairs. "You two again."

"Will you teach me more?" Euna asks.

"I would like you to teach me more," Euna says. "Same deal. I fellate. You instruct. Can you do that?"

"Depends. Did you learn how to keep a cock down your throat?"

"I did," Euna replies. "Mostly."

"Good enough."

Soon you're all behind crates down an alley. Euna pulls your pants down and gets right to work getting you hard with her mouth.

"Aren't you the eager one." Gisèle kneels by her. "Now take him down your gullet as long as you can."

Euna swallows you down until her lips are against your pelvis. She gags once, twice, then pulls away to breathe. She wipes thick drool from her lips.

"Now do it again," Gisèle says, "but this time don't wipe away your spit. Let it build up."

"What for?"

"You're using your mouth like a pussy, aren't you? And a man wants a wet pussy. Now do it."

Euna swallows your cock again. Her muscles squeeze your shaft. When she pulls away, thick slaver is coating your dick.

"More. Get messy, like a dripping pussy."

Euna does so. Spit drips from your cock, and runs down her chin. She catches it before it drips.

"No, no!" Gisèle says. "You're being too dignified about it. Get messy."

"This is already messy."


"Maybe you should let Gisèle show you what she means."

"Do it again," Gisèle says. "but this time get as messy as you can. Smear it. Gargle it. Let it flow over you."

"I'll try..."

Euna takes your wet cock down her gullet. She chokes on it for long lengths at a time before pulling away to breathe. Each choking accumulates spit. This time, she swallows none, but embraces the mess. It dribbles onto her breasts. It coats her cheeks.

Gisèle is right by her face. "That's better. Let it build up. Play with it a bit. That's a good cocksucker."

Her mouth is a pool of warm wet flesh, and her throat squeezes your cock. This blowjob has you fast approaching your orgasm.

Bury your cock down her throat as you cum.

Pull out and cum on her face.

"Hmm. For a name?" He takes the money, and the brooch. "Damien De Castilla. There's your name. I'll be kind to you. Search the Siren's Bounty for him if you're looking to get yourselves killed. Now off."

You and Euna wonder the market.

It's not long before Euna's path leads you both straight to the merchant from before. The brooch is still there on display. "We still need to know where he got this brooch," she whispers.

The rotund merchant notices you two again and approached. "Back again, I see. The brooch is still waiting for you, dear. It is destiny that you should wear it."

"All we need is to know where you got it," she replies.

His smile doesn't waver. "And as I said before, I could not deign to surrender such information, except perhaps to its new owner. If you buy the brooch, I may tell you. Was I not clear before?"

"Yes, you were, sir..." you say.

You and Euna wonder the market.

"Does anything catch your eye?" you ask.

"There's a lot," Euna says. "I always wondered what ever happens to all those keepsake heirlooms pirates take. Now I know. Although who buys all this? Pirates buy from pirates?"

"No. Not all of these people are pirates. Some are merchants. They'll buy from the pirates, then resell the loot in other countries. They're the ones who make the real money." You nod toward a kiosk, where a seller is exchanging coin with a another man while sailors cart barrels toward the boats. "They also bring food and supplies for the pirates to resupply. And I bet the pirates never touch them on the high seas."

"You certainly know much about pirate economics." She regards you narrowly.

"I'm a worldly man."

"So you are. Do you think any of these merchants trade in Ruthgar? Maybe a merchant would let us ride with them back home. They'd be a safer crew than the pirates or the slavers, wouldn't you think?"

"Many of these merchants are slavers. Everyone here is dangerous. They won't help us unless we give them something in return. And we have no money."

"My father has money. My family would pay anyone who brought me home."

"Sure, sure," you say. "If you can prove to them you're a princess. Can you?"

Disheartened, she shakes her head. "No."

"Probably for the best. If people here knew who you were, it would attract the wrong kind of attention."

But Euna is no longer beside you. She's veered off toward a merchant's kiosk. When you catch up, she's examining a piece of jewelry—an ornately etched silver piece shaped like an open hand with a sapphire in the palm.

"Look at this," she whispers. "It's the open palm of Nimel."

"What do you mean?"

"It's a brooch. Daughters of Nim pin this on the inside of their shawls to hold them closed. It's a representation of Nimel's continual contact with us."

"It's supposed to be his hand?"


"On the inside of your shawl? Wouldn't that mean he's always got a hand on your breasts?"

"No, it..." Her face blanks. "I never thought about that before. Of course you would notice that. But this is here. Do you know what that means? One of these pirates robbed a daughter of Nim."

"Or abducted her into slavery."

"Er, yes." She shudders. "But look at this." She shows you the back where the pin is. Etched in the silver is a small crescent moon with a line passing vertically through it. "That's the symbol of the church in Volkha. I've been there. Someone here must have been to Ruthgar."

A merchant approaches. He's an overweight man with a shaved head. Like many here, he wears nothing but a pair of baggy breaches, leaving his glistening, flabby upper body visible. "I see you have good taste, my dear." He says in an odd accent. "It is a fine piece. I sell my wares at wholesale, but I would part with that for a beautiful woman such as yourself."

"Where did you get it?" she asks.

"It came from a renowned countess in a faraway land. Her beauty and splendor brought great glory to her lands. This brooch was her crowning jewel. You, my dear, would be a worthy woman to wear such a majestic piece. I would ordinarily sell this for near a thousand rubles, but for you, I will sell it for its material costs. Say... six hundred. I hardly make a profit with that, but it would pain me to see some other ordinary woman wear such exquisiteness."

"I don't want to buy it. I want to know where you got it," Euna says.

"I told you, my dear—"

"No. I know it didn't come from a countess. It came from a nun, but from where? Who sold this to you?"

The man's generous smile lessens. "Dear, my dealings are done in private. I could not possibly hand out names of suppliers like that, not to anyone but its new owner..."

"But all I need is a name," she says urgently.

You step in. "Ah. Sir, I understand you take discretion seriously..." you say

"You're such a cruel man," she says, grinning. "but if that is your will. What now?" she asks.

"I think it's time for us to head home for the day."

She's still fully aroused, but she complies. After she dons her bodice over her cum covered breasts, you two head back.

Return to camp.

"Thank you!" Still kneeling, she spreads her knees and rubs her sopping cunt furiously. Her fingers easily slide in and out of her hole. She buckles over onto her hand as pleasure overtakes her. She plays with herself all the way through her orgasm. When it ends, she sits back against the wall and plays with herself idly.

The sky has grown dark.

"It's late," she says.

"We should probably get back home," you say.

Reluctantly, she puts her clothes back on.

Return to camp.

After bidding farewell, you guide Euna away from the man.

Euna protests. "But we need to know."

"I know we do," you say, "but he won't tell us for free, and we have nothing to offer him."

"I... fine. We'll leave," she says, "but we must come back as soon as we have something to trade. This could be our way home."

You and Euna wonder the market.

"Is there anything that catches your eye?" you ask.

"Quite a bit," Euna says. "Too bad we have no money to buy any of it. But it's nice to look."

She and you peruse the market, though neither of you purchase anything.

"Hmm." He studies the bottle. "This is from that freak city, isn't it?"

"It might be," you reply.

"They have good swill there. Fine. Damien De Castilla. There's your name. Check the Siren's Bounty."

"Thank you," Euna says.

"Egh, don't thank me. You go up there, and I'll be seeing you next face down in the bay."

Bottle of Rum removed from inventory

You and Euna leave.

"Well that worked," she says. "I wish would could have gotten the brooch. I may not exactly be a good daughter of Nimel anymore, but it bothers me to think of some greasy merchants passing that around."

You nod. "Wait here."

"Where are you going?" she asks, but you're already scampering back toward the merchant. He's busy again, talking with another merchant.

It's hardly a challenge for you. Only someone who was studying you closely would have seen anything at all, but when you return to Euna, you slide her the brooch. "A present, Your Highness."

Her eyes widen and she hurriedly tucks it out of view. "What if he catches you?"

"He hasn't. Let's keep moving."

You scurry away together.

Nimic Brooch added to inventory

"That's it, heh?" Bellamy says. "I suppose that makes an adequate tonic. For slaves."

He looks Euna over. She still seated on the deck. Her front is an utter mess of fluids staining her face, breasts, and clothes. Despite her mess, he eyes her with a hungry look.

"You've seen the product demonstrated," you say. "It's time for us to go."

"So soon?"

"Next time you buy from Lanx," you say, "I'll be sure to deliver, and I'll bring her along for another long and thorough demonstration."

Euna corrects her clothes and comes over and takes your arm. "You enjoyed the show," she says. "Maybe next time you do business with Lanx, I'll deliver again. We'll have another demonstration."

He grins. "I'll insist upon it."

Euna slumps in relief.You feel Euna's grip on you loosen. She realizes the same as you what those words mean: He's going to let you two go.

As you two disembark, the slavers give Euna numerous catcalls and wolf whistles. She smiles back and holds your arm like a proper lady with her gentleman.

"You performed well back there," you say.

"You were pleased?"

"Yes. You served those men just as I wanted"

"You enjoyed having those men humiliate me in every degrading way imaginable?"

"I did." You drape an arm over her shoulder. With your other hand, you reach under her skirt to grope her pussy. She's dripping wet. "And you did too."

Her face turns crimson.

You worm two fingers inside of her. "Admit it."

"Yes. I admit it. I loved it."

"You're becoming a filthy slut who needs to be used and defiled in the worst ways imaginable."

"I do. Lord, yes. I do."

You pinch her clit. "Tell me what you are."

"I'm a dirty slut who needs filth. I'm your slave. Use me however you want. I live for your satisfaction only."

"That's right you do." You withdraw your hand, leaving her yearning for more.

Farther up the wharf, she whispers, "I thought we would never get away."

"I was a little unsure myself," you reply.

"That is the last time we make a delivery for Lanx and Fira. They are going to hear about this."

"Oh come now, you handled yourself quite well."

"Yes, all I had to do was every degrading act imaginable. I just debased myself before an entire crowd of despicable men. I never imagined I'd do such disgusting things."

"But you did," you say, "and I think you enjoyed it."

"Did I now?"

"Yes..." You drape and arm over her shoulder. With your other hand, you reach under her skirt to grope her pussy. She is dripping wet. "Yes, you did."

She bats your hand away. "Maybe it was a little bit arousing."

"A little?"

"Fine. A lot. I don't know why it is that such disgusting depravity enflames me so much, but it does. Lord, it makes me so hot. It's so utterly wrong. I love it."

"Sounds like we'll be doing more of it in the future."

"I know we will." Her eyes twinkle. "Though let's try to keep it on our terms in the future. I've no wish to be at the mercy of pirates again."

"Done then, hmm?" Bellamy eyes Euna hungrily. "Then in that case, I think your lady will be coming with me."

"Lanx is expecting us," you reply.

"You'll go soon, but not before I've had a taste of that sweet cunt. I need to teach this pissy slut how to behave."

"Captain, she—"

"It's quite all right," Euna says to you. "I'm sure I can make time for the captain, but it will have to wait until the demonstration is over."

The captain eyes her. "Your boy here just said there were no more fluids."

"Quite right," Euna says, "but I've yet to perform the grand finale." She unties her skirt, though she stops just before revealing herself. "...unless your crew doesn't want to see it."

The crew erupts with hoots and wolf whistles. Their cheering becomes a chant. "Do it! Do it!"

Bellamy concedes. "A finale then." The crew cheers. He silences them. "But you won't be leaving this ship until the captain is satisfied."

"I wouldn't dream of it." She whisks her clothes off. Cheers become hoots. She strolls to the ugliest slave on the deck—a deformed oar-rower with a body so hulking and disproportioned, he might be part ogre. His matted hair looks like dead seaweed. A slash scars his face, which took his right eye, part of his nose, and the corner of his lip, leaving his permanently snarling.

When Euna sits before him, his one eye goes wide. She tugs his grotty shawl down. His cock is like a club, already at half mast. She holds it aside and gets her tongue to work giving his grotesque balls possibly the first wash of their life.

The monster smiles like an idiot. His cock fully hardens. The skin peels back revealing smegma caked all along the crown. Euna makes sure everyone sees the cock's disgusting state before hooking one leg around the brute and sinking that cock deep into her pussy.

The two fuck obscenely. The brute's scarred lips hangs open, and thick drool dribbles onto her hair and chest. It runs rivers down her belly. He stoops and engulfs her tits as though trying to fit them in his mouth. The soiled state of her tits seems not to bother him. When he cums, he hollers like an animal. Thick semen pours from Euna's stretched lips.

The brute's cock doesn't soften. Euna has him lie down so she can straddle him and take his cock up her ass. This time she rides. Her breasts bounce wildly. As she goes up and down, she reaches back and scrapes her fingers along the crack of the brute's ass. It's absolutely caked with shit, and her fingers come away with dried sludge. She strokes the filth into her own pussy. It's not long before she's crying out in a thunderous orgasm. The brute fills her bowels with another load of his seed.

Coming down, she gives a long, sweet kiss upon the brutes lips. His tongue worms in her mouth like an eel. When she leaves him, she gives a small dainty wave over her shoulder. The brute grins and waves back like a giant dopy child.

"Now the demonstration is over."

This gets one final cheer from the crowd.

"Now, captain. Shall me and my friend return to Lanx now? Or do you still want a taste of this sweet cunt?" She squats and spreads herself. Her holes drip runny cum, her pussy is tainted brown with shit, and the giants copious smegma is congealed against her labia.

The captain eyes her pussy with a sneer. "Get off my ship."

Euna ends up having to dress on the wharf, but afterward she walks with dignity back to the docks.

"I'm impressed," you say. "You outwitted the captain, not a single slaver got to lay a hand on you."

"It was all about keeping control."

"Was it worth it, though? You might have just gotten away with giving the captain a simple blow job in the beginning."

"I would rather debase myself with a hundred slaves than lay a finger on such a repugnant man."

"I'm starting to think you'd debase yourself with a hundred slaves just for the fun of it."

She grins devilishly. "Lord! I just might! That was so disgusting. Every time I saw the envy in those slaver's eyes, I just wanted to do more. I want to do more."

"Oh, I'm sure you will. Something tells me this has opened up a new chapter in your sex life."

"I can't wait."

"Finished, eh?" He motions for Euna to come close. She crawls over, and he holds her face up by her chin. "One last thing to do. You've still got to make it up to me for being such a stuck-up bitch earlier. Turn around, slut. Show me your cunt."

Apprehensive, Euna glances at you.

"Go on, Euna. He's not satisfied yet."

Euna turns and hikes up her skirt. Bellamy admires her ass and pussy. "Even with the tonic, you'll probably die from the pox soon. But that cunt, yeh, that's still clean for now." He looks to you. "I'd like a feel for it."

"Do whatever you like," you say. "Compliments of Lanx."

Bellamy is already unfastening is breaches. He's rock hard, and he yanks Euna back onto his cock, spearing her pussy. She cries out and struggles to balance. All around, the crew cheers and yells insults at Euna. Her eyes squeeze closed. Her cheeks burn crimson.

The captain pulls out and aims his cock to her ass. She wails at such a rough and sudden entry. He cares little and simply pistons his cock to his content. Ages later, he buries deep and holds, filling her with his second load of cum.

When he pulls out, his dick is a mess. "I'd make you suck my cock clean," he says, "but your cess pit mouth is more tainted than your ass." He wipes his cock clean on her skirt, then shoves her away. "All right, men. You've seen her demonstration! Make that mouth the worst sewer you can!"

What follows is a reprise of her demonstration. The crew members take turns forcing her to tongue clean their genitals. She's hardly finished with one before someone yanks her by the hair to someone else. Many fuck her mouth. Some peel back the skins of their cocks and have her lick up any accumulation. Some pirates are far worse than others. Euna only wretches the first few times.

Some men joke that they'll never wash their genitals again except to have a whore like her lick them clean.

Some slavers have her open her mouth so they can hock in a mouthful of snot. Some present her with their asses, dirty from months at sea. Each time she's finished tonguing clean one, someone yanks her around and presents her with another. Some press her face into their asses and unleash farts. None seem to care just how nauseous she looks. Bonnie enjoys Euna's mouth once again. Then she too gets her own ass cleaning.

For a finale, the men gather around and piss on her. She swallows some at their command, but most doses her body and makes a mess on the deck. After this, most men lose interest.

The captain steps in. "I think that's enough, boys." He looks at Euna, who's an absolute mess of fluids. Her hair is sticky. "So little slut, you've convinced me that the tonics works just fine. Pass my compliments on to Lanx. I'll make sure you deliver his products next time so you demonstrate again for the crew."

Later, you help Euna back onto the wharf. The men jeer and catcall behind her. Euna's gasps in shuddered breaths. She sniffles.

A far distance from the ship, you set her down on a crate. Her lip trembles, and tears run down her cheeks.

"So," you say. "Did you enjoy yourself?"

Her eyes go wide. She's seems about to yell no, but ultimately she lets out a deep breath. "Lord... It was so humiliating. He... he raped me. They polluted me. It was horrible... but..."


"I don't know. When that captain told me to deliver any more of Lanx's packages, I thought about how all of that would happen all over again, how or it might even be worse, and, I swear to you, I nearly climaxed. What is wrong with me?"

"What's wrong with you is that you've had to go through your life without answering your true calling: a shameless filth slut."

Euna gives a shuddered sob hearing that. She's trembling.

"We're going to see if Lanx has any other deliveries to make to cruel and disgusting people, and you're going to demonstrate for all of them.

"Oh... Oh Lord."

"And if not, then I'll find people myself to pollute you the way a filth slut like you deserves."

"Oh. Ohhh." She leans heavily against you and trembles all over. "Promise me... promise me..."

"I promise to treat you like the piece of sewer trash that you are."

"Hmm!" She bites her lips to keep from moaning. You're having to hold her up. Her hand rubs at her crotch through her skirt. Eventually she settles down.

"Shall we move along?" you ask.

She gives one final sob and nods.

Alchemical fortifiers removed from inventory

You're on the lowest terrace by the ships. Market stalls sell all manner of goods.

This place is buzzing with activity. Sailors have created kiosks outside their boats where they sell everything from fine dresses to ornate jewelry. It's all most certainly stolen from some pirate raid or another.

Other merchants are closer to the boats. Their wares are more geared toward staples: food and supplies for ships to restock.

The dock extends south. Steps to the west head back up to the top terrace.

Peruse the markets.

Search for the Pincoy to deliver the fortifier package.

With just a quick unfastening of your breeches, you grab Euna's hips and stab yourself into with no resistance. She cries out and rests her head on the wall. You hammer into her. She humps back against you. Neither of you pay any attention to the people passing by on the boardwalk who glance down the alley to see you.

Euna's sex clutches your cock. She spasms and moans—lost in her own world of pleasure as you rut her. You bury yourself into her and fire your seed deep inside.

When you pull out, your breeches are stained with her secretions. Rivulets of her own arousal dribble down her thighs. Your cum is bubbling out of her.

"Oh, I..." She's gasping. "I needed that." Leaning, she pushes her wet cunt toward you as though needing more, but she eventually calms down. Standing, she rights her skirt and refastens her bodice.

She presses her thighs together. "I'm dripping."

"Oh well," you says. "That's what happens when you fuck in an alley."

"Oh I'm not complaining. I think I like the feel of seed running down my thighs." She glances at the sky. "It got late."

"We should probably head back."

She takes your arm, and together you set off back home.

Return to camp.

She spins back around and looks at you both with excitement and apprehension. "As you wish. Do you want me to... have sex with them?"

"Only if you're okay with that."

She can't quite bring herself to say yes.

"You don't have to," you say.

She relaxes. "Very well. Yes. Bring me some men to entertain me." She squats down obscenely and absently toys with her clit. "I'll be waiting."

She relaxes.

"But," you continue, "You're not allowed to play with yourself while you get them off."

She grins playfully. "Oh, that's evil. As you wish."

You venture out to find a few willing men. It takes longer than expected. Apparently, pirates are skittish about following a man into a dark alley under the promise of a wanting woman, but eventually you find three sailors loading a galleon who are willing to investigate, provided they go together and bring their weapons.

Euna is in the alley fussing with her appearance when you return. Her eyes light with nervous anticipation when she sees the strong sailors following you.

"Here she is, men. If you could please help this poor woman satisfy her need for cock."

"I'll be damned," one says. "She's actually here."

"She's a hot piece, isn't she?" says another.

Euna drops to her knees and hooks a finger at the men. "Come here," she orders.

The men obey.

The men forget about you as they circle her. Euna drops to her knees and smiles up at them.

They chuckle. "You're hungry for us, aren't you, girl?"

She pulls off her bodice and squeezes her tits sensually. One man steps up and undoes the cord at his waist. His hard cock springs free. Euna takes it tenderly in her mouth. Like with the merchants, she takes it out once it is wet and plays it between her breasts, until the man grabs her shoulders and sets his own pace by thrusting between her globes. Euna simply holds her breasts together to create a tunnel for his manhood while she sucks on the tip.

Soon enough, the man fires. Euna swallows most of his seed, and some spills on her neck. All the while, Euna is resting on the balls of her feet with her knees spread lewdly. Her pussy drips onto the boardwalk, yet she never touches herself.

She treats the next man to the same combination of her mouth and breasts, he too cums shortly. The third man lasts the shortest. She lets his seed spill all along her cleavage.

"Your a wench who knows how to have a good time," he says, fastening his breeches.

"Any time you need our help again," another says, "just find us."

"Perhaps I will," Euna replies as she smears the cum over her breasts.

The moment the men leave, Euna faces you and spreads her kneeled legs even farther. Her pussy drools long strands drool onto the dock. "And now. Your cock. Come here."

You kneel before her and bring out your erection. Grabbing her hips, you slide into her without any resistance at all. Her walls clutch your shaft. With so much anticipation, she's already reaching a peak of pleasure within a few quick thrusts. Her body trembles so much she would crumble were you not holding her up.

Through her high, she continues to rub slick cum about her breasts and necks. Breath short, she licks the smelly mess from her fingers. You fire your cum inside her, which joins with the sodden mess of her loins.

She's finally sated. After donning her clothes, she's filthy with bodily fluids. Cum is drying upon her chest, and more drips between her legs, but she doesn't care.

"It's late," she says. "Let us get home."

Return to camp.

"Perhaps I will," Euna replies as she smears the cum over her breasts.

"We should get back," they say to each other. They all agree, and leave.

Euna turns to you. "Oh, please may I come now?"

"Sure. You've earned it."

"No. A harlot is to be used, not pleased."

The captain watches her with a wry smile.

Euna regards you with narrowed eyes. "Very well. A demonstration."

The men chuckle and hoot.

Euna faces the captain. "Bring forth your slaves."

The hooting stops. The captain frowns. "Our slaves?"

"Yes. It is their health the tonic must safeguard, is it not?"


"Then logically, it is their bodies that I should mingle with, not that of yours and your crew. To argue otherwise would show that your demand is nothing more than the crude preposition."

"If you turned me down out of disgust, then I assure you, lady, that you'll be mighty more disgusted with the slaves."

"It is not your bodies that disgusts me, but your occupation, your morals. I will demonstrate with the slaves, or I will not demonstrate at all."

Bellamy lips tighten, but ultimately he shrugs. "As you wish, my lady. We'll have a show of it." He hollers to his men. "Bring up some drudges! And make sure they're the filthiest, grimiest of the lot." He turns a smug smile on Euna. "They'll be the most suitable. Don't you agree? After all, it's not their bodies that disgust you."

Male slaves are brought up from below deck. They walk in file, and in short steps due to the chains about their ankles. They reek of body odor and sweat. The shawls they wear for modesty were white once, but endless wear and no washing has left them stained through.

"Let's begin," Bellamy says.

Euna drinks the tonic and saunters to the first. She kneels before him. His skin is black as coal, and when she pulls down his shawl, it reveals an impressive cock, though the stench causes her to pull away.

The slavers laugh, but she is undeterred.

Euna looks at you, terrified, but she quickly puts a steadfast resolve. "As you wish. I will give a demonstration." She drinks the tonic.

"I'll be the first." The captain unfastens the buttons of his breech.

Trembling like a leaf, Euna steps forward and kneels before him.

"You have your bitch well trained." His cock springs out a dense nest of black pubic hair. "Is she a slave?"

"Of a sort," you say. "No chains necessary."

"Ah, a willing sort. The best kind of slave." He strokes Euna's hair. His cock is inches from her face, which she eyes with mixed disgust and temptation. "Get to mingling, bitch slave."

"You must be out of your mind!" Euna turns to storm past you and off the gangplank.

Several slavers move to bar her way. They draw sabers. Euna backs away, eyes wide.

"We'll be having that demonstration one way or another," Bellamy says.

Euna looks to you. You give her a helpless shrug.

"I see," she murmurs to you. "You were reading the situation better than I was. Lanx will hear of this." She turns to the captain. "Very well. You'll have your demonstration. A quick one, and then we will leave."

"That's all I ask." Bellamy unfastens breeches. His cock springs out from a dense nest of black pubic hair.

Euna drinks the tonic and kneels before him. "A demonstration only," she says.

"Of course." He strokes her hair, "but don't be afraid to enjoy yourself."

"It won't hurt for her to have another," Bellamy says. "I'd like to see her drink one... unless there's some reason why she wouldn't want to."

"Blood, hmm?" He looks at the slaves. "Bring me my knout."

A crew member fetches a coiled rawhide whip. It ends with three long tails tipped with small metal wires. Bellamy shakes it loose and motions the men to bring forward the next slave—a tall, muscular rower with skin as black as coal.

Euna stands in the way. "Just what do you think you're doing?"

"I'm going to whip this slave to ribbons, and you're going to mingle with his blood. Move aside."


"Move aside or you'll feel my knout first."

"Give me the whip. This is my demonstration."

The captain is taken aback. "You'd whip this drudge?"

In answer, Euna marches up and takes the knout from him. He steps aside to give her space as she flicks the knout in preparation. She winds up and slashes. It's a sloppy swing, but it lands a solid strike. With an ear-ringing crack, three long gashes appear on the slave's chest, starting over one pectoral and crossing down to the ribs along his flank. His nostrils flare, but not a sound escapes him.

Euna saunters over. She makes a beautiful visage with a knout in her hand and her tits bared. No doubt she whipped the slave to save him the multiple lashes the captain would have given him, but she still looks hungry at the sight of that blood.

Her tongue catches a running droplet. It glides up his chest, his neck, and his chin to tickle his lip. Her eyes mingle with his. The next time she licks up a trail of blood, he dives to meet her lips. They kiss like two young lovers. She yanks her bodice down and and presses her tits against his bloody chest. Her milk white skin clashes against his ebony body, and between them is smeared red.

Keeping lips locked, she pushes him flat on his back upon the deck. Her draped tits smear the blood over him, and her hand sneaks between his legs and down his shawl. He grunts mauls her red-painted breasts with his shackled hands.

He's close, and when she presses her abdomen against his groin and grinds herself, he hollers out and pumps his hips to completion. Euna then paints her fingers along his chest, smearing cum and blood. She gives him a final kiss and rises.

"Get him out of here," Bellamy growls. The crew drag the slave away. They might later make him regret enjoying what they've only watched, but for now, that slave is all smiles.

"What were the other fluids?" Euna asks you. She's licking her fingers clean of blood and cum.

"Blood, hmm?" He looks around at his crew. "Stubbs, where are you?"

A muscular pirate steps forward. His skin is olive toned, and his wild hair is coal black. Around his hand is a grubby bandage stained through with dried blood. "Here, captain."

"When's the last time you cleaned that sword wound?"

The man grins. "Haven't cleaned it once, boss."

"Let the slutprissy bitch clean it for you."

"My pleasure." He unwraps the cloth bandage. The outer layers crinkles. The inner layer is still wet with blood. It's sticky against his skin. The wound is a long gash running from the base of his thumb to partway up his arm. Thick black scabs cover its length. When the man tosses the bandage your way, its blister stench wafts toward you from paces away.

He offers the hand. Euna runs her tongue along its length. Her audience groans in disgust. She licks up oozing blood and nibbles scabs. Red smears her cheeks. The man frees his cock with his other hand and rubs himself inches from her face.

Once she's nearly licked his wound clean, he steers her head to his cock and rams her mouth down upon it. While she blows him, he yanks her bodice down and gropes her tits with his bleeding hand. Blood coats her globes. He squeezes them viciously as he climaxes, causing her to whimper, but she swallows his load just fine.

The man tucks his dick away and walks off. Euna is left with a bloody face and chest.

"A good demonstration," Bellamy says. "What other fluids were there?"

"Not without proof," Bellamy says.

"If you don't trust Lanx and Fira, then you should take it up with them," Euna replies. You and Euna turn to disembark from the Pincoy. Three slavers move to block your way.

"One way or another," the captain says, "we will have our demonstration."

Euna clutches you.

"You expect to keep doing business with Lanx if you hassle his delivery boy?" you say.

"Why not? He'll still be there. My coin will still be good." He signals his men, and they begin forming a loose circle around you two.

Euna clutches you even tighter. "What are we going to do?" she whispers.

"Don't worry," you reply. "I know what to say to him." You face the captain...

"You will not lay a finger on my lady. So help me."

"Of course you can have a demonstration. Euna, do whatever these men want you to do."

"I will not." Euna tries to push her way past the men, only for them to grapple her. You move to help, and someone grabs you from behind. You're both dragged back the captain.

"I'm starting to think these potions might actually be just water," he says.

"You know they're not," Euna snaps.

"I don't like being swindled. I think maybe if I send your heads back to Lanx, he'll learn not to cross me." He draws his saber and approaches. "Hmm. Perhaps just one of your heads. Hmm. Yours?" He points his saber at you.

"Fine." Euna yells. "I'll give you your demonstration."

"I think we're past that," Bellamy says.

"Don't be a stubborn ass," she says. "I'll demonstrate the product, and then we leave. If you don't want that, then you might as well run us both through with that sword, because you'll get nothing further from me."

"We don't need your blessing to have our demonstration from you."

"If you want to rape a girl, take one of your slaves," she snaps. "They'll bite and claw less than I will, but if you want a show, then stop this idiocy and let me perform."

Bellamy appraises her, then bursts out laughing. "You have a bite, woman. I like it." He nods to his men to let you both go. "We have a deal."

Euna drinks the tonic and saunters toward him on her hands and knees. Her butt waggles invitingly. At him, she unfastens his breeches. His cock springs out from a dense nest of black pubic hair.

"It better be a good show," he warns. "Or I'm apt to forget my side of our bargain."

"It will be unforgettable," Euna replies.

She goes pale. The men all cheer.

"I'm so glad you've come around," Bellamy says.

"Of course," you reply. "It was my misunderstanding." You nudge Euna. "Don't be rude. The men want a demonstration. Make sure they're happy."

Euna stumbles forward at first, then walks mechanically to the captain. She's quivering all over.

The captain hands her the opened vial to drink, and as she does, he unfastens his breeches. His cock springs out a nest of black pubic hair dense over his entire testicles.

When she kneels down before him, he strokes her hair and face. "I was beginning to think you were a stuck up bitch," he says. "You were being very rude before."

"I'm very sorry." Her voice trembles.

"You're going to make it up to me, aren't you?"


"Get to it."

She suckles his hardening member. Her tongue runs along his crown. Then holding the cock aside, she presses her face deep into his crotch to tongue his balls. The dank, unwashed scrotum rubs her cheeks. She tongues their every crevice.Her nose disappears into his dense pubic fur.

The slave has no idea what to make of this. He keeps his shackled hands held away as though he might somehow disturb her. The other slaves along the chain watch in stunned silence while the slavers leer.

Bellamy keeps his hand resting on her head while standing tall. His crew jeers.

"Tell me, little man," the captain says to you. "Did I hear her say that you two collected the ingredients yourselves?"

"We did."

"I know a little something about this alchemy. All sorts of awful fluids go into it, from all different people. The more that do, the more potent the tincture. Isn't that right?"


"Must be plenty of fluids, I'm sure, to make it nice and strong."

"Of course."

"Was cum one of those ingredients?"

"It was."

"It wasn't."

"Is there now?" He grins evilly.

Euna looks at you pitifully. You suspect she might not have mentioned this herself.

Euna gives you a dry look, making clear you could have done without mentioning that ingredient.

The captain eyes each of the filthy male slave one after another before settling on one—a large brute, hairy like a bear, skin blotchy and red, and sweat dripping down his body.

Bellamy turns to Euna. "I want to see you bury your tongue up this drudge's ass."

"Very well." Euna kneels behind the slave and shimmies his grimy shawl to his ankles. His ass is a hairy mess. Hair running along the crack is caked with shit. It's as though he'd soiled himself in the hold and was never given a chance to clean up except to dump out his shawl

Euna recoils from the stench.

"The slaves don't get baths," Bellamy says. "They sit in the hold for months, shitting and stewing until, well, you can smell the results. But that won't bother you, will it? not if your tonic is as strong as you say. But if it's too much, just say so. I can think of an easy way you can make it up to me."

The captain eyes his crew until settling on one particular mustached man with meaty limbs and a heavy gut. Sweat stains mark his shirt from armpit to waste.

"You," Bellamy barks. "Get over there and show this bitch your ass."

"Uh, yes boss." The man waddles over while unfastening his breeches. His ass is a flabby moon dank with sweat. Hair runs up and down the crack. When he aims it toward Euna, it reveals clumps of shit stuck to the hairs, and at the very center is particularly unsightly brown crust.

Euna recoils from the stench.

"There aren't many baths for the crew," Bellamy says. "There could be a hundred shits before any cloth or water touches their ass, and, well, you can smell the results. But that won't bother you, will it? Not if your tonic is as strong as you say. So go on, slag. Get your tongue in there."

Euna takes a deep breath and dives in. Her face buries between those hairyflaccid cheeks. The crew hoots and hollers, especially when she pulls away to gag. Her face glistens with his ass sweat, but then she's right back in, gripping the man's ass to spread his cheeks wider.

The slave's cock hardens. Euna only notices because the crew point and jeers. Her hand sneaks between his legs and jerks his member. The crew laughs less.

Euna's tongue runs long laps right up the crack, scooping up the dried shit and swallowing it down. She sucks individual hairs. Finally, she attacks the hole at the center, rimming and kissing. All the while she's jerking the slave off. When the slave's orgasm nears, she focuses on massaging the head of his cock so that his cum spills into her hand.

The captain is not amused to see another slave pleasured. He yanks the slave away from her.

Euna's left sitting on the deck, wiping smears from her cheeks and licking cum from her fingers as though she were a preening cat. "Moving on, I take it?" She glances at you. "Go on. Tell him about another fluid."

The man's cock hardens until it's an iron rod pointing right out. Despite everyone watching, he begins jerking himself off.

Euna's tongue runs long laps right up the crack. She sucks the individual hairs. Finally, she attacks the hole at the center, rimming and kissing.

The fat sailor spins frantically and grips Euna's hair. After a few pumps, his cock spews cum over her face. She opens her mouth to capture what she can and swallows it down.

Finished, he turns around to present his ass again. Only this time when she dives in, he presses her head into his crack and unleashes a loud, rumbling fart directly on her face. The crew burst into laughter. Euna struggles to back away, but he won't let her.

"Get your tongue in there," he says. "That's a girl."

She's tonguing away again, and when the man squeezes out a few more whining farts, they must pass right into her mouth. She doesn't recoil again.

Now finished, he pulls up his breeches and walks off while she calmly wipes cum and brown stains from her cheeks and licks her fingers cleanshe's left licking cum and brown stains off her lips.

"Disgusting..." the captain says. "What other stink did you put in that potion?"

"No? Are you lying to me, lad?"

"No. We never put it in."

"With her eager lips, I'd have thought it'd be the first thing she'd put in it."

Euna is still tonguing every crevice of the slave's dank, unwashed balls.

"You can stop that now, sweet girl," Bellamy says. "No need to be pleasing the slaves."

"I will demonstrate as I please," Euna resumes, except now she's paying more attention to the slave's cock. The slaver crew can only watch as a slave enjoys this beautiful woman's mouth.

Bellamy chuckles. "Suit yourself."

He looks down at Euna, who's got her face buried deep in his pubic fur to lick the crevices of his balls. "Let's give her a taste of it now, shall we?" When she next licks the head of his cock, he forces her head down on her shaft. She grunts in surprise.

Back and forth, he both yanks her down while thrusting. To her credit, Euna doesn't stop him, but begins fellating him in earnest, perhaps realizing that he's not going to get to stop until he fills her mouth.

"That's what I thought," he says. "This thirsty slut probably sucked the cum from a stranger's cock herself, didn't she?"

"She did."

"Then seeing as how cum went into the potion, we might say she's been inoculated against cum, might we?" He comes up beside Euna.He strokes the side of Euna's head. "So, girl, don't see why you should be against swallowing as part of your demonstration."

Euna gives him a chilled, sidelong look as she sucks upon the slave's balls, but she does attack the slave's cock with gusto. This is no longer a mere 'tasting'.

Euna looks up at him while her mouth works upon his package. Understanding his meaning, her tonguing becomes a full-fledged blowjob.

After a few initial dives upon his cock, she takes it down her gullet. Her throat chokes and squeezes.She suckles upon his head and takes him far into his mouth. With her hands, she pumps the base of the shaft she can't fit in her mouth. Whenever she pulls off, the cock drips thick saliva onto her tits. The rest she catches with her tongue and dives down upon the cock again. As she sucks, Euna smothers his balls with her cleavage. Whenever she stops to breath, she lets the cock stab between her breasts, leaving saliva trails.

She does her best, bobbing up and down on his shaft inexpertly. It takes her so long that Bellamy frowns with impatience, but eventually she makes headway.

When the slave hollerscaptain cums, she pulls off and tilts up so the cock points over her tongue. She jacks him off with her hand so that everyone can see the cum shoot into her mouth. A few ropes lash her cheek. She makes sure everyone sees the cum cupped on her tongue before swallowing it down.

The slavers cheer.

"An excellent demonstration." Bellamy speaks to address all his men.fastens his breeches. "Now for the next one."

"The next?" Euna says archly.

Euna shoulders slump. "You mean we're not done?"

"Of course!" he replies. "Surely cum is not the only fluid you put in the formula.""If you didn't put cum into the formula, then you must tell me about the other fluids that you added. There were others, weren't there?"

Euna ponders this. "There were many more. Of course I'll demonstrate each." She looks to you. "Go on. Tell them about the other fluids."

Everyone looks to you.

"Yes, there were many," you say. "Why not a demonstration for each one?"

"A lovely idea," he replies. "So go on. Tell me."

When Euna doesn't volunteer to speak, the captain and all his crew look to you.

"Not much," Bellamy says. "She just needs to show us she has no fear of catching whatever sicknesses we could be carrying. Mingling with me would satisfy."

"And what exactly does mingling entail?" Euna asks.

"I think perhaps your tongue upon my sack will satisfy me that your potion is worth its salt."

His men laugh and lear.

Euna pales. "That won't prove anything."

"Your right. Maybe you should put your tongue upon all my crew. That will prove it to me."

"Save me your crude advances," Euna says. "I'm not doing it."

"Sounds like you're afraid the tonic won't keep you safe."

You and Euna search the wharf.

"There it is." Euna points it out. The Pincoy is a grand galleon with ropes draping off its three masts to form a dense web. Decades of nicks and blemishes season its masterful woodwork. "It's beautiful," she says. "Can't say the same about the crew..."

Two gruff sailors stop you from boarding. They're two homely brutes just as worn and weathered as the ship they guard. The rest of the crew behind them are much the same. "Piss off," one says.

"We're here to drop off a package to Captain Bellamy." You show the package.

"I said piss off."

"It's from Lanx."

He scrutinizes you. With a grunt, he motions to the other, who goes below deck. He returns with the men whom you recognize as the ones you saw departing Lanx's wagon. "Delivery boy, huh?" the central asks. He's bald to a glimmer, though his beard is thick with wire hair. His face is tarnished like dried fruit.

"Captain Bellamy?"

He waves you aboard. "Let me see it."

You and Euna board. The crew eyes you two, particularly her. When you give the man the crate, he opens it, and the men inspect the vials. One unseals a vial and sniffs it. "Water," he says. "A trick."

"It's not," Euna says. "We saw it crafted ourselves."

"Did you now?" says Bellamy.

"Yes. We even gathered the ingredients ourselves."

He scrutinizes a vial for himself, and then looks her up and down. "So you have complete confidence in the product?"

"Of course, and in Lanx and Fira."

"Then... you wouldn't mind demonstrating for us."

Euna frowns. "What do you mean?"

He offers the vial to Euna. "Drink one, and then we will put your constitution to the test."

"What? Of course not."

"I'm not going to feed a crate o' water to my slaves, then sail halfway across the ocean only to find half of them dead from sick. I want assurances."

"Is that what this is for? Slaves? You're slavers?"

The men laugh.

"What did you think this was for, my dear lady?"

"Why don't I show you?" Bellamy motions you both to follow him below deck. There's little choice. His crew crowd behind you and follow you down the stairs.

The smell of unwashed bodies and waste strikes you long before your eyes adjust to the dark. There's a sea of men all chained down to benches with thick shackles about chafed ankles. There must be over two hundred, all from different parts of the world, with skin tones from coal to cream. All of them are near naked apart from filthy shawls about their waists. The heat is stifling down here, and all the slaves are sweating.

They sit chest to back like stacked cups. Nearly skin against skin. In the back, women sit equally packed in squaller. All are just as underdressed as the men. Along the sides, male slaves have more room, each having their own bench, but only so each can man the oars when tasked to do so by the whip.

Euna gazed upon them. "Good heavens."

"Tonic helps them make the trip," the captain says. "With it, I'll lose one in ten by the time I reach port. Without it, I could lose three in ten. Or damn near all if a plague catches. I'd have to dump them mid voyage."

"Has it crossed your mind that you might give them better conditions?" Euna snaps.

"Cheaper this way." He leads you both back on the top deck. "So you can see, lass, the tonic must be good. It preserves the cargo. So I will be needing that demonstration."

"Right from the tit, eh?" Bellamy ponders. To his men, "Fetch that slave, the one that whelped that pestering babe."

Men hurry below deck and return dragging a shackled woman with olive skin and long black hair. She'd be beautiful under all that grime.

"Her tits are heavy with milk," the captain says to Euna. "You know what I want."

Euna crawls up to the slave woman, who seems to stare through Euna rather than at her.

"Where is your child?" Euna asks softly.

"We sold it," Bellamy says.

Euna shoots him a look of pure venom.stares at him in horror.

"I don't ship babes. They don't survive the trip. Now get on with it."

When Euna turns back to the woman, her gaze softens. Taking her hand, Euna bids her to kneel. She trails her hands over the woman's body, and runs kisses up her belly. Despite her empty gaze, the woman's breath grows shallow.She holds the woman close and whispers in her ear while her hands trail over the woman's body. Something is whispered back.

Euna kneads the woman's breasts. She runs her tongue over one nipple, then the next. With enough massaging, droplets of milk form. She latches on and suckles. The woman's eyes come to life. She looks down at Euna with a soft smile.

Euna becomes more ambitious. She sneaks a hand down the woman's shawl and works her slit. The woman writhes.

But that's not enough for Euna. She pushes the woman to lie down, and then slides a foot between the woman's shackled legs. Sidling together, their crotches are pressed together. Once they move the shawl and skirt out of the way, their sexes no doubt touch, though no pirate sees this. As they grind against each other, Euna pulls the woman's lips to hers and they lose themselves. Their breasts press together. Milk spills.

The slave takes over squeezing her own breasts with shackled hands. Euna leans back as it rains over her. It anoints her forehead, her hair. Some sprays into her mouth. More dribbles down her neck and chest into her cleavage.

The woman is clearly no stranger to sultry performances. She straddles Euna and captures Euna's lips in a long and passionate kiss. Her hanging tits drip milk onto Euna's own. Their hands explore.

The woman lies fully on Euna, and shimmies her shawl off. She grinds her sex against Euna's leg and pulls Euna's mouth once again to her tit. Euna's skirt rides up. Her shavenfurry sex is displayed to the crew, who cheer, especially when the woman grinds her clit against Euna's.

Their pace quickens until both reach ecstasy together. The woman mewls in pleasure, and then release, and then in anguish. The two women clutch each other as though no one else were in the world. Euna strokes her hair whispers in her ear while the woman weeps.

"Enough of this!" Bellamy drags the slave off of Euna. He tosses her to his men, who take the woman back below deck. She cries all the way. Her breasts dribble milk over the deck.

Euna is wiping away milk that sprayed on her face and hair. She doesn't give a single hint that the captain's interruption bothered her.

"What's next?" she asks.

Euna is sprinkled with milk, from hair and face to her arms. She watches the slave get taken away with longing. She would have let that woman cry in her arms all day.

"Let's move this along, shall we?" The captain faces you. "What else did you gather?"

Bellamy laughs. He faces Euna. "Did you have fun collecting that? I bet you can't get enough of girl cream, can you?"

"Bring out some slaves and we'll see."

"Men, get the bitch some ladies! Filthiest ones you can find."

Slavers go below deck and return with a three women chained together. All are filthy and harried, and they're nude apart from shawls hiding their groins.

With her feline saunter, Euna crawls to the first—a woman with desert skin and and long straight hair tangled in a mess. She peels the woman's shawl down to reveal thick hanging lips. They're an absolute mess. Gel-like secretions are buried into the folds. Euna spreads them with her fingers and worms her tongue along the folds, collecting clumps and crust and tang into her tongue. The slave stands awkwardly, unsure what to do about this, though Euna's tongue has its affect. She squirms, she trembles, and in minutes she mewls in pleasure.

And Euna is onto the next—a lithe woman with black skin and matted curly black hair. When Euna tugs down her shawl, revealing a thick prickly nest is equally messy. Dried crust clings to the hairs. Euna dives in as though starving. This girl enjoys it more, even swinging a leg over Euna's shoulder and pressing Euna into her snatch. When she cums, she grinds her slit along Euna's face.

Euna comes away with her cheeks and chin glistening with slick. The next girl is a small-framed young one with fair skin and hair. She's hesitant to let Euna pull down her shawl, and it's clear why once Euna does. Euna's performance has turned her on, and she is dripping. Girl-cum strings to the shawl. Her crotch and thighs are soaked. A dribble runs down her leg, which Euna captures with her tongue. She licks its trail until she's buried deep in the girl's sex. The slave's reaction is voltaic. She cries and quivers, and when she climaxes, clear cum sprays from her cunt like a crushed peach. It drips from Euna's chin.

Finished, Euna sits back. She's got cum over her breasts and as high as her forehead.

"How'd those scummy cunts taste?" Bellamy asks. "Feeling sick yet? Maybe you'd like to stop demonstrating and taste a proper cock instead?"

"Their petals are more divine rotten than your stamen would taste fresh from a bath," Euna replies.


"Let me clarify." Euna picks up the desert woman's discarded shawl. The gusset is a sopping mess built up over months, and Euna scrapes up yellowish cream with her teeth. "These filthy cunts taste better than your cock ever will." She takes the black woman's shawl, cream and crust mixed with curly black hairs. Euna licks it up, hairs and all, until only a faint stain remains.

"Enough of this," Bellamy growls. "What else went into that potion?"

"Go on." Euna says. "What else was there?"

"Bonnie!" the captain roars. "Where are you?"

"Up here, captain. Don't have to yell." The voice comes from overhead. A girl is lounging high on the ratlines, from where she's been watching the whole affair unnoticed.

"Get your scrawny ass down here."

Bonnie bounds down the ropes and hops onto the deck. Her skin is like cured leather, much like her tight pants. Her sheer blouse outlines a lithe body borne from the daily acrobatics of rope climbing. Her small size makes her ideal for crows nest duty. Between her boots and her belt, she's got four daggers that you see, probably a necessity when living with cutthroat men.

"That girl needs a muff for her demonstration," Bellamy says. "Oblige her."

"My pleasure." Bonnie shimmies out of her leather pants and a thin loin wrap, revealing a pussy stubbled with short pubic hair and encrusted with congealed girl slime. The crew hoots.

"Shut it, all of ya!" she snaps, and they do.

She faces Euna. "Get in there, girl. Get a taste of my ripe cunt."

Euna crawls forward with her feline saunter and a hunger in her eyes. Kneeling before Bonnie, she claps her hands on her Bonnie's ass and pulls her crotch to her face. Bonnie staggers. She would have fallen if Euna wasn't holding her tight.

"Thirsty slut, aren't ye?" Bonnie drapes a leg over Euna's shoulder.

Putting a boot on her chest, she shoves Euna onto her ass and straddles her. Her muff presses to Euna's face.

"Eat it, you pale bitch. Get your tongue up there. Ahh, that's it! Yehh." She grinds against Euna.

Euna keeps at it.

"Like a swamp, ain't it?" Bonnie asks. "No baths at sea. Smells so bad I never take off my drawers. You should see them. Gussets are like a festered bandage." She shudders. "By the hells, cunt. You know how to work that tongue, don't you? Ohh." Bonnie simply enjoys the ride. Within a minute, she's clutching Euna's head against her and crying out.

Afterward, she shoves Euna sprawling. Wet slick covers Euna's face. Bonnie collects her clothes, only to pause when she collects her panties. "Come back here, slut."

Euna reluctantly crawls back.

Bonnie bunches together the gussets of her panties. It's as nasty as she described. The fabric is stained dark with yellowish congealed slime and crust. She wipes the gusset across Euna's face from forehead to chin. "Open that trap," she says. When Euna does, Bonnie jams the gusset in. "Suck it. Suck it clean for me."

For over a minute, Euna remains on her hands and knees with panties hanging from her mouth which she sucks like a pacifier. The crew finds this hilarious. Their laughter makes her cheeks burn. When Bonnie removes the panties, the mess has been replaced with soaked saliva. She puts them on all the same, and her leather pants.

Afterward, she shoves Euna away. As she's putting on her pants, she speaks to everyone. "Did I treat the bitch right, captain?"

The crew cheers.

"Come find me anytime, slut," Bonnie says, "and I'll ride your face all night."

Euna blows her a kiss, and BonnieShe blows Euna a kiss and heads back up the ratlines.

"A proper demonstration," Bellamy says. "What's next?"

"Did you now." Bellamy leers at Euna. "How about it, girl. I could take a leak."

"Find me a slave," she says.

"Fine." He faces the slaves. "Which of you slags needs to piss like a horse. Come on. One of you step forward."

One does, a tall slave with large rowing muscles and sunburned skin.

"You better flood the bitch, slave, ye hear?"

Euna saunters to him on all fours. She runs her hands along his belly and legs, then bites his filthy shawl and drags it down with her teeth. His grimy, unwashed cock springs out fully hard.

"Hmm," she says. "You can't relieve yourself like that. Let me help you, you poor thing."

"Did you now. We'll have to test that, won't we?" Bellamy looks to his men. "Which of you boys need to piss."

One pirate steps forward. He's a tall thug with arms thick with tattoos.

"Help the lady to a drink."

The sailor eagerly steps up to Euna and lets her do the work of unfastening his breeches. His cock springs out fully hard.

"Hah!" the captain says. "Can't piss like that, can you, man?"

"No, sir," the man replies with a grin.

Bellamy addresses Euna. "Looks like you'll have to help him out first."

Euna nuzzles the man's crotch just as she had the the other slave's. captain's. After tonguing his balls clean of sweat and stink, she sucks him off. With her skills, it doesn't take long before the man fires cum directly into her stomach.fills her mouth with cum. It takes her a while, but eventually he cums for her.

As he goes soft, she sits back on her haunches and aims the man's penis for him right at her mouth. His stream is seen clearly by all. She gulps again and again. Some spills over her chin. She hastily scoops out her breasts so the urine dribbles them instead of her bodice. Her hands massage the piss onto her tits, but more dribbles onto the deck. After he finishes, she licks the final tip off his dick and tugs his shawl back up for him, placing one intimate kiss right on his belly. The slavers watch on enviously.he tugs his breeches up and goes back with his mates, leaving Euna kneeling in a puddle of urine.

"Don't make a mess of my deck, girl." Bellamy points to the urine. "Lick it up."

Euna crouches low and laps at the puddle like a kitten lapping milk. The crew taunts her. Some groan in disgust. Euna's face burns red.

While she's finishing up, he turns to you. "What else went in those potions?"

The captain turns to you. "What else went into those potions?"

"Ah, spit. Yes." Bellamy faces his crew. "You hear that, men? They put spit in the tonic, so let's see if she's afraid of a little spit from strangers."

"Pick out some slaves and we'll see," she says.

"I pick them all. Men. Bring more up."

The men return from below deck with three chains of slaves taken from all over the realms—tall, short, light and dark.

The captain directs them to surround Euna. "Listen up, you wretches. Spit on this girl. Drown her in your slaver."

The slaves look about apprehensively.

"Do it or you'll miss your slop tonight."

But it's not until Euna gives the men a slight nod and upturns her face that they commence.

"...No," Euna replies quietly.

"Not at all," Euna replies cooly.

"Then gather round, men! All of you." The crew crowds around Euna, who kneels in the center of them. "All right. Drown this sorry slut."

Altogether, they begin spitting on her. In seconds, she's splattered with frothed saliva.

"Hmm," Euna rakes her fingers over her face as though savoring this. She opens her mouth and keeps it upturned. The men take the hint.

"Open that mouth, slut," someone yells. She obliges. It becomes their target.

The spitting goes on. Some lean so they can dribble it into her mouth. She swallows it down. The missed spit drip down her neck and soaks her bodice. It pools over her eyes.

Then one slavesailor gets creative. He pinches a nostril and snorts. What he spits on her lip is a thick wad of yellow sputum.

The men love this. "Everybody, let's fill her mouth."

"Don't swallow, slut, not until we say."

The slaves are unsure whether they've gone too far.The sailors wait to see her reaction. Then Euna snakes her tongue out and scoops the mucus into her mouth. She moans in delight. "Don't stop now, boys." And she opens her mouth wide for the men.She swallows and opens her mouth right back up.

The slavescrew take turns snorting and clearing their throat. They lean and hock mucus for her mouth. Soon, her upturned mouth fills.

"Swallow it, whore!" one yells.

The act of closing her mouth causes an overflow down her chin and onto her cleavage. Meanwhile, she swallowsstruggles to swallow the disgusting swill into her stomach.

Some sailors seem turned off by this. But Euna isn't done.

The men cheer when she shows her empty mouth.

"She actually swallowed it," yells a sailor.

"Make her rub it in!" yells another.

She shrugs off the straps of her bodice and smears the congealed sputum over her tits. Lumpy wads stretch over her flesh. Some slide back together. Her fingers have webs between them, which she licks clean. Euna moves up, coating her shoulder, and then her face. The slime coats unevenly.

This is too much for the slavers. Some sneer. Others moan in disgust. Euna keeps smearing and licking until most of the mess is either gone or dried on her skin.

"Satisfied?" she asks.

Even the captain seems a little off-put. He ushers the slaves aside. "Let's move this along, shall we? What else went in the potion?"

Bellamy smiles. "Is that so? Let's see about that." He nods to his men, and they swarm both of you. Euna screams.

Two men hold your arms, and another two hold Euna. The captain strolls up and lays a single finger upon her breast. "Look at that. It looks like I can lay a finger on her after all."

He tears open her bodice. Her tits spill out. He fondles them at his leisure. Next, he yanks down her skirt, exposing her, and he worms fingers into her snatch. Euna squirms.

"Are you liking this, lass? Good." He unfastens his breeches. His hairy cock springs out. "Because you're getting a hell of a lot more." He spears her cunt. She screams out.

You struggle against the men. Bellamy glances over in annoyance as he hammers her. "Take him under. Get some shackles on him."

As the men drag you below deck, you hear the captain ramble on while he rapes her. "After I'm satisfied, you're going to demonstrate for all my mates. Make sure we're good and happy." For hours you can hear them up on deck. Euna screams out in misery occasionally, but less so in time.

A slave's life, it turns out, is dull. You spend your time packed in with other men who care little to interact with you. The ship sets sail the next day. The slavers never do lock Euna up with the other female slaves, but over days, you hear news through the other slaver's gloating.

"I don't think that wench has had a single hour without a cock in her. Wonder when she'll sleep."

"You should try her ass," one would tell another. "It's tighter. And it doesn't pour cum like a river."

Sometimes they gloat to you. "You should have seen her. Danced naked on the table for the whole crew during mess. A lovely smile, hers. I can't wait to fuck that hole after the captain's done with her."

Gossip slows over weeks.

"She doesn't fight anymore. I think she likes it now."

"She spreads her legs for all of us. We don't have have to order her anymore."

Then comes the day that she visits you. She's wearing a gauzy silk slip like a noble's bride might wear to bed. Her hair is cut shorter, and she looks tired.

"Are you well?" she asks.

"Did you sneak down here?"

"No. They're letting me see you. But I don't have long. Tomorrow they're making port, and they're going to set you free."

"...but not you?"

"I'm going to stay with them. I've agreed to be their plaything in exchange for your freedom."

"For the rest of your life?"

"Or until they sell me."

"Euna, it's not worth it."

" I want you to be free. The land we're going to is strange, but it's not bad, they say."


She shushes you. "I love you. I always will, but it's done."


She kisses you, long and passionately. She guides your hands up her slip so you may fondle her one last time. Her cunt and ass drip with men's cum. And with that, she hurries off.

The next day, the slavers unlock you and guide you to the dock of a strange town. The captain is there to see you off. "Farewell, lad. Best of luck to you."

He's got his breeches about his ankles as he fucks Euna hard. She's nude, and splayed out on crates wrapped in a cargo net. Another slaver stands to the other side and rapes her throat. For her part, Euna couldn't be more enthusiastic. She's squeezing the captain to her with her legs while hugging the other slaver's waste. She's far too caught up to notice you leaving.

And that's your last image of her, as the fuck toy for an entire crew of brutal slavers. And she's loving it.

Then comes the day the ship makes port again. The slavers drag the lot of you out to be examined by a crowd of robed men in turbans. Some check your teeth and body. And then one man buys a bulk of slaves, including you.

When you're led off the boat later that day, you look back to see Euna one last time.

She's on the top deck, splayed out on crates wrapped in a cargo net. The captain is fucking her from behind while she sucks off another before her. Bellamy gives you a smug wave. Euna never notices you. She's too busy fucking, and she's acting like she's enjoying herself. Maybe she is.

Good for her. Because that is her lot in life now. You need to worry about yours.

"It does, actually," she says soberly. "Though it's not spiky like the rocks on their back. Their cocks form bumps and ridges, same with the backs of their hands."

"And how exactly do you know this?"

"It was in my studies. Back when the early explorers first came to the thrice-tenth kingdom, they used to hunt the oread. They'd take their cocks as trophies for their wives. Apparently their ridges and bumps make them quite pleasurable."

"...Women would use severed cocks for sex?"

"They'd have to file them down quite a bit, but yes. Even then I understand that they're only for women who enjoy a bit of pain. A wild oread cock is very rough, very textured."

"This is quite an odd thing for a nun to study."

She shrugs innocently. "It was in the books."

"But you read it?"

"Ignorance is a sin."

"Is that what you told yourself?"

She grins. "Maybe. I might have read that passage a few more times than I needed."

"As a toy? Hmm." She bites her lips as she contemplates. "You'd like to see that, wouldn't you?"

"Maybe I would."

"If I had one, I wouldn't say no. Though I think once it touches the lips of my womanhood, I might change my mind."

"Or you might not."

"Or I might not. Perhaps I'd ride it wildly, and rub the tender walls of my nethers raw. I guess we wouldn't know until I try."

"I hardly think so," she replies.

"No? Not even once for curiosity's sake?"

"No. Such practices are for more lascivious women than me. I would not engage in such a perversion."

"You should be ashamed of yourself for even asking such a question."

"Oh, quite well," she says. "It takes many men to bring the wild ones down. Their rock outcroppings are like spikes. A swing of their arm can tear your flesh apart. Even if the oread is filed down like the ones we just met, their skin is tough as stone. They have the strength of many men."

"It's no wonder they're guarding the pits then."

She nods. "The slaves could not hope to overpower them."

Her eyes widen. "You must be mad. Only a true masochist would even consider such a thing. I'd shred to pieces."

"Maybe oread like those we just met pumice their cocks."

"Perhaps, but their strength alone would make it a violent affair."

"I see."

You two walk on a bit.

"Is that something you'd want to see?" she asks. "Me with... a savage species."

You shrug. "I don't know. It might be fun."

"For you maybe."

"Yes," Euna says. "I've studied them. They're a wilding species. Jagged rock grows along their entire body. It never stops growing I understand. You can tell how old the wild ones are by how much rock they carry about, that's if you see them. When they stay perfectly still, it's nearly impossible to tell them apart from any other boulder. That's how they hunt."

She gestures back. "Those must have grown up among men. They'll regularly pumice their skin to retain their human form. I imagine it's a lot like shaving. An unkempt man grows a long beard. A wild oread becomes a craggy, shambling boulder.

"It doesn't grow over their entire body," she explains. "not under their arms or the back of their legs, or at any joint for that matter. The rock grows mostly from their flat or hard surfaces, like from their skulls, or their backs, or the tops of their forearms."

"Oh, so it grows in more like armor plating."

"Yes, but don't be fooled. If you saw a wild one, especially an older wild one. You'd hardly see the human inside of all the jagged rock. And yet they move just fine."

"They're one of the wild species," Euna says. "Until men came along, they were little more than beasts, sleeping out in the open like any other boulder. They didn't even have a concept of clothes until men took some in."

"Surely they had some kind of culture. They seem very human."

"Maybe some wilding species had a tribal culture, but the oread in particular were very much solitary beasts. If you encountered a wild one, don't expect it to talk with you. You'd have to run or fight as though it were any other natural beast."

"Do you?"

"Yes," Euna says, "but only if you make good on your promise. You will take us back to Ruthgar, yes?"

"If you actually have the jewel, then yes, I will return to that dreary little land you call home."

She exchanges a glance with you. After you nod, Euna takes out the jewel and shows it to him.

"Looks like it," Euna says. "What shall we do now?"

"Explore," you say, looking about.

To the south along the terrace is the beached vessel. It's been converted into a tavern which is thriving with activity.

The east would head down the terraces to the docks. It looks like there's a market by the wharf. It's alive with merchants and sailors going about business.

Farther west are the mountains from which you came.

You are at the highest terrace overlooking the slaver's cove.

However, you and Euna aren't walking around for more than a minute before someone calls out to you.

"Hey!" The two oread from before have spotted you from farther down the terraces, and hurry to catch up.

They seize your arms. "Damien wants to see you two."

"Very well," you say. "It seems we have no choice."

"That's right you don't."

Damien is in his usual spot in the Siren's Bounty—at a table, surrounded by his own men. They're in the middle of a dice game, and the oread make you wait until they're done.

The last roll is made. The game is over. They exchange words and take a communal drink. Afterward, it's as though Damien notices you for the first time.

"So the mouse and the lady returns. A week has passed, and yet here you are. I must assume you have the jewel, or are you overstaying your welcome?"

"We do have the jewel."

"We need more time. We could pay you."

"We need more time. How about if my lady here convinces you to give us more."

"Euna, would you earn us more time?"

"Pay me? You think this cove is for rent?" A few others chuckle.

"You could throw us in the pits instead," you say, "but you'd lose any chance of us getting that jewel for you."

"Hmm. A fair point. Very well. Two hundred rubles and I'll extend my invitation for another week. But don't dally."

You count out two hundred and leave it on the table. Afterward, you and Euna leave the Bounty."

"An expensive visitor's fee," Euna says.

"It is, but it's better than being enslaved."

"Yes. Let's not think about it anymore. We have another week to ourselves."

"I'd be happy to," Euna looks at Damien with a level gaze. "How about it? You know you want to."

"Oh, I know I do." He rises and holds out his hand. Euna takes it, and together they head out behind the tavern.

"What's this?" He asks.

"Yes. What?" Euna is equally dumbfounded. Both you, Damien, and all the sailors at the table watch her expectantly. They grin like lechers. Yet determination comes over Euna, and she nods. "Yes. I shall."

The pirates cheer. Damien rises and holds out his hand. "Then shall we adjourn to somewhere more private?"

Euna takes her hand. They stride away together like two ballrooom dancers approaching the floor. Her fingers stroke along your shoulder as she passes. They leave through a door leading behind the tavern.

With the emblem tucked safely under your shirt, you follow the steep mountain trail down to the cove. Euna clutches you for support. After coming up behind a row of wooden houses, you casually step out onto the boardwalk. Within moments, a gruff voice calls out.

Cautiously, you sneak down the mountain trail and come up behind some rowhouses. When no one is watching, you step around from behind the building and walk along the terrace as though you had somewhere to be.

"See?" you say to Euna. "You just have to act like you—"

"Hey you, soft skin. Stop where you are."

Two muscular brutes storm toward you. Both are dressed only in loose breeches and boots. Their dull gray skin has a rough pebbled texture, as though made of unhewn stone. If they stood still, one might mistake them for statues, though their craggy faces make them more like horned demons than humans.

The taller, smoother of the two grabs Euna.

"Hey!" she yells.

The more jagged one grabs you. His arm is like a rough granite boulder—nearly sharp enough to cut. His palm feels like a pumice stone. His face seems as though a sculptor never got around to chiseling away the excess rock. Two dark blue orbs glare at you from behind craggy eyebrows.

"Where did you come from?"

You feign offense. "What do you think you're doing? Unhand me now."

The one holding you snarls. Its sound like stones grinding together. "Show us your emblem."

"My emblem. Right." You feel around your clothes as though looking for one. They're not buying it.

"It seems I left it behind today," you say.

"Yeah, right." The men grab you and Euna by the back of your necks. She squeals. "We've got a couple of natives here. I thought you people knew better by now." One turns to the other. "What do you think we should do with them?"

The other grins. "Same as always."

The other chuckles.

"Hold on now," you say, but they don't listen. The rock men drag you down the terraces toward the slave pits.

"Wait, hold on!" Euna says. "We're not natives!"

They split you and Euna up. They shove her into a slave pit full of women. She screams and tumbles out of view. You never see her again, or learn of her fate, though it's almost certainly unpleasant.

They shove you into a different pit. Dozens of beaten men are sitting around you. Looking around, escape seems impossible. Even if you could climb the pit wall, guards patrol the rim. Your fate won't be much better.

Sighing, you dig it out from the lanyard about your neck and show it. The one holding you scrutinizes it in his rough hands. They exchange skeptical glances, but they do let you go.

"How did you get here?" The tall one asks.

"How do you think? On a ship."

"I see everyone that comes on and off those docks," the smoother one says. "I've never seen you before."

"If you missed me, that's your problem."

"Hmm." They both eye you. "Fine. Get out of here, but we've got our eyes on you."

You and Euna depart. You try not to look back, but you know they're still there watching.

"Oread..." Euna says. "I never thought I'd see one."

"Is that what those men were? Oread?"

"Anyway, it looks like we're in."

Damien and his men exchange looks. "What old man is this?"

"He lives in a shack on the beach. Skin like leather. Drinks. Smells like fish. Sings to himself, and answers the door with his rapier."

He stares at you a long while, then bursts out laughing. "You stole this emblem from Fransisco the Crocodile? You have more mettle than I thought. A little man like you must have taken it when he was away."

"No. He was there when I took it. We distracted him."

"You stole from under his nose? You have no idea how close to misery you danced, Mouse. Fransisco is the cruelest pirate I've ever known, and I know that old reptile hasn't lost his bite. He could dice an onion before it hit the ground. If he had caught you..."

"It was a calculated risk."

"Indeed it was." Damien stows his sword and motions to the others to take their seats. You and Euna sit back down. She's still white with fear.

"A pity you did not kill him," Damien adds. "You would have done us all a favor."

You find Damien and his crew near the back of the tavern. He and his men are mid dice game, but when you approach, he looks up and smiles. The other pirates eye Euna lecherously.

The wench nods behind you. "Damien? In the corner."

You glance. Three men are sitting at the indicated table with bone dice before them. The wench didn't indicate which was Damien, but it's obvious. He's the one seated with his back to the wall, so he can watch over the tavern. While most people here are dressed in simple sailor's breeches, he wears a rich, silk tunic as though he belonged in it.

"He's different than I would have expected," Euna says.

"What did you expect?" you ask

"I expected someone rougher, more savage, more cutthroat. He looks... well, like a noble."

"He dresses like a noble," you correct. "Don't expect him to be any less cutthroat. Are you ready?"

"I'm nervous, but yes. I think I'll let you do the talking."

The pirates' conversation lulls when you approach. The men look you and Euna over.

"What do you want?" one asks.

"My lady and I would like to join you."

The other men could not look more inhospitable as they scrutinize you, but the man who is most likely Damien has his eyes on Euna.

"Your lady? Well of course I'd lend a chair to a lady. Sit. Join us."

You fetch chairs.

"My name is Damien, and whom am I so fortunate to lay my eyes upon."

"My name is Lady Euna," she says.

"And what brings you to my table, Lady Euna?"

You speak. "She and I were in the market recently when we saw the most exquisite piece of jewelry, and we simply had to know where it was from. So we asked around, and we heard that it passed through your hands."

"Is that so? What piece was this?"

"You might remember it. It's a small silver piece about this big. It's of a hand, with a sapphire in the middle."

"As chance would have it, I do recall such a piece."

"Do you remember where you got it from?"

He winces in pretend concentration. "I believe I might. Though why does it matter?" He turns to her. "It's such an ordinary piece, wouldn't you say? You could have such greater treasure with which to adorn yourself."

"I knew someone once who had something like it," Euna says. "I thought maybe if I knew where it came from, I might track her down some day. I mean, it's not hers, but it would have come from the same place, and—"

You silence her by squeezing her hand. "There's no need to bore the man with details." To him. "Do you remember?"

"Yes, I do," he says, but he is not forthcoming. He appraises both of you before speaking again. "But you've come to my table uninvited, you interrupt my game, and now you're both lying to my face. I think I should have my men take you out back, teach you some manners, and then throw you both in the slave pits."

Damien's men grin. Euna blanches.

He smiles. "But what kind of monster would I be to break the heart of such a sweet, young lady? I'm torn. So why don't we leave it to chance?" He gestures to the dice. "We throw a hand. If you win, I'll tell you exactly where that broach came from. If I win, you both go to the pits."

"I can't say I'm fond of those stakes," you say.

"Tis the game. Care to play?"

He watches you with a cool smile. The men leer. Euna is petrified.

You drop your breeches and guide your hardening cock to her sex. She wraps her arms and legs about you as you spear into her again and again.

"Fuck me," she mutters. "Fuck me, just like everyone is going to fuck me." Euna throws back her head and arches her spine. "And for every cock I take, you're going to be there, watching from the shadows. I'm going to be the most rampant slut, and you're going to help me. You're going to find me mates to slake my thirst. Promise me that you will."

"Use me," she mutters. "Give me away. Treat me like your slut." Euna throws back her head and arches her spine. "Promise me," she moans. "Promise me you'll make me your whore. Give me away for others to use. Make use of my body in any way you want."

"I promise," you grunt. Her embrace becomes enough to bring you over the edge, and you fire your cum deep inside her and she rakes your back.

Finished, you pull out. She hops down and takes your cock in her mouth, sucking away all the cum. She refastens your breeches and corrects her clothes. Her transformation has reverted, and she's back to being a lady, even though cum is dripping from her snatch onto the boardwalk.

"Shall we keep moving?" you say.

"We shall."

After Euna makes herself decent, you both come around the building.

She groans with frustration. "Okay, but tonight..."

"...I'll be all over you."


Euna makes herself proper, and you both come around to the front of the building.

The game can take up to five rounds. In each one, you make amateur moves, and the game is decided within three. The men all laugh. Damien leans back and grins.

"And here I thought you might have been a challenge," Damien says.

"It seems I'm not," you say. "What a pity." You glance at Euna. She's staring dumbfounded at the dice. Shocked, she looks at you. You give her a resigned look, but there's something in your eye she sees. It dawns on her what you've done.

The sultry Euna comes out. She bites her lip in nervous excitement, then turns to Damien.

"It seems I owe you something," she says.

"Indeed you do."

Damien rises and holds out his hand. Euna takes it, and together they stride away like two ballroom dancers approaching the floor. Her fingers stroke along your shoulder as she passes. They leave through a door leading behind the tavern.

Once again you put forth no actual strategy as you play, and the game is over within three rounds, the minimum.

"Maybe one day I'll tell you what you want to know," Damien says, "but that's not today. My lady? You will come with me."

"Of course," Euna takes his hand, and he guides her back behind the tavern.

You pull out the thimble. The crowd murmurs.

"In that?" The wench takes it.

"If you please could," Euna says.

Bemused, the wench takes the thimble. "There's isn't a chance in the world I could get it in this."

"Surely there is some way you can do it," Euna says."Then maybe there is some other way we could collect it?" Euna asks. "Please?"

"Just get on with it!" someone yells.

"Yeh! Enough dallying. Open the floodgates!"

The wench glances at the restless crowd. "I'll tell you what." She leans close and whispers in Euna's ear.

Whatever is said intrigues Euna. "That might just work."

The wench climbs up on the table and kneels before Euna. She bunches up her skirt to reveal herself from the waist down to her boots. The whole tavern can see her bare ass and thighs. The crowd perks up.

But they really start to holler when Euna peels off her bodice and reveals her breasts.

She scoots close and places a quick kiss upon the wench's trimmed mound to signal she's ready, and the wench strums herself as frantically as ever.

The crowd cheers, even if they don't quite know what they're seeing. However, to you, it's obvious. Euna is cupping her tits together just beneath the wench's cunt, and the thimble is sandwiched between them.

The wench drips runny girl-cream onto Euna's cleavage. When she cums, she moans like a whore, her ass flexes, and her pussy sprays Euna's breasts. Copious amounts of ejaculate run rivulets down her cleavage and collect in the thimble.

The wench finishes. The thimble overflows. Euna passes it to you to store.

Work is over. Euna plants a long and sensuous kiss upon the wench's pussy. "Thank you."

"My pleasure, honey." The wench straightens her skirt over her cum-drenched thighs and collects her underwear. She's soon back in the kitchen.

The pirates still linger about Euna. She waves and blows them a kiss. They cheer one last time and disperse. She dons her bodice over her slick breasts.

"Having fun with our chore?" you ask.

"The woman pointed out that the crowd needed a show or they would become unruly. Besides, it worked, didn't it? Now we have a needed bodily fluid."

The two of you eat the food that came with the performance. After dinner and conversation, the wench returns. She drapes an arm over her shoulder. "Enjoyed yourselves? I know I did."

"It was lovely." Euna leans her head against the wench.

"You two want anything else?"

Female Ejaculate added to inventory

The game takes five rounds, normally with betting between each round, but you and Damien simply go back and forth rolling the dice. Everyone watches intently as you each win two rounds.

The final round plays. You both roll.

And you win.

The tension breaks. Damien's men rock back in their chairs, groaning and chuckling. Euna releases her held breath.

Damien doesn't seem the least bit perturbed. "A good game. Alas, My Lady. It seems we are not fated to meet tonight."

"A shame," she replies, not entirely sarcastically.

Damien doesn't seem the least bit perturbed. "A good game. You have remarkable luck, little mouse."

"But we did win," Euna says. "We had a deal."

"Yes. So you want to know where I got that broach." he says. "I was in the oceans of a distant and dull land known as Ruthgar, when I took it from a sister of faith. Oh, but it was a strange religion. I can't quite recall what the name of it was. Nevin. Or Niver. It started with an 'N'."

"Nim?" Euna says.

"Why yes. I believe that was it. How curious that you should know that."

Euna quiets.

Damien laughs. "Don't fret, my lady. You did not reveal anything I didn't already know. I have never seen two people in the Siren's Bounty who so clearly did not belong. And no one else may place your accents, but I can. You're two lost souls looking for a way back home."

"We may be looking for passage," you admit. "Do you know of anyone headed that way?"

"The only captain I know who's ever seen that land is myself."

"Could you take us?" Euna asked.

"Hmm." He ponders this. "I have been considering traveling out there again. It's such a dreary land, filled with prudes, but some of my best pillaging happened there. Those seas are so free of competition. It makes the prey unsuspecting and innocent, and so rich a bounty." He smiles in reminiscence. "You know, I am overdue to see those lands again."

"So you will go?" Euna's eyes light. It doesn't occur to her how easy this was.

"Of course I will."

"Thank you, sir Damien." She's so relieved she looks on the verge of laughter.

"Oh. You misunderstand. I won't be taking you."

She freezes. The other men laugh. This was a turn in the conversation they expected. "But we had a deal? We won."

"Yes, you did win, and I told you where I got that brooch, as promised. And now that I have, you will both go to the slave pits."

"What? But, sir..." Euna stammers.

"Did you think you two could waltz into this cove uninvited and expect to get away with it? Did you think you could talk to me, a lord of the cove, and not expect me to see you two as impostors?"

"But we are not," you say, your voice calm. "Foreigners we may be, but I have earned my keep here just like everyone else."

"Have you now? I would remember admitting a mouse such as yourself into our ranks, yet I've never even seen you before. Are you such a mouse that you've escaped my notice until this day?"

"I am incredibly sneaky," you admit.

"You must be. Then you no doubt can prove your membership."

You take the emblem out from around your neck. He chuckles at the sight of it and holds out his hand. "Of course you can. Let me see that."

You hand it over.

"So." He turns it over in his hands. "Who did you steal this from?"

"No one," you say.

In a flash, Damien is on his feet. His sword is out and pointed at your chest. His men move around you, daggers in hand. Euna cowers close.

"You will not lie to me again, Mouse. This is an elder emblem. You not old, strong, or fierce enough to have it, which means you have plundered it from a man far greater than you. You will tell me who that is."

"I swear that I earned it. Just from different lord than you."

"I took it from an old man living on a beach not far from here."

"Stage is yours if you want it. I'll bring you drinks if you draw a crowd." The wench departs.

"Perform here? For this crowd?" Euna asks.

"Why not?"

She looks around. "They're a bawdy bunch, aren't they?"

"They like entertainment too, don't they? And unlike Cockaigne, these people might tip."

"I suppose we might try it once."

"That's the spirit."

"What should we do?" Euna asks.

"I can tell some tales while you play the Lyre."

"Very well then." You both climb onto stage. Euna begins plucking gentle music on her lyre while you launch into telling ribald stories, complimented with silly dances and acrobatics. At first, the pirates just play their games, but some give you their passing attention. One story in particular evokes laughs.

Three sisters bicker over a handsome man. Their father knows not what to do, but their uncle does. He takes them before the village to judge, and says that the one to marry the handsome man is the one who best answers this riddle. "Who was born first, you or your cunt?"

The oldest answers first. "By all the saints, I swear my cunt is older than I. It has a beard, and I do not."

The second answers. "I am older, by far, than my cunt. For I have teeth both sharp and long, and my cunt has not."

However, the youngest answers, "My cunt is younger and I'll tell you why. While I have weaned from the breast, my cunt gapes from thirst, and it needs to suck."

The village judge this this to be the best answer, and so the youngest marries handsome man.

A beautiful maiden has come of age, yet her parents, a noble couple, are prude beyond compare. Never once do they tell the girl of what hangs between a man's legs. Every time she asks, they chide her to never speak of it again, and so she remains as innocent as a doe.

One day when the nobles are away, a con man happens by who has heard of her parents' chiding. Poking out between his legs is a rod stiff and ready.

"What is that?" the girl asks.

"It is my squirrel," he replies. "You may pet him if you wish."

"I've never seen such an animal. He is warm to the touch."

"Because he has just come free from his niche in search for nuts to eat."

"A shame that is," the girl replies. "For I've only just eaten a bowl of nuts yesterday. And I would see him nibbling them from my fingertips."

"Fear not, fair lady, for he can still get at those nuts. Through your cunt and into your tummy, if you may."

"I would not starve such a beast." And so the man lays her on the back, gives her a kiss, and sends the squirrel to find its nuts. Deep it ruts and scurries about. The maiden finds this quite to her liking, "Oh my. Search deep little friend. Deeper and harder, you have my blessing to eat your fill."

And eat its fill it does. So bloated its belly becomes that it vomits its meal, leaves a mess trickling down her thighs.

That is the nobles' folly. For in guarding their daughter's mind from sin, they raised a virtuous maiden who feeds every dear rodent she can.

A trickster has a magic ring which when worn makes one's manhood swell. He happens to lose this ring one day by the river, where perchance a count should find it for himself. He places the ring upon his finger and got back upon his horse.

Though as he rides, he grows quite concerned. His member had swollen quite large, until the seams of his breeches burst. It grows and grows, much to his shame, until it drags on the floor even as he walks. He sends out messengers to every corner of the land for one who might bring his cock back to size. The trickster hears of this, and knows this to be the work of his lost ring. He comes and promises a cure for the count. His price is only those two rings upon the counts finger, and a thousand rubles.

The count gladly agrees, and no sooner are the rings off his fingers does he find himself disencumbered. Both men walk away gleeful at what a profitable exchange that was.

A bear ventures from the woods and sees a peasant woman working her field. "I've never fought a woman before," he thinks. "I wonder if they're stronger than a man." And so he approaches and challenges her to a fight.

"But what if you rend me open," the woman asks.

"If I should, I'll give you all my honey."

She agrees, and the fight begins. The bear grabs her and tosses her. When she falls on her back, she spreads her legs wide and lifts her frock. "Look, bear, you've split me open."

The bear sees the slit between her legs. "By the lords. What have I done?" He takes hold of the woman's vulva and tries as he might to work her lips back together. All his fussing has an effect on the woman. In the heights of her pleasure, she lets out a fart. The bear startles and sees that he has torn yet another small rent just below the first. In a panic, he retreats into the woods, never to fight a woman again.

Once you're done, a few coins have been tossed on the stage. You and Euna count your earnings.

"That was thoroughly delightful," she says. "I think I'd be perfectly happy being a minstrel for the rest of my days."

"Her?" The wench asks.

"Me?" Euna adds. "As in on me?"

"Yes," you reply. "Let this woman spray her honey all over you. We'd all like to see that."

Euna looks around. The pirates are all grins.

The wench eyes appraisingly. "I'll do it," she says. "If she's up for it."

"I... very well," Euna replies. "I will. What do I do?"

"Yes," you reply. "Why not?"

"Hmm." Euna eyes the wench appraisingly, then peers around at the tavern. "Before this audience?" Enticed, she bites her lips. "Very well. Let's do this."

"Why not?" Euna replies. "Let's give the crowd another show, shall we?"

"It'd be my pleasure," the wench replies.

"Again?" Euna glances furtively about at the tavern. "Very well."

"It'd be my pleasure," the wench replies.

The pirates cheer.

"Lie on the table, why don't you?" the wench says. Euna does so. You twist the table so her lower half points toward her captive audience. Euna instinctively clasps her legs together, but when you gently push them apart, she relents, giving the tavern a good view up her skirt. Her audience hoots and hollers. Euna's cheeks burn.After a thought, she spins herself around so her bottom half points toward her captive audience. With her legs parted, she flaps her skirt at them as though waving hello, thus giving the tavern a wonderful glimpse underneath. They respond with appreciative hoots and hollers.

The wench climbs onto the table and squats over Euna's head. With her frock about her waist, she strums her snatch. The crowd cheers her on.

"Open the gates!"

"Drown her!"

"Give it to her!"

Soon, the wench shudders and gasps. Her sex drips on Euna's face, and that's when Euna cranes and sticks her tongue into the wench's pussy. The audience loves this. So does the wench. She lets Euna take over while she paws her own breasts. It doesn't take long before she reaches orgasm.

Creamy girl cum sprays directly into Euna's open mouth. After several squirts, she lies back and lets the rest deluge her face and cleavage. By the time the wench is done, Euna is drenched.

Soon, the wench shudders and gasps. Her sex drips, and then comes her orgasm. Creamy girl cum sprays all over Euna's face. Euna shuts her eyes. It soaks into her hair and splatters her cleavage. By the time the wench is done, Euna's face is drenched.

The wench climbs off. Euna gets up and wipes her eyes clear. She gives a coy wave to the pirates and licks her fingers clean of cum. The audience goes wild.

Afterward, Euna sits at the table. Her face and cleavage glisten, and her hair is damp. The scent of pussy emanates from her.

She goes to wipe herself clean.

"No," you say.


"Don't wipe away your whitecapping. I paid good money for it."

"As you wish."

"Not going to clean up?" you ask.

"After we just paid to have me whitecapped? I'll let it dry."

"You're really going to leave it?"

"You're the one who wanted this," she replies. "Now you'll just have to deal with the scent of another woman on me. Ah, here comes the food."

The wench returns and sets the plate of food between you two. As usual, she bends over scandalously to place it.

"You want the whitecap supper?" The wench asks louder than necessary. The tavern quiets. "For the both of you?"

"Yes," you reply.

"Good choice. it is a romantic dish."

Many surrounding people chuckle. You and Euna exchange glances.

Minutes later, the wench brings a plate of food and sets it on the tables edge between both of you. It's just sliced meat and mash, yet a crowd of pirates close in to watch. Their expressions range from lustful hunger to child-like wonder.

She reaches under her frock, pulls her underwear down to her ankles, and steps one foot out of them.

"...Wait," Euna says.

The wench hikes her dress up about her waist and sets a knee upon the table. Her bared pussy hovers above your plate of food. She's already damp. Her lips are flowered.

"Stop!" Euna yells.

"What are doing?" Euna asks.

The wench begins to frig herself as frantically as possible. The pirates cheer and yell.

"Beat that cunt, girl!"

"Drown it!"

"Open the floodgates!"

"Stop this immediately!"

That last voice is Euna, though no one notices her. She gives up and covers her face in her hands.

The men's cheering builds right alongside the wench's impending orgasm. A thin, creamy liquid begins dripping onto your food. A few drops at first, but then comes her climax. She quakes and moans, and ejaculate sprays from her quim. The flow grows until a prodigious amount of the milky liquid douses your food, and the plate, and the table, and her thighs. Her strumming fingers cause her to spray like a breaking wave. The cheering in the tavern is at a pitch.

And she comes down. Her fingers slow, and the spraying becomes a drip. She sucks her fingers clean and slides the plate before you two. "Enjoy your dinner."

This causes one final cheer from everyone. Pirates return to their seats. The wench pulls her underwear back and departs.

"That's quite a talent she has," you say.

"Oh my Lord..." Euna's face is burning red.

"Quite a shocking thing to do to food," Euna replies.

"I'll pass." Her lip curls, "But go right ahead, if you must. Just don't expect me to share."

"One whitecap dinner," the wench says. "It'll be my pleasure."

She leaves and returns minutes later with a plate of food. Like before, she shimmies out of her underwear and sets one knee on the table. Also like before, the entire tavern has gathered to watch.

Her quim is already worked up. It glistens with wetness, and its lips are flowered outward, as though she got herself ready in the back.

The wench begins strumming her quim frantically. Small quakes rock her body.

"Wring it dry, bitch!" the crowd yells.

"Drown it!"

"Work those fingers!"

The wench moans. Her pussy drips girl cream onto your food. When her climax hits, her snatch explodes with creamy cum. Everyone cheers. A torrent sprays all over and around the food. By the time she's done, it speckles the table and runs rivers down her thighs.

She pulls up her underwear and wipes her fingers on her bodice.

Then, she serves you, making sure to bend low to place the food before you two, thus giving you both a generous view of her cleavage. "Enjoy your dinner," she says with a wink.

"Do you want to eat?"

"Of course not. That was revolting. I'd like it removed from the table."

"Oh very well." You raise the plate. "Anyone want this?"

A dozen pirates clamber for it. It's gone in a second.

"It seems like a popular dish," you say.

"In this place, I'm sure. Frankly, I'm concerned about eating at this tavern at all now. We're certainly not ordering that again."

"No thank you," she says. "But please, by all means, enjoy your dinner drenched in vaginal secretions. I'm sure it must complete the culinary bouquet."

"Thank you. I'm sure it does."

It doesn't.

The secretions add a salty flavor to the dish, which would best be enjoyed in an erotic atmosphere, and sitting across from Euna while she sneers is not such an atmosphere.

"I... I suppose I can try it." She pokes at the food with a fork. "Everyone says you should try new things."

"Of course," you say. "It cultures you. If we should ever return home, and a boyar's wife tells you about the fabulous curried oysters she had in the Nebenor Isles..."

"...I can tell her about the roast I ate which a common trollop ejaculated over." She tries a bite. "Hmm. Odd flavor." She tries another. This time she dips the bite of meat in a puddle of ejaculate before eating it.

"Of course I do," Euna says. "It's the tavern's signature dish. I'd be remiss not to." She takes a piece of meat, dabs it in a puddle of ejaculate, and eats it.

"What do you think?" you ask.

"Salty. Fishy. I'm not sure it adds much to the taste, but then this tavern doesn't have much taste to begin with. One comes here for the raunch, much like why one would enjoy this dish. It's raunchy." She goes in for another bite. Again she dabs the food in a puddle of girl cream. "I think I like it."

Between both of you, you clean the plate.

The wench returns later. She behaves as though nothing untoward had happened at all. "Want anything else?"

"And the Lady and the Mouse returns," he says. "Have you decided to try your luck?"

"And the Lady and the Mouse returns," he says. "I'll play you again if you'd like. Same stakes." He addresses Euna, "Don't worry, My Lady. I'll win again."

"A shame," Damien says. "It would have been most interesting. If you're not going to entertain, then it's time for you to leave. Scurry off."

You and Euna hastily depart.

Back by the bar, Euna faces you. "It's infuriating how no one will simply tell us anything."

"It is, isn't it. Maybe we should play his game."

"With so much to risk?" she asks. "Is it worth it?"

"If we want to get home, it is," you reply.

"I wish there was another way..."

"Will she now?" He looks to her.

Euna hesitates for only a moment before nodding. "I shall."

The other men chuckle lewdly. Damien silences them with a gesture. "Perhaps you are not quite a lady after all," he replies. "Or perhaps you are just the kind of lady I prefer." He considers. "I think I would like to know just how sweet a lady you are. I'll accept the offer."

You march up to Damien. He and his fellow mates look up.

"You gave us your word that you would send us back home if we got you that jewel, right?" you say.

He smiles patiently. "As I said, yes. I would make another trip to that dreary little land you call home."

"No tricks?" Euna says. "You'll take us? You'll let us off the boat once we get there."

"I give you my word, Lady Euna. If you actually got me that jewel, it would be my honor to take you two home."

You and Euna exchange glances. After a nod, Euna takes out the jewel and shows it to him.

The game is a variation of Dragon's Raffle—a game you used to play back home. It relies on skill and deft hands, and you quite neatly made a living playing it as a young lad. You'd developed a knack of making sure the dice landed the way you wanted. Most would call it cheating... and it is, but you've never been caught yet. If you play your best, this game is easily yours.

...If you play your best.

Play your best.

Play poorly.

Lose again.

"I warned you not to lie to me again, Thief." Damien comes around the table at you swiftly. You try to dodge, but his men push you back. You're face to face with him, and he spares no time in slashing his sword across your throat. As you crumble, Euna screams. Men pull her away.

The world fades to nothing.

Befuddled, he blinks, then he bursts out laughing. "My my! That's a nice looking treasure you have there." He holds out his hand.

"No," you say. "You can have it once we see the shores of Ruthgar."

"Ah, I see. Then tell me, little man. If you don't let me see it, how can I be sure it's real?"

"And if we give it to you, how can I be sure you won't just throw us in the slave pits?" you reply.

"I gave you my word as a lord of this cove. Don't you trust me?"

"I've known too many pirates."

"Then let me put it this way," Damien signals. Several people from nearby tables stand as one. You're surrounded. "Everyone in this tavern will do as I say," Damien says. "One way or another, you will hand that jewel over to me. If you don't play nice, I don't see why I should even consider holding up my end of the bargain."

The men gather close. There's no way to escape them.

"Oh! Enough of this!" Euna concentrates on the jewel. After a pause, there comes a distant rumble.

The men back away.

Damien stands. "What have you done?"

"I'm proving to you that it's the real thing," she says. "The leviathan will be in the cove soon. Why don't you come out and see?"

Damien signals again. A dozen hands grab Euna. Someone wrenches the jewel away. It finds its way to Damien's hand. Wild eyed, he clutches it, concentrating hard. From somewhere outside, a roar sounds. "Damn it, you bitch! That thing will destroy us all."

"Yes, it will," Euna says calmly. "I've told it to do just that unless I tell it otherwise. And it's not far. So, unless you think you can figure out how to work the jewel in a scant few minutes, I suggest you hand it back to me."

Damien glares at her. He concentrates hard on the jewel, trying his best to exert his will over it. Though as a man, he will not make any progress.

Outside, people yell. Another distant roar, much closer this time. The ground rumbles. Several in the tavern draw their weapons as if that might somehow help them. Euna watches Damien contentedly.

Quite suddenly, his expression lightens. He bursts out laughing. Waving to his men, he has them let you both go, and he tosses the jewel back to Euna. "Well played, dear lady. You have made your point. Tomorrow morning we will set sail. Now if you'll kindly call it off."

After concentrating, Euna nods. Outside, people keep yelling, but there are no more roars.

"Is it gone?" he asks.

"Come see for yourself." Euna takes your hand and heads toward the tavern door. All follow.

Outside, the cove is in disarray. People down by the docks race to get to higher ground. Those on the upper terrace have stopped to gawk at the mouth of the cove. There, half-surfaced, is the leviathan. It's gigantic, torpedo-shaped body floats sideways, blocking the mouth. It's translucent tentacles float freely on the water surface inside the cove, reaching nearly to the docks. Occasionally, one will lash out, arc dozens of feet in the air, and splash mightily back in the water. The beast would have no trouble reaching even the farthest reaches of the pirate cove.

The beast rotates about, surfacing one gigantic eye in its flank. It seems to look across the cove to where Euna stands outside the Siren's Bounty.

"It is not gone," Euna says to Damien. "And it will accompany us on our trip back to Ruthgar. I will tolerate no more foul play, is that understood?"

"Perfectly, my Lady."

After the cove settles down, you and Euna return to the Siren's Bounty, where you both sit with Damien. Today, you two are the center of attention for all the pirates and merchants there. The drinks run free for you and Euna. Damien insists on hearing about the heist, and so you and Euna tell the story together. Everyone hinges on the details, especially the lurid ones.

Afterward, it's a party. Euna sits upon the bar with her lyre. Men surround her. She sings along with their shanties. Many throw their arms around her as they sing. Some have their hands upon her thighs. She hardly notices. For tonight, you two are the guests of honor, and you both fit right in as though you've always belonged with the pirates.

Though it does get late. Though this party will go on all night, Euna does catch up to you eventually.

"I would like to go to sleep." Her words slur. "I am quite drunk."

Despite pressure from all the pirates for her to stay, you both say your goodbyes and head out. Together, you stagger from the cove and head back through the mountains toward the altar.

Return to camp for the last time.

You reach beneath the wench's frock and give her bare ass a good squeeze.

Euna whaps you. Hard. "You will stop that this instant, you lech."

The surrounding pirates burst into gales of laughter. Even the wench chuckles. After she's gone, Euna has you fixed with a seething glare. But as you two eat, she settles down.

"You are a fool without shame," Her tone is hard, but not icy.

"Not true," you reply. "I'm a gentleman. The guards used to put me in stockades back home so the public could see an example of proper breeding."

She huffs. "You're hopeless."

Euna glares at you. After the woman leaves, she speaks. "Must you manhandle the poor woman?"

"Must? No. But it seems to be part of the service here."

"Doesn't mean you should partake. Control yourself."

The wench lingers and casts you a sly smile.

Euna rolls her eyes. After the wench is gone, she speaks. "You know, most women would not tolerate that sort of behavior in their man."

"It's a good thing you're not most women."

The wench wiggles her butt a little.

Euna sees this, yet she seems utterly undisturbed by it.

"Quite welcome." She leans to set dinnerware for you and Euna.

Euna averts her eyes from the view she has down the woman's cleavage.

Over a peaceful supper, you both clean the plate. The wench comes back around to clean the table. "Anything else you want?"

You enter the Siren's Bounty to find it just as busy as before. Pirates drink and dice. Busty wenches sit upon laps like trophies.

The same woman is serving the tables. The men cop feels under her skirt as she waits tables.

Damien is across the tavern at his usual table. He and his fellow pirates sit around drinks and a forgotten dice game as they talk and laugh. Approaching him now would be dangerous. He was quite clear that he was done with you, and that you should come back another day.

You enter the Siren's Bounty to find a large single room crowded with sailors at tables drinking, singing, or gambling at dice games. It smells as though the bar has been pickled in sweat and leftover beer, and the baseboards of the original ship are barely visible beneath layers of dirt and grime. At the aft section of the ship is a raised stage, though no one uses it.

The men are heavily-built. A few hold women in their laps who watch the others play games. Their boyfriends pull them in for good luck kisses, or to squeeze their breasts, or rest their hands on their thigh.

Only one woman is not fixed to a man, and that's the wench serving drinks. She navigates the tables while holding impressive numbers of steins. Hands surreptitiously dart out to pinch or slap her bottom, which she ignores. When she stops to take orders, some slip their hand up her knee-length skirt and fondle her, which she doesn't stop.

"A raucous bunch, aren't they?" Euna says. Many men eye her. She clutches close. "Let's sit in the corner. Out of the way."

You sit at a table. The wench is passing out drinks at another. One bold man behind her lifts her skirt and strokes her slit through her underwear. She must first serve the drinks before she can bat his hand away, but then she merely rolls her eyes and keeps working.

At another table, she bends to collect steins from an unruly bunch. One man reaches his hand down her low cut bodice while she cleans the table. Her breast pops out, and with her hands full, she must walk all the way back to the bar before slipping her tit back into her bodice. The tavern hoots and hollers. She smiles as though boys will be boys and continues on her endless work.

"I wonder how she puts up with it?" Euna asks.

"Different world," you reply.

Eventually, the wench comes to you. She rests her elbows on the table and bends low to converse with both of you. Her tits are nearly spilling from her bodice. "Haven't seen your lot before. Ales and beers are a coin each. The cook has a roast on the spit and mash in the pot, two rubles gets a plate for the both of you. Or twenty for a whitecapped plate. So what're you having?"

"Be right up." She hurries off and returns minutes later with a plate bearing slices of roasted meat and a heap of some mashed root vegetable. She bends low to place your plate before you.

You excuse yourself once again from the table. After an appropriate delay at the bar, you sneak outside and around to spy from the same vantage point.

Damien has Euna bent over the same barrels as before. Her skirt is about her waist, and he's behind her, gripping her shoulders in order to yank her down upon his shaft. There is no intimacy or compassion. Her body is his tool and nothing more.

"You just needed to come back, huh?" he grunts. "You needed my cock again so you got your little boy to bring you back. You're nothing but a slut. A wench. A hole for men to drain their balls."

He stops talking and focuses on hammering her. In a few short moments, he grunts and pounds her with a few particularly fierce thrusts. After filling her, he settles against her a moment before pulling away and fastening up his breeches. "Have your boy bring you back another day. You'll need my cock again soon enough." "I'll see you next week. Come back sooner if you need my cock before then."

You circle back around and get to the bar moments before Damien returns to the tavern. Once again, it's one of his men that inform you that Damien is through with your woman.

When you go back, Euna is seated on the terrace floor against the barrel. Her legs are spread, and she's wiping herself clean as best she can without a rag. She resorts to licking her fingers clean. Surprisingly, it seems the hole Damien had violated had been her asshole the whole time. It's red and enflamed from penetration without any preamble or lubrication.

"One of these days," you say, "I might actually win that game."

"You do seem to be quite the poor player. You're lucky I'm so willing to pay your debts." She stands, winces, straightens her clothes, and plants a quick kiss upon your lips. "We'll have to try again another day. Shall we get moving?"

"Another week," she says. "Shall we make the best use of the time?"

"Maybe. Or maybe we'll squander it," you reply. "Only to do this again next week."

"That's up to you. My body is yours to barter with however you decide. Shall we get moving?"

"You should count your blessings that I'm content to pay the visitor's fee then. Let's get moving."

After she's ready, you and Euna come around front.

You stand before the beached vessel in the docks. It's been converted into a tavern, with a door install in its hull leading inside. A sign above the door portrays a beautiful woman resting upon rocks. Draped seaweed covers her intimates. Faded words beneath it say, "The Siren's Bounty." Raucous noise comes from inside.

To the north is the highest terrace from where you started.

You're before The Siren's Bounty. Raucous noise comes from inside.

Enter the Siren's Bounty.

Enter the Siren's Bounty.